Firing Blanks

A friend of mine married this gal; and her family.  So he ends up managing two householdsHer family all live in one house, grown sons and grown daughter, their mom and the mom’s sister.  The two sisters own the place.  Well it turns out that the Mom’s sisters handling of the household expenses has resulted in some irregularities; so the rest of the household turned to my friend to manage these expenses.  He takes money from each resident on a per month basis, and pays the utilities and property taxes.

The Mom’s Sister got wind of this, and called my friend up to give him a piece of her mind.  She ended the conversation with, “And I won’t talk to you anymore”.

When he recounted this story to me, we simultaneously burst out into laughter.  For we are both INT’s, and as such, care little about silly outbursts from people we don’t respect.

But that left a larger question.  Probably the sister felt that she was delivering a real blow to my friend.  Is this tactic (pushing one out of their circle) so powerful that it is the “go-to” tactic for women?  How well does it work?  With women?  With men?

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  1. Spawny Get says:

    This is what happens when women believe the horseshit about men being the same as women (but somehow broken). Boy, is she in for a shock.

    High five to your buddy.

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  2. Sumo says:

    I’ve had a number of females use that “threat” on me. My responses have all been variations on a theme:

    “Thank you”




    ad infinitum

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  3. Cill says:

    Well, it won’t be long before I can have a long shower then get into “Firing Blanks” with a shot or two (of Chivas, I mean).

    Dog has quickened his pace, knowing we’ve reached our own neck of the woods. We smell the sea, half an hour from home.

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  4. Tarnished says:

    Is this tactic (pushing one out of their circle) so powerful that it is the “go-to” tactic for women? 
    Almost always, in one form or another. The silent treatment is typically used on one who has overstepped some kind of line (real, or more likely imagined/misconstrued). It signifies that all communication, up to and including the group/individual completely ignoring said “criminal” regardless of anything they might do or say until the offended party decides the other has suffered enough.

    How well does it work? With women?  With men?
    Depends on the personality of the person. Obviously for us INT types, it is either amusing (because trying to ignore an introvert is perhaps the most ineffective “punishment” ever conceived), or annoying (because if it happens during a work/school related group project, it leads to gross stupidity and juvenile behaviors).

    However, for those men and women who have more of a need for public validation and whose sense of personal value relies on how others react to/accept them…it can be cruel indeed. It basically strips them of their perceived worth and creates a type of mental or emotional isolation. Such personality types could be easily controlled by even the mere threat of being banished from the formerly loving support of their group.

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  5. Tarnished says:

    I’ve had a number of females use that “threat” on me. My responses have all been variations on a theme…

    You’re far more verbal than I, Sumo.
    I learned early on that it’s more satisfying to ignore them right back. Drives them absolutely mad:


  6. Cill says:

    Like I’m ignoring you right now…

    And you lot are ignoring me…

    We’re all being ignored.
    I won’t talk to any of you anymore. You lot shouldn’t talk to each other either, otherwise it’s not fair.



  7. Yoda says:

    If Cill ignores us he does,
    then send in Moe to comment he should


  8. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is always someone who will object when the bills have to be divided up. It doesn’t matter if it’s all out in the open. Even when it’s split to the point that there is not a nickel left over.
    Something tells me that Mom’s sister may have been profitting from the irregularities and misses the extra money.
    It gets to be a problem when someone stiffs the person who pays the bills. How do you recover?

    You asked me on the previous thread about a link to the gal who went to her doctor and her doctor said that it was two to one male to female being shorted sex. Sunshine Mary’s blog has been taken down. I can’t.


  9. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, as Mrs Moehau Man (my homely old mum) once observed, “He who ignoreth the Kauri Club bringeth the stars down upon his own head.”

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  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Three hundred pounds dressed? We’re all coming to your house to feast!I’ll go to the sore and boy a couple of gallons of potato salad. Maybe Bloom can bake a cake, Tarn could make a salad, Liz can cook some beans. Sumo can roast it on a spit, and we’ll all eat till we burst. YUM!

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  11. Cill says:

    The sheer thought of it makes me want to slug back another shot, Fuzzy, but I’m trying to be temperate. The thought of a party here with some of the spawnyspace sheilas along… They’d probably make us promise not to molest them first. I have boasted before now, “I never make a promise that I can’t keep”.


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  12. Cill says:

    Fuzzy, “Three hundred pounds dressed”

    Make that “Field” dressed, Fuzzy. I’ve yet to cut off a third of it i.e. head, skin, feet and tail. Come to think of it, if we’re having a party I’ll leave the carcass as it is and put it on a spit to roast from morning until evening. I’ll anoint it with Cill’s Draught Down Under from time to time as it cooks, to keep it moist. I’ll have to sample each bottle of Draught Down Under before applying it, of course, to make sure the ale is of requisite quality.

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  13. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You have a bear’s attention. I am salivating. FOOD!!!!
    How did you get that boar out of the back of beyond? I weigh about 175 lbs. and I don’t think that I could lift it.


  14. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic, The fembots got a speaking engagement cancelled. Suzanne Venker was to speak. They are taking censorship a little too far. Hat tip to Judgybitch.


  15. Sumo says:

    You’re far more verbal than I, Sumo.

    I’m also more of a dick (metaphorically speaking). I have this annoying, cocky grin that I’m told infuriates the shit out of almost everyone I use it on. Pair that with my default tone of voice (dry & sarcastic), and it’s a recipe for hilarity.

    Don’t look at me like that. I have to amuse myself somehow.

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  16. Cill says:

    “How did you get that boar out of the back of beyond?” I carry it on my back. If the going gets too steep for Dog, I carry him as well. I have hunted since I was 8. Next day, when I walk down the street I feel weightless.

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That’s exteme. I don’t doubt that you feel weightless after that.

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  18. Will lemon cake work? Or any special requests? (Searching for tickets online as we speak!) party at Cill’s!

    I am not familiar with this draught down under but I am willing to study up, you know, as a back up taste tester!

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  19. Mollie I will bring my boots and leathers and we can hit the road! Yippie!

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  20. I can bring my gum boots, tank top, and shorts as well, for farm chore time!

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  21. Then we can all do shots and howl off the cliff at the sea. By golly it will be swell! Fuzzie, I think mollie and I will get you drunk! 🙂

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  22. Cill says:

    No. I will get Fuzzy drunk.

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  23. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, I’ll bring me Kauri Club and be the bouncer.

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  24. Cill says:

    “Any special requests?” Yes. Be Bloom (and we’ll all have a riot).

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  25. Indeed, indeed! We will have a riot indeed! 🙂

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  26. Yoda says:

    Fatten Fuzzie up for winter we must.
    Hibernate with enough fat he shall

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  27. Moehau Man says:

    And if we run out of food there’s always Dog and Horse.

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  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:


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  29. Mo, will your mum teach us to make picklets?

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  30. Moehau Man says:

    I might bring along Mrs Moehau Man (my resourceful old mum) as well. She might sell an oblong rock or two and she’s knitting codpieces as I speak.

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  31. Moehau Man says:

    Yes I’m sure she would not be averse to pikelets lessons. You can then go onto her Master Pikelet-makers list so you can produce stock-in-trade for her when you return to your homes. She pays good wages too – 1 Paua shell per hour

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  32. Sumo says:

    What’s a pikelet?

    If I’m going to cook a pig, you’ll have to break it down for me, Cill mate. Ribs, shoulders, belly – The Mighty Sumo will cook that mofo a whole bunch of ways. Not really a fan of the “pig on a spit” thing. I likes variety.

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  33. Cill says:

    By Jove I’ve just had a brilliant thought. If I spirit a couple of bottles of Chivas in Sumo’s direction and maybe a Pink Maumau, he might do the cooking. But the big question is: can he still cook to perfection when he’s three sheets to the wind?

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  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Dalrock wrote a post on the Daily Mail article I linked yesterday.

    Haing slept on it, I think that thete was a lot of disinformation in the piece to make women feel good.

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  35. Cill says:

    I appreciate the prompt response to my query there, bro. It’s reassuring to see you’re taking a sober approach to this exercise.

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  36. Sumo says:

    can he still cook to perfection when he’s three sheets to the wind?

    Yes. Yes he can. After Drunken Kung Fu, drunken cooking is child’s play.

    Not that I’m saying that you should get children drunk. That just gets messy.

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  37. Cill says:

    “You’ll have to break it down for me”
    Yeah mate, leave the butchering to me. You can concentrate on the finer aspects of the exercise.

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  38. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, I’m sitting here thinking a bear might be a useful BA (Bouncer’s Assistant). I’ve tried to train wild Boars for this role but they are too mean-spirited to be reliable. Fuzzy seems like a dependable sort of chap to me.

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  39. Moehau Man says:

    Could Tarn spirit a couple of her parrots through Customs, perhaps? The only feathered critters I’ve roasted gently stroked tend to be on endangered species list.


  40. I have no doubt Sumo is an experienced drunken cook. I mean, that’s part of the fun, right? 😉

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  41. Would Padawan do some open mic poetry w me??? (Jumping and clapping!)

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  42. Sumo says:

    For the record, I can cook, be the bartender, AND be the bouncer better than any of y’all mofos.

    I’ve done all of those professionally. Come get some. 😉

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  43. Padawan says:

    The Bard Graciously Accepts (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)
    Padawan can add his baritone
    To Cill’s and Moe’s dreary drone
    And also to Bloom’s dulcet tone.

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  44. Padawan, We Rhyme at Dawn

    By Bloom
    Recovering poet and general gadabout

    Padawan our verse has spawned
    Another world, and one that’s gone
    Had you not kidnapped me
    Could we have shared such glee
    Although if the truth be told
    I sometimes miss the times of old
    And yet those days are done
    But there is more fun to come
    When we meet by the sea
    Standing there you and me
    Riffing rhymes into the dawn
    Being Bloom and Padawan

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  45. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Moehau Man,
    I hate to disappoint you but everyone want me to hug them, including the miscreants.

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  46. SFC Ton says:

    Bouncer? Is that what you do when you fail out of the Rangers?

    I own a bar and hire bitches to tend it…… : )

    Never smuggled parrots before but I’m down. I like collecting new felonies…. did you know of its against the law to call cops cock suckers? Found that out Saturday

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  47. SFC Ton says:

    Sumo can steal their wallets while Fuzzie hugs them. BBQ and side cash

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  48. Story about the cop name calling?


  49. Sumo says:

    did you know of its against the law to call cops cock suckers?

    Only in America….. :/

    It’s no secret that I’m going to land on the side of LEOs 99% of the time, but that shit is just stupid. Law enforcement peeps should expect verbal abuse; it’s just fucking words. Deal with it.

    If a big ol’ scary biker lookin’ dude pulls a gun on you, then yeah – bust a cap in his ass (Ton, love you Nii-san, but that’s how I view these things), but if he talks shit at you, that ain’t nothing. Move the fuck on with your life.

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  50. Cill says:

    The cook should not be distracted by other duties.
    I’m trying to concentrate on my own duties and not getting very far.

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  51. Cill says:

    Cill’s List of Duties:
    1. Ask Sumo if he can cook parrots.

    … that’s as far as I’ve got.

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  52. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, not sure they know about budgie smugglers. Parrots sound like a stretch

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  53. Fun to imagine this pig roast party
    I wonder if we’d all get along in person as well as here? I would hope! 🙂

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  54. Sumo says:

    1. Ask Sumo if he can cook parrots.

    Pfft…..tastes like chicken.

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  55. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The concept of offering enhanced protection under law bothers me. Iam sure that it is chiseled into the pediment above the entrance to US Supreme Court “Equal Justice Under Law”. That is as it should be and people have fought just wars over it.


  56. I could bring some chickens? Not exactly parrots moe but that’s all I’ve got.

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  57. Cill says:

    Ah you’re in fine fettle, me old mate. Fine fettle.

    A Parrot would generate a permanent bulge in the undergarment, I do believe. A Moa more so.

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  58. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We’d all get along fine. Seeing each other in person would be a shock. People would find out that I am not really a bear. The real shocker would be finding out that Molly is not a Rainbow Furby and she has arms and legs.
    I wonder if Liz will wear her froggie helmet?

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  59. molly says:

    Hi hi hi HAPPY PEOPLE! Can I have a role at the party? 😀

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  60. Sumo says:

    Yes, Molls. You can have the honor of being The Mighty Sumo’s personal Beer Wench. That means if my beer is empty, you bring me three more before I set the bottle down. In return, you get to be fed before any of these other cretins. And you also get to sit beside me. Naturally.


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  61. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Of course you can have a role. You can play drums.
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄


  62. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well if I’m not to be the bouncer there’s not much else I can do. Us Moehau Mans are not used to the strange ways of you foreign jokers such as Yes Means Yes. I won’t be a wallflower at anyone’s party.

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  63. Moehau Man says:

    If it’s the sort of foreign stir I’ve been to where the women object when I drag them off by the hair, well…

    I’d as lief stay on the rugged Coromandel and drag off a Moehau Man female with strong roots to her hair and skin smelling like pikelets.

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  64. Sumo says:

    Again, what the hell is a bloody pikelet!?

    You can drag Bloomer off by the hair, Moe. Fair certain that would make her tingle. 😉

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  65. Moehau Man says:

    Moehau Man females are more sexy anyway, if you ask me. However, as Mrs Moehau Man (my correct old mum) reminded just then I did once tup a foreign woman with a hairy chest. Big Red was the name, if my memory serves me right.

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  66. Yoda says:

    Molly in charge of music she could be.
    Endlessly play this a possibility it is,

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  67. Yoda says:

    “Tup” means what it does?


  68. Cill says:

    Just a minute Sumo, just a minute…
    Give me a second here, and I’ll find the link


  69. Moehau Man says:

    “Tup” means what it does?

    Why, rut of course.

    Scholars of Moehau Man Studies say we tend to say “tup” instead of “rut” when there’s an element of “marking” to the rut. Rather like when a foreign farmer rubs blue chalk on a ewe’s arse so he’ll know later in the day to draft her into the paddock with the alpha ram.

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  70. Moehau Man says:

    She wasn’t much of a tup BTW. We Moehau Mans are accustomed to noisy trysts with our Moehau Man females, but that Big Red woman screamed loud enough to stun cattle on the hoof.

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  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    In case anyone neds to be reminded.

    Big Red must be getting to be old news. there afew videos of her left.

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  72. molly says:

    Sumo, I’ll be your beer waitress. I know what to do as I waitress beer for Choicy and Cill. It’s fun! I’ll be an awesome waitress for you.. and me. I’ll waitress for me at a table set for one. 😉

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  73. (Throws dishes at Sumo for the hair pulling comment!)

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  74. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Moe is not going to drag you off by the hair. You can make pickelets.

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  75. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Would you bring me ginger ale?


  76. Spawny Get says:

    Downunda Pikelets are flat crumpets, name derived from the Welsh ‘bara piglydd’ (REALLY hope you didn’t pronounce the ‘dd’ as…errm…’dd’ there. Not saying that I can pronounce it, but ‘dd’ is just WRONG*).

    Crumpets, Muffins, Pikelets and Farls

    In the interests of disambiguation, we’re talking bready crumpets here. ‘A bit of crumpet’ is a fine looking woman (or perhaps a blue arsed sheep…apparently…chaque a son gout).

    * ‘dd’ is kind of what an angry snake with a really bad lithp lisp would sound like

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  77. Cill says:



  78. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Speakng of crumpet, you know who we haven’t seen for a while?
    We could invite her too.


  79. Spawny Get says:

    Annnd they’re off…UKIP to select candidate for upcoming by-election (election for an MP outside of the General Election). UKIP might be able to do it. Tories were nowhere last time. Labour is currently undergoing a catastrophuck, self imposed 😉

    Nige was on Question Time (lovely lefty BBC ‘talk at the proles’ tv prog). It seems Nige got a lot of applause…shurely shome mishtake? Clearly a catastrophic audience selection error. Will be watching it later. Germy Smear ‘Aussie femeroid’ was also on the panel.

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  80. Spawny Get says:

    Just watching QT.

    Nige talking sense, everyone else just bashes the government.

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  81. Spawny Get says:

    Alananlulululululana? It seems she got busy post exams.

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  82. Spawny Get says:

    Rich, heavily indebted, 31 year old, ‘alpha’ woman identifies problem that men don’t find such women prime potential partners. Kind of like fat-acceptance, is it not? We need to fix what men are very deeply wired to find attractive.

    Another woman finding out that ‘men and women are exactly the same bar willy polarity’ is anti-woman beaulux. As usual, she discovers it post 30, so the schedule for maternity is getting tight. Of the very few men who might be interested in her, very few of them are going to want a fast scheduled GF-fiance-wife-mother to suit her fertility schedule. Especially when accompanied by accepting the $200K debt that she’s going to be to bringing to the marital bliss.

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  83. molly says:

    Unca S is cool! 🙂
    (his head screwed on right)
    ❤ the man

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  84. molly says:

    Sweet dreams 🙂

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  85. Liz says:

    “I’m never speaking to you again!”

    “Promise? Cross your heart and swear to die?”

    Funny anecdote, Farmboy. 😀

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  86. Liz says:

    “Is it Christmas already?”

    I don’t think anyone has ever said the “I’ll never speak to you again” bit to me. But maybe they did and I didn’t notice. It’s definitely possible. Sometimes you have to repeat things a few times if I’m not interested.

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  87. Tarnished says:

    Wow. I go away for a few hours to mom’s house for dinner (meat beer brats, vegetarian kielbasa, spaetzel, sauerkraut, and apple roses, if anyone was wondering) and a movie with my siblings…and just look at what I return to. Fuzzie’s gonna be a drunk BA, Cill’s gonna have us all become budgie smugglers, Sumo is going to go all chef-Kung Fu on the boar carcass, and apparently Bloom is going to sing. And other stuff. Geezus.

    Methinks there isn’t much I can adequately respond to without making a comment as long as this thread. So I’ll just leave this here:

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  88. Liz says:

    “I wonder if Liz will wear her froggie helmet?”

    Is grass green? Water wet? Can a ho make a mean hoarfrost?


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  89. Tarnished says:

    Fuzzie, you only weigh 175? Thou art a beanpole! Mine own guy is a full 100 lbs more than you. 😅

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  90. Sumo says:

    I’ll waitress for me at a table set for one.

    Molls, honey – I said you could sit BESIDE me, not on my lap. Get yer mind out of the gutter.

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  91. Spawny Get says:

    Can’t blame a furby for dreaming, Sumo.

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  92. Spawny Get says:

    Curse you Tarn! You and your love of PFUDOR

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  93. Liz says:


    Oh Dear me….I’m feeling an avatar change coming on. Strong strong urge.
    Save me from myself, please….Swithy, why do you have to throw such temptation my way?

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  94. Spawny Get says:

    The kitten’s cuter. I think that Fuzzie is safe. Cill prefers goats. Time for a change for Tarn? (LMAO at the thought)

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  95. Liz says:

    “More wages of white knightery…if they catch him

    Oh, my. What big car-keying eyes she has.

    (seriously…I rarely see a woman who looks quite that crazy, just in a photo. It’s like Children of the Corn married Fatal Attraction and produced this progeny)

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  96. Liz says:

    Photo caption: “I’ll Find YOU!”

    (I know, I know, dudes in here are probably looking at the photo thinking “she’d kinda hot”. Just remember Moh’s** scale of hardness and the crazimeter are often directly proportional and inversely related***. The nuttery is burning through her pores)

    **any relation, Moe man? 😛

    ***there’s probably a Nobel in there somewhere, my morning work is done!

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  97. SFC Ton says:

    Perhaps Sumo you’d have a different view on lawdogs if you were experienced with the american variety

    See here in the usa you can respect the criminal honesty of gangbangers but police are state sponsored thugs shaking down otherwise lawful citizens over non crimes that hurt no one. Moreover they prefer to target middle class White men as we have money and no political victim status to hide behind

    Right now, from the federal government on down, pigs I mean cops have been told to target bikers. We are the big terror threat after all and unlike policing gangbangers in the hood, no victim status. Look how people cheered when the pigs murdered those bikers in Waco? And it was murder as of right now only rounds from the Waco pd have been recovered

    Locally we have had a club tossed by the atf; no warrant etc, seen a large increase in bikers being pulled over for minor shit like 3 miles over the posted speed, our photos taken during charity events…. in my case, the pigs prefer pulling me over after I was ran off the road then the brown skin illegals who ran my bike off the road, then they threatened to arrest eye witnesses instead of listening to them

    The negro in chief has decided White men are the threat, especially military White men into motorcycles. Cops are the legalized thug enforcers of a tyrannical government, hostile to traditional values and masculine White men

    In the usa cops will delay your life saving medical treatment to get a blood test to find out if you were drinking, or delay a man getting on a life flight ride to write him a ticket

    That is what you support when you support american law enforcement

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  98. Liz says:

    OT side note.
    I just got a large mug from a friend (an actual mug, this isn’t a euphemism or metaphor or anything). It had a piece of my “artwork” on it! I’m beyond flattered.
    Artwork is in quotes here because it wasn’t really a serious piece of art.

    The friend runs a business and had some tee shirts made about a year ago, and the company logo looks kind of like a bat…but not a bat. I wish I could link to it to offer a visual but the top is a flat line and the bottom is like a bat.
    One day, when I was wearing the shirt, Mike asked me what it was supposed to be. I didn’t know, and he told me what it made him think of, so I thought that was funny and after he mentioned it that’s what I thought of every time I looked at it.
    So I drew it out in about five minutes and sent the picture to them with a “you can’t unsee it”

    Being the very classy, high-caliber people we are, it was a drawing of the “bat” shape with a woman’s butt under it, and back over the top, and one hand on each side pulling on the shape. Essentially, it’s the back of a woman’s thong with her pulling the sides out with her hands. Well, they loved it and put it on facebook and got all of these likes, so they made it into tee shirts, and mugs and so forth. According to them, this thing is selling left and right. If this becomes the equivalent of the Playboy bunny logo I’d better see some royalties! At present though, it’s just very flattering everyone liked it so much and thought it was clever.

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  99. Spawny Get says:

    I remember reading an American LEO’s opinion that white people were the most dangerous. Crossing white trailer dwellers (one is paraphrasing here as one finds oneself in potentially touchy areas of a semi-foreign language) with a drug habit was an excellent way to get hell unleashed upon you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…and for the rest of your shortened life.

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  100. Dragonfly says:

    Ton, I heard about the Waco mass shooting… so confusing, but I actually think you may be right about it being the police’s fault there. And obviously being married to one, I normally side with them, and I did when Waco happened until more reports came out, interviews, and now as you say, the shells only being from their guns. It’s just crazy to me how some departments can become so corrupt.

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  101. Spawny Get says:

    Just wondering if your pollies had forgotten that? Germany has had an immigration friendly politician stabbed in the neck by a 44y.o. native.

    Brevik’s horrifying attack on the children of the ruling party only stopped when, utter nutter that he was, he had had enough of gunning down helpless kids in cold blood.

    An Austrian minister has said that we need a fortress Europe against immigration.

    Lot of immigrant housing centres getting burned down by natives and immigrants. The immigrants themselves recently burned their own tents after delays at an internal European border.

    You look at Westminster, Paris, Berlin etc etc and Brussels…these are not the ‘leaders’ to turn this problem around. Interesting times. I have no idea where this is going. Same with you and your southern border. And with Shiny Pony newly elected in Canada, I foresee a migrant route through Canada into your northern states too.

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  102. Dragonfly says:

    Also… some of the police were fired already from that department right? I think I remember that.

    We know some bikers… and they were extremely upset (that’s an understatement) of how that scenario played out. It was more like a massacre I think 😦

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  103. SFC Ton says:

    What you read is trueish Spawny, mostly based on how there is no prior warning and a willingness to wait. When my cosuins was shot in the back, my family waited a good long time before tearing up LEO’S. negros dont plan wellk get jittery etc, not a White guy trait by in large, but by far more negros kill cops then Whites, but cops kill more Whites then negros. It’s that whole keeping your shit together vs hyper displays of agitation. The calm guy is always more dangerous

    In Wacco, there was a large church group there and a pastor saying no shots where fired until the cops started killing bikers. Looks like most eye witness match up pretty well with a CI being the one who started the fight. I have been to more of those types of meetings then I can count, often with more then one 1% crew and never seen a fist fight. Bad for biddness . Last I read, ballistics had pined 5 of the 9 deaths on the cops.

    We also know what cops do to Whites who remove themsleves from the mainstream by looking at ruby ridge, the other Waco event and what not. In each case the media and people cheered the cops. Death of Souther Whites are celebrated

    Not to over play things but when you are on a bike it is you vs them. Recently a truck driver ran over 5 bikers, killing 2. He got 18months plus time served. For killing 2 men because he was texting while driving. I regularly advocate for bikers to display more violent behavior toward drivers and what not. 18 months for two lives. If we don’t create justice we’ll never see it

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  104. SFC Ton says:

    Ps, in Wacco, the groups were meeting to plan out their social schedule, charity events etc. Beefs are not settled during such times. Bad form


  105. Spawny Get says:

    That Bristol school sexism stuff

    Published on 23 Oct 2015
    Fucked-up lefties want schools to stop “sexism” in schools. For a start then, lets fire all female teachers that teach boys in schools, as dues to sexism, most teachers are women.

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  106. Yoda says:

    Used to be all school principals men they were.
    Kept much mush from entering curriculum this did

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  107. Yoda says:

    Now schools undisciplined mush-fests they are.
    Home school the only logical path it is

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  108. Yoda says:

    Clock Boy,

    American folklore as well as our classic literature—from Herman Melville through Hammett and down to David Mamet—makes plain a simple fact: No one is ever conned against their will. Rather, the victim’s vanity is the central ingredient in the confidence scheme. And that’s why it was so easy to play the president. Did he really have to tweet an invitation to Ahmed to come to the White House before he knew the whole story? As Ricky Roma says in Glengarry Glen Ross, “you never open your mouth till you know what the shot is.” And why after Ahmed and his family met with Bashir didn’t Obama rescind the invitation? What’s this kid doing meeting with a mass murderer? Tell Ahmed he’s not at this time welcome to visit the White House.

    Obama didn’t walk away because he never does, not from Ahmed and his father and not from the Iranians over the nuclear deal. He says he’s got as much to worry about as anyone with the nuclear deal since his name is on it. And that’s precisely the issue—he doesn’t understand the cards and the chips he holds, and the chair he sits in, are not his. Rather, he is risking the interests and the prestige of the country he was elected to lead for the sake of his own vanity. Yes the president is very vain, which is what makes him such an easy mark, every time.

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  109. Spawny Get says:

    “The calm guy is always more dangerous”
    I tend to aim for controlled aggression in competition, given my INTJ deathstare and *cough* Really Butch Face I know that some people have read that I’m really angry. Nothing was said in the particular instance I’m remembering, but there followed a couple of little tests to see if I could be pushed over into losing my temper. Nope. Not in a bad mood at all. Just determined and focused on the ‘mission’ and the clock. When not interacting with people, my natural expression approximates ‘pissed off’. This is no bad thing, in my estimation. Get an appropriate level of adrenaline up and use it. Too much gives you the shakes and bad judgement. Too little and you’re probably not delivering your best.

    In my experience, looking vaguely irritable and ‘no-nonsense’ when approaching the shop staff…but then giving a disarming smile at the appropriate time (if one arises) sort of throws off their balance a little. I suspect that I get somewhat better service than wandering up with a gormless, vacant look on my fizzog.


  110. Spawny Get says:

    Isn’t clock-boy and family off to Qatar on a scholarship? You guys should be throwing a party.

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  111. Yoda says:

    given my INTJ deathstare

    Sometimes described as “poker face” it is.
    Make people uncomfortable it can


  112. Spawny Get says:

    I believe that RBF (in men) stands for ‘poker face’

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  113. Spawny Get says:

    Speaking as I did about The Divine Feminine


  114. Liz says:

    Yes, he said something about going to Qatar for the “cool” science program.

    Lots of the best and brightest Nobel laureates come from Qatar.

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  115. Spawny Get says:

    Hannah Wallen’s response to tradcon Brave the World’s misandry

    Great stuff.

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  116. Spawny Get says:

    Let’s not get silly now, Liz…Keepin’ it realz

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  117. Spawny Get says:

    Another shredding of Brave the World / Julia “I’m incredibly disappointed in the Men’s Rights Movement” Touriansky

    And FTR, Julia, I am incredibly Don’t Care what your entitled arse thinks or says.


  118. Spawny Get says:

    p.s. that mouth/jaw is not aging well, sweety. Perhaps a veil. Perhaps a gag under the veil.

    Like the garb in this one

    it’s on the bloke, but you get the idea. I had happy thoughts over this advert at the time. TMI? I mean the crumpet, not the blerk


  119. Tarnished says:

    Sometimes described as “poker face” it is.
    Make people uncomfortable it can.

    Something I’ve noticed:
    I also have a poker face/RBF as most of us INTJs do. But I strive not to when out in public because it not only makes people uncomfortable, but also because I find it very annoying when random folks loudly tell me to smile. So I play comedy videos in my head whilst shopping to give a perpetual half-grin.
    Anyway…if I forget to do this, I still automatically smile at people if we make quick eye contact on the street/in an aisle.

    For some reason, men will return my smile 96% of the time and frown or look confused 4%. But women will return a smile only 31% of the time. Otherwise, 52% will keep their poker face, 10% will look away, and 7% will actually frown deeper. Older people of both sexes were also more likely to return the smile quicker than those who looked under 35-40. Why is this?

    (And yes…I spent the better part of an afternoon at my local mall doing this as an experiment with 200 random men and women, hence the ridiculously exact percentages. Don’t judge me, I like science.)

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  120. Back on topic, this ostracizing by girls thing starts young. With both my kids, it seemed to start in preschool around age 3. The girls will threaten each other they won’t be friends or won’t in its them to their birthday or some other thing to gain compliance. It seems to happen spontaneously, not be learned behavior. Probably a holdover from the days women, children, and the old lived in tribes or villages as a way to maintain order? That’s my theory. Of course it can go very wrong if unchecked, such as in the Salem Witch Trials.

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  121. On the other hand, this natural tendency of women to keep tabs on each other, gossip, and shame also used to keep female bad behavior in check. The herd policed itself, largely. Now the herd encourages bad behavior, “you go gurrrrl!” So it’s a fine line… Some is good, too much or not enough is bad.

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  122. Spawny Get says:

    “Back on topic”
    I’ll let this slide this time, but don’t make a habit of it.

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  123. Cill says:

    So saith the MoC (Master of Chaos) 😉

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  124. Yoda says:

    The drink for Tarn this would be,


  125. Sumo says:

    Perhaps Sumo you’d have a different view on lawdogs if you were experienced with the american variety

    That’s fair.

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  126. Cill says:

    “Time for a change for Tarn?”

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  127. Spawny Get says:

    Fred…welll…Fred’s off the fence. One for the boys.

    If you look at marriage analytically, you see that it is designed entirely to benefit her, not you. It is a raw deal. In return for bad sex, you tie yourself to a rapidly aging, plumping member of a sex that doesn’t like you, has little in common with you, and will control every aspect of your life until the breakup. Ask yourself, “Do I really like talking to her as much to guys, or am I attracted only to her pearly skin, her ruby lips, and other short-term investments?” Or, “If she were male, would I think she was interesting?”

    Conservatives rumble about the declining white population, the need to keep up with the Chinese, and the economy’s dependence on housing starts. You might respond, “Bugger off.” It isn’t your problem. You owe nothing to a society that stacks the deck against you. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

    Fred on Everything – Don’t Marry


  128. Spawny Get says:

    All hail Fred, Fred is wise, Fred is omniscient


  129. Spawny Get says:

    Welcome the friendly flames…they’re our only hope

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  130. Tarnished says:

    Or, “If she were male, would I think she was interesting?”

    This is such a simple question, but amazingly useful. If the only thing you have in common is that you like T&A, and she (currently) provides you with it…Yeah. Not a good foundation.

    Marriage is bad for men, but if you’re gonna do it regardless, at the very least find a gal who you’d hang out with if she were a guy. Or have at least a few hobbies or interests in common.

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  131. Cill says:

    Re: #comment-38394

    Okay enough. Enough! Me sides are sore.

    (BTW when I tried to play with alternative nominal outer diameters, I missed the point 😉 )


  132. Cill says:


    I shall search for an avatar of a beast with 2 backs

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  133. Spawny Get says:

    Thanks Cill, it never had a chance with that non-metric lot. You overthunk it…

    The swings both ways was, debatably, funnier

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  134. Padawan says:

    Can I have a Nurse? (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)

    Self-sewn stitches I yesterday wore,
    Got ripped up in a fight with a boar,
    I tend to share jokes, I do, when I boozes,
    And wake next morn to the real world of bruises

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  135. Cill says:

    “You overthunk it…”

    Yeah mate. I missed the point 😉

    (alternative nominal outer diameters)


  136. Liz says:

    Oh no! I have to disagree with Tarn again. Hate it when that happens. Just a paradigm diff. Big, big paradigm diff.
    “Or, “If she were male, would I think she was interesting?”

    This is such a simple question, but amazingly useful. If the only thing you have in common is that you like T&A, and she (currently) provides you with it…Yeah. Not a good foundation.

    Marriage is bad for men, but if you’re gonna do it regardless, at the very least find a gal who you’d hang out with if she were a guy. Or have at least a few hobbies or interests in common.”

    The above sound perfectly sensible. Except it isn’t true. Mike has told me many many times that I am his very favorite person in the world. He says he laughs out loud at my texts/quips more than anyone else can make him laugh. But if I were a guy, he wouldn’t like me at all.
    First, I’d be a pussy. Second, we share very few actual hobbies (true, we do share some, but nothing he’d hang out with the bros and do).

    Just my .01 cents. 😉

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  137. Liz says:

    Just to add: Complimentary seems the best relationship. Each person kind of offers strengths and the other balances out a weakness with his or her strengths and so forth. The yin and the yang sort of thing. Most men dont’ want a “bro” for a wife, in my experience.

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  138. Spawny Get says:

    Tbh I doubt Mrs pig would notice an m8. Justin, maybe Tintin?

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  139. Padawan says:

    Opposite Mirths Attract (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)
    Spawny and Cill do share much in mirth,
    And chuckle for all their sore sides are worth,
    But there’s bound to be differences one would suppose
    From diametrically opposite sides of the globe

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  140. Cill says:

    Justin, maybe Tintin?

    The way the sows squeal you wouldn’t think so, but it’s true: pigs really do have extremely skinny dicks.
    There’s a twist to the tale, that’s what it is.
    It’s that nominal outer diameter.

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  141. Spawny Get says:

    I gather the Tintin joke made it round the world. Or was Justin just enough of a clue?

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  142. Tarnished says:

    Oh no! I have to disagree with Tarn again. Hate it when that happens. Just a paradigm diff. Big, big paradigm diff.

    Pssst. It’s okay for us to disagree, Liz.
    I promise!  😉
    Besides, our disagreements are far more thought provoking, kind, and potentially humorous than those I had with BroadBlogs or ThatIncel. We’re at least able to agree to disagree and still be friendly, after all. 🍻

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  143. Spawny Get says:

    Perhaps the NOD needs explaining?


  144. Cill says:

    Yep. It was Justin enough to be a clue. A sow once told me so. At first she thought, “Tintin at all”

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  145. Spawny Get says:

    After nine weeks I have my projector up and running…baby, I missed you. Time to decorate the lounge so the sound system can go up again.

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  146. Cill says:

    Just a thought. If SpawnyHut has a typical olde stud height, I could dimple the ceiling with my head, give it a funky look.

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  147. Tarnished says:

    Most men dont’ want a “bro” for a wife, in my experience.

    Hmm. I wonder if anyone would want to wife me up? Or if I’d actually be un-wifeable? Maybe I’d only be spousal material to bisexual men, or men who want to be househusband/work from home types…
    Come home after a long day at work to a relatively clean house, lots of books on the tables, a husband who already has a drink and kiss ready for me as we finish making dinner and discussing our work together before watching a movie or reading, then have sexytime fun before sleeping. Unrealistic, I suppose, but a nice daydream nonetheless.

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  148. Tarnished says:

    On weekends we could visit the comic store, or hang with our own friends. Meet-up for dinner afterwards, or get takeout and play some videogames at home. Go to car shows, and conventions and action movies whenever we want. Save up every year for one random trip to wherever his finger lands on the globe. Wash our cars while “accidentally” hosing each other down, then making out on the front lawn just to upset the neighbors…Okay. Tarn is done thinking up silly fantasies now. 😛

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  149. Liz says:

    I don’t think you’re unwifeable. But haven’t you actually stated you’re un-wifeable? Thought you mentioned something about needed space and wanting to live alone a while back, the reason your fwb would never be a live-in either (I might be thinking of someone else).

    It would probably be a feminine guy, Tarn, because you’re a high-T chick. 🙂

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  150. Cill says:

    “Perhaps the NOD needs explaining?”

    (You might have to hold down Ctrl and press + a few times to expand the image)

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  151. Spawny Get says:

    TBH I couldn’t speculate, Tarn. You’d maybe make a partner for a red pill guy. I get you, probably…somewhat, mentally (a guy). You’ve given an image as a guide yesterday. But…I can’t picture the response to a meeting. It would be very INTJ indeed.

    Whether ‘Bob’ is the only kind you could partner? IDK. Could you marry Bob? Could that work? Or would you prefer more of an equal?

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  152. Spawny Get says:

    I think it’s the comical implications that I need more help with.

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  153. Liz says:

    Is the thing Cill just drew an orifice?

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  154. Cill says:

    Think of a corkscrew, a thin length of metal. Then look at it end-on and see the circumference it describes 😉


  155. Spawny Get says:

    “you’re a high-T chick”
    I believe the dysphoria thing has a lot of applicability. What it means to speak to a dysphoric…curious…very curious. Sadly neither Tarn, nor Cill, are much for talking. My inner INTJ is tortured.

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  156. Cill says:

    Padawans last line, play on diameter. Gawd now I’m sounding boring.

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  157. Spawny Get says:

    There are some low ceilings in Spawny’s Achers. Not sure if you’d fit in my woodland glade.

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  158. Sumo says:

    We could chop his legs off at the knee. That would make him fit.

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  159. Cill says:

    “Come home after a long day at work to a relatively clean house, lots of books on the tables, a husband who already has a drink and kiss ready for me as we finish making dinner and discussing our work together before watching a movie or reading, ”

    Hell no!

    Every time I open the door it’s the same dang thing,
    That bitch bends over, and I forget my name…

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  160. Spawny Get says:

    I think you mean boaring

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  161. Cill says:

    (Apologies to Kiss)

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  162. Cill says:

    3 simultaneous comments. ^^^ A record?

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  163. Spawny Get says:

    I never liked Mickey off of Doctor Who (of whom I’m not much of a fan either, not since Pertwee)…but damn he can fight now. ‘ The Anomaly’…s’okay

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  164. Tarnished says:

    But haven’t you actually stated you’re un-wifeable? Thought you mentioned something about needed space and wanting to live alone a while back, the reason your fwb would never be a live-in either (I might be thinking of someone else).

    Yes. I’d need space, and prefer it on my terms, which I know is not conducive to a committed relationship. Especially to a feminine guy, as you put it, because I know the type…heck, my “SO” is one…and they tend to not fully “get” INTJ types or our need to not be social butterflies while simultaneously still loving *them* and their cravings for the spotlight.

    Could you marry Bob? Could that work? Or would you prefer more of an equal?

    If I’m 100% honest…I don’t think so.
    It would work, because if I entered into such a commitment I’d *make* it work. There’d be no “take backs” coming from my end. I’d be alright with an open relationship, could accept the need for different sexual outlets, wouldn’t at all mind being the main breadwinner, and generally being “the man” of the house. I could handle that.

    But my FwB has faults, as do I. Most of them are pfft, whatever. But his biggest one is his…selfishness? No. That’s too strong a word. He’s not conceited either. He just…thinks more about his needs over others, and will say or do things that make me cringe/twitch, NOT because he wants to get a rise or is being malicious but because he reacted impulsively. And because it isn’t meant, I really can’t blame him or get mad…it’s just how he is, ADHD and all. Between this and my flaw of caring too much, I typically give more than a fair share towards “us”.

    If I ever got into a real, committed relationship it would have to be with someone who cares like I do. Or somewhat close, at least.  😉

    Ok. Tarn’s done with the what-if crap now. Too mushy! Let’s get some music on 😈:

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  165. Sumo says:

    One of the things I like most about this place is all of the new things you folks talk about which I’ve never heard of before.

    What is this “committed relationship” thing that Tarn speaks of?

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  166. Padawan says:

    Best Way to Die (a.k.a. Testosterone Fire in the Blood ) (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)

    And why does the Cill-squatch go out boaring?
    Well it’s either that, or going out whoring.

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  167. Spawny Get says:

    Cill-squatch? Me likey, me likey a lot.

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  168. Tarnished says:

    “Come home after a long day at work to a relatively clean house, lots of books on the tables, a husband who already has a drink and kiss ready for me as we finish making dinner and discussing our work together before watching a movie or reading,”
    Hell no!

    Alright, fine. I’ll write what was actually going through my head. Here I was, trying to not over objectify my imaginary partner, and it’s not good enough for Cill. Critics! Critics everywhere!

    “Come home after a long day at work to a relatively clean house, lots of books on the tables, a husband who already has a drink and kiss sex toy ready for me us as we barely finish making dinner and discussing our work together shedding our clothing and groping each other like barbarians before watching a movie porno or reading erotica aloud.

    Are you happy now, Cill?
    Yoda’s gonna yell at me for not having a TW again…

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  169. Tarnished says:

    Now Sumo…don’t feign ignorance. A committed relationship is what Liz and Yoda each have. You know that.

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  170. Spawny Get says:

    Bronies…*sigh*. Deep issues…think Marianas and start digging.

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  171. Cill says:

    “Sadly neither Tarn, nor Cill, are much for talking”.

    It’s altruism on my part, me old cobber.
    IRL I am irresistible. You would fall under my spell.

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  172. Spawny Get says:

    I’m very secure in my heterosexuality…

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  173. Cill says:

    “when I tried to play with alternative nominal outer diameters, I missed the point”


    What sort of personality is a man who laughs at his own joke? Should I be worried?

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  174. Liz says:

    Interesting OT article about the world’s worst militaries.
    Check out the camo on the North Koreans. They look like a bunch of second hand consignment store couches from the 1970s.

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  175. Liz says:

    Come to think of it, the above article might not be OT. It’s just taking the topic title literally…

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  176. Cill says:

    Hint: there’s an awful lot of self-reference in my comments.
    “I”, “me”, “my” and a whole lot of other pronouns you ain’t heard of yet.

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  177. Spawny Get says:

    “Should I be worried?”
    That’ll be one of them there rhetorical questions, I suspect…I would hope

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  178. Cill says:

    I expected to see NZ on Liz’s list. Gawd help us, but we had 9 years of Helen Clark in coalition with the Greens whose goal was to rid NZ of its armed forces completely. I don’t know how they expected the country to protect it’s fishing resources.

    We are left with a shell of the armed forces we once had. As fighters they’d be good, but underfunded and not enough men.

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  179. Spawny Get says:

    Bloom could learn from you, Liz. You felt the need to be on topic…but you resisted. Brava

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  180. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I liked Spawny’s earlier comment one Scotty’s endorsement of hard liquor. I have to tell you that it pales in comparison to this.

    Yes, that is Mikhail Kalishnikov.

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  181. Tarnished says:

    I like the fact that I can always tell when Fuzzie is back…my phone explodes with notifications of “likes”. 🐻

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  182. Tarnished says:

    Fuzzie, your previous link was unfortunately gobbledygook. Did I find the proper picture for you? Tried to fix it…not 100% sure I got what you were trying to post.


  183. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That is not Mikail Kalshnikv. Please allow me to try again. I need more practice linking images.!?q=kalashnikov+vodka+image&view=detailv2&&id=926ED8D9553E8FEA2D19C425205505FA144F896F&selectedIndex=43&ccid=N%2flRKK5u&simid=608043820853104181&thid=OIP.M37f95128ae6e6f80ed59a5ac995d7c78o0&mode=overlay


  184. Cill says:

    Fuzzy, paste your own link (the one you gave at 1:25 am) into Chrome and when the image appears, right-click on it and select “Search google for this image”. From the search results, find a better (shorter) URL.

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  185. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It may be gobbledegook again. I think that trying to wrk with bing images is lees than optimun. Thanks for trying.

    About you being marriagable. I think that you most certainly are. I don’t see a househusband for you but, rather, a teammate or partner.

    I have to wonder. Am I gibing too many “likes”? They are a pain to deete in in email.

    SFC Ton,
    Attitudes in Canada are different to government. They have never had a Civil War and have never had a reason. They trust their government to not screw them over. This is a good thing and their police fall in with this. However, with feminism, that may change.
    Thinking about your bikers, why the heck would the local police choose to pick on them? If I know bikers, most have run of the mill day jobs and aren’t about to become law violators.
    I have watched a lot of documentaries over the years. There is one that comes to mind related to this. In the 50s, the Chicago Mob Boss Tony Accardo “The Big Tuna” was making noises about getting violent with the FBI on a personl level. Someone fron the FBI had a talk with him. The Big Tuna neve escalated.

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  186. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I looks like I’ll have to abandon Microsoft, IE9, and Bing. My hopes for an all Microssoft system with minimal complicatins ate in error.

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  187. Tarnished says:

    Lol. No, it’s not he, is it. Looks like the initial link gave me the incorrect picture too. Use Chrome, bear!

    Perhaps, Fuzzie.
    Being a partner does sound better.

    Bikers are generally cool people. About 20 or so of my regulars are bikers…big guys, loud bikes, spiked helmets, tats all along their arms, weird facial hair. Some of them belong to volunteer organizations that protect kids or animals from those that would harm them. Nice men, overall.

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  188. Yoda says:

    A new post there is.


  189. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We have to hear back from Ton on this but, I don’t think the guys that his local police are picking on are likely to being into commiting major crimes. If there is no need, why go to the trouble?


  190. Tarnished says:

    I doubt they are too, bear. I mean, of the ones I know, one is a kindergarten teacher and one is a swimming instructor for a boy scout camp. The rest have normalish jobs as well. Crime lords they are not, lol.

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  191. I did not get the joke but I think I get enough to know its about pork wieners and that I probably don’t really want to know much more than that! Lol.

    Liz, I think it’s awesome you and Mike get that about each other, viva la differance! So often it seems couples expect men to think/act/react like women and/or women like men, then fixate on the other gender “not making sense” or some such. Lots of confusion caused by this it seems.

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  192. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think that we’ll her back from Ton given the time elapsed. There is something going on with this and it is that bikers are overtly masculine and non-conforming. We do live in a gynocentric society and government is the servant of society. I do not like where this line of thinking is taking me.

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  193. SFC Ton says:

    My crew does charity events to help the children of fallen SOCOM vets.
    Specific children of specific vets with a specific need vs a random pool of money.

    Last major event I told my boys if they raised
    2.5k I ride to the beach wearing nothing but boots, banana hammock and sunglasses
    5k and I’d ride to the beach painted green like the hulk dressed as above
    10k all of the above plus I would shave

    Only cavet was they had to raise the money and not use personal cash above $100.

    Side note; green body paint does not keep you from getting sunburnt

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  194. SFC Ton says:

    Fuzzie, I already listed why the pressure on MC ‘s

    It literally comes from the White House, DoD and Homeland

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  195. Liz says:

    There was a media quote I remember at the time of the Waco biker massacre that went something like, “There’s a tendency for these clubs to recruit veterans for their skills and sometimes their access to weapons.”

    Veterans and “access to weapons” comes up a lot in the media. Like they want the public to believe veterans are inherently very evil and violent and unstable and have some sort of official veteran card down at the armory and check out a bazooka with couple extra clips.
    Unlike everyone else who has…well, exactly the same access to “weapons” with a drive to Walmart.

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  196. Yoda says:

    green body paint does not keep you from getting sunburnt

    Being truly green does

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  197. Ton are you a member of a MC? Three patch?


  198. My ex rides and is a member of a motorcycle rights advocacy group but not a three patch (three patch examples are are Hells Angels, Gypsy Jokers, Banditos, on their jackets is a three part patch.) I hear the police often target three patch bikers to pull over, assuming they are running drugs or up to some sort of organized crime. My ex does not have any patches on his jacket so he mostly gets left alone. When we would ride together we did get pulled over several times then quickly sent on our way, my ex said they just wanted to get me off the back to see if he had a three patch on the back of his jacket. Women are not allowed to wear patches so if a woman is on the back the police can’t tell. Or that’s what I remember of all that. People do assume for some reason that bikers are criminals or druggies or whatever, and some are, but most they are very individual rights types, free thinkers. Which I suppose can be threatening to conformity based thinkers.


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