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Commenter BuenaVista recently stated,

The virulence of the women claiming abuse remains very curious to me. I mean, it’s just such a waste of time and energy, even if one is a ‘6’ walking around angry at insufficient attention from male ‘8 or 9s’. And even if, as on most campuses, claiming victimization allows a girl to claim that most wonderful of titles, “survivor.’ So it makes sense to me that they are motivated by status ambitions, and even career ambitions (these women seem to wind up in the nonsense side of the economy, working for the government, government schools, or nonprofits funded by the government; so this an accusation of abuse is a resume builder.)

So what about the word survivor?  When I was a boy, it meant that a person was still living after going through an ordeal where there live was in jeopardy.   I read the book Survive the Savage Sea as a youngster.  It was thrilling.  Would they survive?  

So let us talk about rape survivor or even sexual assault survivor.  In the bad old days when rape was still rape-rape there were sometimes rapes followed by murders.  But these days, with everything being rape, the percentages of this are very low.  So when a woman survives eye-rape, was her life ever in jeopardy?

This is just another example of expropriating a word for a use it was never intended for.  It debases the currency of language.  Pretty soon we will need a new word for the old meaning of survivor.  Let us get an early start.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Tarnished says:

    This is just another example of expropriating a word for a use it was never intended for.  It debases the currency of language.

    Yes, agreed.
    This topic pisses me off greatly. The term survivor in regards to assault, sexual or otherwise, *should* still be used when speaking of those who have not only lived through a traumatic situation, but have risen above it. No longer a victim, a survivor overcame the ordeal stronger instead of weaker.

    Now? Well, we see what it has come to mean now. And it is sick that so many seem to *want* terrible things to happen to them…what the fuck is that? Nobody should be desirous of contemplating suicide, or fearing their family members, or wondering if they can trust anyone again. That’s not even remotely what a sane person wants…

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    What these people are doing is abusing the language to promote hate. I don’t know how to fight this. Winston Chrchill said the Second World War was avoidable and I don’t know what he was rederring to there either.


  3. Farm Boy says:

    What these people are doing is abusing the language to promote hate.

    There is that. And then they use it to puff up their victimhood.

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    Before victimhood status


  5. Farm Boy says:

    After victimhood status,

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    Here’s Lena,

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    Or was that Lindy?

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  8. Farm Boy says:

    When I was a wee lad, my Dad opened cans of kippers and ate them.

    I survived the smell. But I think that i do need counseling.

    Perhaps others can share their survivor stories.

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  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    If the puffer fish demonstrates a liking for Peanut Butter M&Ms, then, we will know.
    Puffing up their victim status promotes hate. This is essential.


  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have a theory and it is simple. In order to retain dominance in the SMP, feminists had to defame men. A sixty/forty ratio had to be overcome somehow at college. By defaming, men overall are diminshed making women more valuable by comparison.
    Is it crazy?

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  11. Farm Boy says:

    I bet bears have survivor stories

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  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    You just gave me a great idea! Send a crew of us to various campuses to do scare pranks to feminists. Then, they may have some idea of what being a survivor is about.

    It would be a good idea to give law enforcement a “heads up” so that none of the “bears” get shot.


  13. Cill says:

    “Perhaps others can share their survivor stories”
    I survived a scalp-rub from Bloom… and so did dozens of wee Cillos out there.

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  14. (Tickles Cill’s scalp)

    Tee hee hee! 😀

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  15. Cill says:

    All corners of the Earth have borne the fallout of Bloom’s abuse.

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  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    In my whole life, only Molly has offered to rub my ears.


  17. (Rubs Fuzzie’s ears and tickles his scalp!)



  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I found something that made me feel better!

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  19. molly says:

    Fuzzie I can’t… I can’t resist the temptation…


    (ear-rub ear-rub ear-rub)


  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Thank you, Bloom and Molly!

    How did you make that bear in your last comment? I’m impressed.

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  21. molly says:

    More Japanese bear emoticons (just highlight and copy from here!)

    Wide head..
    ʕ•͜ ͢ ͞ •ʔ

    ʕ ∗ •́ ڡ •̀ ∗ ʔ

    Has nose as well:

    + Eyebrows..

    ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ

    ʕ•͜ ͢ ͞ •ʔ

    Roll eyes..
    ʕ ◔ᴥ◔ ʔ

    and Hey..
    ʕつ ͡◔ ᴥ ͡◔ʔつ

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  22. Yoda says:

    Survive this I did,

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  23. molly says:

    Copy my emoticons to Notepad and save file! 🙂


  24. molly says:

    Fuzzie and girl bear
    ʕ•̫͡•ʔ ❤ ʕ•̫͡•ʔ


  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I love them! I found the source. This is so cool!

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  26. Sumo says:

    I survived:

    – three years spent as a bouncer
    – getting dragged down the street by a car
    – 6 years in private security
    – 8 years in law enforcement
    – hundreds of violent encounters with psychos and criminals

    And last, but abso-fucking-lutely not least, I have survived being repeatedly hit on by fat ugly chicks.

    I’ll take the psychos and criminals any day, thank you very much.

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It must be doubly hard to endure fatties for you. I don’t associate fat and Japanese too well. They just don’t go together. I think even Japanese bears are thin.


  28. Cill says:

    “I have survived being repeatedly hit on by fat ugly chicks”
    Fuck me, that’s oppression, bro. That’s victimization right there. You should follow my example and treat yourself to a shot or two to get over it, right now

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  29. Cill says:

    Yoda at 4:24 am has survived the beast with 2 backs. We’d expect that though wouldn’t we? From a 900 YO? Dog, Mish, Turtle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, OITH (Owl In The Hole), SFC (Swinging From Chandeliers), we’d expect the full gamut by now surely…


  30. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I had to give up the swinging from chandeliers. I made too many electricians mad at me.


  31. Sumo says:

    You should follow my example and treat yourself to a shot or two to get over it, right now

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of you, brother.

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  32. molly says:

    ʕ•͚͡•ʔ Hullo Fuzzie burger time!

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  33. Cill says:

    When the Good Lord made Chivas he had Cill and all his forbears and all the wee Cillos in mind…

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  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It’s hard to eat a burger that is smiling and waving at me. o_O

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  35. Cill says:

    Kia ora
    Good health Spawny from Tom.

    I’m helping Cill down his Chivas. Dead Lands as a movie is pretty authentic and stirs us Maori up, you better watch out a century ago we were cannibals. Hahaha!

    Yeh good movie bro, gets the Tom royal seal of approval 😉

    Po marie


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  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Welcome! That Spawny’s choice does not offend is high praise. I have seen too much from Hollywood that does.

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  37. JDG says:

    Perhaps others can share their survivor stories.

    I once survived being stuck in a door way with a 400 + pound woman. I was 12 at the time. I thought i could make it before she sqeezed through. I miscalculated.

    I survived having a cute young woman flash her privates at me while my lunatic girl friend was sitting right next to me. My girl friend was prone to violent outbreaks. Looking back I realize that if our sexes had been reversed, and the flashing had occured 34 years later, some feminazi would have declared me a rape victim.

    I also survived spending the night in a volkswagon bug with five party girls. In spite of how that sounds it was extreme torture.

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  38. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Did the party girls make you a sandwich?


  39. JDG says:

    Did the party girls make you a sandwich?

    Two of them made me a few, but none that night.

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  40. Cill says:

    JDG situation fraught with disaster. Victimization fair and square. Report it to the U.N.

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  41. Spawny Get says:

    Thanks Tom.

    Yeah, I liked the film. I didn’t get any vibe that it was pandering to the West, but it wasn’t ‘weird’ (hope that makes sense), there weren’t any WTF is going on moments.

    I heard a couple of familiar words (also in Once were warriors) Taniwha (Cill corrected spelling) and Mana. The subtitles were a small distraction from the emotions being shown, but the language did add to the experience. Kind of like Apocolypto, which is my obvious comparison…Just add a little dark (adult) fairy story for the taniwha side of the story. (No Disney in sight)

    The lack of metal weapons made the fighting pretty brutal. We’re the ‘knife’ weapons, shoulderblades of some sort?

    The impression I got from Utu (last watched 20 years ago) and Dead Lands was that Maori and non-U.S. Anglos have a strangely compatible outlook, sense of humour, reaction to how things work out…am I nuts? I like it. It’s kind of a cousin feeling.


  42. Spawny Get says:

    Housebound was another film where it was noticeably not American in the vibe.

    Nothing wrong with American films. I watch many. But I appreciate the variety.

    Seen some good French stuff too e.g. ‘the returned’ whose second series should be out about now.


  43. Tarnished says:

    Perhaps others can share their survivor stories.

    Hmm…what else have I survived?
    I survived getting my ear “pierced” by an angry lorikeet.
    I survived not eating for 4 days because my stepfather is an ass.
    I survived getting bit by a raccoon when she didn’t want her injuries treated.
    I survived getting my hand crushed by our family van’s automatic closing door when I shoved my brother out of it’s way. (Didn’t break anything, but my fingers were heavily bruised for 2 weeks.)
    I survived getting things thrown at me by my father.
    I survived my stepmother sneaking meat into my food and making me sick every weekend I visited.
    I survived being crushed by a falling sister when she decided to jump out of our tree house.
    I survived getting absolutely pelted with frozen paintballs from one of my brother’s dumbass friends who didn’t know to look before shooting around a corner.
    I survived falling down the stairs at school after a bitch who I refused to do homework for tripped me.

    And, as a child I survived numerous ice cream headaches. 😉 🍦🍧

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  44. Tarnished says:

    It’s hard to eat a burger that is smiling and waving at me.

    As the resident vegetarian, this made me laugh harder than it probably should have… 😀

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  45. Liz says:

    “This is just another example of expropriating a word for a use it was never intended for. It debases the currency of language.”

    Yes. Another word (same vein) is “brave”.
    “How brave of you to tell your (attention-whoring intended) story!!”
    Huh…funny how actual survivors don’t seem to be called brave merely for sharing their stories.
    “You survived for ten hours in the water after a shark ate off you leg? You’re so brave for telling us this story!!”

    “Pretty soon we will need a new word for the old meaning of survivor. Let us get an early start. Any suggestions?”

    How about “survivor-survivor”. Kind of like rape-rape.

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  46. Liz says:

    Kind of like:
    “She’s a survivor, she had a very bad date last night.”
    “That guy is a survivor-survivor, he got shot out in Afghanistan”.

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  47. Liz says:

    Or perhaps one might just say “Survivor-dopio” or “Survivor-duplicato’,
    kind of like ordering a coffee-fancyo.

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  48. Liz says:

    I liked my own last post.
    That’s right. 😛

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  49. SFC Ton says:

    Marriage is much worse then combat so yeah I get it


  50. Liz says:

    I sat through the movies “Fifty Shades” and “Trainwreck”.

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  51. Farm Boy says:

    It’s hard to eat a burger that is smiling and waving at me.

    It is what bears do. So bear up.

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    I also survived spending the night in a volkswagon bug with five party girls.

    Was it emission compliant?

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  53. Liz says:

    “So bear up.”

    With great power comes great responsibility, Fuzzie. 😛

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  54. Yoda says:

    Darth Maul survived Obi-Wan not.


  55. One time the Internet went down. I survived (barely!)

    Just kidding! 🙂

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  56. Liz says:

    OT my oldest made a homemade musket yesterday afternoon out of pvc pipe and wood and a few other things, and some homemade gunpowder. The thing actually works (firing mechanism and everything).
    He joked that he was going to bring it to the school and tell them it’s a clock.

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  57. Yoda says:

    Obi-Wan survived Jar-Jar he did


  58. Yoda says:

    Survived the first three movies I did.
    But exile forced onto me it was.
    The prequels George Lucas’ fault they were.
    Innocent I am.

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  59. Yoda says:

    Legally binding it is not,

    For years, those opposed to campus adjudication of sexual assault have argued that the document declaring that schools must create court systems was not legally binding. It turns out Education Department officials agree.

    The document, known as the “Dear Colleague” letter, was issued in 2011 and directed schools to create courts with severely limited to no due process protections for accused students. This was done supposedly in an effort to combat an “epidemic” of campus sexual assault. Schools that didn’t punish accused students — even if the evidence didn’t support the accusation — were at risk of losing government funding and threatened with federal investigations.

    Those investigations almost always (except for once, to my knowledge) result in a finding that the school violated the anti-discrimination law known as Title IX, which is the basis for the Dear Colleague letter. Should a school find an accused student not responsible, the accuser would file a claim with the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights and the school would be investigated.

    Organizations like the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education have pushed back against the Dear Colleague letter, arguing that because the document didn’t go through the proper regulatory channels, it was not legally binding. . . .

    Cohn has now documented two Education Department officials who have acknowledged that the Dear Colleague letter is not legally binding. Both acknowledgements have occurred in the past few weeks.

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  60. poseidon740 says:

    Good news:

    According to the news Isis fighters killed an Iranian general yesterday.


  61. Sumo says:

    Darth Maul survived Obi-Wan not.

    As per usual, the little green senile dude is wrong. Might be time for you to leave Dagobah and check yourself into the Shady Acres Retirement Home for Washed Up, Incontinent Old Jedi, O Ancient One.

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  62. Sumo says:

    For the record, Darth Maul was unavailable, so I posted that to help him out.

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  63. A new low, parents are “bravely” sharing their bad parenting stories under the hashtag noshameparenting

    How can I join theAmish community??? :/

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  64. I want to comment on that article soooo bad, but I would have to create a yahoo account. Meh. People in the comments are saying how well adjusted the little girl is, and assume its because the mother is doing something right. Actually the child is a classic example of “parentification” where the child takes the role of the adult bc the parent isn’t. It’s not good. It’s sad. 😦

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  65. BuenaVista says:

    I survived a board meeting once that began with my company unable to make the next payroll — and ended with an expected contract on the fax that made us profitable for the year. I forgot to tell the assholes planning to fire me at 4 pm we were insolvent at 1 because it wouldn’t have made them like me more at 4, had I not gotten the signature.

    I survived two weeks in Ginza Kikuchi Hospital, Tokyo, receiving 9 transfusions sourced from a US Army base — before AIDS testing prtocols were in place.

    I survived an instrument approach to Teterboro when my throttle cable broke and I was accelerating through yellow line in cloud to 5x landing speed. With a 5000 foot runway and a Gulfstream 90 secs behind me.

    I survived a judge finding my ex- guilty of unlawful interstate flight with my son and awarding me full custody. Then the judge ordered me to pay the mother, who made 3x what I made, child support for visitation she just prohibited. I believe she was feeling Solomonic.

    I survived being caught in a foulmouthed movie studio’s ceo/founder’s ome. In an awkward situation on a flight of stairs. His wife lacked pants as well.

    Oh, and I survived a girl at the college this morning. Approximately the size of a VW, she objected to my saying that her brave 200 pounds were blocking the coffee bar. “I could report you for that,” she explained.

    The offending word, apparently, was (I channel Ton for fun and profit) “Darling.”

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  66. Yoda says:

    However, Obi-Wan uses the Force to propel himself out of the pit, and equips himself with Qui-Gon’s lightsaber to slice Maul in half at the waist, after which the two pieces of Maul’s body fall into the pit

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  67. BuenaVista says:

    Fortunately the rotund victim survived my assault, though I’m sure she had to retire to the safe space of her dorm room.

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  68. Yoda says:

    How can I join the Amish community???

    Space in Degoba there is for you.

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  69. Yoda says:

    “I could report you for that,” she explained.

    To who precisely report she would?

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  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “I could report you for that.”
    Gee, that sounds like a threat. Where the hell does she get off saying that to a man twice her age with more experience of the world than she will ever have.
    She didn’t know you from Adam and she pulls this? That is contempt.


  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That your son put together a homemade musket and made the black powder too is really cool.

    If I don’t want te eat a hamburger that waves and smiles at me, that’s my busisness. Could that be why bears eat som much fish?

    It’s all right to “like” your own comment. I do that unintentionally from time to time because I “like” everything.

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  72. Liz says:


    Lol He won’t Fuzzie. He reads about particle physics for entertainment, he’s not that dumb.
    It was pretty funny though (of course, like Mike he’s a natural comedian so he get the impression down pat, acting it out, “WHAT? You think just ’cause I’m American this thing is a gun?!”)

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  73. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It sounds like your son is a treasure. I hope that he can navigate this society.

    I am still mad about BV’s story. I am going to presume that the two hundred pound stinker threatened him at a coffee bar on the campus where he is an alumni. It made me realize there will be a terrible cost to colleges. Abuse the men now and don’t expect alumni contributions in future.


  74. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


  75. SFC Ton says:

    I’d be .more proud of him taking his home made musket to school and claiming it’s a clock then making it

    Fuck schools, fuck colleges, fuck government and laws at all levels. At this point in time all those things are set up to reduce the value and status of Liz’s son and young men like him

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  76. Liz says:

    Can’t say I disagree with the sentiment, Ton.

    But as interesting as it would be to see what would happen…
    I’d really like to keep the family out of the pen. 🙂

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  77. SFC Ton says:

    It’s good for the masculine soul


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