The Unbearable Darkness of Being Feminist

Over at The Other McCain there is a blurb about the oddness of Feminism.  A few quotes,

No feminist ever asks herself: “Where are the happy people? Why do I find myself surrounded by people who make a career of their misery?”

What happens if you systematically teach young people to direct their behavior away from basic human nature? Craziness, perhaps? Misery?

Parents pay $41,380 annual tuition so their daughters can have 1-in-5 chance of being raped?

The question is: “Why are they so hateful; why do they spread so much misery, why are they seemingly so crazy?”

Is it because,

1. Women are only happy when they submit to man, but are told that they must never do so?

2.  As a variation of above, women feel that they must shit test the entire world continually because nobody is standing up to their shit tests?

3. Hormones?

4.  Unleashed hypergamy?

5.  Repressed baby rabies?

6.  Alpha-widowhood ruins them for themselves and everybody else (especially their children)?

7.  They are told that emasculated men are who they want, but they really don’t?

8.  They trust in status, prestige and material possessions?

9.  They are so entitled that they are like spoiled children, divorced from reality?

10. That thugs and wannabe thugs just don’t cut it in the long term?

11. That depending almost exclusively on their youth, beauty and the government leaves them shallow and empty?

12. That continually complaining about problems that don’t exist (e.g. rape culture) makes one conflicted and nutty inside?

Add more if you please.  So which combos, and in what percentages is it?

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64 comments on “The Unbearable Darkness of Being Feminist
  1. Farm Boy says:

    I would bet that none of these apply to Moehau Man’s Women.


  2. Farm Boy says:

    I think that Fuzzie needs a bear gravitar.

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  3. Yoda says:

    Choice paralysis have I do.

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  4. Cill says:

    1. I think the human female’s innate dislike of males came first, as exemplified by that nasty little ditty “Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice” which expressed feelings held since time immemorial.

    2. Envy came next. Resentment at man’s creativity and success in building civilizations that women could never hope to emulate.

    3. Later came her invention of “The Patriarchy” as the cornerstone of her organized group-biased ideology.

    4. The rest is history.

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  5. theasdgamer says:

    Feminists are aiming to spread discord between men and women in order to benefit women. This is following standard Alinsky tactics.

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  6. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Picking up where it was left off in the last thread, how will women react when men fially realize that eighty percent of them are below average judged by their photos alone? They shoouldn’t even be talking to woeen.
    Who wins in a gender war?

    To propose another thought repective to men slipping in the last twenty years, Women have gotten more stuck up. Good reason for eighty percent of men to stop talking to them.

    This is not directed at you. However, there is only one of you and a millions of them.

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  7. Yoda says:

    “As miserable as a feminist” a new expression it should be.

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  8. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    In their case, literally holding up a mirror to them will send running away screeching. That last video with the gal holding up a sign at the slutwalk in Vancouver BC is telling.


  9. Farm Boy says:

    Feminists are aiming to spread discord between men and women in order to benefit women

    But are they benefitting women?


  10. Farm Boy says:

    This is following standard Alinsky tactics.

    It is odd how those that they are supposedly trying to help, end up worse.
    The leaders, however, do well.

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  11. theasdgamer says:

    Women think that they benefit. UMC women might end up better off financially.


  12. I see women do the same now all the time, my friend’s wife last night being one. She supposedly wants a happy marriage, but then willfully opposes his headship every frustrating step of the way. Then complains she’s unhaaaaapy. Ug!

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  13. theasdgamer says:

    Mrs. Gamer wants a meetup tomorrow. I’m apprehensive. I think I’d rather meet up with you all.

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  14. And then he was even more free in sharing possible ideas to make prep, set up, or the process go smoother! (Bloom is learning! Hopefully!)

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    I don’t think women inately despise men.

    I think that some of the guys here might question that. But perhaps the problem stems from civilization growing dysfunctional, and not being able to determine the cause(s) well.

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  16. Farm Boy says:

    Women think that they benefit.

    I would dare say that they think poorly. Once again, an indictment of the educational system.


  17. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    What worries me is that you could come up with a new story, like your friend’s wife, every week. How often could you come up witha story that would instill confidence? These woemn may eventually cut their own throat but, they’re cutting every other wonan’s too.
    Looking back on it. I think the reason that herbivores make up almost two thirds of Iapan’s male youth is that, one, In Japan, marriage is seen to be sexless and, two, salaryman hands over his paycheck to the little woman. She gives him an allowance that is, essentialy, lunch money. Herbavores are working cheap jobs but have more disposable income.While Japanese culture is alien, their demographics are similar, just ten years ahead.

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  18. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    While I am guessing that she misses you, don’t give her a home field advantage. Someplace nuetral to meet would be good.

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  19. Cill says:

    Liz, I’d sure like to host your boys here (and you and your husband too of course) however… the only people who know where I live are a close-knit bunch who seriously protect my location. Only one of them has betrayed my trust (one of the young men I’ve helped) and the trouble it gave me was so bad I determined to tighten my already tight rules. I don’t invite people here. It’s simply easiest to be able to tell everybody: there are no exceptions.

    However there’s a chance I could meet you and your family some day depending on which coast you live by – west, east or Caribbean. Having sailed all parts of the Pacific I’d like to try the Atlantic i.e. cruise up the east coast of South and Central America, then the Caribbean and North America. I could stop to see you and then Tarn and her FwB on the way, and eventually drop in on Spawny in the UK and cruise the Baltic and Mediterranean. I have a choice of sailboat or power boat and I think this time I’ll choose the power boat. It’s a big mission, big logistics… but in a broad sort of way I’ve already started the planning. At this stage it’s just a dream.

    Your boys would like the power boat. It can go like a bat out of hell.

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  20. theasdgamer says:

    Well…in anticipation of a meetup with Mrs. Gamer, I have had two ounces of vodka, several swigs of Sangria, one bottle of Lite beer (yuck!) and I am fairly plasterered. lolz

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  21. theasdgamer says:

    Bloom, you can probably tell that I’m very apprehensive about the whole luuuurve thingie. It’s just a way to break a man.

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  22. Cill says:

    I’m not worried about you asd. You’re a big boy, you can look after yourself. Anyway, good luck.

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  23. theasdgamer says:

    Big boy drinking liquid courage, lolz. Thanks, Cill, matey.


  24. Cill says:

    Advice from young buck to older stud: don’t get too sozzled. Keep a clear head.

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  25. theasdgamer says:

    No worries. Sleeeep will clear the noggin.


  26. Cill says:

    I’m just catching up on comments. “Mrs. Gamer wants a meetup tomorrow“. That’s different. I withdraw my comment at 4:44 a.m.

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  27. theasdgamer says:

    A meetup with Mrs. Gamer is still a prospect to cause apprehension, even with a clear head. I think that I will bring Sangria to unsettle her a bit.


  28. Ads, some further advice, mixing up your drinks like that can be bad news. If you must, liquor followed by sangria/win or beer, but not both. Headache hangover makings. Too late tonight so cheers! Just future reference… 😉

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  29. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    I thought all this was over and done with in 2008 when all the banks had to be balied out.

    This is all about compounding asset inflation with leverage. Sorry to get so far off topic but, this is very popular with housewives. Banks like it too because they see collateral.There is only one problem, this doesn’t add real value.


  30. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    To add to what Bloom advised, my Dad cautioned against “mixing grain and grape”. It had to be an old adage when he first heard it.
    Please let us know how it went. And, I hope that it went well.

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  31. SFC Ton says:

    Women are rarely happy even when under submission they are only less unhappy.

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  32. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It doesn’t take that much to make a man content. Food, shelter, clothing, and a good night’s sleep.

    Feminists have no idea what they are tinkering with. Without the extra effort that men put into families, we’ll all be back to grass huts as Cmille Paglia observed.

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  33. @ fuzzie I do see good examples too, although they are usually “quieter” than the bad ones. I will try to share those more often…

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  34. Cill says:

    Well, the time is approaching rugby kick-off, and the most fascinating blog on Earth can’t keep me away from the good old game of rugger.

    I’ll make a prediction. Rugby will decline in NZ. When NZ along with other countries pushed for Seven-a-side rugby in the Olympics, someone should have said “be careful what you wish for”. Money will suck the best NZ players to the 4 corners of the Earth. It has already been happening for decades, but Seven-a-side rugby in the Olympics will accelerate the process. On top of this, there are far too many foreign sports trying to establish themselves here. Our population is too small to compete in them all at top international level.

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  35. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    What needs to be brought to light is the proportion. While I haven’t read “Men on Strike”, I have to think that it’s author, Helen Smith, has a good marriage.


  36. Spawny Get says:

    Beer before wine,
    All will be fine,
    Wine before beer,
    All will be queer

    There’s a French one about red and white wine.
    Red / rouge is rhymed with bouge / move
    I think it was about rooms spinning vs whatever rhymed with white / blanc.


  37. Spawny Get says:

    Found it

    “Blanc sur rouge,
    rien ne bouge,
    rouge sur blanc,
    tout fout le camp”

    the site says – “which loosely translates to “White before red won’t go to your head; red before white and you’re out for the night!”

    I reckon

    Blanc sur rouge – white over red
    rien ne bouge, – nothing moves / your head won’t spin
    rouge sur blanc, – red over white
    tout fout le camp” – everything’s…done / gone / screwed / over 😉


  38. missattempts says:

    Tarnished has flown the coop. It had to happen eventually. It reminds me of
    the song “Any Day Now,” by various artists.
    My present mood is “All Alone,” by Brenda Lee.


  39. Spawny Get says:

    Last I heard, Miss, it’s wall to wall working.


  40. Yoda says:

    Communism caused more misery than Feminism it has.
    But Feminism done it is not.

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  41. Yoda says:

    Wonder if women enjoy misery I do.

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  42. Yoda says:

    Because bring it upon themselves intentionally appears it does.

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  43. Yoda says:

    Perhaps Sith behind Feminism they are.


  44. Yoda says:

    If white then privliged you are.

    This Is What a School District’s $100K-Per-Year White-Privilege Conference Teaches PRINT ARTICLE EMAIL ARTICLE ADJUST FONT SIZEAA by KATHERINE TIMPF June 17, 2015 5:02 PM @KATTIMPF You’re racist and everything is all your fault. Oregon’s Gresham-Barlow school district spends $100,000 each year on a white-privilege conference that teaches its faculty that they’re racist and should therefore blame themselves for student misbehavior. The week-long “Coaching for Educational Equity” conference is mandatory for all administrators (and optional for teachers) in the Portland-area K–12 school district each year, according to the Education Action Group Foundation, a national non-partisan, non-profit education reform organization headquartered in Michigan. EAG reports that school-board member Dan Chriestenson recently obtained the conference materials after a long battle with the Oregon Center for Educational Equity, the private nonprofit that presents the conference. “Many white people in Oregon have no idea that our schools and state are immersed in white culture and are uncomfortable and harmful to our students of color, while also reinforcing the dominant nature of white culture in our white students and families,” one of the conference documents explains. The manual defines this “white culture” with a list of values, such as “promoting independence, self expression, personal choice, individual thinking and achievement,” because apparently those are strictly “white” concepts and not emphasized in black communities. The training instructs participants to stop “blaming when students don’t meet standards” and instead start “examining our beliefs and practices when students don’t meet standards.” It advises faculty to avoid “controlling or teaching discipline to students” and to instead think about “changing school practices that alienate students and lead to disruptions.”

    Homeschooling makes sense it does.


  45. SFC Ton says:

    If White men want to reverses our decline we must become what we are accused of. Unlikely to occur so expect to.hear more a out White privilege etc


  46. Yoda says:

    Privilege or “promoting good behaviors” this would be?

    The manual defines this “white culture” with a list of values, such as “promoting independence, self expression, personal choice, individual thinking and achievement,” because apparently those are strictly “white” concepts and not emphasized in black communities


  47. Spawny Get says:

    Those images are ‘kin great…well done


  48. Spawny Get says:

    Don’t know if the baked potato chain exists in the US, but Lena would be poster girl for


  49. Spawny Get says:

    I remember asking a yankee what was so bad about Gore…fuck me, that was a dumb question in retrospect.


  50. Spawny Get says:

    made the comment on another thread, but I think it’s a better fit here

    Just saw a great comment on the article that I linked to yesterday, says it all in response to a typical femeroid bitch

    Also, a word to the wise.

    I went my own way over a decade ago. All your shaming tactics and little digs are pointless with MGTOW. I have no buttons for you to press, I don’t care what you think about anything, because to care is to be exploitable by you. Seen all of your run of the mill toxic comments over and over again over the years…because at the end of the day…that is all you have. As soon as shaming tactics and snide comments don’t work, you have nothing. Have you not realised why people here don’t care what you say? You have nothing to say to men. You have no hold over men awake to reality in this gynocentric society.

    All your spite does do is show other guys that are in the process of waking up, what kind of creature feminists are. How much women just do not care about men. How society sees men as providers for women to be roped in and exploited.

    And they see that your tactics don’t work, that men have no need to listen to your type…and they google MGTOW / MRA / PUA / MOO and they’re gone too.

    And if you think I’m too harsh, you should check out the attitudes of the up-coming generations. Those bought up under your misandric regime. You have seen nothing yet, I’m one of the nice guys 😉


  51. Yoda says:

    You have seen nothing yet, I’m one of the nice guys

    Probably true this is.
    About both assertions it would be.
    Women not comprehend they will

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  52. Spawny Get says:

    I think that they’re starting to get an inkling. Of the attitude and the numbers…and the threat. It really is most heartening. That guy’s a damn genius. We’d get on grrrreat


  53. Yoda says:

    Lions and tigers lying down together they are?
    Sign of the apocalypse this is?

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  54. theasdgamer says:

    Maybe one of the ladies will adopt a lamb gravatar image?

    Meetup with Mrs. Gamer was positive. It’s a plus for the relationship chances that she is chasing. We have a 3-month trial plan going forward. I have some hope. Mrs. Gamer thinks that she will be able to handle watching me dance with another woman. I am somewhat skeptical.


  55. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Good to hear.

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  56. Spawny Get says:

    Gamer, is there any scope for showing her a little mercy while maintaining frame? Not meeting her half way, but showing a little kindness?
    If you want to be brutal about it, she came to heel, how about a ‘good girl’? I don’t like the terminology, but I’m searching for a way to clearly communicate the mindset.

    I gather you’ve shown her that you can do open warfare, but is war how it has to be? If it does, I’m not sure I’d bother keeping things going, but is there a velvet glove you can put on the iron hand?

    I don’t know either of you, I’m just throwing out ideas. I don’t mind if you ignore them for whatever reason that you want. I ended up divorced, I’m not claiming any expertise on marital relations.

    Anyway, best of luck, mate. Hopefully to both of you.

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  57. theasdgamer says:

    Thanks, Spawny, indeed, I try to throw a lot of comfort Mrs. Gamer’s way. She’s the love of my life, what can I say? Maybe I need to hit her with that nuclear love bomb, lol.

    However, if she doesn’t feel like she needs to work to make our marriage successful, we will get stuck in the same old, same old habits. I looked at the rules on fighting fair that she got from the counselor and she is very guilty of breaking most all the rules. She wasn’t even aware of some of them, like abstain from reframing and bring up issues at appropriate times (like NOT just before sexy time). I don’t enjoy leaving divorce looming as a Sword of Damocles pending the conclusion of the trial period, but I don’t see any way to avoid doing that.

    As long as Mrs. Gamer was the iron hand with the velvet glove, she was very decent. Once I decided to be a man, Mrs. Gamer came unglued.


  58. Spawny Get says:

    Sounds like the counsellor gave her rules…that’s better than rumours that I’ve heard. Good luck.

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