On the last thread Ton commented,

A woman’s spending habits is just another shit test. Fail them and of course too much will never be enough.

She needs security. When a man fails to say no he fails to show strength of any sorts so she needs another form of security, fiscal security in this case

Everything in the smp/mmp is a proxy for violence or the ability to have others commit violence on your behalf. Fail to have a strong frame and keep her in check she “knows” you have failed the “can he commit violence test” so she will check out the can he have others commit violence on his behalf side of things. That takes money so she pisses through cash.

First consider the commit violence on her behalf aspect.  The Government has made it much easier for it to fill this role, and for her man not to fill this role.  In fact, the Government is on 24/7 call.  All it takes is a few words on her part.  How can the typical man compete?  The government wins here hands down.

As for the fiscal security part, the Government has that covered also.  Either it provides funds directly itself; or in the case of divorce, assigns a quota to the ex-husband.  And who has the real power? The Government.  And who therefore deserves her respect?

It has become so much more difficult for the average man to handle the shit tests.  And to maintain frame.  And for either of the husband or the wife to be happy.

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    Does anybody care about their own happiness?

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  2. Tarnished says:

    I care about my happiness, but this necessarily involves caring about my friends’/partner’s happiness moreso.

    Also, I don’t know if Bloom saw my apology 2 posts ago. I pray she did, and is no longer upset with me.

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  3. Spawny Get says:

    Bloom has been busy…


  4. Yoda says:

    Pay taxes in order to emasculate themselves men do.


  5. @ tarn oh dear, I was never upset with you, I am not even sure what post or comment you are referring to, so please pay it no mind at all! I know you mean me no harm. I am sorry if you thought me upset, I certainly haven’t been! Hugs!!! Xoxoxo

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  6. SFC Ton says:

    Yea the police and welfare mess up the natural dynamics between men and women, but women are more likely to be employed then men now (haven’t seen that broken down by race so maybe non relevant) meaning they have their own cash and credit gives women the illusion they have more wealth then they actually do. And women are happy to settle for the reality of something vs the actual

    Anyrate beta game/ leading with the wallet is pretty much failed at the onset. I am sure it works at some point but what is that point? My income went way up after retiring but my close rate only slightly improved. .mostly likely due more free time and being out more. Oh and being happier. I am sure it works at some point, but at what? 5 times median salary? 20?

    Also age plays a factor. I am looking to buy an old hot rod and employees/ co owners where saying I should a corvette or BMW etc because chicks dig those cars. I laughed at thir ignorance. Later someone found a video on the YouTube about what would get more chicks attention; high end luxury car or and old T bucket hot rod. Hot rod won ( & I won $100). Ferreira etc screams pretentious ass hole to the most of women. The hot rod is a status symbol/ display of wealth but it is also fun, unique etc ie chick crack

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  7. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    SAw this on the MSN home page and had to link. For once, they are not bashing men but they are furiously trying to put lipstick on a pig.

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  8. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    As for what chicks like in wheels, it may be different every week. I don’t change my vehicles every week.

    One phone call and Hubby is out of the house forever. She doesn’t even have to tell a lie, just talk about feelings.

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  9. Sorry the post above has so many autocorrects it makes no sense! Short story long weekend, trade show, people, talking, me introvert, tiring, went well but I am spent. 🙂


  10. @ ton I am not sure re a man treating is a disqualifier or bad, I suppose for some women it may be? I m old fashioned I guess. It would not reduce a man in my eyes, that is for sure! Not would it make me think less of him.

    As for car, a man should get the car he likes, not the car he thinks girls like. Most girls don’t know much more than “ooooh, old car!” Anyway

    My perfect old car is a 1967 firebird, my dads car that my mom drove us around in until my brother talked my mom into selling it so he could buy a Camero (which he still regrets to this day.) everybody has “a car” that’s their idea of perfect. It’s actially a fun party conversation starter, to ask people what is their “perfect car.” 🙂


  11. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Bloom knows what my all time favorite car is. It’s younger than I am and it belongs in a museum.

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  12. SFC Ton says:

    If a woman has a different class of something she likes every week then she has not settled into the over all type of man she likes. By that I mean if she is into trucks one week, and sedans the next, she hasn’t settled into her grove. If she likes F350’s one week and Ram 3500 the next she is still working in that typecast but changing the details depending on which guy in a one ton truck last gave her the tingles

    Most women have a type cast for the sort of man they like. Whatever fits that type cast is what she’ll go for. If she tingles hard, well she’ll justify whatever she needs to to make that man/ his actions/ stuff fit her script. It’s how they work. Useful trait back when women had less options in men folk

    There is very little a man should do specifically for the smp/mmp. Well most men but a man should be aware of how his decisions, actions in actions etc play out in the smp. If a man does X and women hate that, HD needs to know how to roll things to offset X. Money is no different.

    In this case most men don’t understand how money, status, status symbols/ display of wealth play into the smp. Money doesn’t hurt but it’s not a big of an advantage (unless he is every wealthy or her very poor)because of the things I laid out. Plus right now there are a lot of anti wealth basis these days & gold diggers need to keep that gold digging on the down low. So a Ferreira plays into that, or could. Lot of jokes about how cars like that are for dudes with small dicks who cannot get laid and what have you.

    My anecdote is about how men don’t understand how things/ women work in the ssmp/mmp and not some call to action.

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  13. BuenaVista says:

    While provisioning and symbols of success are much less important than ever before in human history, I do think women who act like they’re just ‘renting’ men, are in fact on a ‘rent to own’ plan.

    I do think they circle back to a position where they want to do a forensic on your balance sheet and lay claim to the man and his ability to provide, protect, entertain.

    In this respect, a guy who’s decided not to marry or remarry should probably, and resolutely, confound these inevitable pocketbook inspections, while disdaining the traditional symbols of material advantage.

    One of the revealing attributes of the online dating world is how casually women indicate their annual income, and then specify (in their description of a potential man to date) that he make more money.

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  14. I may have misunderstood what you were saying ton.

    I pay almost no attention to cars and brand and such. Some women do. After first meeting the ex-fiancé a gal who helps with events said, “wow, did you see the car he was driving?” I hadn’t even looked. (Land rover, black) After we started dating he revealed he had chosen it based on its “women appeal.” (I know, i know, bad sign, hence the “ex” part of fiance, bear with me here…) turned out he was underwater in his fancy car, to boot. I was not impressed with his, ummmm, lack of solid financial management. Ironically he hated my car, a gas sipping small one that drives like a zippy little go cart and is not “cool” in the least but it’s paid in full, gets 36 miles per gallon, and I Iove it.

    But not as much as I love a 67 firebird! 🙂

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  15. @ ton I can see what you are saying, there is a certain “trying too hard” factor w cars. Little red convertaible or a similar flashy sports car plus a guy of a certain age screams “mid-life crisis.” Not a good signal to be sending out.

    One thing I have learned in life and in my biz, those who truly have it rarely flau t it, but those who flaunt status symbols rarely do. I can think of several self made millionaires I know who drive some not sexy cars! Just some solid but mid priced sedan, probably tan. Millionaires, self made anyway, tend to be very practical types, not a lot of frivolous spending. Hence why they are millionaires while others who may have had the same or even higher income are mortgaged and financed to the nth degree, a house of cards…

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  16. SFC Ton says:

    BV, my theory is displays of wealth/ status that are about a man’s adventurous life are good to go, ones that flaunt wealth much less so unless it’s an extreme level of wealth.

    Ex; a 70k BMW? Boring and everyday. Same amount of money invested in 64 chevy pick up truck? High gloss black and chrome….Good to go. Not going to seal the deal in and of itself, but good to go. The truly wealth men I know are married or keeping their net worth hidden from women so it’s a little of outside looking in and not equating UMC with real wealth.

    The wealthiest man I know? Drives a 94 Ford Ranger because it was his dream ride when we were Rangers and broke. He is also pretty much doing the MGTOW thing. I mean he pulls ass on occasion but is not all that into chicks compared to making money and enjoying his money so I am not inculding him in my reckonings

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  17. Liz says:

    This is funny:

    Doesn’t have anything to do with emasculinization, the topic.
    But it’s deanglization, I guess? Reminds me of the “ethnicity” woman Swithy links to from time to time.


  18. Liz says:

    When we lived in Plano, TX (land of the faux-shows of wealth, only second to Las Vegas) Mike delivered pizzas. We learned a lot about the faux-rich there. Most of the people with huge homes and the nicest cars were strung out on credit.

    It didn’t occur to me then, but living around people like that now I know, that sort of lifestyle might be necessary depending on the person’s career. If your hedge fund manager/financial advisor/ect isn’t living well for instance, you might question if he’s any good at managing your money. That’s a very stressful lifestyle, and I would not like it at all.

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  19. Liz says:

    Just to add, we have a friend living down here who is a hedge fund manager and when he bring clients to his home it sets him back about 8K just for one night of dinner entertainment expenses. He also is expected to take clients to the Superbowl games and so forth. His entertainment expenses for clients alone run in 6 figures. His wife is pretty and very down to earth. She says the taxes on their property alone without even the mortgage payment are 30K a month. It takes a LOT of profit to fund that sort of lifestyle, especially in a down market. Fortunately the market has been doing pretty well for the past couple of years.

    BTW, Southwest stock is down right now and it’s (probably, nothing is certain of course) a good buy. It dipped on news that American is going to be more competitive with their pricing. But American is no match for Southwest…too much overhead, too many pensions to pay. If they sold out every seat they still wouldn’t’ have enough to support all the pensions and expenses and break even.

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  20. Yoda says:

    First consider the commit violence on her behalf aspect. The Government has made it much easier for it to fill this role

    Almost as if solicit clients they do.

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  21. BuenaVista says:

    I’m experimenting with low-pay/zero-pay in my dating life — really for the first time. Just along the lines of conventional RP thinking: don’t try to buy your way into relationship, don’t model what you don’t want to be any more (drafthorse), don’t over-invest like a supplicating try-hard.

    It feels very awkward, but my plan is to take my male friends out for steak dinners, while suggesting evenings at home for the dates.

    No blowback so far. I’m flying out to see a friend this weekend, and she even offered to help with the tickets, which is a first in my lifetime.

    Only one woman, in my entire life, kept silent score on the money front and bought her own tickets, traveled as much as I in order for us to be together, and took pains to reciprocate on other dating expenses.

    Meanwhile I have an old farmer friend whose wife is a morbidly obese invalid (she can’t get out of the bathtub unassisted) so he never gets away. We’re headed up to the Twin Cities Wednesday to watch his beloved Cardinals play the Twins, and I’ll take him to the best steakhouse in town.

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  22. missattempts says:

    Many older generation people feel they have been cheated out of sex.
    A long time ago, I heard a comiedian complaining that people can see just about
    ANYTHING today, but in his day, they were lucky if the could see some female
    movie star in a tight sweater.
    That’s probably why the song “Standing On The Corner, Watching All The Girls Go
    By,” was written in the 1950’s.
    Women ARE NOT my enemies. It’s just that I am not native to your world, and I am
    communication stumped.


  23. Yoda says:

    “From the Government we are,
    here to help we would be”


  24. Yoda says:

    Just some solid but mid priced sedan, probably tan

    No green cars there are.
    Sad this would be.

    A car colored like Molly a sight that would be.

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  25. Thoughts on the post (finally, lol, sorry bout that!) I know a lot of women fall under this illusion that the govt. has got her back, but does it really? I would take the care and protection of one man who truly loves me over any nameless, faceless govt. backing anyday. Anyday. Like today! Today would be nice! (Kidding…or actually how depressing…I don’t want to shack up with the govt…waaaa…chocolate! Who did this and where do we get off the cray cray train? I know, preaching to the choir but…)

    Women who think the govt. will be there for them personally better than a man could? Not thinking that one thru at all.

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  26. Liz says:

    “A car colored like Molly a sight that would be.”

    This van comes close 🙂

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  27. Liz says:

    Image for Fuzzie:
    It’s Pandamonium!!



  28. Liz says:

    “First consider the commit violence on her behalf aspect. The Government has made it much easier for it to fill this role, and for her man not to fill this role. In fact, the Government is on 24/7 call. All it takes is a few words on her part. How can the typical man compete? The government wins here hands down.

    As for the fiscal security part, the Government has that covered also. Either it provides funds directly itself; or in the case of divorce, assigns a quota to the ex-husband. And who has the real power? The Government. And who therefore deserves her respect?”

    Respectfully, Farmboy, I think the above is a little too direct. I dont’ think the average woman even makes, and understands, the correlation between violence and government any more than she understands the correlation between a nation’s currency and the strength of the economy. It just is.

    So her contempt for her man/men (though most definitely the result of fem-centric laws that are disempowering for men) in general is not going to ipso facto result in higher “respect” for government. She doesn’t even think about where her disproportionate power is derived. Her life is so safe it doesn’t even register for her.

    It’s kind of like the UN. Nations do this too…until something happens and the equation changes and they can’t.

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  29. Tarnished says:

    I’m so glad you’re not angry with me! I thought I really messed up, and was being given the cold shoulder. Happy to hear you just didn’t see my comment and/or apology instead. I’ll grab you the links later…

    It’s good to hear you found at least know of women who make a point of paying their way. Many MGTOW that I speak to/read comments by on Facebook haven’t *ever* met one who’s adult enough to not just consider his wallet as her own from date #1. It is fantastic that men and boys have blogs and websites like these to learn from, so they understand that options for dating styles *are* out there.

    Interestingly, I was talking to my FwB about dating, and he’s of the opinion that whoever does the asking is the one who should pay. I said that such a thing isn’t fair, since males usually do the asking far more than women…He said that’s true, but then smirked and said that’s also why it is so important for guys to learn how to get women to ask them out/switch the gender roles. Then he stole some of the ice cream from my bowl and earned himself a light punch to the arm, lol.

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  30. SFC Ton says:

    I agree witb Liz, for the most part women don’t make a considered decision on this stuff(true of most of what people do) but none the less the info is running in the background operating systems and has a large impact on how things play out.

    Now, with diversity, it is part of the overt operating systems

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  31. Liz says:

    I’ve never seen Bloom give anyone the cold shoulder, Tarn. 🙂

    I always paid my way until I started dating Mike. He insisted on paying, so I let him. Then he ran out of money and I gave him mine. Then, we had no money for a while. 😛
    Of course, things are a LOT different later in life after one is established. We didn’t have anything then really.

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  32. Tarnished says:

    Half of me thought not, Liz, but I’ve been burned too much by womenfolk to be sure…Like I said, I’m glad it wasn’t the case.

    I don’t know if I could date someone who always/usually insisted on paying. Every now and then is appreciated, sure, but more than half the time? I’d be afraid they were pedestalizing me. It’s cool how you and Mike worked it out in the end. 🙂

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  33. Speaking of diversity, I saw my first “i’m out!” Caitlyn Jenner this weekend at the trade show. That was quick.

    I would agree with Liz, few women are conscious of the whole violence/power/safety thing, it may be running on the subconcious level but I would bet most women are still buying the “you’re disempowered and it’s all ebul men’s fault” shtick.

    The first time I realized how incredibly vulnerable my situation truly is was the night the known hardcore drug addict came to my door, I answered it, then realized after I closed it and she was gone how many types of sideways that could have gone. Like she could have had two friends waiting outside. It’s no secret around these parts I live here, alone. And run a business. And there might be cash about. Or stuff to steal and sell. Luckily it didn’t go down like that but it could have.

    Another thing that keeps me up nights (or I can’t even think about wo freaking out) is the more likely scnerio that I just simply run myself into the ground trying to hold things together on my own. Then what? A boat with two is much safer than a boat with one.

    Such thoughts almost made me go ahead with a what likely would have been a disastrous pairing just for some security against that risk. I have to beware such thinking, as I have seen far too many women fleeced of her assets then left with the wreckage but a opportunist. I don’t want to be that story, either.

    So it comes back to patience, and faith, and the moment. Right now I am ok. My girls are ok. The bills are paid if not a lot extra. The past two years have been incredibly challenging ones, but I have made it this far by simply getting up and showing up and trusting the universe that this all fits together somehow even if I can’t see five feet down the path, much less know where any of this is going.

    Sorry if all that’s heavy. There is a security in having a man. Starting with a father. That’s a security I only knew for two years, and it’s not been an easy road since. The govt. is no substitute for someone being there for you through life’s thick and thin. Trust me on this. I hope it’s a feeling few ever have to even know.

    And Tarn no worries re the links. I truly do live in the moment. And I rarely get out of sorts. We’re good! If I said something that rubbed you wrong, I certainly did not I tend to do so either. If I disappear here, assume maximum busy-ness, and I will be back! 🙂 the next 6 months are my high season, and I am doing solo what really is the work of many. Good think I am such a rock star! 😉

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  34. Liz says:

    “Speaking of diversity, I saw my first “i’m out!” Caitlyn Jenner this weekend at the trade show. That was quick.”

    You saw Caitlyn in real life? How does it look in real life? I’ve only seen the photoshopped Vanity Fair version of Caitlyn, and I don’t buy it.

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  35. And p.s. the guy in the Ford Ranger sounds like a catch! Being true to your roots, knowing what really matters, defining succesz for ones self, all very appealing qualities!


  36. Liz says:

    “I don’t know if I could date someone who always/usually insisted on paying.”

    I thought that before, too. But there was something about Mike that made it impossible for me to object to anything he wanted. 😉

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  37. Not Caitlyn herself, this was a Caitlyn wannabe. No, not very effective in person, I am afraid. Is it the “new black?” Oh vay! So summer 2015! 😉

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  38. Spawny Get says:

    You may laugh…if you have a sense of humour. Which is pretty much required when you hear that the daft bint Caroline Criado Perez has been awarded an OBE


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  39. Tarnished says:

    No worries then, Bloom. It was a few threads ago, that I ninja’d my way into your conversation with Cill about FwB and the having of children. 😛

    One of my customers got back from a press meeting, and he actually got a real picture with Caitlyn. She’s obviously very beautiful in the photoshopped pics…she’s far more of a regular looker irl. Funny how that works for celebs, eh?

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  40. Liz says:

    “One of my customers got back from a press meeting, and he actually got a real picture with Caitlyn. She’s obviously very beautiful in the photoshopped pics…she’s far more of a regular looker irl. Funny how that works for celebs, eh?”

    Yeah. I’ve seen a few celebs in real life too. It’s pretty obvious you can’t just take a 65 year old man who kinda, sorta looks like a woman and give him some hormones, put him in a dress and suddenly he is “hot” and beautiful. I mean, I WISH it were so because if that were true the average female who didn’t get fat would be fuckable into her 80s.

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  41. BuenaVista says:

    Tarn, on paying:

    It’s good to hear you found at least know of women who make a point of paying their way. Many MGTOW that I speak to/read comments by on Facebook haven’t *ever* met one who’s adult enough to not just consider his wallet as her own from date #1.”

    Actually, I haven’t. I don’t know a single woman, other than one unicorn from long ago, who doesn’t default to “men drive, men pay, men take my clothes off, men protect.” And these are all SIWs with professional jobs. They usually wait until I’m already paying the bill and then do the half-hearted reach to their handbag, saying, “Do you want me to …?” But I’m tired of it, at least at the moment, so I’m retraining a couple. Equalist habits, when what women prefer is some foundational submission, die harder than I would have thought. They all cycle between equalist postures and pre-feminism submission, typically driven by self-interest.

    Like most RP realities, also, it doesn’t pay to discuss it. Just makes them defensive as hell because they know they’re running a double standard. I just say, “Nah, let’s eat at your place” or simply, “Your turn.” Women play both sides of the street: the “I’m an independent professional” and “It’s so cool when you do me like Don Draper.” The latest experience, with the chick who offered to “help’ with the airfare, derived from my mentioning that SWA (my airline of choice, Liz) charges 1/3 if you leave at 6 a.m. vs. 11 a.m. Since she can’t conceive of getting up at 2 a.m. to drive to the airport, she interpreted that as “I’m broke”, I guess. (I thanked her and declined.)

    The higher the female alpha quotient, the more they like to be led. Or simply thrown over one shoulder. Again, excepting unicorns.

    I have a lifetime of habits to overcome, and I’m of an era that never lets a restaurant bill get cold sitting on the table.

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  42. Yoda says:

    Yeah. I’ve seen a few celebs in real life too.

    Fought Emperor Palpatine with a Light Saber I did.

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  43. Yoda says:

    On the Jedi Council I was

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  44. Tarnished says:

    Oh, sorry BV.
    Didn’t realize that you were training them/calling ’em out. Thought they might be like that naturally like Liz, or maybe even one like me who pays for everything during a night out. 😦

    Darn. Methinks the RP hasn’t seeped into the mainstream nearly enough. :/


  45. Tarnished says:

    I understand that, Bloom. Just spent the entire day (7am-11pm) Saturday and Sunday helping my mom move after having a 56 hour work week. We’re like peas in a pod…busy, busy, busy!

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  46. Tarnished says:

    They usually wait until I’m already paying the bill and then do the half-hearted reach to their handbag, saying, “Do you want me to …?”

    Hmmm. Ever just pretend to put a big smile of relief on and say “Oh, would you? Thanks!”

    Be curious to see how many actually follow through, or just come up with an excuse. And for those who do pay…how would they act afterwards?


  47. BuenaVista says:

    It won’t seep into the mainstream. The mainstream has structured society to enfranchise the feminist double standard, and the benefits of the current regime are too great for women to be reversed.

    Sure, professional women are starting to freak out about the marriage strike, and the lunacy of Sandberg’s Open Hypergamy, but if you recall those magazine stories by women in the ‘conservative’ magazine we discussed her a few weeks ago, none of them are confronting the objective causes of the marriage strike. They just want guys to man up!, because they promise to really, really be nice now and note sagely that “nawalt.” That’s a good one. Even the HUS entrepreneur admits openly that she’ll pull every lever made available to her by the State, should her husband make the mistake of challenging her domestic authority.

    Quite frankly, for someone in my situation, who won’t be re-entrapped, it provides me more social options. I tell everyone I’m not remarrying up front, and they happily ignore my warning; at least until they transition from a “rental” model to a “but I want to rent-to-own.” No SIW would ever admit publicly that she dates only with an eye toward locking down a man in legal marriage, so fine. I’m not owning that disconnect and dissonance.

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  48. BuenaVista says:

    No, I don’t play that game, Tarn. And I would lose significant appeal and options, as the women would be disgusted and/or dismayed, if I did. Men do the driving, paying, undressing, and protecting. Unless she’s a unicorn. Or he’s a pajama boy (and there won’t be any undressing, in that event).

    There are rules to every game, every marketplace. The more cynical and vulgar view is that men should just expect to pay for sex, one way or another — and make decisions accordingly.

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  49. Tarnished says:

    Quite frankly, for someone in my situation, who won’t be re-entrapped, it provides me more social options. I tell everyone I’m not remarrying up front, and they happily ignore my warning; at least until they transition from a “rental” model to a “but I want to rent-to-own.”

    At least you’re being honest about it. If they don’t want to listen, that’s their problem…and one fewer for you, huh? 😉

    No, I don’t play that game, Tarn.

    Fair enough. I was thinking of it more as an experiment, but can appreciate your own thoughts on it.

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  50. Bv I am holding out for a win win myself, but as all here know too well…those are rare to find.

    I’m holding my chips for now. It’s a tough market. Risky for all involved, really…the rules are also ill defined and the sands constantly shifting as well.

    Maybe I should write a book? Hummm… Or a screenplay.

    Or mow. La la la…


  51. Or most pressing: unpack trade show booty from my car…

    The glamorous life!


  52. Liz says:

    Glad you like Southwest, BV. It really is a great company (the current CEO isn’t loved like the old one was, he’s more of a bean-counter, but it’s still a lot better than most other airlines out there). If you take Southwest a lot you might have run into Mike. You two would get along great I’m sure. 🙂


  53. molly says:

    Men here, be here for each other! Please don’t wait for women on the posts before you get up and wag your tail! All the posts about women do work. I’ve seen men read printed posts from this blog and that’s so great! It works IRL! Could you have some posts about men tho? Most men will be single. Could a man write a post on a satisfying single life? A life without a woman. Say you’ve put women behind you, and want to get on with your life. How to approach it? Not how to PUA or blah blah blah or women like this or women don’t like that. Forget that. Be for each other men!

    That’s why God made me without arms! I’d give you all a hug if I could! (women as well, you women here are soo awesome)

    Luv ya ❤

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  54. Liz says:

    Tarn, I’ve paid the whole bill before too, more often than not (before Mike anyway). I’ve mentioned this anecdote before, somewhere else (I think JFG). One time my first boyfriend and I were at a restaurant. This was the asshole. He made fun of me to the waitress and she joined in and then started heavily flirting with him and rubbing his shoulders and so forth. The check arrives and I take it. She was quite surprised that she was rude to the wrong person. But I still gave her a good tip even though she was a stupid crack. I was young then, and much nicer. I’d probably still give her a decent tip now, but I’d have been more direct about confronting her about her behavior.
    At present, I’m living a 180 out relationship than that. Mike would never be rude to me, but since he has the job he pays and he even orders for me, always has (he knows what I like).


  55. molly says:

    You don’t preach PUA here, not saying that. I wish I could find better words!


  56. Liz says:

    Molly is so adorable.


  57. Liz says:

    I want to be sweet and nice like Molly some day. 🙂

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  58. Tarnished says:

    Ugh, sorry to hear you wasted money on a jerk, Liz. Idiots, the dude and waitress both.

    Like you, I will buy 95% of the food/entertainment whenever we go out. He’s used to just let me pay for everything, but has actually begun to put in a little bit. Like if we go out to dinner, I’ll buy the meal, drinks, and dessert…but he’ll do the tip. Or I’ll pick up a pair of movie tickets, his popcorn, and my Milk Duds…but he’ll buy the drink and make sure it’s something we both like. This doesn’t happen every time of course. Yet that just makes it a little more special when he thinks to pay. 😄

    Your idea is great! Our blog should have a few posts for our MGTOW…how they are happy in the single life, what it’s like to not rely on women for validation, the joy of never having to worry about your budget suddenly being gone or finding your favorite chair out by the trash. Oh! Maybe our Sumo can pen a few “Meals for (Just) Me” recipes.

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  59. theasdgamer says:

    Tarn, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find one who turns into a prince. P

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  60. theasdgamer says:

    Ok, so when are we men gonna hold hands in the showers at Molly request? lolz

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  61. Tarnished says:

    Not always, Gamer.
    In terms of “dating”, for me, 3 times was the charm…and that’s if I even want to consider those 2 yahoos in high school “dates”.

    I *do* love treating my guy like a prince, though. 💙👑

    To be fair, methinks just about everyone here…male or female…would/do enjoy spoiling mates who prove themselves worth it!

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  62. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It would be nice if Furbies could hug back. 🙂

    It sounds like youare recovering all right from your ex. There a little problem; it’s beginning to sound like you need a helper in your life.

    I loved the “pandamonenium” photo!

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  63. molly says:

    I can’t hold your hand in the shower, look at me! 😀

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  64. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Remember that guy who got accused at Amnearst last week? He was passed out and had oral sex performed on him. Somehow this constitutes rape there. Toy Soldier has an update. He’s suing.
    When thjis broke, I had to question why those who ejudicated this affair weren’t under arrest and facing prosecution.
    Men don’t have civil rights.

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  65. Cill says:

    I wanna be sweet and nice like Molly some day too. Is there a fairy godmother who could pull this for me, I wonder?

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  66. Cill says:

    Wee Molly herself walked in the door smiling. The fairy godmother was never made in nature or magic who could turn me into that. How does it go? “Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”? Something like that.

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  67. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Molly is so sweet. I am glad that you have her for a cousin.

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  68. molly says:

    Liz is so adorable. I think Liz is… 25 A.M. (in the year of her Lord 25 years After Mike). Am I right Liz? (heh heh)

    ((no hugs I’m ‘armless Liz. I stand nice and still so you can hug me then I’m sorta hugging you 😉 )) lol

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  69. Tarnished says:

    I saw that over at TS’s blog, Fuzzie. Holy cats, is it disturbing in its implications.

    If a man can be passed out and have sex performed on his without knowledge/consent, yet is still somehow a “rapist”…what’s next?

    “Rapist” coma patients?

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  70. Tarnished says:

    Cill, I double checked with the fairies around my house. This is the best they’d be able to do for ya:

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  71. Tarnished says:

    Here’s Ton:

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  72. Tarnished says:

    And I don’t know who this would be, but I love this cat:

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  73. Cill says:

    Fuzzy, what’s next? Stiffed up male cadavers getting cow girled then accused of rape?They’d have to arrest the closest living male relative, of course, for suspicion of guilt by proxy.


  74. Spawny Get says:

    The moggy is doing the Godfather
    “Just when I thought I was out…they dragged me back in”

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  75. Cill says:

    Tarn 10:56 pm : is it possible for a picture to be a euphemism? Tarn I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Most people persist in depicting me in a most unflattering manner. 😉

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  76. Tarnished says:

    You’re very welcome, Cill. Although I did consider comparing you to a chipmunk-spider…Seems like an animal that would exist over on your side of the world:


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  77. Cill says:

    It’s cute, darn it, an example of “depicting me in a most unflattering manner”. LOL


  78. molly says:

    T thought up a coool thought for Tarn! Tarn I’m ‘armless! I can’t touch you (except by a accidental on purpose bump – which I promise not to do!) 🙂

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  79. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Do not be insulted. Check out the crest on the coat of arms of a prominant Virgiia family.


    One of Robt. E. Lee’s antcededants had to have been a scholar with a sense of humor. In heraldry, acorns represent knowledge.

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  80. Tarnished says:

    That’s true, Molly! You’re both armless and ‘armless. I love it!

    Ton shouldn’t be insulted. Squirrels are badass, especially the red ones. I know…I’ve raised 23 of them.
    Not as cute as opossums though. They melt your heart by gripping your hand with their tail-thumbs while you bottle feed them.

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  81. Tarnished says:

    Pictures…why u hate me 2day? :/ 😕


  82. SFC Ton says:

    Nice find Fuzzie. I am related to Lee on my mother’s side. She is a Randolph so I am distantly related to everybody that is anybody from Va.

    Spoil a woman and she’ll turn on you quicker then milk in July.


  83. SFC Ton says:

    LOL you have raised 23 squirrels? You need a new hobby

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  84. Spawny Get says:


    Sometime later, Dolezal would emerge masquerading as a black woman. Eventually she would become president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP (she resigned Monday), and a professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University (where she is no longer employed as of Friday).


  85. […] Spawny Get on Emasculated […]


  86. @ bv more thoughts, perhaps it was the last thread, it may not even be that these gals don’t go on thinking “no strings” but every time I have seen a gal pal say such, she always bonds once the sex begins, every time. I think it’s biological. In the brain stem mind sec = babies, babies = need help! I think few women can overcome this basic programming. Thousands of years simply cannot be discarded overnight, or even in 2-3 generations. It just *is* for most women this way.

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  87. @ fuzzie help would be nice! Thank goodness for my faithful band of volunteers! But I try to do most of it myself, not ask too much.


  88. Tarnished says:


    I’ve either raised or cared for (approx):

    23 squirrels
    7 opossums
    5 raccoons
    15 deer
    3 goats
    1 owl
    2 red tail hawks
    4 peacocks
    5 guinea hens
    1 duck
    1 crow
    …and 2 red foxes.

    I volunteered every weekend for 3 years at a wildlife rehab. Sometimes we got in adult creatures that just needed some tlc or who’s owners let them loose, but most of the time it was babies who’s moms had been shot or run over.


  89. Yoda says:

    it may not even be that these gals don’t go on thinking “no strings” but every time I have seen a gal pal say such, she always bonds once the sex begins, every time.

    A blank slate there is not.
    Less blank than men in this area it would seem.


  90. Sumo says:

    Maybe our Sumo can pen a few “Meals for (Just) Me” recipes.

    Uhhh……usually meals just “for me” are meat, meat, or meat. I usually don’t step up the game unless I’m trying to show off.


  91. Spawny Get says:

    “meat, meat, or meat”
    That’s crazy talk. You need to cover all three food groups: Red, Meat and Beer


  92. Spawny Get says:

    “23 squirrels
    7 opossums
    5 raccoons
    15 deer
    3 goats
    1 owl
    2 red tail hawks
    4 peacocks
    5 guinea hens
    1 duck
    1 crow
    …and 2 red foxes.”

    So much for Tarn’s poetry cred. That was terrible.

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  93. Spawny Get says:

    Hey Sumo, have you seen the film ‘The Eternal Zero’.
    I’d be interested in your take on it regarding what it says about Japanese culture about ten years ago. Pre grass eaters etc. I thought it was a good film, but it’s not one I’m sure I understood what the message of the film is to its main audience. Pearl Harbour (Dec 8th to Japan) and Midway are covered back to back. It’s NOT a triumphalist war movie. It’s a human one.


  94. BuenaVista says:

    Hey, Ton. My oft-referenced unicorn was also a Randolph, and her brother’s first two names are Edmund Randolph …

    Once I took her to the original E. Randolph’s grave, and the Randolph manse, Carter Hall, in Millwood, Virginia (I used to live nearby). When we drove up to the estate, we were greeted by some burly types in civvies , with weapons drawn, and we came within moments of being thrown onto the ground. It’s might be one of those nonofficial ‘training’ or ‘debriefing’ locations that are scattered around the DC countryside.



  95. BuenaVista says:

    Bloom, I know a lot of women who practice the ‘no-strings’ lifestyle, and profess proudly their freedom from the constraints of exclusive relationships. Because they’re all left-liberal, though (the personal being political, and the left-liberal ethos being a lifestyle as much as a political outlook), these ‘no strings’ flings are either with dull pajama boys or dangerous types — with emphasis on dull pajama boys. One of the disconnects in their pretty brains is that because they’re *supposed* to enjoy politically aligned feminist pajama boys, they hook up with them, and there’s no heat. So the cycle of no-strings proceeds, punctuated by forgettable sexual encounters.

    I’m reminded of my divorcee friend in DC, who is sexually modest and careful in her relationships. She called me out of the blue last fall to marvel that she had one of those UMC ladies lunches with two girlfriends who are also divorced. These people represent ‘success’ in DC: big houses, private schools, balance sheets courtesy of the ex-. They are “respectable.” The women were comparing notes on one night stands. Her two friends both claimed to have had more than 50. Both were also intent on getting a replacement husband. And they likely will, but it will be alpha-widow, beta-bux all the way.

    I think I know why women always want to lock me down, but I’m going to stay away from generalizing based on my personal experience. It is plain that almost all use the provisioning of sex in the pursuit of relationships, but don’t seem to think very clearly about it.

    I’m down with that, it makes some days more interesting than others. I got some texts this week from a former, off-on, girlfriend this week. And I must say, she’s looking extremely tight and fit in her underwear. Things advanced and I even received documentary evidence of her newly sculpted boobs. One might think that I’m talking about a Valley Girl teenager with that sort of behavior. She’s a PH.D/MBA who is a senior exec at a defense-related DC think tank. Sex positive feminism is mainstream. But so is the romcom convention that after the partying, Colin Firth is going to show up with a ring. Not this Colin Firth.


  96. BuenaVista says:

    Likewise, the woman I’m visiting this weekend is an immaculate, well-turned out professional. Publicly very modest, she has to maintain a professional veneer of absolute probity. She’s been busy this summer testifying in closed session to Gowdy’s committee.

    Last night on Skype she wanted to practice, and receive instruction on, doing a striptease. Very entertaining, I’m sure, for the NSA. I did my best to coach her up. However, she does insist I take her to a strip joint this weekend to further her studies.

    I’m just here to help, in any way I can. I think TRP is absolutely correct: if a man properly sexualizes the simplest of conversations, the panties are going to fly. It’s a good thing I didn’t know this when younger; it’s also a bad thing I didn’t know this when I knew, but pretended I didn’t, that my ex- had the 18 year itch.

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  97. @ bv you are intelligent, successful, passionate, charming –what’s not to like? And yes you are more masculine than most. Few women can resist the urge to make a man like that “mine.” Not that I am saying you should go for it or anything, just saying its likely the “no string turned lock ’em down” phenomenon will stop anytime soon. Maybe you could start farting and picking your nose or some such when you feel it about to go there? 😉 develop a few less attractive habits?

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  98. Bv you do live a colorful life! Striptease training via Skype! Oh if Edison could only see us now!

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  99. BuenaVista says:

    I’m sure I’m none of those things, Bloom, though it’s easy to play the part online.

    I will say, though, most of the women I know are very dissatisfied (though they never admit it) with the quality of their male company. I think that they don’t realize that the alpha/beta dichotomy, and the Open Hypergamy model, which feminism teaches is Just Great! is a set of fatal contradictions. And the problems, in relationships, caused by this set of contradictions become acute in early middle age, when a woman still has the self-image of a 27 year-old, but the men suddenly have soft bodies, soft hands, and hair growing out of their ears. Sexual or relationship objectives are, in fact, a constraint-based optimization problem. The women don’t believe in constraints or prioritization, so they have no plan, no path to a defined destination.

    The real problem with the feminist idea that “You can have it all!” is two-fold of course. One, life is not a fantasy in which choices need not be made. Two, if a person feels entitled to anything and everything she’s not going to bother thinking critically. When it comes to her sexual expectations, and her relationship expectations, the modern girl often self-sabotages both.


    You’re up early. Are you another member of the insomnia club?

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  100. Liz says:

    I think BV is still seeing Mrs Smith.


  101. Yoda says:

    I think BV is still seeing Mrs Smith

    Perhaps pies he does like

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  102. Yoda says:

    if a person feels entitled to anything and everything she’s not going to bother thinking critically

    Allergy to critical thinking there does appear to be.
    Even padawans immune they are not.


  103. theasdgamer says:

    BV’s comment @ 12:10 pm

    tl;dr Women’s sexual strategy is Catch-22.


  104. Yoda says:

    The women don’t believe in constraints or prioritization, so they have no plan, no path to a defined destination.

    The religious sect by Bloom understand this problem they do.
    And a plan they do have.
    And happy they are.

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  105. It’s true Yoda, I have learned a lot from that group. They put constraints on each other a d themselves (no “just fun” dating, no casual sex, no premarital sex) and they have a clear destination, marriage for life, be a wife and mom. And it works for them! Women who play the catch 22 game are setting themselves, and their male partners, up for repeated heartbreak.

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  106. @ fuzzie it’s ok, I remember the date because it was the date my ex fiancé walked into a line dancing class hosted at my biz. Something about him made me run straight in and spontaneously propose to you. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. I should have listened to my gut about him, too! Fuzzie much better to be a terrified bear than a predator looking to fleece a single mom!


  107. theasdgamer says:

    @ Bloom

    Women are quite talented at screwing up relationships, from being punishing from holding grudges to expecting a man to be alpha when she is in estrus phase and beta otherwise.

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  108. @ gamer these cycles seem to be part of the design for whatever reason. Divorce and casual sex being socially unacceptable used to be a counterbalance to some of that, and what we see today is the result. I didn’t mean to imply its men’s, or women’s fault, we are living 40 years past the implosion. Sifting through the wreckage, as jf12 put it


  109. theasdgamer says:

    @ Bloom

    I don’t see how lowering the incidence of divorce or casual sex would in any way impact a woman holding grudges. Quite the contrary. If a man can Next a woman for holding grudges and punishing, then perhaps she will change her behavior.

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  110. @ gamer yeah it’s hard to say. The old way had its drawbacks. And really everything had its drawbacks. Yin yang.


  111. Everything has I mean. Even getting divorced and starting over has its drawbacks. Staying married does too. What I have learned is all relationships have issues, they may be different issues, and different degrees of seriousness/damage those issues cause, but there will always be something. It’s a matter of picking the “something” one can deal with, I think.


  112. theasdgamer says:

    Bloom, the problem is human nature. Women are extremely sick with sin. The Blue Pill pedestalizes them instead of acknowledging reality.

    It’s a matter of picking the “something” one can deal with, I think.

    Sometimes it’s a matter of not throwing good money after bad. Next!


  113. theasdgamer says:

    Got a card today from a daughter who has been non-communicative. Apparently, some of the stuff I told her before was correct. No specifics, though.


  114. Spawny Get says:

    Gamer, Admiral Akbar sends his regards.


  115. Spawny Get says:

    I think a response of ‘duh!’ Might be called for, rather than asking about what. Unless she’s asd as well…that would change things.


  116. Spawny Get says:

    A woman with a grudge? Bye. Kobyashi Maru…Unless she chases you to apologise.


  117. theasdgamer says:

    Oh, Spawny, Mrs. Gamer came by Sat. and apologized for her behavior. For some of her bad behavior. Mrs. Gamer acknowledged that she had been holding grudges and that that was a bad thing to do. She hasn’t apologized for her lack of loyalty. She has a long way to go.


  118. @ Gamer my comments were not mant to be directed at your particular situation, I was speaking “in general.” Wantedt o clarify in case you thought maybe I was picking on you!


  119. Spawny Get says:

    Gamer, at least she’s coming to you. I’m not saying that you should make peace, but at least peace is a possibility, only because she came to you. Or a calm settlement might be possible.

    It’s a good turn of events, wherever you both take it from here. Now you need to work out where you want to go…good luck. I have nothing to say about that.


  120. @ Gamer, also not directed at you but your comment did trigger a thought I have often pondered about conditional versus unconditional love as well as focusing on what one can control (one’s self) versus what one cannot control (others.) I will probably get ripped to shreds for even suggesting this, but one way to improve a relationship dynamic is to accept the other person as is rather than “if” such and such, and to shift the focus back onto self — what can one change themselves that will in turn trigger positive change in the relationship dynamic overall? For example, my friend who is the unhappy sahm, she’s always saying “if” her husband would do this or that or the other, then she would not want to leave him, then she would love him, then she would have sex with him, etc. It’s very conditional. I rarely (actually never?) hear her talk about what she herself could do to improve things, nor how her own actions may be a part of the problems. Again, this is not directed at YOU in particular, it is a general observation and one I have not followed myself at times and then wondered later if perhaps it might have helped?


  121. BuenaVista says:

    Men who believe in unconditional love are fine with living under the threat of financial, legal, and criminal catastrophe — and the obliteration of their homes, and their parent-child relationships. This would be men who are thrilled by those ‘conservative’ women complaining about men not marrying them, and promising — NOW, REALLY, THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT — to be nice and not all mean like 50% of married women. Men who believe in unconditional love think women are capable of it. I should think this stupidity would disqualify any man, in the eyes of a woman who hopes to find a smart guy for the long haul.

    Women who believe in unconditional love live under the shadow of financial, legal, and criminal *advantage* — and the knowledge that they’ll retain parental rights even if they’re incarcerated for attempted murder.

    [(“… incarcerated for murder.”) A woman from the next county successfully petitioned to receive child support from a man she tried to murder — after she was convicted and put in prison.]

    There’s no merit to unconditional love unless one is a woman, because it’s “heads I win, tails you lose” for her.

    There’s simply no vacating the objective conditions of the MMP: those conditions destroy men capriciously, and reward women, capriciously. Women don’t even process, evidently, that when the law acts to cripple men and reward women, for divorce, men might better retain some skepticism and boundaries.

    Basically, Bloom, since you want to settle down with a Good Man, you’re either going to have to find a dope who amuses you, or confront the legal reality of Marriage 2.0. Marriage 2.0 is for delusional men. It’s a terrible thing to contemplate a life alone, or living in some carefully constructed partnership. But at least you (Bloom) get to see your children, and no one will ever put you in jail for going to a parent-teacher conference. I can’t say that.

    This is probably my only RP insight of the past six months. Women don’t believe the legal environment is a significant factor in male behavior, and consider the legal environment something other people need to do something about.

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  122. Spawny Get says:


    Has a few links to the Conservative Woman blog in the UK. A site where the women seem to find it very hard to understand what MGTOW means to them and society. They keep whistling for the men to come fix things…but these MGTOWs don’t come when fetched…darned inconvenient, I tell you


  123. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Yes, I am a terrified bear. others have alresdy said as much. No, I would not enter your life to waste your resouces. Like most beta men, your welfare would be an extension of my own.

    Spawny Get,
    It is a little odd that they, Conservative Women< don't seem to "get it"? Or, is it that they don't want to "get it"?

    That something that is given, as in committment fom a man to a woman, and no price is placed on it does not make it without value.

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  124. @ bv I appreciate you adding that, perhaps my advice there is better directed at women than men. My apologies if so. Rollo does say men and women love differently.

    In the case of my sahm friend (actually she helps out on occasion with events in my biz, so contract helper not really friend but we talk about life so maybe friends now, I dunno…) I gave her this advice, change yourself, plus to start sleeping with her poor sex starved (and no surprise – grumpy) husband, often! Daily if possible. She said she would try it. I have heard much less complaining since then! Either she’s not telling me anymore bc she doesn’t want to hear my (gentle) “correction” of her attitude toward her hubby rather than the usual “go girl” or she made some positive changes in herself and actually is happier with her hubby/marriage these days. I hope it is the latter.

    And yes I also agree, the legal situation in marriage 2.0 cannot be overlooked. I still long for marriage, I am not sure why. I guess I am traditional? And bc of my faith. And my experience with shacking up with dad #2, not that that worked either. I mean, I was married, and that did not provide the commitment or security or even love and affection I still long for. Really I guess when I say “marriage” what I mean is “forever” or “commitment for life” or some such. It’s what marriage once meant, but much much more than it means now (pretty much going steady or some thing? Easily terminated, too easily.) I am tired, tired, tired of kicking tires. Dreadfully tired of all that. I could cry just saying that, truly, so TIRED of it. I just want to find my somebody, pair off, snuggle up, and enjoy life — together! I want a somebody to be there for me, a somebody I am there for. No matter what. Thick and thin (especially thin, cause isn’t that when one needs it most?!?!) Someone who extends grace even when I am hormonal, do or say something wrong, miss the mark, or make a mistake like all HUMANS do. (Not that one should abuse that grace). That security. That’s what I seek. I am not sure if that even still exists, but I hope so. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I believe it is what we all long for, in our heart of hearts. Maybe not, maybe others are ok without it…but people sure seem to keep trying despite all the heartbreak, loss, betrayal, legal shit, monetary cost, etc.


  125. And in my case, I am sure this longing is actually much deeper. The loss of my dad at age 2 was in so many ways the loss of that type of love and security. Gone. My mom didn’t like my dad’s family so I don’t even know them. Met them briefly maybe two or three times in my life. Couple that with the fact that my mom’s family is about as good as having no family at all, as much as they are there for each other or me, and there are days I feel totally and utterly alone in this world. If I got sick, I don’t even know who I would call. I have no emergency contact. I have “surrogate” family who are wonderful and care for me, but would they drop everything and be there if say I got cancer? Was in a car accident? Would they take my kids, pay my bills, keep things going? Who could I ask to do that? It is terrifying to think about, how vulnerable I am, and how vulnerable that leaves my kids who depend on me. And yet this longing for an other makes me very vulnerable as well, as Deti has said before and the near miss with the finance showed. It’s very deep, this longing. To the core.

    And btw I want to say you guys are wonderful too, even tho I don’t know who any of you are, I can still feel you are good people who care, and it means a lot. It helps offset the alone feeling. The way you guys listened and encouraged me during the break up, I will never forget that and I hope the universe return to all of you the same a thousand fold in your times of need.

    Ok now I am crying….gotta go pick up my kids. Pull it together Bloom!

    And in a very weird way, and it seems to happen for some reason for me more often than for most, the universe provides. I can think of countless examples where just the person, money, job, resource, help, whatever just walked in the door at exactly the right time. So I am not alone. It’s bigger than me. Faith. Have faith. Take it moment by moment. Right now, I am healthy and fine and have what I need. That is something to be thankful for! Peace.

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  126. Tarnished says:

    Don’t worry, Bloom. If you ever desperately need help, I’d be willing to drive to whatever state you’re in and bring money, my muscles, and Toblerone. 🙂 That goes for anyone over here in the US. (It’d be more difficult to do so for Spawny, Cill, Molly, or Choicy…)

    I’d even do so for Ton, if he agrees to let me play with his dogs and doesn’t call me “darling”. 😛

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  127. Thanks Yarn! I am less mobile so harder for me to say I would do the same but mi case Ed su cads if you ever need a place to run to!

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  128. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It had to have been somewhere else that I made the observation that what God had to say in Genesis aout it not being good foa man to be alone, didn’t need to be stated for women at that time. Feminism has done a lot to damage the relationship between men and women. You figured it out on your own.

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  129. Tarnished says:

    I am Yarn again…

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  130. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  131. Cill says:

    Tarn XD
    And the rest of us are cads !
    (sorry Bloom, I just couldn’t resist it)
    Bloom it’s high time you fired that auto-corrector of yours. 😉

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  132. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You can do Cute very well!


  133. Tarnished says:

    More cuteness.
    So much, I couldn’t decide on just 1 picture:



  134. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The photos on that linked page didn’t make it past my security.
    Here’s some cute for yu!


  135. SFC Ton says:

    Play with the Hell Hounds? One does not simply play with the Canine Murder Crew…. Thor is the only active one

    I had to send Odin to Valhalla
    Gave Boy to my daughter. She had some security issues last time her husband want hajji hunting.
    I don’t let Girl around strangers too much. She has been hyper diligent since Ton Spawn tore his way out of his mom

    Thor and Tiny is it on the playful side.

    Bloom is in a predicament, but I already made a fair…. No damn right generous offer on Bloom, which was spurned. She could be living the good life of figuring out point of sales sales figures and watch Ton Spwan eat, sleep and poop but nooooooo she was to.good for Sporters and moonshine

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  136. @ ton, I do believe my decision was not based upon the offer but a prior discussion where you made it clear you did not welcome children who were not yours, and only a fool would (I paraphrase.) I believe it ended with me saying you are certiY entitled to your view, recommending you not date women with children then, having myself been one of those kids who heard a man say to my widowed mother “if it weren’t for the kids…” (Ouch!) and my saying lerhaps we should agree to disagree? Is that not your relocation of things? That’s a pretty big fundamental difference of opinion I would think… Perhaps I misunderstood all that?


  137. And ton I am not trying to argue, even though re reading that it may sound so. I love my kids, they are awesome. I would never ever want them to feel unwelcome. I would never leave them behind. This here is a package deal. End of.

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  138. Plus you have a motorcycle Ton, I have not seen you show up trying to convince me otherwise! How serious exactly are you?


  139. Spawny Get says:

    I don’t think Ton minds being argued with very much. Just an opinion. Whether it’s very fruitful for either party, on some subjects, I dunno. Happily for me at least, we don’t actually disagree about much that relates to this blog. My circumstances require a more measured tone and a more circumspect approach though. I prefer your legal climate.

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  140. Spawny Get says:

    Bloom…better off with a bear 😉


  141. Spawny Get says:

    A personal bear. Ton would make a decent Poly Grizzly, I’ll admit that.

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  142. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I thought it was because Ton offered your brother a project motorcycle and a few gallons of homemade booze. It was a little jarring for a bride price. In the old days, it was about livestock, an asset that would appreciate with care.
    Come to think of it, I haven’t made an offer. A man only has one heart. Trading hearts in this day is a risky proposition.


  143. I do not doubt ton has a most colorful and interesting life… Or that it’s right for him. Frankly, I appreciate his up front honesty, even if we agree to disagree. Perhaps I took his whole “women w kids” thing too personally, perhaps he was illustrating an in general point. I will admit ton has been on the money many times that way. And in general, yes being a single mom is a mmp hit, no doubt. On an individual basis… Not so sure.

    In any case, fact is I am a farm girl. That leads me to believe a perfect fit may be…. A farm _ _ _ perhaps? ( hint: rhymes with toy!)


  144. Perhaps I should get some denim shorts, a red and white checkered top, put my hair in pigtails, bake cookies, and see who shows up?

    Jf12 would so not agree…btw. Sleeping beauty game I think he called that?

    I should probably stop talking! Famous last words!


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  145. Spawny Get says:

    “Frankly, I appreciate his up front honesty, even if we agree to disagree.”
    Me too. What a healthy attitude you have.


  146. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Please don’t make a bear jealous as a tactic. Bears like honey, not vinegar.
    Sleep well.


  147. Spawny Get says:

    “Perhaps I should get some denim shorts, a red and white checkered top, put my hair in pigtails, bake cookies, and see who shows up?”

    I like a woman with long hair in a plait, it says feminine yet practically minded.

    Bit of make-up and a skirt when you head to town helps sell the image too.

    Speaking for myself, I like femininity. But, secondarily (sadly for me), I like a woman who will provide support in projects, though I’m not talking ‘as good as a man at the man stuff’. I suspect that that’s the market that you’re selling in? You’re running your business (competence) but trying to project that you would like to be part of a team with ‘a man as a man’.

    While I’m MGTOW, I do think that that is saleable even in today’s market. But the stats show that it’s a tough market. That’s why I’ve always encouraged you to go for it if you want that life. Don’t wait around for the right man to just happen.

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  148. BuenaVista says:

    On the embedded prejudice of the Deep State and our culture against men: Think a convicted rapist, if he were male, would have a snowball’s chance in hell of having unsupervised access to his children? Here a former prosecutor and present defense attorney casually says her conviction “may” influence an unresolved custody dispute.

    “Custody arrangements for their three children have not been publicized, but Modica said her ex-husband could use the rape conviction as ammunition in any dispute.”


    And to put it in perspective, Mayo Shattuck is an apex alpha, former ceo of Alex. Brown (investment bank now owned by Deutsche Bank), who made a billion or so personally with Constellation Energy. There are no charges of abuse or endangerment against him. If this can happen to him, with his unlimited resources, it certainly can and does happen to all of us.

    He was married when he and Shattuck (at the time a secretary at the bank) hooked up.


    Her attorney, incidentally, is Michelle Lipkowitz, who is the attack dog of choice in nasty Baltimore divorces. She is a very odd choice for a criminal defense lawyer. She is not a defense attorney, and I assume she is playing every ‘victim’ card she can find to I had one meeting with her when I was getting divorced and my ex- had fled the state (a federal offense, not that it’s prosecuted) with my son, denying all access. She told me that if I gave her a $50K retainer, and paid her $600/hour beyond that, she thought that she could restore 50% custody (which is the presumptive custody resolution under Maryland law, not that the Family Courts pay any attention to the law if the wife does not willingly offer equal custody to the husband) in 1-3 years. Then she charged me $500 for the interview, which was, after all, just her making a pitch for my business.

    Divorce war is a racket. Marriage 2.0 serves women and their apologists. To ‘love unconditionally’, a man must believe unconditionally in the fairness of divorce resolutions. Think Mayo Shattuck will ever love unconditionally again?

    I suppose this is where I’m supposed to say, “Sorry I sound so harsh …” but the environment is profoundly hostile and getting darker now with even casual dating now subject to our culture of female accusation.

    And it won’t get better. Look at all the white knights laughing (comment section) at this event and saying ‘boys will be boys.’


    Liked by 2 people

  149. Tarnished says:


    Which is why MGTOW is the best decision for men I’m our respective cultures, currently.

    Many apologies to our single ladies here, but it is foolish for a man to jump into a marriage nowadays…heck, it’s dangerous for him to simply cohabitate, or to care for his girlfriend’s children. How many men are paying child support for a kid who they didn’t even have a hand in creating? How many men are serving time in prison for a rape or domestic attack they didn’t commit? How many men have lost homes they built themselves or property that had been in the family for generations, all in the name of “equality” when their prenuptial is ripped apart in divorce court?

    Marriage and serious dating is not the same for men anymore. Every one of my married friends has said that if his wife died, he’d remain single for the rest of his life…that the glimpses they get of the modern dating world are too harsh and unrewarding to dive into yet again.

    I truly do sympathize with the good, but unhappily single women out there. You’ve been cast as a character you’re not…simply because you’re female and desirous of marriage. But I sympathize even more with the menfolk, who unfortunately have so much more to lose.

    MGTOW is honestly the best decision for men.

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  150. BuenaVista says:

    We tend to focus on the feminine desire for partnership intimacy, traditional family comforts, and rue the impact of the current environment on the ‘good ones’ whose idealism collides with the feminist state.

    However, consider the situation of a man in his early 40’s, no children, no wife. He too wonders if his life, given the probabilities of marital failure and its punishments, will proceed along its MGTOW path. That path is one of desiccated, careful, firewalled ‘relationships.’ MGTOW provides some emotional and financial and legal safety; it doesn’t promise any sort of well-rounded emotional fulfillment. I think there’s a tendency to view MGTOW as ‘guys just being free to be guys’, which is a patronizing and demeaning turn on the tradcon criticism that MGTOW is just a lifestyle for Peter Pan-afflicted, ever-immature men. For anyone who has experienced or witnessed the joys of family, MGTOW is just defensive maneuvering, not assertive, positive, replacement therapy.

    That said, of course, MGTOW means something different to most anyone who employs the term.

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  151. theasdgamer says:

    @ BV

    tl;dr Relationships for MGTOWs is limited to FwB.

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  152. @ fuzzie I am not trying to make anyone jealous. I have accepted long ago that you are a terrified bear. I respect your option to choose singledom. I do not take it personally. I hope you can respect my option not to choose singledom. Perhaps in the end I will arrive at mtgtow myself, but I am not there yet.

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  153. Or I guess in my case wgtow?

    For the record I support mtgtow and their choices. I get why a man would choose it and respect that decision. I am not into the biz of talking mtgtow out of their stance. I am in the biz of finding a man who is not mtgtow. I am looking for what Liz and Mike have.

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  154. Liz says:

    Thanks Bloom.
    We are very very fortunate and blessed.
    I hope for the same thing for you.

    Liked by 2 people

  155. @ Liz the fact that you two have it gives me hope that while it may be rare, it is out there. Keep it up! 😀


  156. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I can understand you wanting what Liz and Mike have. That’s healthy.

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