More on the Porking of the PPPs (Predatory Promiscuous Princesses)

Written by Cill. Added to here and there by Choicy, mate.

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The prospect of a PPPs project was a good excuse for us to get together again. (The real reason was to swap a few yarns for old time’s sake over a bottle or three of beer, but that’s by the by.)

It is a Friday night in New Zealand. We are sitting on Cillo’s bike, looking at the tipsy young women passing by, a crew of PPPs downtown for sex. They are dolled up and some are pretty to go.

“How about it, Choicy?” Cill asks.

“No thanks mate”, Choicy says. He is ruefully remembering the time he gallantly took one for the team and porked two PPPs in the furtherance of research. Sometimes he wonders if Cillo and the team realize how much of a toll that bold mission took on Choicy. Let’s just say there will have to be a heck of a lot more crates of Fosters before value given equals value received, my mates.

(And let’s just say, Cill is well aware that Choicy will milk his martyrdom for all it’s worth. It’s all part of trans-Tasman rivalry, my mates.)

Meanwhile, our presence has been noticed. Two PPPs have peeled off from the crew and are heading our way.

“Prepare for takeoff, mate”, Cillo orders.

“Boot it, Cillo”, Choicy concurs.

We gun the bike back to the highway. It’s not a pleasant night to be out. The air is cold and there are a few pricks of damp on our faces. It’s quite starry and clear but a hostile sky. Cillo opens the bike right out on the highway. The big Kiwi dingo has a charmed life on the roads, and that he doesn’t get caught for speeding is an ongoing mystery to his mates. Hell though people, Choicy’s not complaining… he’s holding on behind Cillo like a cane toad mating. ‘Struth mate, this bike can fly.

We arrive at the marina where Cillo stores his bike in lockup before we board his boat. It’s silent in the cozy bridge cabin.  The boat seems to flatten the lumpy sea as we streak through the night to his place.

In Cillo’s warm house we imbibe in his Chivas (Cillo having wisely announced on the way over that it was a night for Scotch, not beer). We sit down and relax while we review the situation re the PPPs.



New Zealand once prided itself on being the social workshop of the world. Now though, even the SJWs are becoming uneasy at the excesses of the PPP. She (the PPP) is an embarrassment to even the hard-nosed feminists. She is a conspicuously drunk, frequently violent, invariably sluttish presence in the streets.


Take the concern the Police have expressed over the behavior of young women at the recent international Rugby Sevens tournament at Wellington.

Almost all of the fans in the “Chill Out Zones” needing medical attention were young women aged between 18 and 25. Many were so severely intoxicated they were helpless. Sevens operation commander Senior Sergeant Simon Feltham said although he was happy overall with crowd behaviour, the Police are extremely concerned at the drinking behaviour of young women. “We need targeted messages to groups at risk, such as young women, warning of the consequences of this pattern of drinking”, he said.

Now take the reaction of St John Ambulance paramedics to the behaviour of young women at a recent Rhythm and Vines festival in Gisborne. In the past, the number of men and women visiting the “detox tent” had generally been about even. Times have changed. At the Gisborne festival the ratio was about 90 to 10 female to male. “They [drunk women] have pretty much just got to a point where they can no longer look after themselves”, the leader of the paramedics said.


A Gang of drunken teenage girls bash a 19 year old woman and two others in the university town of Dunedin in New Zealand. “Horrific footage shows a gang of drunk teenage girls kicking three others in a fight over wheelie bins.” (trash bins on wheels)

The three victims had challenged the teenagers about the mess they were making.

“Police in Dunedin, NZ, are searching for six to seven girls after assault. Three other girls were left concussed and with broken bones after attack.”


We speak as men who have both had active sex lives. Let us express it Quid pro quo style, as mates: Choicy says the ladies like Cillo, while Cillo says the ladies like Choicy. When it’s put that way it’s not so boastful, right? Teamwork, pal.

We each say the other is a desirable bloke who doesn’t desire the PPPs. And we know we speak for all red-blooded Kiwi males when we say:

We pity the PPPs. We don’t want their company. We don’t want them anywhere near us. We’d as soon be out on the land slogging out a living… or fishing and hunting or building things with our mates. We would rather be enjoying a good drink in the company of a good friend.

We’d all prefer to leave the PPPs with the milksop non-men who stick their anaemic dicks into anything that will receive them.

The prey is noticeably less plentiful for the PPPs, and the supply they’ve got left is nowt but crappy meat.



Choicy insists on adding this positive ending.

There’s another side to the land of the PPP, and I know Cillo won’t be offended when I say it’s the most compelling reason for a man to visit the Shaky Isles. His family has the most awesome sheilas this side of the black stump, my mates. After the goddamned PPPs it’s a tonic like an elixir of the gods. This jaded outback digger is going to take in as much of that tonic as he can before he goes back to beating his head at the nonsense of the feminist bitches and baking his brains under the Aussie sun.

So Cillo, where’s the rest of your family, mate?

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124 comments on “More on the Porking of the PPPs (Predatory Promiscuous Princesses)
  1. Sumo says:

    Sloppy research method, if you ask me. Both of you slackers should have tapped at least 3 PPP asses each before writing this.


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  2. Choicy says:

    Sumo, I already took one for the team and porked not one but two PPPs back in February, mate.

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  3. Cill says:

    And a heroic effort it was too, Choicy, but I think he’s suggesting you have to pork at least one more, mate.

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If it weren’t for the violence and over the top dunkenness, I think it would be funny to charter a jet and bring a bunch of PPPs to Toronto. The women there have a reputation for being so stuck up that they won’t even talk to men while out clubbing. That may be an exaggeration but, not by much.
    Youtuber Sandman can take video.

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  5. Cill says:

    Count me out, I’m taken.

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  6. Cill says:

    It’s not an exaggeration Fuzzy. I’ve been there and the way they treat their men is bad. Worse than American women. Toronto women run down the local men behind their backs. I can’t stand women who do that. A man only has to watch Toronto TV for half an hour to see Toronto is steeped in PC and feminism.

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  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic. Fresh fom COTWA, “Yes means yes” is not going to stand up to judicial review.


  8. molly says:

    Thank goodness I have the excuse, I’m taken too!
    I don’t have to “tap” a PPP, yay!

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  9. Sumo says:

    No, no, Molls, you can play, too. You can absolutely tap a PPP.

    On the jaw. With a cricket bat. (Normally, I’d go with baseball bat, but you Kiwis are weird, man)

    Also, Toronto is a festering blight on the great nation of Canuckistan.

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  10. molly says:

    I’m ‘armless tho! Would a headbutt do the job, Sumo?
    (heh heh)
    It would be a brutal headbutt, eh. 😉

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  11. molly says:

    I could headbutt them in the knees! XD

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  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Don’t get your hands (?) dirty beating up a PPP.

    Now, why do you think that I want to send the PPPs to Toronto. Think of all the poor local guys. All they know is being shut down by local women. They actueally get to see women who have sex with, wait for it, men.

    🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯


  13. SFC Ton says:

    Hope y’all had your own bikes because 4 nuts and 2 wheels is a no go. Unless your in the airforce or navy.

    I’ll pinch hit for Molly, she’s a doll and it will improve her batting average

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  14. molly says:

    Fuzzie look

    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄

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  15. Cill says:

    “4 nuts and 2 wheels is a no go”
    Especially the nut that holds the handlebars

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  16. Cill says:

    The Fuzzy link at 12:58 am

    Finally some sanity.

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I went to Google Chrome. Such a wonderful cartoon bear! And, thatnk you for the burritos!

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  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I was so disappointd in California when they passed “Yes means Yes”. Nearly all the legislators are attorneys. They had to know that somethig this vague and ill concieved would not stand up in court.
    To my knowledge, California is the only place on Earth where “Yes means Yes” went through the whole process before it bacame law. It is my understnding that, in the UK, it was by the decree of a bureaucrat.
    This is bad, all the way around.

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  19. Cill says:

    “in the UK, it was by the decree of a bureaucrat.” I seem to remember that too. I must look it up.

    The UK and countries that inherited the British system (e.g. NZ) lack constitutions. It has been said that NZ would be one of the easiest democracies in the world to turn into a dictatorship. I can see signs of this in handouts of vast tracts of real estate and racist privileges to Maori. It has all happened far too easily, against the will of the majority of people.


  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have been following Roosh’s adventures in Canada. I am worried on that point. He’s not a citizen. He’s not even a resident.


  21. molly says:

    Fuzzie and Cill re Yes means Yes in U.K.

    Fuzzie is right, it didn’t go before Parliament. It was done by a set of recommendations issued to Police by DPP Alison Saunders and “Martin Hewitt of the Metropolitan Police”.

    The guidelines require officers to establish sexual consent, rather than prove when a victim says “no.”


  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Thank you for finding that. Since Alfred the Great wrote it into code, the burden of proof has been on the accuser/prosecution/plaintiff. This turns all that upside down.

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  23. Cill says:

    Did Alfred the Great initiate it.

    It was most famously stated by Viscount Sankey in Woolmington v DPP [1935] UKHL 1:

    “Throughout the web of the English Criminal Law one golden thread is always to be seen that it is the duty of the prosecution to prove the prisoner’s guilt subject to… the defence of insanity and subject also to any statutory exception. If, at the end of and on the whole of the case, there is a reasonable doubt, created by the evidence given by either the prosecution or the prisoner… the prosecution has not made out the case and the prisoner is entitled to an acquittal. No matter what the charge or where the trial, the principle that the prosecution must prove the guilt of the prisoner is part of the common law of England and no attempt to whittle it down can be entertained.”

    However, he was explaining a principle that had long been in force in English case law.

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  24. molly says:

    All that wisdom turned upside down by group-biased women! 😐
    It’s the horizontal group-think of women of today.

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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think the law was there long before Alfred. He was the one that put it in writing. Code comes from codex, Latin for book.

    They’re seeking advantage by any means that comes to hand. There is a problem, their methods are unethical and who can live with someone who is that way?

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  26. molly says:

    They don’t want equality. They want supremacy and men an under class.
    I want to headbutt them more than the PPPs! >:D

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  27. molly says:

    It might have been King Canute! Lol


  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    In their greed for superiority, they’ll lose the men. It’s unworkable. A lot of men will retreat to basements but, the ones with “get up and go” will get up and leave. I keep returning to the mental image of 1830s Texas. David Crockett, having lost his reelection bid to the US Congress, said, “You all can go to Hell. As for me, I”m going to Texas.”

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  29. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You must be sweet on someone named Cnut or Canute. Alfred preceded Canute. 😉


  30. molly says:

    I spell it Canute now, as someone thought Cnut was a mis-spelling of another word! Lol


  31. Choicy says:

    I wonder where Spawny is,mates. I did this post (with my mate Cillo) at Spawny’s request.

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  32. molly says:

    Choicy it’s wee hours in Spawny land! 🙂 Unca S is asleep

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  33. Cill says:

    Also Spawny will be without internet from 11th to 19th.

    Fuzzy at 5:10 am:

    If things ever get too bad in NZ for men (white men in particular) I will leave. There are other countries where I’d be welcome to live. I feel a lot of sympathy for Western men. It’s a strange and pleasant experience to live in a non-feminist country and wake up in the mornings knowing there will be no belittlement of your gender in the media today or tomorrow or ever (probably). Strangers look at you without resentment, and there are no retrospective rules by woman in “made jobs” designed to trip you up as a white man. Unless you’ve lived in such free places, you don’t really know how much the constant hostility toward the straight white male drains us and wears us down in the Western world.


  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Knut is cute!

    This onhe could send Andrea Dworkin running for her insulin!

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  35. molly says:

    Knut is adorable and I want to cuddle him!
    He looks fluffy and clean. 🙄
    They shouldn’t be allowed to keep him when he grows up.

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  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    When I was commenting on J4G, Obsidian linked to a program on youtube, Frustrated:Black American Men in Brazil. The takeaway for men of all races is that women in America aren’t feminine anymore and for these guy, just socilaizing with feminine women was an undiluted joy. I have heard the same fom other sources elsewhere.

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  37. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think there is a plot. Let Knut grow up. Introduce him to a female and then there will be more baby polar bears.

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  38. Choicy says:

    I have been to some of the countries Cillo talks about and it is a breath of fresh air to get away from the feminist stink. It makes a digger realize what a fucked up feminist world it is for us blokes, mate. I don’t think other countries would welcome me as a farmer.

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  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Cill and Choicy,
    When I was a kid, I spent six weeks in Germany with another family. Before it was time to leave, the mother adised me to seek out a German wife. That was 1968.
    Maybe, it is time for some foreign travel?

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  40. Cill says:

    “Maybe, it is time for some foreign travel?”
    I reckon, Fuzzy. You could do worse than Slovenia. Buildings and castles out of fairy tale books and pleasant women (and men). Like everywhere though, don’t get too relaxed by the women. There are gold diggers and hypergamy leeches, but way less than in NZ or America.

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  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I do remember watching a National Geographic spears ago about the Kamchatka Peninsula. It opened with the statement that there a bears than people. Great place if you’re a bear!


  42. Cill says:

    You could always come to NZ of course, but you’d be the only bear apart from those rightfully incarcerated in zoos. Well-meaning Kiwis would incarcerate you too, and they would treat you well and you’d feature on the Kiwi MSM for a day or two before the vogue shifts to some other cuddly cause…

    Whereas I know you’re probably just a reasonable sort of bloke wanting to get on with life without fembot screech in your ears. Is that too much to ask?

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  43. Ah the post we have all been waiting for! I am glad you have had enough of the ppp’s Choicy, I think further research would only leave you with PTSD over how low humanity can go. As for Cill, sounds like he’d explode if they got within tickling distance so probably best he doesn’t risk it. Better to leave the ppp’s wondering where have all the good guys gone?

    The whole ppp thing perplexes me. How did it start? What are these gals hoping to achieve? Drinking to the point one needs medical attention doesn’t sound very ummm… Progressive? Is it bc they think that’s what guys do or any thoughts on the motives?

    Fuzzie I know two men who went to Russia and are now unhappy with the choice. Women are women. Women advertising themselves for marriage to total strangers are looking for something… probably not true love. Not that it couldn’t happen but… Be careful.

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  44. Cill says:

    “Drinking to the point one needs medical attention doesn’t sound very ummm… Progressive?”

    My 0.02c:

    It’s because they have lost the men.

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  45. Choicy says:

    I concur with Cillo. The PPPs want validation with better men than the chumps who pork them day in day out. They saw Cillo and me on the bike and fair dinkum their eyes lit up. Their instincts tell them they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with blokes but their reason hasn’t caught up yet. Sheilas don’t reason the same way blokes do.

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  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “It’s because they have lost the men.”
    That the women of a country could “lose the men” is inconceivable and, yet, you are correct. It can happen.

    There are alot of horror stories floating around about foreign marriage but, the divoce rate is twenty percent versus fifty for domestic. Some critics think that it would be less than twenty if the age gap weren’t pressed that hard.
    I don’t know what I’ll do. I am still trying to figure out where all the pieces fit on the current game board.

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  47. Cill says:

    I am enjoying myself my friends.

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  48. Choicy says:

    You host wedding ceremonies Bloom?

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  49. Fuzzie I only know the two I have seen up close, in both cases the Russian brides rescued from poverty then insist on only the best, are very materialistic, it’s never enough $$$. Both are very pushy and demanding, clearly resent their men they couldn’t wait to marry at the time. Sad. Otoh I know two men married to Chinese brides, much happier, they get respect and sammiches! But even so there have been big cultural gaps to overcome and language is a barrier. The advice to wife up a German girl in 68 was sound. I am not saying don’t do it if it’s what you want, just be careful. That’s all I am saying. AWALT to a degree, the world over.

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  50. Speaking of weddings…there won’t be one for me on Aug. 29th (thank goodness!) as previously planned but I do have a bottle of fine sparkling wine I plan to open that night, sit under the stars, and cheers to not walking down the aisle w the wrong guy! I invite you all to join me in the toast, btw! 😀

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  51. Choicy says:

    I’ve thought about wedding ceremonies and such on my outback farm but most brides couldn’t take the outback conditions for a night. I don’t want to sound flippant but I haven’t yet found a woman who can survive real basic conditions for a minute. I built a sound house and it’s meticulously clean and it is a mansion compared with most city houses, mate. I don’t see other humans for weeks on end, and that’s the problem. A wife couldn’t live as remote as I do mate.


  52. Cill says:

    Bloom I’ll be here to join you in the toast. Onya.

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  53. Cill says:

    “I don’t see other humans for weeks on end”

    And that’s what makes you the best buggar this side of the black stump mate.

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  54. Choicy says:

    Thanks Cillo.

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  55. Choicy I have never been there but it does look very harsh from photos. The sun must be blazing my intense. As for solitude, I will share one of the most romantic things I have ever read, an account from a gal who is also a farmer (Mary Jane Butters, search her up) when she was a young forest ranger sent to a post so remote she had to be flown in. She was stationed with a couple who had lived at the spot for 30+ years, just the two of them for most of it, and even after all that time had never run out of things to talk about or grown tired of the company. What a blessed lucky life! Or I thought so anyway, far to few ever find that. So never say never mate!

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  56. Mary Jane Butters offers “glamping” on her farm!

    I hope to look as good as her at 62! To farm girls! 🙂

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  57. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Anything you put your hand to turns golden. I am glad the weddings are working out. Glad that you have help, even if she goes running off after eligible guys.
    Curious about the red pill POV. Blue pill, it would have been presumed that bride’s Dad dumped Mom. Red pill, it looks like the other way around and it backfired on Mom.
    The 29th was going to be the day? I am glad that we were here to help you through.

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  58. Indulge me just a bit… She’s one of my heros, loves all the things I do, has made a good life of it too! Cool lady. And she was a single mom farmer running her own biz when she fell for the farmer living across the street! Love that story, too!

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  59. Lol fuzzie usually she behaves herself but this group were especially dashing (and they knew it, too!) it was only in her mind. funny thing was the one she was crushing on most looked like a younger version of her husband! Which of course I pointed out to her! A red pill moment 🙂 hopefully she got the hint!


  60. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Normally, at this hour, things are very quiet.

    The type of gal that could make a go of it in the back of beyond was a whole lot more common in times past. I’ll put my thinking cap on for you. In any event, you’ll need a farm girl and those are getting thin on the ground too.


  61. It is late and I should be sleeping so gnite and never stop dreaming! 😀

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  62. molly says:

    Choicy it’s not you! There’s not a good women around for you or your lovely home. I wish I could hug you Choicy!

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  63. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I might well be adding two and two and coming up with five but, is your event planner the one who went “Ewwww” about her husband? If she is married what the heck is she doing looking at groomsmen with puppydog eyes?

    If you had internet there strong enough to support video chat, that would be huge for a potential wife.


  64. molly says:

    I wish I could headbutt all feminists one by one.
    Break a nose Gloria lol

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  65. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Rather than head butt feminists, let’s find a wife for Choicy!


  66. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Long overdue aviation video for Liz.

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  67. SFC Ton says:

    The women in Slovenia are insanely good looking and it is a country boys paradise, though I have no idea what the hunting situation is

    Also Prague is the only city I enjoyed being in and did not feel as if I was one incident away from depouplating the city. Nicest city folk I ever did saw. Lots of pleasant minded blonde chicks. With a good gun culture.

    Harley Davidson’s are insanely expensive in both places though. That’s kind of a deal breaker.

    A middle class American is wealthy enough to trip the gold diggers in both places, though as I recall.debt etc is still unpopular so it might not be to bad and women fuck for tingles and resources world wide.

    The modern German chick is a train wreck

    I have enjoyed every Aussie dude I have meet but the women….. and one dude told me Afghanistan reminded him of home so to hell with that. Least there I can shoot hajjis which makes for a lot

    Now my dream.job? Most days I would say light house keeper on the Outer Banks with a 24 foot Carolina Skif, my dogs and my Electra Glide.

    Semi related, I work from home these days, mostly. Major plus with the girls as they see me do my thing and gained an appreciation for what I do and have built. Hard part is actually devoting time to work vs fucking around with the dogs, Ton Spawn, go fishing etc

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  68. Liz says:

    “Fuzzie I only know the two I have seen up close, in both cases the Russian brides rescued from poverty then insist on only the best, are very materialistic, it’s never enough $$$.”

    I’ve never heard a good, long-term Russian bride story. I’ve heard some really really bad ones. (adopting Russian children is also a very bad deal, from what I’ve heard…not sure what they do to them in those orphages, but it can’t be good)


  69. Tarnished says:

    I’ve thought about wedding ceremonies and such on my outback farm but most brides couldn’t take the outback conditions for a night.

    What are the conditions? Do they have to sleep naked on a pile of sharp rocks and burlap whilst having their toes gnawed on by wombats? 😛

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  70. Liz says:

    That’s quite a write-up, Cill and Choicy!
    Interesting how far this social experiment has gone…women trying to act like men and thinking it’s “cool”. To the point they are nothing but a social irritant and parasite. Because they’ll never be anything but defective women by trying to “act like men”.

    I remember back in Osan (over a decade and a half ago now), the spouses were away a lot and it was a very heavy drinking environment. The pilots had these things called ‘party suits’ they had made downtown and every Friday (if memory serves) they’d put them on and go out drinking. So the wives decided they’d do this too. They had their own “party suits” and it was interesting to watch them chug and chug alcohol while others were chanting, “chug, chug, chug!” I always thought that was very unladylike. A few of them would get violent…one threw a billiard ball at a guy’s head in the club. It missed him but shattered the window. She was an officer, and didn’t even get into trouble for it (a man would have been crucified for that). Nice.

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  71. Liz says:

    Lady’s naming ceremonies (when the spouses want their own callsigns…at some bases that’s a “thing”) often violent, too. I’ve never seen any of those go well.

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  72. Liz says:

    Hard living ages women in particular really really badly.
    Take a look at Amanda Peterson (deceased now):–201597

    She was very lovely in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’. Completely ruined, she had a face that could have aged very well.

    We had a friend over for dinner last night I haven’t seen in 17 years. It always worries me seeing people from the past like that because…well, I’m older. He told me I looked “great” and “the same” but I thought he was being polite. Later Mike told me he kept talking about how great I looked in the car later…to the point he almost said, “hey, enough of that”. Anyway, I’m feeling good today. 😀

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  73. Liz says:

    Of course, Mike was quick to turn this around and claim it is the illustrious properties of his sperm that have kept me youthful and happy…

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  74. Lol, handy way for Mike to let guys know ya’ll are happily married! (So back off, buddy! She’s mine!) good for him!!!

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  75. Choicy says:

    SFC Ton yeah Aussie sheilas leave a lot to be desired mate. I’ve been around the world a bit and the only place I’ve seen a bunch of really good sheilas in one place is Cillo’s family. I haven’t been to Slovenia. I haven’t yet seen a bunch of really good sheilas in Australia or NZ except Cillo’s family. They are a sight for sore eyes, mate.

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  76. Choicy says:

    Thanks Liz. An Aussie mate of mine married a blond sheila in the Ukraine and actually lived there with her for a while. They shifted to Australia years ago and are still happy together. It is her first marriage and she had no kids before. With this Aussie mate they’ve had 3 kids.

    Actually Cillo does the actual write up of the post. I only do the fun parts chatting about how we will present it and laughing at the memories of it. I don’t think I would enjoy doing a post on my own. Too much like bookwork, mate. I do a lot of bookwork for my business and can’t imagine myself doing it for fun.

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  77. Choicy says:

    Tarn, Hahaha! There’s no sharp rock or wombats in my house. The problem is the isolation and no contact with people. Sheilas like to stay with me but after a few days they long for the towns again. They like the outdoors for a while as long as it’s not too tough or too long. They like the cute things like wombats from a distance but you can’t live in my patch for long before you realize there’s nothing cute about the outbacks, mate.

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  78. Choicy says:

    Thanks wee Molly but I concur with Fuzzie saying don’t headbutt the fembots on my account, mate. I made it seem I’m sad and lonely which is not actually the case, Molly. I’m too busy surviving in the wild to be lonely and my horses and dogs are good mates.

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  79. Choicy says:

    Bloom, yeah it’s good to know Liz and Mike are good.

    Well that’s it for this digger, mates. The bookwork is done and the farming is never done and I must build up some strength for another hard day tomorrow. I’m off to the snoozer, my mates. Goodnight.

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  80. Liz says:

    Night Choicy. 🙂

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  81. @ choicy maybe someday a post about a typical mtgtow day in the outback might be interesting? It’s a world most of us have never seen for sure!

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  82. BuenaVista says:

    I’ve had three Russian girlfriends.

    One worked for Gorbachev and wore Chanel. She was in a Tilda Swinton movie. Her husband #2 is a famous Russian poet. I hired her after 20 minutes to produce marketing fluff.

    She sent some nasty boys with Russian accents to my house when I broke up with her. She was married to an ABC News talking head and wanted out; he was falling apart; I declined to save her. I miss her but she was highly strategic as well as tactical in her management of my affections. My secretary, and my CFO (both women), wanted to kill me when I told her that we had a small problem with Elena-in-Marketing. But they relented because I was recently divorced, and Elena wore Chanel, which pissed them off big-time already. So they were content to blame her for my one, and only, workplace infatuation.

    Another was a more modest girl, who modeled in western Europe but lived in St. Petersburg with her mother and five year old son. I stayed at the Arcadia (the hotel Hitler planned to live in following the conquest of Leningrad) and she would stand, forlorn, without makeup, in a cloth coat, in the lobby while waiting for us to go out on the town. (It was just assumed back then that any Russian girlfriend was a hooker so the hotels were vicious, absolutely vicious — I’ve never seen anything like it, which prompts a story about the respected hookers in Chanel at the bar of the Pierre in NYC but I’ll pass). She was less strategic, but highly tactical. After I returned to DC, I got a sobbing phone call, “When are you coming back?” My gosh, she was a beautiful woman.

    The third was the least physically attractive, but her eyes grew wide when I took her to bookstores in Moscow and bought her the English literature classics. She was technically a “CIS girl”, i.e., she lived in Kazakhstan. She’s a badass who runs logistics for south Asia oil companies, and in south Asia, there aren’t any women doing that. You want to see a temper? Allow someone like her to observe a minor conversation with another Russian woman on Facebook. I miss her because she’s literate, and like the other two, values a man for being a man. American women do not value a man for being a man. They value a man who makes them feel like a woman. Russian women want a MAN.

    But Russian women are traders. In my abundant experience (haha, like I have a lot, but I did run a company with 100 Russians), they expect the quid for the quo. Truthfully, I don’t think I have a problem with that, because it’s on the level and plain. And man-oh-man, the sex. Unbelievable.

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  83. BuenaVista says:

    I want to run sheep and cattle for Choicy for a few months. And fly that Cessna to town for the weekly beer run.

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  84. molly says:

    BuenaVista and SFC Ton

    Sounds like some of you men have had eventful life!

    I know Cill has! I wish he would write posts on some of them. He has kept to tame events like the nurse with patient tingles and Bicycle Bill. That’s so tame compared with his other events!

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  85. SFC Ton says:

    LOL darling Molly, every time I sit down to write a post like that it comes out poorly. I have been thinking about writing more about military stuff, mostly so I can talk good about my boys. Most have been that unsung hero type at somepointoranotherdownrange. I love them fuckers like kin, even the bastards I hated

    Now BV, he has the good stories. Saying, not shit, there I was ass deep in hajjis gets old pert quick

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  86. molly says:

    Off to work I go ho ho! 🙂
    I will see a ho too. A PPP has an office quite close to mine. She looks important in her business suit but I have seen her drunk in a crew XD
    (heh heh)
    See ya!

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  87. SFC Ton says:

    I threatened to kill a doctor once, does that count as a hospital story? This one time a nurse was cleaning me off so the doctor would see me and I got a rager. She said nothing, I didn’t think to hide it etc. Was a bit loopy from falling about 800 feet with very little lift. Would have felt her up etc but I was complete strapped down and my speech was slurred even to me

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  88. Cill says:

    Yeah I would find it hard write about myself in “big events”. If it had happened to another bloke I could write about it, but not when it’s about myself. I’ll keep to the “tame” events for now.


  89. Cill says:

    Ton I reckon with the rager and all it counts as a “big event”. Yeah bro! Hahahaha!


  90. Cill says:

    (shoulder-shaking laughter here)


  91. SFC Ton says:

    Big event? Its been said


  92. Sumo says:

    Hospital stories? I performed a law enforcement function in a hospital for the better part of a decade, so I guess I’ve got a few. Mostly the stories involve drunken morons and mental health patients.


  93. BuenaVista says:

    I’d like to read some professional research on the nature of female caregivers and male boners.

    Failing that, perhaps Liz can get real.

    I’m such a dope I insisted on pulling my IV and chest pump into the shower alone last summer, when Nurse What’s Her Name was telling me all about Fishing and Floating on the fucking Missouri and What do I do for fun? and, I think I should give you a hand!?

    I’ll probably run into her in the Hard Rock in Sioux City sometime. But, you know, the magic will be gone. I no longer look like someone who got hit by the ugly truck.


  94. BuenaVista says:

    I never threatened to kill a doctor. I have screamed at a resident that “it doesn’t have to hurt so much, give me the fucking money juice.” (I had 20 broken bones and a collapsed lung at the time.) A kindly little man, he did. Later he stopped by to discuss my tone, of which he disapproved.

    We live in an era of Tone Management.

    In my experience, Canada is better at pain management. That’s because their hospitals are oversubscribed (owing to single payer). So, dudes, you are going to get hammered, and hammered good, if you are in pain. Yay.

    Of course, you’ll still be in a room with six other people, and I was 24″ from the bed of a woman dying of lung cancer. She only screamed all night. I demanded release, called my secretary, requested any mode of transport away. I took as much Dilaudid as possible, begged for a jiggly little bottle of more, and rode a taxi to the Intercontinental in Montreal. Took a bath and passed out on the champagne. The room was quiet. The train back to DC to about three days, but you can’t fly when there’s a hole in your lung.


  95. SFC Ton says:

    Your sectary sucked ass BV. You most certainly can fly if the bird is set up correctly and I think one rents for like 35-40k…. I cannot remember which but it is the largest bidness expense I ever booked and my employer said there was no budget for the evac


  96. molly says:

    First thing at work who do I see? The ho! The PPP strutting across the pavement down there. I should give her a headbutt!

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  97. BuenaVista says:

    Good to know. I rode Amtrak for three months going to my clients after that episode, because the doctors said, “No pressurized aircraft!”. Once I went to Atlanta and averaged 48 mph. It just furthered my impression: we’re not on earth, we’re already in Hell.

    The American rail system should be replaced with herb gardens.


  98. molly says:

    I’ll leave so you men can tell “big events”, eh. (heh heh)
    I should be working anyhow.
    See ya later. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!
    (just kidding) 😀

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  99. Sumo says:

    As I’m Japanese, there’s no point in engaging in the big event contest.


  100. Cill says:

    It depends. You might be packing Scottish at the time, bro.

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  101. SFC Ton says:

    Not really sure we need a faster rail system BV. Not the most practical of things when you think about it


  102. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Leave the PPP alone. I think that you may have a happier off work lifestyle than her. Her’s has to be emotionally empty and lonely. On top of that, she can’t count a bear among her friends.

    This whole thing with the PPPs only have a man in their bed once…
    It’s so contrary!

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  103. padawan says:

    The PPP “Crew”

    Some will weep and some will sing
    Beside the crew’s parade,
    Some will take and some will bring
    The flowers there displayed.

    Some will spread and some will rise
    With action all around
    Some with seed will swell in size
    And with the State be bound.

    But will the State with all its leeches
    Teach their boys to play,
    And can the minds of fembot teachers
    Think past girls and gay?

    Or will the best men leave forever
    Tired of flowers of scorn,
    Will the crew survive the terror
    When the grooms have gone.

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  104. Liz says:

    “Failing that, perhaps Liz can get real.”

    Not sharing any hospital boner stories, BV. 😛

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  105. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I just looked at the video in the original post agian. The criminal justice system has to come down on this like a ton of bricks. While at J4G, I saw a lot of Tommy Sotomayor “beastie” videos. Bad enough when it’s confined to a minority, what is to be done when it spills out to the majority?


  106. Yoda says:

    New post there is.

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  107. “My secretary, and my CFO (both women), wanted to kill me when I told her that we had a small problem with Elena-in-Marketing”

    Oh dear, I can only imagine! Lol.


  108. molly says:

    ” what is to be done when it spills out to the majority?”
    Yes female violence is mainstream here. Not only when drunk. We see NZ news clips of road rage females slugging it out.

    A bit like the post wars on this blog 😛

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  109. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Road rage incidents? Maqybe I shouldn’t be surprised, it was years ago that I heard about “glassing” in the UK. Women who feel insulted in a pub feel free to breaki a pint glass on a man’s face. While he goes to the hospital for stiches, there is never any prosecution.
    Rossh was lucky to be in Canada last Saturday. He only got drenched with beer by a feminist.

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  110. BuenaVista says:

    Liz, frustrating innocent observers, AGAIN!

    Anyway, as an experienced consumer of hospital services, there’s always a nurse. Even in intensive care when your head is swollen to 150% of normal size, one eye is closed, you’re bloated by the IV such that you lose 20 pounds the day or two after you go home, there’s five wires and tubes attached to your person, you get to sleep two hours at a stretch between two of them flipping on the lights to reload the happy juice, you haven’t felt your feet in a month, and you need to click that morphine clicker 5x in order to roll on your side to take a leak, or await that magical suppository up your ass to make things move. And that nurse is a female. She’s quite prepared, in the latter case, when you say, Go to town, sister. That little bullet gets rammed home with authority and purpose.

    Sure, there are male nurses. They’re the ones who walk up and down the hallways with you when you want to go home, and make you prove you can step into a bathtub without falling down.

    But again, after a couple of weeks, when it’s shower time, it’s always a femme. I’m sure my experience is anecdotal, right?


  111. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I used to live in a town so boring and small that they would print the Fire Department logs along with the Police logs. There was a spate of old people falling out of bed with fire crews ressponding to put them back. Asking a fireman about it, it turns out there were no male nurses at the old folk’s home.


  112. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While I can see a man running away from the PPPs, I can’t see how they could be such a big influence that they would screw it up for all. I need a more elaborate explanation of how New Zealand women have lost their men. please.


  113. Cill says:

    When I said the PPPs have lost their men, I meant they’ve lost the men they most want validation from. The PPPs are left with the dregs of men. Real men aren’t interested in the PPPs for sex or anything else. The crews are frustrated because they are not getting the men they want. As princesses they believe men exist to meet their every need, so all they need to do is make their needs known, right? Act drunk and slutty and the men you desire will see what you want and flock to you (they think).

    A lot of young NZ women are not PPPs, so my comment doesn’t apply to them, except to say once a man has seen just how scatty and stupid women can be, it can reduce his interest in women in general.


  114. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I see your point. The PPPs have lost their shot at a man they would wish to keep.
    Stupid PPPs!

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  115. Liz says:

    “You most certainly can fly if the bird is set up correctly and I think one rents for like 35-40k…. I cannot remember which but it is the largest bidness expense I ever booked and my employer said there was no budget for the evac”

    That’s interesting, Ton. I, too, didn’t think air travel was possible with that type of chest wound. Helicopter, sure (they don’t reach high enough altitude). I wonder if they had to stay below a certain altitude? (Just thinking out loud)

    BV mentioned Russian OPERA and “the cops’ version of a Breathalyzer is an open palm for the 30 rubles that will buy them a cup of coffee” on the other thread. I had an anecdote about that one. A friend of ours did a sort of “pilot exchange” program (very short-term, only a few days) right after the wall fell in the early 90s in Russia. I think it was with the airlines. Anyway, he said the flight attendants came around passing out the vodka to all the pilots in the cockpit in the early AM. By the time they took off, everyone had a good portion. The flight attendant’s cart was even out at take off and the thing rolled all the way down as they lifted off and made a big crash at the back of the plane. No FAA, or anything like it apparently, in Russia back then.

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  116. BuenaVista says:

    Air France pilots took up to two glasses of wine with their in-flight meals, 20 years ago. I don’t now if that practice continues.

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  117. SFC Ton says:

    LOL.last time I flew with a Russian air crew they were drinking as they walked up to the helo. Rather not repeats that experience but I wanted out of africa.

    Not sure how they do it Liz, maybe it’s altitude or short hops? I didn’t do much besides you a SAT phone and arrange ground transportation. 1st stop was Dubai, so maybe it’s a combo?

    Air France has hot air waitress. So does Air Itail

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  118. Cill says:



  119. BuenaVista says:

    With a pneumothorax it’s pressure altitude. If your lungs leak gas into your chest cavity, you’re going to blow up when the average airliner levels off with a internal pressure altitude of 5000. Your chest is just going to explode. I’m unaware of a pressure vessel that maintains ground-level pressure altitude at cruise altitudes.


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