A Little Too Real

My married daughter works for the County of San Bernardino, and she knows some of those killed by terrorists today. She herself is fine.

Still waiting for details, but this is going to make things very ugly.

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  1. Spawny Get says:

    Glad to hear that your daughter is safe, Blurkel.

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is good to hear that your daughter is all right. That is a little close.

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  3. Cill says:

    Terrorism is to do with everything except Islam, remember. Obama and Hillary and Biden told us so.

    So Obama might as well fire head with his intention to import a whole lot of Muslim migrants. He’s not gambling with American lives, you know. The day before the latest mass-murder by Muslims in France, he announced that he had contained the ISIS threat. This is the right sort of man to put in charge of the country.

    Who voted for the barmy bastard anyway? Let me guess: women, Muslims, African Americans, and people too young to know how many beans make five (i.e. younger than 25).

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  4. Liz says:

    That sucks, Blurkel.
    I’m very glad that your daughter is safe. How scary. 😦

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  5. Spawny Get says:

    “contained the ISIS threat”

    ISIS? I think you’ll find that the preferred term is now da’esh (something like that), because the problem is the words people use.

    If everyone used nice words, the upset, the tiff, would just subside and we could all have a nice party and that.

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  6. SFC Ton says:

    one of obamas main goals is to eliminate the White majority of the usa

    well not juts his but the whole progressive movement’s

    diversity is code word for White genocide


  7. SFC Ton says:

    It is good and right our brothers daughter is safe

    three impersonal comments

    This will help trump and…. really California sets its self up for failure. It is unarmed and all about the diversity. Sometime back here in evil NC a dude went to go on a rampage at his old lady’s work, a nursing home. He was stopped by an armed employee. ie another dude with a gun a no badge

    My children carried concealed in school, despite being way underage. In times like these no man should be beholden to the law as the law doe not support peace, protect your property or person


  8. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    @Cill- “Who voted for the barmy bastard anyway?”

    When he was elected, I thought to myself, “Oh, crap. The country’s in for a hard lesson.”

    When he was re-elected, I thought to myself, “Oh, shit. The country’s dead.”

    Hopefully, whatever takes root in the remains won’t be horrifying. It’s not looking good now, but we’re still in free fall. In order to crawl out of the crater, we’ve got to hit the ground first.

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  9. Cill says:

    It’s fair pissing down here. Danger of lightning, so we’re sitting in the cab for a lunch break.
    Here’s Tom

    Tom here Spawny

    I thought you’d be interested in this video bro. These young fellas are what I was like before the boss picked me up off the floor

    This is a public video eh, not of our young fellas.

    Cheers bro

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  10. Spawny Get says:

    Hi Tom,

    I didn’t see guys on the floor there. I guess that that showed the ‘after’? I know they were only films, but I watched ‘Once were Warriors’ and the sequel. Do you think that the sons were representative of the issues? Iirc the second film showed scenes pretty close to your clip. (It was a few years ago that I saw the sequel) The son took spirit from the rituals. I’m for whatever works. And anyone who has the respect of Cill is golden with me…especially when he’s 340lb and makes Cill look short. The last bit was a joke, the first bit was not.

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  11. Spawny Get says:

    The UKIP rep on the telly is talking of damaging the labour party’s majority heavily as victory…no surprise victory here folks. The previous 15000 majority was large. Making it one of Labour’s safest seats. The rep isn’t talking rubbish, still…I am disappointed, despite never expecting victory.


  12. Liz says:

    Mike saw the president’s speech on this topic (I did not). He said Obama basically used this tragedy to make a political statement against gun control. So, instead of holding the perpetrators responsible and showing some leadership and telling the population we’ll find out who else is involved and so forth, he essentially said the blame lies with us. I’ve given Obama a lot of leeway and seldom criticize him, but this just takes the cake. What a useless fucktarded asshole.
    And the Secretary of Defense has now announced that combat positions are open to women. Imagine being a guy in the special forces and you have to go into Syria and risk your life to get Abu Shitsanbull, and your boss who is overseeing this operation is some idiot chick Lt.

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  13. Liz says:

    sorry, NOT against gun control FOR gun control, above. I only wish.

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  14. SFC Ton says:

    France has extra tough gun laws. How did that work out for them?
    California has very tough gun laws by usa standards. How did that work out for them?
    Murder is outlawed yet there seems to be no shortage of murders

    there is a lot behind the anti gun groups not the least of which is it mostly a rural White man thing and progressives hate us

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  15. Spawny Get says:

    Labour hold. Still a big majority.

    Some amusement as this means Corbyn gets to hang on longer because he’s not a proven poison to voters.

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  16. Liz says:

    Obama has armed personal security. Anti gun politicians have armed security. How hypocritical of them.

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  17. Liz says:

    What I would like is a president would would get up there and say, “We’re going to find the people responsible for this, and then we’re going to bring them all to the White House and I will execute them personally in Rose Garden”.

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  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    What bothers me is that these anti-gun people start spouting off before all the details are in. It’s a knee jerk reaction for them. In line with you, they would have a much different attitude to personal defense if the cops were forty minutes away.

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  19. Cill says:

    “Obama basically used this tragedy to make a political statement [for] gun control.”

    He should go tup himself as well, the useless prat.

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  20. Liz says:

    Per my Rose Garden execution fantasy, just imagine what the politicians would say in their campaigns.

    Hillary, turns to the camera after holding onion under her nose to drum up some tears:
    “People, when I am president I will not do this.”

    “People, when I am president I will not, not do this.”


  21. blurkel says:

    Some people just have to poke the bear in the cage:


    San Bernardino shooting victim ‘had argued with killer about Islam’

    Nicholas Thalasinos was a colleague of gunman Syed Farook, and wrote fiery posts online denouncing Muslims

    Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew, took issue with Islam. He wrote fiery posts online and used a derogatory term to describe Muslims. He had also argued with Farook, a fellow health inspector.

    Thalasinos’s widow told the New York Post on Thursday ( http://nypost.com/2015/12/03/california-massacre-victim-ranted-about-muslims-on-facebook/ )her husband was “anti-Muslim” and “probably had plenty to say” to Farook. “I’m sure everybody has seen his Facebook page. He’s very outspoken about Islamic terrorism and how he feels about politics in the state of the country,” she said.

    13 innocent people died, and a baby now has no parents, because of two idiots who couldn’t keep their dispute out of other peoples’ lives, and a third who was clearly a terrible mother.


  22. SFC Ton says:

    what went down in CA is what faithful moslems are called to do. The idiots are the fuckers who let hajjis into Western nations


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