Prostitution more Honest than Marriage

Prostitution is legal in NZ. There are no zoning restrictions on a prostitution business. A prostitute could buy the house next door and run it as a busy brothel, affecting the resale value of neighboring properties. Under the law no-one can stop her, as long as she complies with the Department of Health’s requirements.

However, I’m not here to complain. I’m on friendly terms with a number of prostitutes, actually. It’s inevitable that I know them, because they know my friends in town. Not many of my friends use their services though, and I don’t use them myself.

After I had done a favor for one of them, she wanted to clean my home. When I explained my home doesn’t need a cleaner, she asked if she could groom my car. When I told her I don’t own a car she offered to take care of my “needs” for free. When I said my needs are taken care of, she offered to take me out to dinner. I said I prefer my own organic food, and by then we were both laughing. We finally agreed to a meal for two in town prepared by her from ingredients supplied by me. She was pleasant and good company, more so than the average woman, but typical of the prostitutes I know.

I often speak to them about their “profession”. The following observations don’t apply to all prostitutes everywhere, but only to the ones I know here in NZ, one of the most prostitution-friendly environments in the world. They are respectable-looking women, not gaudy hoes. They are not held to prostitution by force or drugs.

These women avoid flooding the neighborhood with men, or clogging rights-of-way with cars. If their activities are unobtrusive, their neighbors will usually accept them.

Here are my observations:

The Hoe vs the Average Western Woman:

  1. Hoes are better looking. Men are not in a rush to pay to pump dumpy hoes. The most successful hoes have the soft feminine, “homely” yet appealing type of good looks.
  2. Hoes are more friendly. If they had the off-putting demeanor we hear so much about, they’d be in the wrong job.
  3. Hoes are kindhearted. I guess few men want shrews for sex, even when the sex is purely transactional.
  4. Hoes like men. The feminist-inspired stereotype of the prostitute is that of a woman used and abused by men. They would have us believe she is the ultimate “object”, forced to endure the loathsome touch of her repulsive male oppressors. Bullshit. She enjoys their touch and likes men for their maleness.
  5. Hoes like sex. They really do. Every one of them told me this and meant it.
  6. Hoes are more pleasant towards men. It’s not an act, they just are.


Transactional Sex

Most of their clients are married men.  This should be no surprise since the sex in most marriages is meager and transactional. At least prostitutes don’t contract to supply sex and then refuse it. They don’t use it to control men. They don’t give him nagging or shit tests.

Divorce and separation stats don’t show the percentage of bad marriages. As Blurkel’s posts show, a lot of bad marriages haven’t yet ended in divorce. In addition, a lot of marriages fall short of “bad” but are nevertheless of negative worth to the husbands. Such marriages are at high risk of switching to “bad” at any time. If I’m right about this, the ones left – the good marriages that are safe to men – will be a tiny percentage of the whole.

We are left with the question: which is worse, serial monogamy or serial clients? The first engages lawyers to maximize the amount taken away from a man, the second limits the cost to an amount he has agreed to. The first delivers an outcome that contravenes the vows in every respect, the second delivers what was promised i.e. sex. The first deprives a man of his freedom, his assets, his children, his friends, his life. Prostitution parts him from nowt but some bodily fluid and some relatively small change.

Some would say prostitution also parts him from his self-respect, but it seems to me that a man shows a lot more self-respect by going to prostitutes than by degrading himself with a typical wife.

Prostitution is more honest than marriage.


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  1. JDG says:

    Prostitution is more honest than marriage.

    IMO only if you count marriage 2.0 as marriage (which I don’t). What is practiced today in western country is a sham. Calling it marriage is misleading IMO.

    Now that Bill Withers song is stuck in my head too.

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  2. poseidon740 says:


    Here in America the vast majority of prostitutes are severe drug addicts, just as the vast majority of the strippers. Therefore, even in my “party” days I never had any contact with them. I am curious how much does it cost to rent one? I guess about $50 for an hour??

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  3. Tarnished says:

    Well, that settles it…
    I must be an unpaid prostitute. 😛

    Last time I teased my lover and said that he should probably pay me for the services I render unto him, he shrugged, said ok, turned off the stove…then pushed me onto the couch and proceeded to *ahem* pay me back. Quite satisfactorily, and perhaps even with interest. 😉

    I can’t recall if we had dinner that night…

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  4. Cill says:

    poseidon, for the ones I’m talking about, $100+ an hour.

    We have drug addict prostitutes here too, but they operate in well-known sleazy areas such as around casinos. They are low on the socio-economic ladder and get business from men similarly low on the scale.

    [Edit: I vastly undershot here for the price per hour. On inquiry I discovered the av is more like $500 but there are good-lookers who charge 100 for 20 minutes]

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  5. Tarnished says:

    On a more serious and less lustful note, that is a big reason I always paid my way during dates, and why I don’t mind paying for the majority of stuff now. Prostitution is not my occupation…I have my own money, and I don’t need to sully our sexytimes together by equating them with financial values.

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  6. Sumo says:

    Men are not in a rush to pay to pump dumpy hoes.

    This sort of thing must be very, very different in KiwiLand. In my LE days, I came across (pun intended) more than my fair share of prostitutes, and in every single case, the first question I asked myself was “who the hell would pay to fuck THAT!?”

    Sometimes, I also asked the hoes that question, but only if I was trying to entrap them into assaulting a peace officer so I could charge them with more shit. 😉


  7. Sumo says:

    Also, how exactly do the hoes earn a living, if the PPPs are giving it away for free?

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  8. Liz says:

    I know one high-end prostitute (“escort” I guess). I haven’t seen her in a couple of years, but she was different from the average types that Poseidon describes above. Much smarter, not an addict, saved her money and so forth. I think she might be a flight attendant now, she was getting a little long in the tooth for that job (but she looked far better than most for far longer).
    She was very very expensive though. A lot more than 50 bucks an hour (more like a thousand, two hour minimum).

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  9. Cill says:

    Tarn, that’s transactional sex if ever there was…


  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    For those who have trouble geting a song out of their head.

    It works!

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  11. Cill says:

    Sumo: “how exactly do the hoes earn a living, if the PPPs are giving it away for free?”

    The PPP get it from the wimpy alphas I showed in a video on a PPP post. The drunken, brawling, urinating, shagging-in-toilets PPP is not highly sought after. The prostitutes I’m talking about are way better behaved.

    The PPPs are not getting the men they want, which explains their weird behavior to some extent.

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  12. Cill says:

    Liz, they can charge thousands here too. She sounds like some I know here, good-looking students making a damn good income while putting themselves through university.

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  13. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That there are no zoning restrictions is a shock. In Nevada, it’s illegal in Clark and Washoe Counties, that would be Las Vegas and Reno. In all other counties, the business has to be five miles out of town and off the main road.

    I am impressed that she went as far as she did to compensate you for the favor. Normal women don’t do that.

    That the bulk of clients are married confirms what I have been told. That married men would avail themselves of their service while single men would not is an interesting riddle. There may be a taboo that single men adhere to that frustrated married men ignore.


  14. Farm Boy says:

    Teddy Bear’s Picnic made me think of something. This woman was a prostitute.


  15. Farm Boy says:

    Do the Kiwi prostitutes make sammiches?


  16. Farm Boy says:

    I am obligated to do this

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  17. Cill says:

    And I this…


  18. Cill says:

    Sumo, prostitution has been legal here since 2003. Before that, under the Massage Parlours Act 1978, Police turned a blind eye to brothels. Effectively, prostitution was practised with impunity since 1978. Obviously they’d be arrested if they were caught committing other crimes such as selling drugs.

    These days, “mainstream” women go into it. They look for all the world like the every day housewife you might chat to over the garden fence.


  19. Liz says:

    “That there are no zoning restrictions is a shock. In Nevada, it’s illegal in Clark and Washoe Counties, that would be Las Vegas and Reno. In all other counties, the business has to be five miles out of town and off the main road.”

    Brothels might have different zoning restrictions than free lancing…at least, I would suspect so. It’s a bit different to operate discretely from one’s home.

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  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I hadn’t known that Her Unmentionableness was a prostitute. That may explain her contempt. Men do have a much stronger sex drive. While she was a prostitute, I doubt that she looked like her photo.
    Oh, and countermeasures.


  21. Cill says:

    Notwithstanding all the PPPs and prostitutes all over the place, there’s still an official shortage of prostitutes in NZ.

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  22. Liz says:

    “Official” shortage?
    How do the bean counters come up with a number for that one, I wonder? 😛

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  23. JDG says:

    Farm Boy says:
    27 August, 2015 at 1:04 am

    How is that possible?

    Do the Kiwi prostitutes make sammiches?

    Do any prostitutes anywhere make sammiches? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Is there such a thing as a Kiwi sammich? If there is, can it be made with rib-eye?

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  24. Sumo says:

    Is there such a thing as a Kiwi sammich? If there is, can it be made with rib-eye?


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  25. Cill says:

    Liz, all prostitutes are “officially” known to the Department of Health.


  26. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have suspected that we are surrounded by that here in America. There have to be a lot of women who have dumped their husbands and would not be able to cover the mortgage.

    The part that worries me about escorts is that they come by monet all to easily. They won’t be able to do this later in life.

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  27. Liz says:

    “Liz, all prostitutes are “officially” known to the Department of Health.”

    But how do they determine that there’s a “shortage”?

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  28. Liz says:

    Just as an anecdote, a couple of years ago I took a tour of the Chicken Ranch and another brothel out there in Parumph, out of curiosity.
    Wow, the price was expensive and those women were really really unsightly. The best looking one I’d say was a four.

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  29. Liz says:

    I don’t think they make much money at those places…because the “house” takes a lot of it, probably more than half.
    Mike said they have legalized prostitution in Turkey with government brothels. One of the airmen went to one and couldn’t even perform the woman was so hideous.

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  30. Cill says:

    Liz, I don’t know directly. I would think by questionnaires etc. The usual things a bureaucracy uses to monitor its subjects.


  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am a little baffled by a prostitute shortage. I gues you can take a world wide survey of population and prostitutes to come up witha ballpark number.

    The more that I think about it, your example of a prostitute in the origianl post would be an exception maodern day woman by anyone’s estimate.


  32. Cill says:

    Fuzzy: “That married men would avail themselves of their service while single men would not is an interesting riddle. There may be a taboo that single men adhere to that frustrated married men ignore”

    Interesting point. Single men do go to hoes, although nowhere near as much as marrried men do. The busiest day of the year is Father’s Day. Why that particular day – a day when dads are supposed to be treated special? Think about that one, folks. It’s more than just a matter of sex. Men get to feel more special, more emotional fulfillment, out of a hoe than out of their wives.

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  33. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I’ll take your word for it. The compensation must be weak to not attract good looking women. That is one rule of economics that doesn’t get broken.


  34. Cill says:

    Yes. The ones I’m talking about, the house takes all and she *is* the house. The potential for profit is great. Big money attracts talent.


  35. Yoda says:

    Moehau Man Women hoes they might be?


  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The biggest day is Father’s Day? What the heck????
    Here it always falls on a Sunday. The men go to church and get a beat down fron the pulpit. Then they go home and want to watch a little TV. The President is on all the major networks giving more of the same.
    I would plug in a big shoot ’em up DVD.

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  37. Yoda says:

    One of the airmen went to one and couldn’t even perform the woman was so hideous.

    Refund he did receive?

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  38. Yoda says:

    Or perhaps a free sammich in compensation given he was…

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  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I would think, that while it is referred to as the oldest professin,
    a medium of exchange would be necessary.


  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There was a sign on the door saying, “Thank you for you ussiness. Please come again.”


  41. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, rather than pay, we tend to brandish a Kauri Club. A club well seasoned with dents and scars is a big tingler to a Moehau Man female. Of course there might be occasions when she slips me a pikelet and I slip her a chunk of the old oblong rock.

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  42. Cill says:

    “I would plug in a big shoot ’em up DVD”
    Onya Fuzzy Bear.


  43. Yoda says:

    Please come again

    Kinda funny this would be.

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  44. Yoda says:

    medium of exchange would be necessary

    Built into males this is.
    Sort of like oblong rock it would be

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  45. Yoda says:

    There was a sign on the door saying, “Thank you for your business. Please cum again.”

    Bears use prostitutes they do?

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  46. Yoda says:

    Many jokes to be had here.
    All better than Jar-Jar’s they would be.

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  47. Moehau Man says:

    Indeed Yoda, the oblong rock is important in our culture. However Scholars of Moehau Man Studies describe us as a Kauri Club culture. A brandish of the Kauri Club is exchanged for a pikelet and tingles, among other things.

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  48. SFC Ton says:

    I have been saying the hooker john dynamic is the most honest male/ female interaction and perhaps the only honest ones.

    By prostitute shortage are they referring to a shortage of married women?

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  49. molly says:

    I know some hoes! Hoes are not victims, eh. They even admit “easy to make money on your back”. Lol


  50. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I followed that link to the Daily Mail. That online pettition may be the seed that starts it all. Feminism is a hate movement.. While they haven’t started burning crosses on people’s lawns yet, the SPLC should reverse its position and call them as such.
    While the petition has been up for a year, they did say most of the interest is recent. They did overreact to Roosh in Canada.


  51. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know any. How is it that you know some? I’ll bet that you don’t feel the same way about them as PPPs.


  52. Sumo says:

    You’re not considering a career change, are you Molls? 😛


  53. molly says:

    Sumo is bad, lol. 😀

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  54. molly says:

    Fuzzie everybody knows a pro! You can’t help bumping into them. Also old schoolmates are pro-ing. LOL

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  55. Farm Boy says:

    I bet that Fuzzie Bear just wants some goodies from Molly.
    And by that I mean food.

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  56. Sumo says:

    A HoPro sounds like a lot more fun than a GoPro.

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  57. molly says:

    He only wants one thing! (sob)

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  58. molly says:

    Just kidding Fuzzie!

    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄

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  59. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There I am, watching my shoot ’em up on Father’s Day.

    I do have to say that this thread is on fiee. Normally, at this time, it is very quiet.

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  60. molly says:

    Yo! Fuzzie “Liked” Yoda at at 2:23 am!!

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  61. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Bears use prostitutes they do:”
    Absent the medium of exchange, no. However, if a girl bear asks about bery bushes nd the boy has info, she may be grateful.
    It never happens to me. *pout*


  62. molly says:


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  63. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Would this be analogous to visiting a house of ill repute?

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  64. Yoda says:

    Serve the Bear a sammich they did not.
    Sad this is.

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  65. Tarnished says:

    Tarn, that’s transactional sex if ever there was…

    Yup. Sex in exchange for sex is the best kind of transaction, especially since he’s a rather cunning linguist. 😉

    I knew a couple of escorts in college. They were so-so to most of the women in our class, but very nice to the boys.

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  66. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am sorry. I falied to link the video in my last comment.

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  67. molly says:

    Footlong sandwiches for Fuzzie –

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  68. Yoda says:

    Video originally there it was.
    Disappeared it did.
    The Dark Side at work this might be

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  69. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Oh my gosh!
    If both Molly and Tarn have classmates that are doing this, it has to be pervasive and as common as dirt.
    From an economic standpoint, the transfer of wealth from men to women has to be incalculable but huge.


  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Thank you, Molly! One for each paw! Yum!

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  71. Cill says:

    “the transfer of wealth from men to women has to be incalculable but huge”
    But less than serial marriage.

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  72. molly says:

    One for the road!

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  73. Tarnished says:

    Lol. I wonder how shocked our ursine companion will be when I tell him those were just the 2 high class escorts. I’d not even mentioned the 4 strip clubs all within 10-30 minutes of said college. 😛

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  74. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Thank you, Molly! Burp!

    So there were a bunch of strip clubs nearby? If the boys really went on strike, the girls would be howling in less than a month. However, I think that feminists would be insulated from this.

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  75. Tarnished says:

    Yes, Fuzzie. A goodly number of current and recently graduated girls worked there. Again though, it was quite surprising to learn from them that…despite the proximity…they only saw college age boys once in a blue moon. Something like 75-90% of their clientele were men of 30+. And wearing rings.

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  76. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can see that. College boys aren’t rich. That the place was full of married men again say terrible things about modern marriage. I am having a hard time trying to wrap my head around the idea that the usually celibate lie of single men may be better than that of a married man.

    Molly, Looking at that cheeseurger is making me so hungry!

    I have heard an Eastern Europen saying, “Don’t let your man leave the house hugry or horny.” If Western women subscribed to this, the money spent at the strip club might be spent at the hardwars store on home improvements.

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  77. Cill says:

    Don’t let your man leave the house hungry or horny
    Basically the same as my mum taught my sisters.

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  78. When my you gest’s dad bolted, a wealthy businessman suggested perhaps my best path would be to find a sugar daddy (and I think in retrospect he was implying himself, I am kinda slow with these things.) I was shocked. After three years I am still glad I didn’t go there but I can see what he was trying to tell me. Still, seemed pretty precarious. I’ll take a faithful loving mate over money anyday. More married women might be wise to learn the ways and attitude of the courtesan! Why be stingy? Lovin is fun!

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  79. Tarnished says:

    I also find it sad, Fuzzie. What’s more, is this is a classic example of “The grass is always greener”. I read a few incel/love shy forums, and the majority are of the opinion that if they could just get married most, if not all, of their sexual/intimacy problems would disappear. It is depressing to know they are wrong. That for all the talk of longing for the basics of sex, love, and affection…it would seem married men aren’t in a better situation than single ones.

    Again, tis why I cannot fault sex workers or mistresses…if a need wasn’t present, they could not fill it, after all.

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  80. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am glad that you joined the thread! I did have a feeling that, being conventionally minded, you would be put off by the title.
    There would be no commitment in the “sugar daddy” relationship. That had to be why you never considered it.
    I am finding out a lot in this thread. You may too. You’ll see what men fear. Knowing that, it can be avoided.

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  81. Tarnished says:

    More married women might be wise to learn the ways and attitude of the courtesan!

    Perhaps Liz’s next novel will be “Married Mistress: How to be the best Side Piece your Husband never needed”. 😉

    If anyone wants to be depressed and keep to the topic at hand, one could always visit r/deadbedrooms on Reddit. Truly sobering stuff, that.

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  82. Also, as I was reading on Dalrock today for believers, such an approach makes red pill sense but is not approved by the Book so the Book triumphs. There is much said in the Book about consorting with hired women… Not to be all preachy about it… 😉

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  83. Cill says:

    “If the boys really went on strike, the girls would be howling in less than a month.”
    Worse than Dog and me on the cliff top?

    Could they match this:

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  84. Fuzzie I do know a few lifetime mistresses who were well taken care of for life but yeah, it all seemed rather questionable to me. Pass. He wishes! 😉

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  85. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    About wives denying their husbands. This hgas been around a long time, even before second wave feminism. I think it was in the late 610s that I read an article about women taking issue with Catholic priests that quoted St. Paul that they couldn’t deny their husbands.

    I think that it is a power trip that is destructive.

    That is wise advice from another time when it was hard for women to replace men.

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  86. Actually not to brag but a few other such men of means have also hinted as such but again, pass. I figure it’s my witty conversational skills, no? Who could resist! Or maybe it’s the thirst. Regardless it seemed rather shady to me… My life is complicated enough! 😉 pass.

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  87. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I want to see Big Red do that! Better tha “Cry Me a River”.

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  88. Cill says:

    We should make a video of ourselves howling, Fuzzy. You, me and Dog in chorus.

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  89. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Aaawwwwww Ooooooooooooooohhh!
    Naybe we could get Horse to join in with a whinny. 🙂

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  90. Cill says:

    A dog, a horse, a bear and a sub-human in chorus.

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  91. molly says:

    Wow you have been busy in my absence! Yay!
    Is it near the end the day in eastern USA now?

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  92. molly says:

    I’ll join the chorus! lol

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  93. molly says:

    ur all asleep.. Sweet dreams

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  94. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We would be quite a crew.
    Molly, it would be wonderful to have you join in as the Rainbow Furby. What a picture that would make!

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  95. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I get the feeling that you would not consider a shared relationship. I wouldn’t either.

    Molly it’s 1:35am here.

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  96. molly says:

    If he shared himself with another woman I would tell him how much he’d hurt me.
    If he did it again I’d tell him he hurt me more and not to do it again or I would know our bond means little to him. I would say “the choice is yours”.
    If he did it again I would leave.

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  97. molly says:

    If I found out he wasn’t happy in sex I wouldn’t leave tho. I’d do everything possible to make it better. 🙂

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  98. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am not worried about you. You’re sweet and you will try hard. That has to put you ahead of nearly all women you’re competing with.
    Now, it is my bedtimje. When it’s yopur turn, I hope that you sleep well.

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  99. BuenaVista says:

    Overall, the conventional thinking about hookers being hard-coded into a demi-monde or underground is obsolete, imo. Aside from the sugar daddy phenomenon, which is very active in places like DC and NYC, a lot of women with “regular” lives supplement their income with “dates.” (A few years ago there was a kerfuffle in DC when an active duty female Naval officer — a Commander, if I recall correctly — was arrested in an escort sting.)

    A friend of mine who’s an art dealer returned from Barbados with a black woman 20 years his junior; their marriage become the stuff of gossip because she had a preference for dancing in West Virginia strip clubs and getting additional tips for services in the parking lot. So he found himself with two children under age 5, and he would go on long, soulful soliloquies about how much he loved her and it was all so tragic and maybe she would get straight and come back to him.

    I knew a woman who had an office job, and was a graduate of an all-girls catholic college. She turned a few tricks each month to support her real estate investing. She screwed to make her mortgage payments on a couple of rental properties, and other than having sex for money with strangers, was the picture of bourgeois ambition.

    When I was trying to figure out dating, and remained blue pill/equalist, it used to bug the shit out of me that money was so central to the deal. IOW, like a broken record, I took a woman out three times to nice places for drinks and dinner, then the panties would fly. These were all SIW with great careers, of course. Taking a managerial approach to my dating, I kept a spreadsheet on my activities. I noticed that it always cost $300-$500 to complete the three-date rule. Then more, of course, if we went steady. Upon that realization, the question was begged: Perhaps it would just be more efficient to just pay the money upfront? Finally, I calmed down when I realized: you’re always going to pay for it, big guy; it’s just a matter of financial context, and which pretensions needed to be honored so the woman felt “respected.”

    On J4G I met a guy who had been strip-mined in divorce and had limited dating options owing to his financial situation. So his “girlfriend” was a single-mom/secretary who charged him some money for a once-a-week roll. He showed me a picture and she was like most secretaries farming a cubicle: dye job, 20 pounds over weight.

    Ever the researcher, years ago I found a sugar daddy site and met a young art teacher. She was a fine young SIW and was quite plain about her needing “some help” and would be cool dressing and wearing her hair in a manner I chose. It was a drama-free “relationship” of scant emotional appeal, and no different (in its economics) from my long-term marriage. I bring money, I get treats and coffee in bed in the morning. It was also a lot cheaper to terminate.

    Because sex-positive feminism celebrates promiscuity, so-called straight women are also, often, pleased to play the vamp; they play-act, explicitly or implicitly, the role of the mistress or hooker, and this is Bold and Empowering. I had a girlfriend whom I liked a lot, but I (blue pill, again) couldn’t never figure out if Tuesday meant I was supposed to treat her like a hooker (i.e., fuck-buddy raunch with no prelim), or that was the day we went out to Morton’s first, talked about our children, and *then* I was supposed to bang her silly. We had flirted for a couple of years, and then one night I got a simple text: “Are you up for some revenge sex?”

    So, blurred lines. It got a lot easier, and way more efficient if spiritually problematic, post-red pill. But the problem with red pill is it renders transparent women and their motivations. For the past year I’ve spent more energy avoiding women than pursuing them.

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  100. Tarnished says:

    When I was trying to figure out dating, and remained blue pill/equalist, it used to bug the shit out of me that money was so central to the deal. IOW, like a broken record, I took a woman out three times to nice places for drinks and dinner, then the panties would fly. These were all SIW with great careers, of course. Taking a managerial approach to my dating, I kept a spreadsheet on my activities. I noticed that it always cost $300-$500 to complete the three-date rule.

    I’m unsure if I should be more shocked about the amount of money spent, or the fact all these women followed a “3 dates = sex” rule…

    Not a single one offered to go dutch, or pay for the meal in full? And it was always date #3 for sex, not 6, or 10, or 22?

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  101. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Wonder if Big Red die happy she will…

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  102. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Wonder how much money Big Red spends on hair dye I do…

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  103. I know a gal who has been 20+ years the kept woman of a millionaire she met when he used to come to the cafe where she worked for breakfast every day. At first he moved her into an apartment and had her quit her job, five years later he bought and furnished her a corner penthouse condo with a view of the river. Everything is in her name and he’s invested money for her so retirement is covered. They sometimes travel together. He comes to visit for a spell most days. She says it beats fighting over who left the toilet seat up or down or which way to hang the roll. Holidays can be hard as she spends them alone, is always on the margin of his life. It has it’s pros and cons.

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  104. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Wonder if Big Red ever made a sammich I do…

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  105. Yoda says:

    But the problem with red pill is it renders transparent women and their motivation

    Ignorance bliss it is not.

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  106. Dragonfly says:

    Prostitutes are interesting to me… I known a couple very well, and both had sordid pasts of sexual molestation/rape/abuse. 😦 But they were wonderful friends and women in general. Everything you listed was true of them, kinder to men, liking sex much more than the average American wife, looking better than the average woman their age, being more pleasant and sweet by nature (it not being an act). I really really liked knowing them.

    My husband seriously told me at the beginning of our marriage that I could have been a courtesan – a good mistress – but he ended it with saying that he was obviously glad because then he’d never married me. It’s just the way my mom raised me – to know how to please and love my husband.

    A sweet prostitute in Australia used to read my blog, and she loved all the marriage info, agreeing with it whole-heartedly. Meanwhile American biotches think I’m espousing the abuse of women lol.

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  107. Dragonfly says:

    Meanwhile, in our city, my husband comes into contact with a lot of prostitutes. Because it’s illegal here (obviously), the ones that he sees in the streets truly are drug addicts. They look horrible within a couple of years 😦 and in our city, sometimes they start at 14 -15.


  108. Tarnished says:

    Meanwhile American biotches think I’m espousing the abuse of women lol.

    What…? 😕
    I mean, I don’t comment on your blog since we have a lot of religious differences that would probably make for tense conversations, but I think you give wonderful advice for those who are in or want to be in Christian + male-leadership relationships! Unless I’m missing something huge, you don’t write anything that should be taken in such a way.

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  109. Choicy says:

    Cillo I know what you mean by successful hoes are “homely” looking, mate. You mean plain in a pleasant motherly kind of way. In this digger’s experience motherly looking hoes have the biggest demand, and it’s from married men because they miss out on satisfaction more than anybody, mate. The husband is the last person to receive any of his wife’s positive energy, the lowest priority in her life. The last woman who gave him anything positive of note was his mother. The little bit of fulfillment a married man gets from sex with a hoe is better than nothing for a bloke on starvation rations, mate. Married men are drowning men clutching for straws, my mates.

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  110. Sadly the old fashioned advice to love your husband, be good to him, make love to him, and feed him well is somehow viewed as the height of opression! As if a man treated like that wouldn’t return the love but just abuse it. “Don’t be a victim!” Hogwash. Pffft.

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  111. Choicy it’s true the feminist model puts the self and achievement as central, not one’s spouse or family. It creates a rat race mentality where women are focusing all their thoughts and energy on career etc. so she’s working herself to the point where she has no interest or energy left for sex. Women trying to be men isn’t working for anyone. Even professional volunteer types can get overwhelmed doing good deeds for others but forgetting those at home. In the end a career won’t be there for you but a loving family will. Women have their priorities and definition of success all mixed up!

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  112. Cill says:

    Choicy you hit the nail on the head there, mate.

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  113. Cill says:

    Yoda, I still can’t make up my mind if it’s better to be blissful in ignorance or miserable in knowledge.

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  114. I for one have learned so much over the past few years from the red pill. Sometimes I have raged against it, sobbed against it, despaired against it, but grown. I hope it has made me a better person, woman, mother to follow these blogs!

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  115. I haven’t been writing on my blog bc I am so busy but I have several real life case studies of red pill truisms in play. Yes, it’s disappointing when people do what you know they will. But at the same time I think knowing all this has helped me make better choices and also to give better counsel to those considering frivorce etc.

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  116. Choicy says:

    I think most jokers choose ignorant bliss when it comes to women, mate. They don’t want to see the truth because it would rock them to their foundations.

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  117. Cill says:

    Dragonfly, welcome. You have obviously met prostitutes of the type I know. I have seen them in other parts of the world too. I’ll be chatting to people in a gruop, and there will be something about a woman that will make me wonder. After a few discreet inquiries I’ll find out she is a prostitute.

    Street walkers of the type you mention at 3:35 pm are here too – people who have fallen through the cracks.

    Tarn, good morning, mate.

    Bloom, I too have learned a lot. In fact, I was looking at my earliest entry in Tarn’s blog and I was astonished to realize how much I have changed since then.

    Like you. I didn’t like some of the red pill at the start but it sure has changed me.

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  118. Cill says:

    I have to agree with you again there, Choicy.

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  119. Choicy says:

    We should launch a red pill down under with sufficient market thrust to drive the message home, mate. Onwards and upwards will be a good motto, I reckon 😀

    I’m going to say goodnight, Cillo and my other mates.

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  120. Cill says:

    You finish your day mate, while I start mine. Sleep well.


  121. Tarnished says:

    ‘Night, Choicy.
    Thanks for explaining what Cill meant by “homely”, btw. Twas confusing, as I’ve only ever heard the term used to describe someone who’s *just* barely on the right side of attractiveness. Didn’t quite seem to line up with his praise…

    Good morning.
    I would choose knowledge over ignorance. Better to know and be prepared than to not and be blindsided.

    Also, hope you’re not beating yourself up about the first comment you ever left at my place, or the anger you had? It was very understandable and necessary, mate. You know this, yeah? Besides that, look at where you are now mentally…it’s all part of the journey. I just wish more MGTOW wouldn’t get stuck in that phase. Not good for anyone. 😯

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  122. Yoda says:

    Yoda, I still can’t make up my mind

    Always listen to Yoda’s wisdom you should.

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  123. thedeti says:

    BV touched on this in his response.

    In the major metros, there seems to be a proliferation of attractive women in “regular” jobs doing office, clerical or even professional work, but who hook on the side. They’re doing their regular gigs, but nights and weekends are for sex for hire, mostly to supplement their incomes, it would appear.

    Most of these women, from articles I’ve read, are above average in attractiveness, advertise discreetly, and keep their prices pretty high. They screen, curate and cultivate a high end clientele, require condom use, and otherwise keep it all exceedingly discreet and on the down low.

    So I’m not surprised to hear about women hooking, and being able to keep it mostly anonymous and quiet.

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  124. thedeti says:

    As an addendum to my prior comment, it would appear most of the clients of these women would be

    –married men who don’t want to conduct consensual affairs;

    –professional men who aren’t attractive enough to be players but have the money to pay hookers; and

    –players with money to burn who find a hooker they find particularly attractive and like fucking; but don’t want to have a relationship with her.

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  125. Tarnished says:


    Every once in a while I think about the other road I could’ve taken…

    A husband. Marriage. Adopt a few kids, if he really needed to be a father or get hitched to a single dad. Thing is, I’d never be able to happily do as you and your female blogger friends do. I’d have to be the one with the career, he’d have to be the nurturing partner. While I know a fair few single fathers and available childless guys…and unlike the ditzy beeyatches of OkCupid…I find all of them of at least average looks, they aren’t the SAHD types.

    A career may not be there for me at the end of the day, but it’s important to note that one’s life shouldn’t ever be their life. A career is so that you have the resources for a life…hopefully a life well spent with friends, loved ones, and those you’ve made a difference to. Neither sex should confuse being a careerist with being a draft horse for a paycheck. Therein lies the way to the misery you mention…especially for the womenfolk who are equating “success” with aping a facsimile of manhood that men don’t even want themselves.

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  126. Dragonfly says:

    Even a woman from our church that we’ve been attending for a long time (over 8 yrs) came online and attacked the ideas I was writing about. She particularly hated that wives should try to look good for their husbands, even after children. She hated that many of my posts were tagged “anti-feminism” and thought it meant I thought women should be oppressed in marriage because of that.

    She was my son’s Bible teacher.

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  127. Cill says:

    Tarn, yep I have moved on, but stone the crows, a lot has happened to me since then. It’s like an average lifetime has passed by in a year. As I was saying to Blurkel recently, I’ve slowed down a bit, and not before time. A cat has 9 lives, I’ve used up 29. Something had to give. I’ll always be grateful to you and Spawny for being there.

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  128. Liz says:

    “She was my son’s Bible teacher.”

    That must’ve been awkward, dragonflygirl. 😦
    I stay anonymous for that reason. There’s a Berlin wall between my online life and real life.
    In the real world I don’t really discuss politics, sex, or religion…exception very very close friends.

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  129. Mrs. Yoda says:

    She was my son’s Bible teacher.

    Perhaps not the best influence she was

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  130. Yoda says:

    Good to see Deti here it is.
    Come again one should.

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  131. Tarnished says:

    Wow. That’s crazy…I don’t agree with some of the more Biblical stuff you write, but you certainly don’t say that women should be kept chained in the kitchen penniless, barefoot, and pregnant! Did she actually read your posts, or just skim them for feminist buzzwords?

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  132. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Tarn write more posts she should.

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  133. Cill says:

    Where is me old mate anyway. Spawny, you there?

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  134. Tarnished says:

    Slowing down isn’t necessarily bad, Cill. You’ve said before your life til now has been more…colorful than perhaps was best. Now’s a bit of a chance to appreciate the regular, daily happiness. 🙂

    Which subject would be of interest to our esteemed Yodish lady?

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  135. Tarnished says:

    Same here, Liz.
    Only 1 person knows I even had/have a blog, and he has never asked me for the name of it. I will typically keep my head down and mouth shut about politics since my moderate views are unpopular with the bulk of my customers, but I do speak out against blatant misandry and double standards when I see them. Which *also* doesn’t make me popular (been called “brainwashed” and “misogynist” a few times), but everyone has a breaking point where silence isn’t an option. I’m sure you understand that… 😉

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  136. Cill says:

    “Which subject would be of interest to our esteemed Yodish lady?”
    Why, sandwich making, of course.
    We could have a taste-off between yours and Mrs Moehau Man’s pikelets.


  137. Cill says:

    The highlights of Mrs Y’s life are making sandwiches and getting negged by me.

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  138. Mrs. Yoda says:

    The highlight of Mrs Y’s life is getting negged by me.

    Full of Bantha dung you are.
    Highlight Yoda loving me it would be

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  139. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Idea could be “Why Feminism so Detrimental to Women it is — And Still be Supported Like it is”

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  140. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Also “Why Modern Women Never Satisfied They Are”

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  141. Mrs. Yoda says:

    How about “Women Find Happiness in a Feminist World They Can”?

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  142. Mrs. Yoda says:

    “Accumulated Damage of Failed Relationships on Women — The Final Cost”

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  143. Mrs. Yoda says:

    “Women Really Want to F Like Men They Do”?

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  144. Tarnished says:

    “Accumulated Damage of Failed Relationships on Women — The Final Cost”

    I’d do this one, but the research I’ve done on a very similar topic would lead to a probable conclusion that would be extremely ill-received here. :/

    “Women Really Want to F Like Men They Do”?
    This one might be more palatable to our group. Although I’d want to include the information from various love shy forums, which tends to show…once again…that what women think all men have (crap tons of sex partners) is based at least partially on an apex fallacy.

    Something I have been drafting that’s a little more my speed is a post on female gamers and their insistence on seeing oppression in all aspects of our community.

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  145. Mrs. Yoda says:

    probable conclusion that would be extremely ill-received here.

    Why this be it would?


  146. Cillhouette says:

    Hi Tarn! All the suggested topics sound great! Female gamers would be very different and interesting 🙂

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  147. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Another topic “Chicks and Video Games – Playing and Producing” it would be.

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  148. molly says:

    Off to work I go ho ho!
    Hi Cill and Tarn! Hi Cillhouette! Hi and goodbye one and all.
    Must dash

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  149. Cillhouette says:

    I know some sex workers. They mix in the social circles. Cill said they charge $100+ I think actually the ones in his areticle charge $300+

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  150. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Off to work I go ho ho!

    Hopefully this means not what it does seem to mean.

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  151. Sumo says:

    No, Mrs. Y. Covered that yesternon, we did; become a ho, wee Molls will not.

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  152. Tarnished says:

    Mrs. Yoda,

    Because the manosphere as a whole frequently cites 1 study that showed that the more premarital sexual partners a woman has supposedly raises the threat of divorce, and frequently uses said results to enforce the belief that men can have as many premarital sexual adventures as they please without consequence, but if a woman has more than 1 or 2 she is unfit for marriage. However, I’ve found other studies that would lend a different take.

    It is this take that I believe will be ill-received. So am not going to finish said draft.

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  153. Sumo says:

    It would probably (read: definitely) be ill-received somewhere like RoK; ’round these parts, I don’t think you’d get quite the same level of animosity.

    Not saying that everyone would agree, but the resulting hilarity debate would be more or less civil. 😉

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  154. Tarnished says:

    Oh no, I don’t think so either, Sumo. But is it really worth it to cause any animosity here? :/
    That’s not what this place is about…


  155. Dragonfly says:

    Liz, you know, it wasn’t as awkward as it probably seems… I confronted her in real life and she was shocked, dismayed, etc… apologized immediately for possibly sounding “too harsh” … she thought she was anonymous, but as you know, with blogs, you can see IP addresses and emails and her email was her full name. She’s never really talked to me much at all in real life, and was always really pleasant.

    I like knowing what people really think of us (my family) and our views. I liked exposing her.

    I like that I’m not anonymous… I like being known for what I really think. If people have a problem with it, they don’t have to associate with me 🙂

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  156. Dragonfly says:

    Or read my blog… that’s the creepy thing… why the hell was she reading my blog when she didn’t like what I was saying?

    Sometimes I think women go looking for drama or seeking places where they know they can find some for themselves. She’s let herself go after having kids… has gained 50-60+ pounds and is my same age. So reading my stuff was probably hard 😦 She sees us as a family at church in person frequently, and I think maybe it could just be jealousy that peeked her interest to seek out my blog? Judging about what she said about my looks or outfits or staying in shape, that’s the only thing I could think probably? I didn’t connect the blog to our real names or anything (but pics obviously), my fb is protected, she wasn’t in my inner circle of friends in my fb, so she had to do some serious searching (I think?) to find it and then see it was me. Why so much seeking out of someone’s stuff when you have ill-feelings toward their beliefs is strange to me? Like drama seeking or looking for a reason to feel justified in not liking someone.

    I feel like it was maybe a small attempt at intimidation (not sure if y’all would see it that way, I’d be curious to see what y’all think about her doing that). But it felt like she was trying to get me to shut up so to speak… to stop writing… to be silent about my beliefs. To feel bashed enough so that I’d be ashamed or something. But I have every right to have my own opinions and beliefs, just as much as she does. The difference is, I don’t seek out people like that who I know I would probably disagree with and then try to bash them online. Just not worth the drama to me.


  157. Liz says:

    I don’t know what her motivations were, dragonflygirl. Takes all types.

    OT, this is pretty funny:
    “Hurtful stereotype alert: Black man wins footrace, immediately run over by camera-toting Asian who can’t drive.

    The rest of the story: Jewish lawyer chases ambulance as hispanics clean up the mess at the scene. 😛

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  158. Mrs. Yoda says:

    Sometimes I think women go looking for drama

    Make drama for Yoda I do not.
    Appreciative he is.

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  159. Yoda says:

    A new post there is.
    And appreciate the lack of drama I do.

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  160. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This is a great thread. I have been “liking” everything.

    Tha woman you are dealing with represents normal thinking. It’s all for her. She sees you as a threat for promoting another viewpoint.
    What worries mis that, if she represents the norm, men who marry are completely… Feminism has done a number on traditional women’s heads.

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  161. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Buena Vista and Deti,
    So they soak you for three expensive dinners before maxxing out the three date rule. There is an old expression for that: “being taken for a ride”. I am not faulting you. Bless their mercenary little hearts, they deserve all the calulmny.

    That there are a lot of office girls doing that stuff part time does not surprise me. I just wish there were good numbers to know how deep it goes. In the absence of those numbers, my guess is that it goes deep.

    Given the transfer of wealth that has go with all this, I can see why Madison Ave. doesn’t care a fig about appealing to men.

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  162. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You may get to see this. One can hope.

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  163. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Buena Vista,
    This business of part time hooking has to be pervasive to allow a Commander in the US Navy to rationalize it away. On the face of it, it is a blatant violation of “conduct unbecoming to an officer”.
    I have to wonder how deep we have sunk.


  164. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  165. jello-in-my-mole says:

    Tarnished —

    Since you are taking requests for blog pieces, I would like to learn about why women for the past fifty years have increasingly shaved their pubic regions. Is there a feminist foundational underpinning for this behavior, or something else?

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  166. SFC Ton says:

    Women who put out after date #3 are what passes as honest agents in the current SMP. They are performing their end of an informal and unwritten contract.

    It’s the ones who soak up resources (which frees up here’s) without spreading their legs are the ones that really wreck things. They also tend to be the kind of hatchet wounds that run down all the “losers” the keep meeting after they ate $60 worth of empty calories on said “losers” dime. An average looking chick can do maybe 2’dates a week, never put out etc and have her lifestyle funded by men. Easy near on $500 a month they didn’t need to spin. I have not meet many women who didn’t go out with some guy because she didn’t have anything better to do, take free drinks etc.

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  167. SFC Ton says:

    LOL officers live for the conduct unbecoming stuff.

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  168. Tarnished says:

    hatchet wounds
    Bleh. What a term…it’s about as bad as “gash”. Perhaps a post is necessary regarding why we use such wording for such cool body parts. It’s like calling a guy a “prick” or a “dick”. Why? A penis or vulva shouldn’t be an insult, right? Idk…it’s just weird.

    Hi Jello!
    That’d be a cool topic…Changing Grooming Standards. We’ll have to see if the group is ok with it, but I’d be game.

    If it’s not TMI, I’ll go ahead and say *I* don’t do it for feminist reasons. I just like how it looks and feels, as does my SO. He was actually the one who first suggested a clean shave to me, as that’s how he grooms himself.
    Which I also love. 😉


  169. Tarnished says:

    Women who put out after date #3 are what passes as honest agents in the current SMP. They are performing their end of an informal and unwritten contract.

    Yet another reason I’d make 100% sure to pay my way if I ever start dating again. Prevents the concept of owing sex from being a thing.


  170. Cill says:

    Before I leave, here’s something I had noted to come back to:

    “Her Unmentionableness”. Fuzzy typed that, without hitting a neighboring key once. Congrats fuzzy, that has to be a record.

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  171. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There so many ways for a straight up guy to get scammed by a woman and it all starts with dating.

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  172. molly says:

    Fuzzie I won’t leave you in pain! Lol


  173. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Upthread, I left a video for you. It relates to your going to work.
    Thank you for being there in my anguish.

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  174. BuenaVista says:

    Against my better judgment I reply.

    “Yet another reason I’d make 100% sure to pay my way if I ever start dating again. Prevents the concept of owing sex from being a thing.”

    This has nothing to do with the three-date rule. Also, women who date in this fashion are not victims of predatory, drinks-and-dinner-buying men.

    A woman knows in the first 15 seconds if a man is a sexual candidate. Everything else is window-dressing, faux “Gosh, I never do this!”, and manipulation. Depending on circumstances, maybe a little gold-digging.

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  175. Liz says:

    “I like that I’m not anonymous… I like being known for what I really think. If people have a problem with it, they don’t have to associate with me”

    I’ve been thinking on this and believe I should respond a little to this point. I’ll explain some disadvantages of what might, at first glance, seem perfectly sensible.

    When I started out posting on sites on the net, I put some family photos out, used my husband’s callsign, revealed my real name and all of that. Now, since everything on the net lasts forever I look back at this with regret. During the time since I started posting over a decade ago, I’ve seen people I know very well on the cover of national headline news for all sorts of reasons. I’ve seen one person who was actually removed from command for posting information in anonymity that was already widely available on the internet. In fact, his superiors knew about his posting and (verbally) supported it…before crap hit the fan.

    I’ve seen servicemen accused of crimes. When this happens (even if completely baseless), there is an investigation and anything and everything that might be used to question that person’s character will be brought to light and used against him. On the flip side, nothing I would write on the internet would ever be used in his favor.

    Take a real life example of an international headline news “rape case” of Lt Colonel Wilkerson. The “victim” in this case was even interviewed on 60 minutes, any commander speaking on WIlkerson’s behalf became pariah, and the one that acquitted him was forced to retire. There was no evidence whatsoever to convict him aside from the drunken alleged victim’s testimony, and the entire case rested on the veracity of Lt Colonel WIlkerson and his wife’s claims.

    Next, security threat. Even our part time JAG at the base has a contract out on him from the thugs he has put away as a prosecuting attorney. He has to watch his back at all times.
    During the course of the past year a lot has changed and the threat level has increased a great deal. I can tell you, people have been arrested and it has not made the news.

    The above is why I try to keep a low profile as far as my identity goes, and value my “anonymity” on the internet (in quotes because there really is none, but there are small footprints and large ones).

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  176. Liz says:

    Should’ve said, above:
    “and the entire case rested on the PERCEPTION OF veracity of Lt Colonel WIlkerson and his wife’s claims.”

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  177. I agree Liz, I really value my anonimity too. It’s not like I say anything scandelous, but words can get twisted and in a witch hunt facts are rarely checked. I probably share too many specific details about my life and it’s possible somebody could put it together. I’d freak out of someone from a blog showed up at my home or biz, for example. Not that I feel anyone here is a threat but you never know who’s reading… There’s a freedom in anonimity as well, you guys probably know more about my inner thoughts and what’s happening in my life than 85% of the people in my real life!

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  178. Tarnished says:

    When did I ever say the women were victims, or that the men were predatory?

    I did not.
    Because that is nonsense, and sounds like a feminist trope. But note what scfton says about the “informal and unwritten contract”…it is out there, which you know as well as I. Hell, you even state it openly in one of your above comments. You spend enough money, sex is given, just like prostitution but less upfront.

    I would prefer to NOT be a prostitute, because I think sex should be shared between 2 people who like/love each other, not given out to whoever bought the best meal or shiniest rocks.

    Yes, men and women can tell within seconds if someone is sexually attractive to them. That’s common knowledge. But just because someone *looks* attractive doesn’t mean I want to have sex with them right away, and I don’t believe that exactly 3 dates is nearly long enough to know someone for me to decide to share intimacy with them. Like many men and some women, sex is how I show love…How am I supposed to love someone who was a complete stranger only 3 dates ago? It took me being good friends with my love for 8 months, and then some further “therapy” from him, before we had sex. And yes…I did think he was hot (and smelled amazing!) the very first time I met him.

    Ergo, if I started to date again, I’d be sure to pay my own way to break the aforementioned informal/unwritten contract, since there’d be no guarantee that I’d fulfill it.

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  179. Tarnished says:

    I probably share too many specific details about my life and it’s possible somebody could put it together.

    That’s why I always change some details about myself or the people I talk about.

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  180. Liz says:

    Agreed, Bloom. Mike is pretty concerned about OPSEC stuff. People can find out so much personal information from what a person posts inoccuously online.

    Just take the Twitter/Facebook/Google+/etc stuff that is so ubiquitous and present on most blogsites. One female blog owner in particular recently mentioned her concern about privacy violations and how important internet anonymity is, while very ironically her blog has all those aforementioned (cookies/web bugs/beacon/etc) that spy on people with identifiable information who do not even use the service. She is either nowhere near as concerned as she claims, or she is quit ignorant on issues of internet privacy and security.

    Someone mentioned this on a military debated site recently: “If I was in charge of a Chinese spy agency or a Russian hacker group, I’d start an innocent company to buy “marketing info” from Facebook/ that included American military/contractors/etc. I would then know their tastes in everything from politics to sexuality… and the ones who covertly frequent the Whitebreat Soldier Sux Big African Cack type of websites would be owned. Everybody should consider the ease of this if they go to sites their employers or families would not exactly be understanding of. It isn’t just (this site)… the internet is FULL of obvious military people demonstrating (or bragging) of their knowledge and position… and they are all identifiable… and their habits and desires are determinable… and much of it is because of the inclusion of social media icons that follow you wherever you go (even if you are not a user).)”

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  181. Liz says:

    On topic, and related to the above. This was a few months back.
    “Inside Ft Hood prostitution ring”

    Take a look at how this was sensationalized to make it sound as though females were exploited and “forced” via being “cash strapped” to enter into this agreement. Then note that the “ring” consisted of ONE female soldier this fat ass was able to get to work for him. He tried to get another and she refused and fellow soldiers reported him. End of story. But notice the article also likes to throw around the assertion that higher ranking officers (unknown identities…likely fabricated). It talks about Fat Ass holding parties for “senior officers” (unknown identities). You bet there was an investigation on this.

    Pretend for a moment in the wake of this trial we have (hypothetically completely un-anonymous) Colonel Cill here who starts a thread online using his real identity asserts that “prostitution is more honest than marriage”. And he has the bad luck of being in a position of authority at Ft Hood during this unfortunate time. Or say he’s only semi-anonymous and the investigators that have nothing else to do but make his life hell.

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  182. Tarnished says:


    How could they even call it a ring, given that it was a single woman? Geezus…Sensationalized, indeed!

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  183. Liz says:

    “How could they even call it a ring, given that it was a single woman? Geezus…Sensationalized, indeed!”

    I’ve seen worse, Tarn. A LOT worse. At least there was some impropriety going on there, and the article fabricated and embellished maybe 50 percent. I’ve seen 100 percent flat out lying (see the Rolling Stone UVA piece and know this fabricated testimony happens for the military ALL OF THE TIME…then add Congress, the entity that is completely politically motivated and never to be held accountable).

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  184. Tarnished says:


    I’m curious as to your potential reply to my comment @ 3:50. Unless of course you’re not interested in continuing our conversation?


  185. blurkel says:


    That married men would avail themselves of their service while single men would not is an interesting riddle.

    Single men can get plenty of sex, as long as they avoid becoming trapped in the snare. Their needs tend to get met better -and more often from several sources- than those of single-supplier married men as a result.

    If anyone wants to be depressed and keep to the topic at hand, one could always visit r/deadbedrooms on Reddit. Truly sobering stuff, that.

    Under another name, I spent some time there until espousing my views got me banished for being hostile to women So much for Reddit being useful to spread diverse information.


    I noticed that it always cost $300-$500 to complete the three-date rule…Perhaps it would just be more efficient to just pay the money upfront?

    It would indeed, provided that there was a money-back guarantee (as with traditional dowries) if expectations weren’t met.

    a drama-free “relationship”…no different (in its economics) from my long-term marriage. I bring money, I get treats and coffee in bed in the morning. It was also a lot cheaper to terminate.

    Pay attention, young men. This is how many of you have it now. KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD THING GOING. Because, as BuenaVista notes . . .

    For the past year I’ve spent more energy avoiding women than pursuing them.

    . . . when it goes sour. And it will if your don’t ply her with rings and promises.

    I am prepared to follow this path myself when my current marital entrapment concludes. I’ll buy sex from a pro so as to avoid the emotional costs of “having a relationship”, which pursuing women always leads to. AWALT!

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  186. blurkel says:


    I still can’t make up my mind if it’s better to be blissful in ignorance or miserable in knowledge.

    Bro Cill, take it from someone who has had too much knowledgeable misery. Not having the pain is much preferable.

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  187. Cill says:

    Advice noted, Brother B


  188. Tarnished says:

    Under another name, I spent some time there until espousing my views got me banished for being hostile to women So much for Reddit being useful to spread diverse information.

    Really? Why?
    I haven’t ever seen you posy anything even remotely misogynistic or “anti-woman”.

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  189. Farm Boy says:

    Perhaps it was during the Ellen Pao era.

    Every thing she touches turns to crap


  190. SFC Ton says:

    You have hit your full red pill stride and peak market value when avoiding ass takes more effort then pulling


  191. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    It is gratifying to know that those girls are diverifying their talents. Smarter than the average girl, they are.

    That article was horrible. Between that and the other things you have mentioned, if the Armed Forces were as political in the time of of the Old Army, post Mexican War and pre’Civil War, and the interim btween the two World Wars, they wouldn’t have retained any talent to speak of.

    There is a certain shame placed on single men who avail themselve of prostitutes. Additionally, the single man harbors hopw that he may meet hei sweetie tomorrow. Married men, having a single source, when cut off. lose hope as well. That is so offensive, and yet there is no recourse under law or God.


  192. BuenaVista says:

    Thing is, Ton, I stopped traveling to see women, so now they all want to come here. I’m in the middle of fucking nowhere, the nearest interstate is 100 miles away, and the nearest viable commercial airport, 140. I thought this made my country place a Safe House. The Surgeon is flying her plane over tomorrow to take me to a birthday lunch. Last week I told the Bulgarian she shouldn’t come, owing to a trip she had dropped on her head, so I got out of that one. Mrs. Smith is having a meltdown at the War College, so all I hear is “Be a man!” alternating with “I can come Labor Day Weekend, good?” (Then, “Be a man!!!” Well, if I’m not a man, why is she so worked up?)

    But in general, it’s just gotten all too predictable. I should probably go overseas for a couple of years and clear my head. I likely spend too much time alone, but it does appear to me that professional single women of a certain age are at Peak Meltdown. I think it’s as hard for them — their ideology leaving them ruined and alone — as it is for a man who thought marriage was for keeps.

    On a brighter note, more PRs this week. Every week, more weight. I’m wondering when I’m going to plateau and get stuck. On the current trendline, I’ll make my 12 month goals in 5. I suppose as the weights go up I’ll get hurt or break down. But I work to failure and I’m rarely even sore.

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