Keep Your Darling Daughter!

Every so often, I check out what Mike Buchanan has found over at Justice For Men & Boys. As a citizen of the US, I’m not always informed about the specifics of certain issues and personalities in UK politics that he presents, but Buchanan demonstrates that we Across the Pond attract his notice. One recent gem examined the reasons women seem to not find men they deem suitable as mates. It happens to be about a book written my old pal Jon Birger, whom I’ve cited in a previous post.

The article in question was written by NY Post columnist Reed Tucker, who in his self-appointed role as White Knight to Frustrated Spinsters has us revisit Birger’s book, Date-onomics. His focus is aimed at college-educated women, and advises them to consider blue-collar men. In addition, he proposes that women be the aggressors:

“The aggressive women are the ones more likely to get the guy. “I was talking about this with my rabbi, and he does premarital counselling,” Birger says. “Of the nine couples he had in counselling, seven of them shared a similar story: The guys all had several options, but they married the women who pursued them the most.”

Emphasis mine.

The comments following this article are especially enlightening, but to quote them in detail would take too much attention from where I intend to go. I thus choose to quote but one to point out the international flavor of the response:

I would say there is no ‘man shortage’ in America (I’m English, not American, so my opinions are those of a foreigner who has never been to that country – but in this internet age it is not so difficult to see what is happening elsewhere.) What there is in America, as you observe, is a growing realisation that a man is more than a beast of burden and a lifelong ‘give, give, give’ cash machine. That realisation is growing just as fast in England and the other parts of the ‘United’ Kingdom, and elsewhere in Europe and across the world. What men everywhere are learning is that borders and ideologies do not divide us as much as the assaults of women unite us.
-William Gruff

(The comment has no direct link to it, but can be found below the cited article.)

That growing realization might be spurred by articles such as 7 Ways To Spot Your Future Ex-Husband.

But more women are currently looking to understand how to spot future husbands, and want to understand what they are up against. One claim is that Men May Like The Idea Of A Smart Woman, But They Don’t Want To Date One. I’ll let a couple of that article’s comments respond to that canard:

WRONG! Men don’t want to date women who think they are smarter…and have a chip on their shoulder about it. It’s not about the intelligence level, it’s about the attitude that goes with it.
Kip Brown

Women seem to think crapping on the male-ego is a win/win situation in the dating environment. No wonder they can’t find dates. Someone forgot to tell them that NOBODY wants their ego crapped-on, regardless of gender. If you can’t learn this simple rule, you deserve to be single.
Michael James

It isn’t just the “fragile male ego” which is at risk in the modern dating arena. There was a stir created recently by the father of a dating daughter in which Dad declares that “Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.”. As the father of two daughters, I understand this sentiment. I would act on it if I thought it necessary. I’ve never had to. My daughters know how to deal with such issues.

But I have also experienced this from the other side myself. I once picked up a girl at her home, and was going through the usual family introductions. When we got to her father, he didn’t acknowledge me, except to glare silently at me while cleaning his .357 at the kitchen table. Also on display were his shotguns and hunting rifles, a couple with scopes. His hatred of me was quite clear, and I never called his daughter again. I didn’t feel it was worth my life in the event she said something about me that her dad wouldn’t like very much.

A mother of a dating son took offense at such threats, writing a response to this father with the warped sense of “humor”:

…teenage sexuality is not a “boy thing”. Teenage sexuality is a teenage thing. Young men and young women alike are going to be curious, interested, and looking to learn more about sex. Your daughter is just as curious as my son, I can virtually guarantee it. Yet you don’t see me polishing a shotgun when she comes over to do homework….The idea of threatening young women to keep their hands off young men is ludicrous, yet when roles are reversed it’s completely accepted and even encouraged.

One commenter to the mother’s post had something I consider very pertinent to add:

How many of you know, or maybe are, parents who are raising their little girls to think they are princesses, or in some way “special”. That automatically lends itself to be in a position to be saved…I can’t even tell you how many ridiculous GROWN women get a divorce, want to relive life like they are 16 and talk about trying to find their prince, find someone who will treat them like a princess, etc… Sickening and pathetic. Solve that and you are on your way to your quest of raising girls who don’t need to be saved. BE REAL WITH YOUR KIDS.
Glenn A. Brons

Based on the comments supportive of the father in both posts, many young men face this threat. And, as we’ve discussed many times here on Spawny’s Space, the value of women to these young men isn’t as great as these young women desire. Society blames the young men for this, despite it being clear that self-preservation is at work here. Do we blame a swimmer defending himself from shark attack by gouging out the shark’s eye? Do we expect citizens of Mexico to dare the most powerful hurricane ever to hit their land to conquer them by exposing themselves to its tremendous power? Why are we taken aback when men increasing do so against the ever-growing onslaught of dating and matrimony – the “assaults of women“?

The threat to young males grows. Action star Vin Diesel has declared himself to be a dad working to ensure his daughter has limited dating and marriage prospects in her future. He has MMA star Ronda Rousey teaching judo to his 7-year-old daughter Hania. “I’m creating a beast and I want her to be able to say no means no.” OK, fine. Yet, someday, she will want to hear some young man say yes – and he won’t. Will that not make her more aggressive, as Jon Birger’s rabbi suggests above?

Diesel added this comment in an interview with FOX affiliate WENN: “I feel sorry for anyone that has to [date my daughter],” Diesel told WENN. “I wouldn’t want that on my worst enemy, because I’m just that kind of dad.

And don’t think that the young men who interest her won’t pick up on that. It isn’t likely that she will seem worth the risk to most of them – if not all of them. She will end up defending her choice from her father -no matter who he is- if she is to ever have a man in her life.

Much is going to have to change before men and women can have real relationships again. This hostile caveman attitude blanketed against all young men by fathers of young women isn’t going to help repair the damage already done, and might make it worse. We older men who are fathers don’t have to make things even more difficult than women are already doing.

And Daddy is loading the shotgun.

OK, I’ve donned my flame suit. You may fire when ready, Gridley!

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194 comments on “Keep Your Darling Daughter!
  1. Tarnished says:

    You’d need to give something to fire at, Blurkel. 😉

    Regarding the whole “showing off the shotguns” double standard you mentioned above, it’s likely due to our society’s firmly entrenched idea that women/female sexuality is necessarily passive and men/male sexuality is necessarily assertive. If sex occurs, it must surely be due to the male being persistent in pushing the female for it. The female never is the initiator, right?

    As our dear Spawny might say: Bollocks!

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  2. Spawny Get says:

    “Just because you lop off your dick and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f**cking woman. I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a f**cking cocker spaniel.

    Germy Smear spreads love and compassion in the loving, compassionate, for-men-and-women fembot bowel movement.

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  3. Spawny Get says:


    Breitbart News has a long history of calling out pearl-clutching and dishonesty in mainstream media coverage. Breitbart Tech will be no different. We will continue to report on the hypocrisy and gross ethical failures of the tech and gaming media establishment and their credulous attitude to reporting on important cultural trends.

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  4. Cill says:

    “OK, I’ve donned my flame suit. You may fire when ready, Gridley!”
    Brace yourself, brother Blurkel. That bloke’s daughter was my cousin, y’know. Ready… aim…

    Just kidding. Another highly readable article by you. I’ve found nothing I can take issue with so far. I’ll have to go over it again. Where’s my fine tooth comb…

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  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I would like to think that censorship may be the shoal that feminism’s ship founders on. While I don’t much care for Germaine Greer, she deserves her right to speak as much as Janice Fiamengo.

    I like Janice Fiamengo.

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  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Back to the original post. I have to wonder where this will all end. While male sexuality is demonized, daiughters are just little angels. While all the guys who would like to build a relationship get trashed, she’s off chasing cads. To add to this, they all want the football captain, no one else will do, and they’re holding out for him.
    To heck with this noise! This was life for me as a teenager. You’d think that the lesson would have sunk in by now.

    Spawny Get, Thanks for the video for Fred Astaire dancing. I watched a couple more and came to a realization. Women were glamourous then. What happeneed?

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  7. Tarnished says:

    I’ll have to go over it again. Where’s my fine tooth comb…

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  8. Tarnished says:

    To add to this, they all want the football captain, no one else will do, and they’re holding out for him.

    Football captains are overrated. The one I knew in high school used to kick my textbooks down the hallway. Dumbass mouth breathing derpface.

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  9. Cill says:

    Are you equating brother B’s article to a sandy waste, Tarn? 😉

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  10. Tarnished says:

    You’d think that the lesson would have sunk in by now.

    Never blame yourself Fuzzie. Never. We talk about these things again and again because the repetition helps to let it sink in. Nearly everyone in the ‘sphere, but especially honestly good men like yourself or naive people like me, benefit from this re-education. It can take a long while to sink in. And yes, sometimes we go over the same topics repeatedly or in different forms precisely because it is so foreign to the way we’re taught to think. It’s not learned overnight…

    I was called out on this very trait on another blog today. Obviously said commenter took to the red pill immediately and had no issues swallowing it whole. Sorry, but not everyone is able or willing to do that. It takes time, and requires patience. You’re in good company here, bear.

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  11. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If he did that out of malice, he’s a jerk. They must have really treated the nerds badly where you came from. At least, you’re one girl who went against the tide.

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  12. Tarnished says:

    Not at all, Cill.
    Friend Blurkel knows I love his stuff.

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  13. Tarnished says:

    If he did that out of malice, he’s a jerk. They must have really treated the nerds badly where you came from.
    There really isn’t any other reason *to* steal someone else’s property, Fuzzie. That, plus other stuff, happened to my friends and I at the very least a few times every month. He, most of the other serious jocks, and the majority of the cheerleaders were just soulless. (No offense to those of us who may not believe in the existence of souls.)

    The only thing that seems very different about my friends, according to the ‘sphere at large, is the relative ease with which they found fairly nice girlfriends. As I understand it, most nerds and geeks don’t have this.

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  14. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think that anyone can swallow the red pill in one go. It’s too much.
    At least, I didn’t have to contend with what you did in high school. Ours was so smal that it would have been hard to form cliques.
    It’s good that there is support here for wayward bears.

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  15. Sumo says:


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  16. Tarnished says:

    Ah. That does explain it a bit. There were between 800-850 students in my graduating class. Definitely more than enough room for various cliques. 😛


  17. molly says:

    What is a jock?

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  18. Sumo says:

    Basically, a meathead athlete, Molls.

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  19. Tarnished says:

    I don’t think that anyone can swallow the red pill in one go. It’s too much.

    I don’t think so either. It’s just tiresome to read comments from those who speak down to newbies or purple pillers who are still in the first branch of their journey. It serves no purpose to mock someone for ignorance, when you could instead be productive and have a real discussion about what you’ve seen or experienced thus adding to their potential knowledge.

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  20. Tarnished says:

    From urban dictionary:

    An enormously muscular guy who cannot hold a conversation about anything other than weight-lifting and protein shakes. Gets upset very quickly when he cannot complete his own sentences and thoughts. Can be found at nightclubs wearing shirts that are 10 sizes too small (if at all). They are by far the most closely related human beings to that of apes, chimpanzees, and other primate. They are evolutionary hindered and are less capable of following directions than my dead hamster.

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  21. molly says:

    Are there female jocks?

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  22. Sumo says:

    In my experience, not really. When I was in high school (around the same time that fire was invented), the female athletes were usually pretty decent chicks.

    And highly oversexed. Almost as much as the cheerleaders.


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  23. Tarnished says:

    To keep with the Shakespearean theme Blurkel started us off with, I present my 2 favorite sonnets by the Bard.

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  24. Tarnished says:

    Eh, not really Molly. The closest to a female jock tends to be the cheerleaders. Or at least that’s how it was in my high school. YMMV

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  25. molly says:

    In America, lezzos bully straight women in the team as well?

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  26. molly says:

    In NZ we all know top rugby players. Most are good, like Richie McCaw.

    I met heaps of rugby players and no jocks at all.

    Mils Muliaina was in court in Wales with touching a waiteress’s behind in a night club but released. Insufficient evidence. Probably a false accusation.

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    When you say “Mmmmm…cheerleaders……, It makes me think that you want to cook them, put them in a wrap, and eat the, like a taquito.
    Sour cream with that? How about guacamole?

    It wasn’t until my late 20s that I actually met someone who identified herself as lesbian. Maybe, it was the times. Is this a more popular thing with girls presently?

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  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Speaking of Mexican food. .. 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄

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  29. Cill says:


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  30. molly says:

    Lezzo is the way to go! Not for me tho 😐
    I way prefer men! I *only like* men that way 🙂

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  31. Cill says:

    Ahhh Beethoven’s Fifth. I’m off to the cliff.

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  32. molly says:

    I wish he didn’t stand right on the edge, conducting the music.

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  33. Sumo says:

    I just hope he doesn’t conduct with his…..well, you get where I’m going with this. 😉

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  34. molly says:

    Late night snack for Fuzzie 🐻
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯

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  35. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am beginning to develop a hypoothesis. While the Bible makes mention of male homosexuality, not a word is said about female. A lot people point to Sappho of Lesbos and her poetry as indirect proof that it existed in ancient times bur, some aca saying that she applied her talent to a form of poetry and that it wasn’t an ode of love to a woman on her part. It’s completely unproveable,
    I have a similar theory about butterflies. The word for them is different in every language. there is no linguistic root. Sounds like they are new.

    I think that feminists are trying to promote lesbianism as an alternate to normal sex.
    They’re goofy!

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  36. Tarnished says:

    It’s great to only be attracted to men, Molly! Heterosexuality isn’t spoken of nicely in a lot of the media nowadays. :/

    I’m bi, but would probably only go with males for relationships. I’ve known a couple girls who were lesbians in 8th grade, and my first kiss was with a lesbian (my lab partner in AP Chemistry). I never heard of any lesbians or gays who bullied straight people, but it could’ve happened. Doubt it would’ve been regarding their preferences though…not like nowadays with the tumblr idiots who talk about teh ebuls of heternormative couples in the media.

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  37. molly says:

    Tarn lezzos bullied on me real bad. I feel about them as u do to jocks.

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  38. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    One for each paw! YUM! thank you!

    You did say Beethoven?

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  39. Tarnished says:

    Butterflies, Fuzzie? 😕

    I think that feminists are trying to promote lesbianism as an alternate to normal sex.

    Lol. I *know* they are. Or at least a significant minority are. You can see it in their writings, when they talk about how “no individual woman can give consent to a man, because women as a group can’t give consent” and other such views. I’ve found that many of these sex – negative feminists also tend to be TERFS. Yet another thing we disagree on…

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  40. Tarnished says:

    I’m sorry, Molly. What happened? I hate bullies, whatever their clique or subgroup. 😡

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  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    They’re mean spirited shits. I guess they had to be jealous of your good looks. Just wait a few years. You’ll be able to taunt them with insults and get away because they will have blown up like blimps.

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  42. molly says:

    They also invite me to special things, nice and quiet and proper. I find out it’s always a lezzo trick! They are false.

    I can talk to my dad or Cill first if I’m not sure about an invite. 🙂

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  43. Sumo says:

    lezzos bullied on me real bad

    Lezzos are constantly coming on to me. I can’t figure out if that’s a gigantic endorsement of my overpowering masculinity, or if they think that I’m a girly man and that it wouldn’t be “hetero” sex. :/

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  44. molly says:

    Sumo that :/ does not fool me!
    You bad bad bad bad man XD

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  45. Tarnished says:

    Lesbians want you, Sumo? Maybe they’re just really into whips… 😛 😉

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  46. Cill says:

    Girly man? Come on bro, you kidding? 😉
    Perhaps you could do a Choicy style of project, e.g. “Sumo Porks a Lezzo and Takes One for the Team”.

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  47. Sumo says:

    Been there, done that.

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  48. Tarnished says:

    Molly, do the lesbians you are talking about want to be with you and are acting like this because they’re pissed you are straight? Or are they just bullies who happen to be homosexual?

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  49. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I looked up TERF. You have been places I would be reluctant to go. Tumblr comes to mind.

    About bisexuality, OkCupid kept track of messages and it seemed that bi’s were talking to one or the other sex.
    Then, there is my OkCupid story of the disgrundtled bi-woman who got tired of not having her messages responded to by women. At least, men had the courtesey to write back.
    On the home page, if you edited your profile, it would stay up for about twenty miniutes.
    About a year ago, one blogger said that twentysomething women were saying they were bi to the tune of about half. It must be some kind of a fad.

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  50. Cill says:

    Sorry mate, job’s not done until you post full details on spawnyspace.

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  51. molly says:

    Tarn, they want to seduce me.


  52. Sumo says:

    Sorry mate, job’s not done until you’ve post full details on spawnyspace.

    I’ll reflect on that idea. 😉

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  53. Sumo says:

    they want to seduce me.

    I feel your pain, Molls. Let me know if you need a muscular shoulder to cry on. 😛

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  54. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I may be reading too much into this but, are you saying that these lezzos would gang up and rape you? I have seen enough that makes me believe that women have no sense of restraint in that area. No wonder you’re pissed.
    More burritos! 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄

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  55. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You’re not interested, so it would be coerced sex. No beuno.
    Something tells me that men have more class about this.

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  56. molly says:

    O no Fuzzie! I don’t play a team sport now. They are just very tricky now, trying ways to invite me out. Tarn asked me why want to. I said to seduce me. Wow if anyone raped me wow look out… better not say. 😉

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  57. Cill says:

    Fuzzy she wisely checks everything she does with her dad first. If he’s uneasy about it, she won’t accept an invitation. If he okays it but is the slightest bit uneasy, he’ll ask one of the young men (e.g. me) to tag along and keep an eye. No harm will come to our molly on my watch.

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  58. molly says:

    ❤ Fuzzie and Sumo. Men Yay! 🙂

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  59. molly says:

    Fuzzie I never had sex or rape 🙂
    Lezzos did bully me, yet not now. They only annoy now, like sand flies or mossies. It’s under control. ❤

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  60. Tarnished says:

    Ugh, that’s terrible Molly. Whether male or female, if someone is not interested that means they’re not interested. Full stop! Just because you’re all the same sex does not make what they’re doing less of a harassment. I’m glad you have a handle on the situation.

    I do think that many bi women do it either for attention from men, because they think it shows “open mindedness”, or they are in a legitimate “experimentation” phase. Me? I just think both male and female bodies are equally arousing, and have been…intrigued by the scents of both sexes. But that’s been going on since I was in my early teens, so I doubt it’s a fad in all cases. Some men and women are definitely bi. Just not as many as okcupid claims to have, lol. 😉

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  61. Sumo says:

    Any girl who’s ridden the Sumo Train is no longer “bi”. Just sayin’. 😉

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  62. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I feel better now. It’s good that you have support to cover you and check things out beforehand.

    A few times in my life I have stood by the phone. It’s a good thing to do.

    Not that I would knock you but, it does seem to be a bit much. There is one thing to be said for bi-women, they will respond to messages. A few times, I thought about concentrating my attention on them for that reason. It’s hard to get the ball rolling if they won’t even talk.

    Perhaps the culture is encouraging it through the media. If you look at the cover of a men’s magazine, you’ll a good looking woman. That makes sense. If you look at the over of a woman’s magazine, you will find a better loong woman. Huh? What gives?

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  63. molly says:

    I hope Fuzzie sleeps 🙂

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  64. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Sleeping now. Dreaming of Furbies bringing me burritos while I give them honet and nuts.
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂


  65. blurkel says:

    The Book of Response

    @ Tarn

    Football captains are overrated. The one I knew in high school used to kick my textbooks down the hallway. Dumbass mouth breathing derpface.”

    Don’t hold back, Tarn! Tell us how you really feel about them.

    I NEVER had a football coach who impressed me with having an IQ higher than the mid 2-digits. At least our Cross-country coach had a Masters in mathematics.

    @ Bro Cill

    Are you equating brother B’s article to a sandy waste, Tarn?

    In her defense, Bro Cill, my family does keep cats. We end up “combing the desert” daily. There MIGHT be an influence in there somewhere.

    ***To all who raised the size of their high school classes. When I graduated, there were over 5200 (fifty-two hundred) students in my school. Cliques were EVERYWHERE!!!! It was impossible not to get included into a clique, if only for the common defense against abusive derpfaces.

    @ Molly

    Are there female jocks?

    Yes, there are, but most of them behave with more civility than their male counterparts. Early historical examples include Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova.

    In America, lezzos bully straight women in the team as well?

    It’s possible, but there are examples of where this doesn’t happen. There was once a jazz-rock band made up entirely of females here in Los Angeles who carried the now-VERY-unfortunate name of ISIS. Members of the band were both straight and lesbian, yet the reviews I read always indicated they all got along well. This was back when being out was really a thing, if you will.

    @ fuzzie

    I think that feminists are trying to promote lesbianism as an alternate to normal sex.

    Well, since men aren’t suitable anymore, what other options do they have?

    @ fuzzie and molly

    You’ll be able to taunt them with insults and get away because they will have blown up like blimps.

    Like this?

    Or this?

    @ Sumo

    Lezzos are constantly coming on to me. I can’t figure out if that’s a gigantic endorsement of my overpowering masculinity, or if they think that I’m a girly man and that it wouldn’t be “hetero” sex.

    With THAT katana you drag around? “Look at the SIZE of that thing! We’ll NEVER fit it on the album cover!” I’m sure it’s just curiosity, or maybe a desire to demonstrate feminine dominance over men. Shame they fail, isn’t it?

    @ fuzzie

    …twentysomething women were saying they were bi to the tune of about half. It must be some kind of a fad.

    I suspect from many decades of observation that the fad is being open about it.

    I’ve long had a theory that women would be open to loving other women give a serious shortage of men. Post-US Civil War, due to the hundreds of thousands of men taken out of the gene pool, there arose an arrangement known as the “Boston Marriage” ( ). There simply weren’t enough men to go around, and many man-less women still desired relationships. Whether or not sex occurred in such relationships isn’t well documented, but it had to have been there in some of these situations.

    Currently where I’m employed, lesbians are numerous and common. Interestingly, since I’m not on the make there, I find I get along with them better than I do the straight women, who always assume that a guy is on the make no matter what. It doesn’t help that new hire women were told that we blue-collars were prison trustees and to avoid us.

    That’s enough for now. I have to venture forth to slay dragons and rescue damsels in distress for my daily salt.

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  66. Cill says:

    Go slay ’em blurkel brother


  67. SFC Ton says:

    Molly, Jocks are the gifted athletes who bang quality ass and have an active social life/ friends as their athletic accomplishments give them status. Bug fish small pond sort of thing, often as not, as well. The less popular kids/ socially awkward kids get jealous and then refer to them as meat heads etc.

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  68. SFC Ton says:

    I would have laughed my ass off at any father cleaning his guns when I picked up his daughter

    His .357 is out of action, my .44 was in the small of my back, ready to go. Dumbass. Uncredible threats are beta and lower a man’s status

    Some time back a neighbour threatened to blow up my house; then failed to understand any demolition technical questions I asked him. When I asked how I was supposed to view his threat credible when he didn’t understand the trade, the bystanders laughed at him, cut her lowering his status. Beta move all day long.

    Never make an ultimatum but if you do, don’t make one without teeth. Makes you a bitch of the beta world.

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  69. Yoda says:

    Sumo that :/ does not fool me!
    You bad bad bad bad man

    Perhaps related to the evil Darth Maul you are.

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  70. Yoda says:

    Fuzzie and Sumo. Men Yay!

    Bear and man it would be

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  71. SFC Ton says:

    Regarding Vin Diesel’s daughter; I taught my daughter to fight around 8. None of that gay judo shit, but real eye gouging, testicle ripping smash mouth hand to hand combat skills. Bought her her 1st rifle at 8 and sent her to various tactical shooting schools (ie friend’s, her “uncles'”, God fathers etc and formal schools)

    She married very well. Let’s face it, none of those skills are all high of a bar, and no I never wanted my daughter to marry a nice guy. Bad times are coming. I wanted her to marry a skilled and experienced killer, to keep her and her offspring safe when the troubles come.

    See marrying such a man was the mission I gave her. To respect him, be faithful in every term of the word; raise his kids to fear God, honor their father/ her husband; to ride fast, shoot straight and speak the truth. Etc.

    I do happen to agree their is a shortage of men, lots of males, but few men worthy of the term. However I define the term in much harsher ways then feminists…. I mean trad cons… fuckit. Y’all know what I mean


  72. SFC Ton says:

    Again Vinq Diesels threat about dating his daughter is not credible. He’s an actor who most likely sucked a mile of dick to get his 1st couple of gigs.

    Who the fuck is afraid of a man who pretends for a living?

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  73. SFC Ton says:

    Ton loves the Chuck Berry. Even named my hot rod Ford Maybiline

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  74. Spawny Get says:

    In honour of Sumo, bad to the boner

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  75. Liz says:

    “They must have really treated the nerds badly where you came from.”

    They treat nerds badly almost everywhere in my experience, Fuzzie.
    But the boys are usually nicer to girls after puberty (girls are always mean, to boys and each other).

    LOL! 🙂 Why do you say lezzo is the way to go, Molls? Must be just an artistic license fot the sake of the rhyme because women are annoying as fuck.

    Okay….going to keep reading. Only got that far so far.

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  76. Liz says:

    Fuzzie: “If you look at the over of a woman’s magazine, you will find a better loong woman. Huh? What gives?”

    Loong woman?
    It does make sense. Women aren’t like men Fuzzie. They actually had a study (I referenced this before) that women are less “turned on” by the image of a naked, very fit non-erect man walking on the beach than they are to the image of a couple of baboons fucking.
    Women are on the covers of those women’s magazines not for titillation purposes but because women want to be them.

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  77. Liz says:

    Oh, loong=looking. Got it, it’s early and I’ve only had one cup of jo. 🙂

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  78. Yoda says:

    Too funny this is,

    According to a piece in the Huffington Post, the word “too” is sexist and hurts women by constantly making them feel like they’re not good enough. In a piece titled “The 3-Letter Word That Cuts Women Down,” University of Vermont freshman Cameron Schaeffer explains that she had an “epiphany” about the word after talking with a friend about how she should cut her hair. “Our conversation ended with, ‘Well you don’t want it to be too short or too long,’” Schaeffer writes.


  79. Liz says:

    “I’ve long had a theory that women would be open to loving other women give a serious shortage of men.”

    Not me. I’d live alone and name my right hand “Sally”.

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  80. Liz says:

    From the article:
    ““My internal opinion is always that I’m too this or too that,” she continues. “I, like most women, have been deprived of self-satisfaction and appreciation because of this word and this attitude.”

    Glenda was offended when Roy used the word “too”.
    But to him, “too stinky” was how she smelled, and “too bitchy” was how she bitched, and “too chubby” was how she chubbed.

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  81. Liz says:

    Okay, I liked my own last post. I amuse myself sometimes. 😛

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  82. Liz says:

    I must assume that a woman offended by the word “too” has never been told that she is “too gorgeous”, “too smart”, “too desirable/pleasant/agreeable” or anything close.

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  83. Cill says:

    Fuzzy: “If you look at the over of a woman’s magazine, you will find a better loong woman. Huh? What gives?”

    Liz “Oh, loong=looking. Got it, it’s early and I’ve only had one cup of jo”

    Ever had one of those situations where you’re a bit out of sorts and something makes you laugh? That’s me right now. Thanks Fuzzy and Liz, I needed a laugh.

    I’m still laughing. It’s true! Uncontrollable shoulder-shaking mirth. Now cut it out, both of you (especially you, Fuzzy).

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  84. SFC Ton says:

    Best I can recall, it was Whites of middling social status and all negros who harassed nerds, with the nerds egging on their mistreatment like it was some red badge of courage. Those of us at the upper end of the food chain had better things to do, like bang chicks, enjoy life, play sports etc
    The smartest guys in school were very popular, with the smartest young man also being voted most popular, most likely to succeed etc. He was a cool dude; dropped out of law school to mange golf courses, which he made pay off in a big way. Everyone loved that dude, even though he didn’t play sports of any sort. He could fish though and was fit

    It didn’t take much to be mid ranked in my day, dress normal, boots, blue jeans, t shirt, maybe a hat. Farm kids so being poor was a non issue. Know a little bit about sports, fishing, cars etc so you could chit chat with folks but instead of doing that the nerds like to stir up shit, put on airs of superiority, tell the world how much smarter and more mature they were vs the other kids.

    Only one nerd was smart enough to cultivate friendships with the more violent young White men as a shield vs hostile negros(forced bussed into our shcool, so thanks yankees, you dumb bastards). SW was alright, crippled leg and all, tight with most of the jocks, gear heads, metal heads, bangers at . However, I remember sitting down at a table with him and his nerd friends and the nerds starting in; jock, lout, knuckle dragged etc. I looked at SW, told him something like if any n*ggers fuck with him, their dead, but I’ll laugh my ass off when his pals get a curb party. Which more then a few did. SW walked the halls without fear, the other nerds scurried around like rats.

    Rural though it was, more high school was a combatant zone because of the forced bussing, nerds paid the highest price and failed to act in their own self preservation. How smart were they?

    My highscool reunion was also free of nerd revenge porn. The quarterback was married to a good looking girl, selling combines and what not to farmers, which is lucrative. See it’s social skills that get most people ahead in the world, and nerds failed to develop them

    Also, to a degree I approve of bullying young men. It is natural, instinctual and a valuable tool. The platoon,/ gang/ small war band etc detects weakness in one of its members. Weakness would get that small band killed way back in the day, so the weak link is tested. You want to test his measure before you run into a situation where he’ll get you killed. If he fails the test, he then has a series of re tests, to grow and test his strength and finally prove himself to other men and eventuality join the band as a peer in good standing.


  85. Yoda says:


    “Too many folks see ‘feminist’ as implying not just equality, but other ideas — that the sexes are the same, or should be; that women who stay home to raise the kids are making a bad choice,” the editorial board wrote. “Feminism got tied to one side in the abortion wars and countless other issues. It’s hard now to see it as more than another arm of the ‘progressive’ agenda.”

    The editorial board added that those who brandish the “feminist” label appear to respect the choices of some women — especially women who espouse liberal beliefs — more than others. . . .

    The bottom line is that most Americans believe in equal rights, but the discussion has moved away from equal rights to equal outcomes. Men and women currently have equal rights, but not equal outcomes. The outrage brigade can’t point to a single actual right that men have (in America, at least) that women don’t.

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  86. Liz says:

    Mike and I had 180-out highschool experiences. He was popular, drove a ’68 camaro he practically built from the ground up and he used to drag race with it. He dated cheerleaders and was never allowed into National Honor Society even though his GPA was 4.2 because the teachers refused to permit it. They didn’t like him. I was secretary of NHS. I make fun of him about the cheerleaders though.

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  87. As someone with two girls I can relate the the feeling of wanting to protect them, to the point where I’d build a tower and lock them up if I could! Lol. I don’t think it’s anti male to say that, I think it’s a natural reaction to being a parent of a girl. My oldest is starting to blossom and I can now see why the boys chased me at every recess and the girls hated me, and it’s kindof scary to think she looks a lot older than she is, and how that could be a bad thing. But I run a tight ship and limit opportunities for such things to occur. That’s my strategy – imprisonment!?!?! Lol… Kinda…

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  88. SFC Ton says:

    Common sense from a or of?

    This division was done on purposes as the old-school left focused on working class people decided to fixate on social justice and war on working class White men. Quite the 180 since the old school left worn its spurs doing what they thought best for working class White men


  89. Cill says:

    Thoughts swirling round in my head.

    Lots of foreigners coming to NZ, buying up our land lock stock and barrel.

    My mate has a property like mine, similar size and setting. He’s seen a lawyer about a family trust, for which purpose he had a registered valuer do a valuation of his real estate. He told me what the valuation came to. Shee-it. Shee fucking it.

    I could sell my paradise and retire for 100 life times.

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  90. Cill says:

    I’m sitting here thinking, I’d have enough money to build a small ship, and spend my life cruising to wherever my fancy takes me. The thought that attracts me most is the building of the ship. Great Scot, I’d be in seventh heaven. I’m already designing it in my head…

    It makes no sense at all for me to be out of sorts, but I am.

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  91. SFC Ton says:

    Don’t sell your land to a forgein people Cill. It will rot your soul like a cancer

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  92. Cill says:

    I think you’re right.

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  93. Yoda says:

    Make your land into refuge for burnt out PPPs you could


  94. SFC Ton says:

    US Ulster Scots, we have the wander lust, be we are rooted to our blood and soil

    You have the ocean calling to you, I have combat zones but as need that rootedness when the wander lust wears thin

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  95. SFC Ton says:

    LOL We are builders too
    Bikes,boats, sheds etc same same really

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  96. Liz says:

    I don’t think you should sell, Cill.
    Not that you asked…but, I do think you’d regret it.
    Furthermore, if the world economy tanks that money won’t be worth anything in a bank account, but your property will be more valuable than gold.

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  97. Liz says:

    Congrats on the valuation of your property though, Cill.
    That’s great it is worth so much! 🙂

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  98. Cill says:

    I should go out hunting. It clears my mind.

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  99. Cill says:

    Talking about my paradise, I’m about to do my forest a favor and spotlight some possums (it’s still dark here).
    I’ll be back.

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  100. Cill your place sounds amazing, some things are worth more than money, like quality of life and having a cliff perfect for howling off of. 🙂

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  101. Yoda says:

    The outrage brigade can’t point to a single actual right that men have (in America, at least) that women don’t.

    Significant this is.
    But ignored it would be
    Says much this does

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  102. molly says:

    I knew this would happen one day!

    Hypnotise him far away. You feel dreamy.. Don’t sell.. Look in my eyes.. Stay.. S-t-a-a-a-y..

    Cross my fingers, Cill will stay. Cross toes, cross ears, cross rainbow stripes.. hope hope hope.

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  103. Spawny Get says:

    “I should go out hunting. It clears my mind.”

    Yours and the possums’ it seems. Though I suspect that the possums have the edge.

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  104. Yoda says:

    Hypnotise him far away. You feel dreamy.. Don’t sell.. Look in my eyes.. Stay.. S-t-a-a-a-y..

    My task this would be.
    Use Jedi mind tricks I will

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  105. Yoda says:

    Wonder if Moehau Mans this problem they do have?

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  106. Cill says:

    Well Yoda, your Jedi mind trick sort of worked. For some time I’ve had my eye on another property, a vacant paradise. I’ll sell my present paradise to a close friend. The time has come for me to build a new home in a location even more secluded than here.

    Certain people won’t know where I’ve gone.

    I love to build things, and there’ll be heaps of construction to be done. House, sheds, elevators, slipways, rails and cradles, bunkers, fencing, and I’ll be able to make more use of my barge, transporting materials and livestock. I’ll be able to stay here and use the office until my new place is ready.

    AND… I’ll have a new cliff!

    First things first though. There’s a lot of loose ends to be tied, especially human e.g. the young men I sometimes look after.

    Check your mail, wee molly.


  107. Cill says:

    Spawny me old mate, I must be a mind reader. I know for a fact that the last thing that went through the minds of those possums was a piece of lead from me. Cleared their minds sharpish, like.

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  108. molly says:

    YAY!!!! Bravo!!

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  109. Spawny Get says:

    ‘secluded’? Not ‘remote’? As in remote from Kiwiland? *nervousness*

    I told you that the drainage in the lower field renders it unsuitable for habitation however tall your waders. No point looking this far from home…

    I’m somewhat surprised that you don’t remember the conversation about the marshiness of the lower field, I know that I do


  110. Spawny Get says:

    I highly rate my new woodburner, it’s not that warm outside but here I lay relaxing in my moa smugglers in perfect comfort. I would be in my birthday suit (a la Tarn) save for my lack of curtains.


  111. Cill says:

    In your case mate I can run with Sparrow smugglers or even Parrot smugglers, but Moa smugglers? Not even at a stretch.


  112. Lol men truly are totally different from women. I can’t imagine a gal saying, “I need to clear my head, I think I will go shoot things.”

    If you have decided on a nice Cill, I wish you well in the new adventure! And I am especially glad to hear it includes a respectable cliff for howling off of. That’s important! 😉

    Now that you are 100 times richer than you’ll ever need, can you mail a check to me at…


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  113. Sumo says:

    No Bloomer, the move sound very nice.


  114. Cill says:

    Thanks Bloom. Unfortunately, after buying and developing the new place I won’t be 100 times richer than I’ll ever need. Otherwise I would indeed send you a cheque to cover your airfare to NZ, conditional on your luggage including a pair of gumboots, a shepherd’s crook, a bull raddle, tupping chalk, a set of shearing cones, baling twine, and a milking stool and bucket so you can carry on farming as if you’re still at home. 😉

    Seriously, thanks for your good wishes Bloom!

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  115. Cill says:

    You’re right, Sumo, it will be a nice move. The natural setting is as beautiful as my present paradise here but even more hidden and out-of-the-way.


  116. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    These “out of towners” who are doing all this buy are not looking at places they can live so much as assets to appreciate. I have seen this in California. Dark homes kill a commuity. These people have multiple estates but can only shop in one grocery store at a time.
    The best thing to do is sit tight. Once you sell, go can’t go back.

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  117. Yoda says:

    Wonder how valuable Moe’s land would be I do.


  118. Cill says:

    Fuzzy I’ll be shifting from one paradise to another. I’ll end up owning more real estate than before. Larger acreage.


  119. Yoda says:

    also tend to be TERFS.

    Lesbians TERFs they are?
    Funny this is.


  120. blurkel says:

    The Book of Response Part II

    @ SFC ton

    I would have laughed my ass off at any father cleaning his guns when I picked up his daughter. His .357 is out of action, my .44 was in the small of my back, ready to go.

    And then this happens:

    @ Cill

    I’m sitting here thinking, I’d have enough money to build a small ship, and spend my life cruising to wherever my fancy takes me.

    A couple of my favorite tunes to launch your voyage.

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  121. Moehau Man says:

    “Wonder how valuable Moe’s land would be I do”

    Well Yoda, from what they tell me I’d say it’s about the same value as Long Island, New York, which is a small mountain-weight of Kauri Clubs, a medium mountain-weight of oblong rocks, a beach-worth of Paua shells, a moon’s-worth of Pipi shells, a tide’s worth of Flounders, and a Moehau Man female’s cray-cray-worth of Crayfish.

    Mrs Moehau Man (my helpful old mum) called out “I think the foreign types call a Moehau Man female’s cray-cray-worth a ‘Month'”.

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  122. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that Molly’s protest was based on that she likes being able to come over at the drop of a hat. This probably goes for your whole family. Proximity affects value, so something further but larger could be equal.
    By the way, the community that I left had turned into over eighty percent part time residents. Some as part time as two weekends a year. Why do people do this? Homes shold be lived in.

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  123. Cill says:

    Fuzzy the new place is quite a long way from my present place. However, it’s in a different direct from my present place and at the speed molly drives her boat (i.e. flat out) it will be only 5 minutes further away. She didn’t want me to cash up and leave NZ’s shores, I think.

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  124. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can see that. She loves her Big Cuz.
    However, you have given me something to ruminate on. There is a terrible resentment among people who remain in coastal communities in the US, both East and West coast. They’re mad at all these rich out of towners bidding up the price of property beyond reason or affordability to the residents. Then they compound the damage by not living there and not adding to the community. They also play hell with local merchants because they displace live customers.
    If these people wanted to jnvest in real estate, why not REITs? (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

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  125. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I just saw this at Vox Day and had to shre. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  126. Cill says:

    I enjoyed the music, bro blurkel, especially “Southern Cross” as I often sing it to the stars when I’m on a southward heading to home. David Crosby is actually a good sailor IRL.


  127. @ Fuzzie that photo really does say more than a thousand words! :/

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  128. Off topic, I had a red pill conversation w my oldest today, about how colleges are saying people can’t use the words “he” or “she” and the like anymore. Right away she says, “haven’t they heard of freedom of speech? That’s just stupid!” I wanted to give her a high five! 😀

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  129. Cill says:

    Man you’ve hit a raw nerve for Kiwis there, Fuzzy. There has been a flood of immigrants from China. Although only the wealthy are allowed in, there are so many of them, they buy up entire suburbs in Auckland. The average house prices increase at the rate of $300 per day, pushing them beyond the reach of most kiwis. They have also bought up millions of acres of farm land.

    However, the biggest investors in NZ are Americans and Canadians, especially the latter. They don’t put as much pressure on housing, as they prefer to invest in forestry.

    I was talking to an American tourist – a total stranger – the other day. He said “Noo Zealanders” remind him of the folks in his home town in the 1950s. He was struck by our habit of thanking other passengers when we get off a bus. Americans and Canadians enjoy themselves here.

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  130. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    So it’s all over the place. Could it be that there is an ocean of cah but no one wants to invest it conventioanlly? Like a widgt making factory? A second home only makes sense if you intend to rent. Curious that Americans and Canadians would be afte forest land. I think most of it her is federally owned.

    What a photo! Such insanity! However, that the Russian was in uniform bothered me. For a republic to work, the military should be under civilian control.
    Good to hea about Bloomette getting sharp!

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  131. Chinese invester groups have been buying in the area I live too, recently a 800 acre purchase, cash! It had been in the same family for generations, much of it untouched wilderness. It’s being turned into a gated community with McMansions on 20 acre parcels.


  132. Cill says:

    How many of our regular commenters live within a hundred miles from the Pacific or Antlantic coast? Depending on how things pan out, I might take a break for a year or two and sail the American Pacific and Atlantic coasts, then across to the British Isles. I’ve never done the Atlantic in my own boat.


  133. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Not I. I live in Central Indiana. While there is a river within walking distance, It’s not navigable.

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  134. SFC Ton says:

    112 miles from coast so about an hour drive

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  135. Sumo says:

    12 hour drive for The Mighty Sumo. Maybe 9 if I drive like wee Molls. 😉

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  136. Cill says:

    I’d do a lot of homework first. The rivers, charter flights etc. The Cill-squatch is resourceful.


  137. Maybe an hour and a half drive to the coast from here.

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  138. Cill says:

    Australian accent is a product of early settler’s heavy drinking. NZ accent probably is too, the accents are so similar.

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  139. Cill says:

    Which would y’all prefer to go out in, a keeler (sailboat) or powerboat?

    [I can bring either/or. The logistics are very different. With power boat I have to cruise from one fuel stop to the next.]


  140. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think a sailboat would great. I have to tell the thought of buying all that diesel makes me cringe. Why hand over good money to oil companies if you can avoid it? I don’t think that they will mind so much.

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  141. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Cill’s question got me to thinking. We may be different in another way. We live inland, for the most part.


  142. Cill says:

    The money doesn’t worry me this voyage, Fuzzy. Kiwis prefer sail, probably because we’re the keenest sailors in the world. I’m curious to know whether you North Americans prefer power or sail. Regardless of cost. Say you won a prize and could choose a power or sail cruise, which would you take?


  143. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It would be sail but, not without an inboard motor as a backup. Years ago, I was in Cincincnati, Ohio talking to a guy who was going to pole bage from Ohil to New Orleans, as was dome in Abraham Lincoln’s time. The US Coast Guard required and outboard for emergency manuvering. So much for historical correctness.

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  144. molly says:

    ” Say you won a prize and could choose a power or sail cruise, which would you take?”
    Sumo takes the one with the most shots 😛

    ❤ ya Sumo! 🙂 🙂

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  145. molly says:

    F-U-Z-Z-I-E! If Cill goes on voyage I’ll be his deck hand! Or.. I stow away. I’ll meet the F. Wuzzie Bear!
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯

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  146. molly says:

    My beau is a good sailor. He crews for Cill, eh.

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  147. molly says:

    Cill is not leaving us!

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  148. Cill says:

    Fuzzy, my keeler has an inboard motor, an outboard motor, and an “inflatable” with an outboard as well. The bear can relax 😉

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  149. Cill says:

    On topic, “What men everywhere are learning is that borders and ideologies do not divide us as much as the assaults of women unite us”

    Nothing unites men faster than a common enemy. Man’s weakness right now is, he’s a hell of a slow to see an enemy as an enemy if it’s female.

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  150. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I’d get to see you in real life? WOW! 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄
    I think that you would have to bring your beau along with you, or he would get very lonely.
    I am glad that Molly is happy!

    It sounds as if, no matter what you choose, you are well equipped.
    I just got through watching something on youtube that had to do with marriage. Originally there were roles. Now, it’s a Domestic Partnership that is constantly negotiated. That, in turn, makes it competitive. Not gonna fly, Orville. Could that be the source of a lot of the friction?


  151. molly says:

    Yeah Fuzzie!

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  152. Sail 🙂

    Unless the other is safer, of course!

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  153. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know how I will react when I find you really are a Rainbow Fruby.

    Having once looked at a map, Cill could get very close to Chateau Bloom if the river is deep enough.


  154. Spawny Get says:

    “A survey earlier this year revealed it to be the fourth “most attractive” accent, coming behind British, American and Irish.”

    Don’t know that I’ve heard an ugly American accent, but not all British and Irish accents are equal. How one can lump all the British Isles’ into two, is beyond me.


  155. SFC Ton says:

    When I was working with the Brits, the ladies seemed to enjoy my Southern draw, same for my short visit to the UK.

    I think accents tell the tingle generators “other but not to other” so they are a hit.

    yankee accents are nails on a chalk board. I did the bed and breakfast thing in Scotland/ Ireland. Like all of the moms and pops had the same basic thing to say about my accent, which was yay you are from the South, and we made much better guess. Thought that was odd the 1st time.


  156. SFC Ton says:

    Power boat for me; my boat is a work tool to haul in fish. I love fishing…. the boating part not so much. The boat thing is just the price I pay to enjoy fishing


  157. Spawny Get says:

    Forgot this rectally-retentive aerosol. His accent just grates me all to fuck.

    It’s the worst parts of RP (English toff) mixed in with American. I hope it’s just this dildo’s accent and that no others have it.
    p.s. he has a brand that makes some great cooking sauces, which I buy when they’re on half price sale. And only then.


  158. Spawny Get says:

    Yeah, when I came down to Georgia, I really liked the accents of the gurlies.

    There are better and worse accents in the US, but it’s only Lloyd (video above) who really grates.

    Scouse (Liverpudlian (ie Liverpool)) at 50 seconds

    How to speak Belfast / Northern Ireland (funny, allegedly)

    Local…remember when I said about the delivery driver? (Trigger Swoon warning to Tarn)


  159. SFC Ton says:

    That 1st guy Spawny…. is it a put on? Seems fake to me like he is play a roll, thinking way to much before he speaks sort of thing


  160. Sumo says:

    FWIW, I don’t know shit about boats. Sumo be completely landlocked, y’all.

    Re: accents, I have a thing for girls with Scots accents (i.e Karen Gillan) and Aussie accents (like Rachel Taylor). No offence to our patriarch, but English accents are just kind of blah to me.


  161. Spawny Get says:

    Ton, he’s been around for years…that’s how the cnut speaks. Fighter pilots use it to counter the effects of high-G manoeuvres. They call it “straining at the stool” iirc. I think he just misjudged the size of buttplug and mistook krazyglue for lube. That’s my theory YMMV. Cannot stand the guy. Instant channel change when he comes on.


  162. Spawny Get says:

    Sumo, aboot your opinion on English accents. I can live with that.


  163. Yoda says:


    While most of the mainstream technology media insist that the online movement known as GamerGate is a harassment movement, that same media ignores the actions and accusations of those claiming to oppose such harassment.


  164. Yoda says:

    Yik Yak,

    Last week, a coalition of 72 feminist and civil rights groups—including the Feminist Majority Foundation, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Organization for Women—asked the Department of Education to crack down on Yik Yak. Civil rights laws require schools to address campus harassment against marginalized student groups, and in 2010, the DOE reminded schools that they’re responsible for student harassment that’s communicated online, too. Now, the coalition wants the DOE to update its recommendations again and “promptly issue guidelines to universities and colleges” on how to “protect students from harassment and threats based on sex, race, color, or national origin carried out via Yik Yak and other anonymous social media applications.”

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  165. Tarnished says:

    Hey all.
    Stopping by quick to give congrats to Cill, along with imparting the info of “I can reach a shoreline in a little under 2 hours”. Also, that as my stepdad and uncle used to throw me overboard his boat as a youngling, I’m a bit iffy about boats, and water in general. Definitely more of a dryad than a nymph, me. But if it was a way to meet some of my friends irl, I’ll put up with the excessive H2O. 😉

    Been busy as of late. Helping at a small local gaming convention, with proceeds going to the children’s hospital ward. So good stuff, but no time…

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  166. Yoda says:

    I’m a bit iffy about boats, and water in general.

    Large floatation devices you do have

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  167. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Good to hear fron you! We won’t worry that you have been kidnapped by pirates.

    I don’t know where this call from feminists for censorship will end. Some social media can be yielded. After all, who wants to talk to feminists? But, they can’t have it all. To add to that, they love to troll and say mean things.

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  168. @ fuzzie people do sail on the river in small sailboats and boats do come up from the ocean but I doubt a sail boat of oceangoing size could navigate it, seems the keel would be too large but I am not sure. If so that would put Cill a 10-20 min drive away. Not sure there are places to dock that close though.

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  169. Yoda says:

    Huge flotation devices they are.
    Tracts of land they are not.

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  170. SFC Ton says:

    Damon Spawny. I’ve enjoyed working with all the Anglo militaries over the years. Good, professionals, no airs or pretensions but I’d like to punch that dude in the face


  171. Spawny Get says:

    Ton, he’s an American…
    A) go right ahead
    B) I’ll hold your jacket while you do it
    C) those are EXACTLY the words I’d want to hear about British forces. I strongly suspect Cill would say the same about Kiwi ones. Get the job done professionally…

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  172. Cill says:

    The NZ military would be more effective if they were not under-funded and under-equipped.

    The joker at 10:50 am is American? You’re kidding me. Is he a type? Heaven forbid, but are there more like him out there? I’ve been around the block a few times and have never heard an accent like his.


  173. Spawny Get says:

    “Huge flotation devices”
    Mae West? Do you still call flotation devices that?


  174. Spawny Get says:

    “The joker at 10:50 am is American? You’re kidding me. Is he a type?”

    So what now? Lloyd Grossman is a British name? GTFO!

    Grossman was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts on 16 September 1950, the son of David K. Grossman and Helen Katherine (née Gilman).[1] He is of Jewish heritage. His father worked as an antiques dealer.[2] His initial education was at the General John Glover School in Marblehead,[3] and then at Marblehead High School.[1] He graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history before going to the United Kingdom in 1975 to study at the London School of Economics where he received a master’s degree in economic history.

    I merely restate my theory on buttplugs and super-glue. A theory, one might point out, for which one has heard no refutation.

    And this supreme wankpot’s unending presence on these sceptre’d isles’ shores is why the Americans had no business whatsoever in sending Piers Tosspot Extraordinaire Morgan back. Fair should be fair, after all.


  175. Yoda says:

    John Kerry a Bostonian he is.
    Sound like Thurtson Howell III he does.


  176. Yoda says:

    News that use you can,

    Colleges are hanging flyers around campus with phone numbers of officials that students can call to consult with about whether or not their Halloween costume is perfectly politically correct. “Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” asks a poster that’s been hung around campus at State University of New York at Geneseo. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” The poster contains the phone numbers and e-mails of five (five!) campus officials that students can contact and discuss the very important issue of whether or not what they will dress up as to get drunk in will be advancing social-justice causes.

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  177. SFC Ton says:

    LOL I want to punch everyone up.there on the other side of the Mordor-Dixion line.

    The NZ SAS trains with the Brits SAS. They get the job done. Anglos are scary good at professional, large scale violence. Non Whites should remember that

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  178. molly says:

    I felt very happy till I looked up GTFO

    Meaning Get the f*** out
    Example “You have been banned from this chat room so gtfo.”


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  179. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  180. Farm Boy says:

    One wonders if Ms. Merkel has some East German programming in her such that when the opportunity comes to destroy West Germany, she will.

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  181. SFC Ton says:


    To be a liberal requires disliking your own people, your people’s traditions, culture, morays, your family ie ancestors aren’t good enough

    Women prefer the put group

    Put the two together and it’s extra hateful

    Course Merkel could really just be hoping one of those hajjis is desperate enough to take her to pound town

    Sadly, I don’t think the Germans have had leader who valued them as Germans since Hitler, and he damn neared destroyed them with his stupidity and over estimation of their abilities.

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  182. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Did someone, somewhere tellyou to GTRO? While you’re so sweer, I can’t imagine that being said to you, you have my permisssion to give them a head butt.

    Spawny Get,
    T don’t think that flotation devices have been rererred as Mae Wests since all the WWII vets retired.

    Then you could just pick up Cill and the NZ crew and they could camp at Chateau Bloom?

    SFC Ton,
    You mentioned upthread about how dagerous Anglos can be. I recentl saw a documentary on pistios but, it brought up an incident that happened after the introduction of the Parker Colt. These issued to Texas Rangers in the late 1840s. Fifty of them went south of the border and got caught by 500 Mexican regulars. They lost Col. Parker and that got them really mad. They didn’t bring enough Mexicans that day.

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  183. Spawny Get says:

    Fuzzie, she saw me use GTFO in response to Cill thinking Lloyd Gross-just-gross-man was British. I think she failed to notice the ! after it, which in this context is effectively a 😉 it’s a male expression equivalent to wow-just-wow, not a command to leave. Given it was also me saying it to Cill…should have been obvious. I reckoned Cill would set her straight 😉


  184. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Silly me. But, Molly does bring that out in boys. Non of us want to see anything bad happen to her.


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