What’s a Girl to Do?

On the previous post, Bloom stated,

My girl’s babysitter is a perfect example of focus on study, not social. Her goal was to complete her education early so she homeschooled, then participated in a program where she went to community college her jr. And sr. Years, getting her AA degree (free!) and high school diploma the same week. Then she transferred to a branch campus of a state college and wi two years she now has her bachelors in early childhood Ed, plans to run a montossori style preschool from home. She married her final year of school, baby arrived a few weeks before her last semester ended. Smart gal, that one! And she’s very happy! Socializing, except church and family events, was not a priority.

When I was 14, the neighbor girl who was a playmate of mine as a toddler started behaving differently.  I really did not know what was up.  My older sister explained that Nancy was trying to be three years older than she was and consequently searching for a boyfriend.  At that age, I was not at all interested in that stuff.  I wondered why girls were, as there seemed to be so many other better things to do.  In my case, I spent much effort throughout high school learning math and science.  This was enjoyable for me, and put me in a good position for University and career.

Recently, I was thinking what the girls were doing during High School.  Were they developing useful skills and attributes?  after due consideration, the answer was mostly no.  They were concerned with social stuff, including boyfriends.  I don’t think that there was much of any development there.  Probably some de-development in fact.

To be good girl-friend material all these girls need to be is young and pleasant.  This is an easy bar to cross.  One wonders if girls should be spending their 14 to 18 years developing themselves, and then engage the opposite gender after this (being still young and hopefully pleasant).  They would be more mentally mature, and better able to handle things (hopefully no de-development).

Would this work?

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  1. Tarnished says:

    Would this work?

    Yes, without a doubt. Some of us here have already done so. It’s not difficult, just requires motivation to better oneself…nor one’s largely irrelevant social “status”.


  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    That’s not all they do in high School. They find ways to mentally torture their male contemporaries which may classify as social in that it’s antisocial. They are learning a lot of wrong things in HS, things that are likely to make them less capable as wives and mothers.

    It has been noted that the most motivated of MGTOWs seem to be recent HS graduates. I have the feeling that they are seeing morre over a shorter time frame than their elders.

    If Bloom’s babysitter hadn’t had the religious upbringing, it would have been unlikely that she would have chosen this path. If good behavior is wanted, examples will have to be provided and full social approval will be a requirement.


  3. Farm Boy says:

    That’s not all they do in high School. They find ways to mentally torture their male contemporaries which may classify as social in that it’s antisocial.

    I think they do that to girls also. That is part of the de-development that I am referring to.


  4. Farm Boy says:


    How does one make it happen for a girl? How to convince her that this is a good path?


  5. Liz says:

    Dating, and male interest is a big part of a girl’s social life. If she has no social life and doesn’t desire one this isn’t a problem. But most people (of both genders) want to fit in, and girls more so than boys. I didn’t fit in because I was different, but I did want to fit in. That’s the reason I dated douchecanoe1, dipshit2, and faggot3.

    But I got good grades, worked, and all that too. Never had any debts at all. Never been late paying a bill. (and also found the right one and married young)


  6. Farm Boy says:

    It has been noted that the most motivated of MGTOWs seem to be recent HS graduates.

    Do you have more info on this?


  7. Farm Boy says:

    But most people (of both genders) want to fit in,

    High school is kind of like a clown show. Is there really a need to fit in?


  8. Liz says:

    “High school is kind of like a clown show. Is there really a need to fit in?”

    Lol! Clown show is putting it nicely.
    Looking back now? Of course there’s no need to fit in.
    We live forward not backward though. People don’t like the feeling of being a total outcast in their only environment. It’s not like we had the internet for escapism then.
    I wish I’d never dated anyone but Mike.
    What a waste of time that all was.


  9. Liz says:

    My mom used to make fun of me because I was 16 and hadn’t been kissed.

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  10. Oh and she always lived w her parents, which saved $$$ for school. She and her husband moved in with his family and are saving to buy land and build a house in a few years. They build the homes as a group, so most are wo a mortgage.

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  11. By build the homes as a group I mean everyone helps, a community effort, eliminating cost of labor.

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  12. Liz says:

    It’s very good to hear there are still some communities out there like that Bloom. That’s a great environment for your kids.
    I think those sorts of community/social expectations are important for shaping a developing person’s life. People are well-served with structure, positive influences and direction.

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  13. SFC Ton says:

    Most of the mgtow I know are in their 20’s. By and large I do not think it is because of high school girls alone. Mostly I would say it’s their mothers’ and how their parents marriage did or did not work.

    Then comes various interactions with women in the smp and then its the weight and the attitudes and well everything really.

    Women don’t have to be much but pleasant, height weight proportional and a decent helpmate. They fail to achieve that low bar. On the other side of things, men are generally low value while in their teens and 20’s. By and large they haven’t done much to stand out from the others and girls that age are not looking at the wall and the need to change lanes.

    I can only think of one never married mgtow in my circles. It’s not that these men, young or old, don’t know about girls it’s that they know to much about them.

    Fitting is; social skills, soft skills equal success. Looking back near on 30 years now, those of us at the upper tier then are at the upper tier now. So yea there is a need. Life is not a Hollywood. The awkward dork rarely wins the homecoming queen and/ or invent billion dollar products.


  14. SFC Ton says:

    Imagine that! Bloom’s baby sitter’s old ways do a better job then modern and progressive thinking. Who would have guessed……

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    My mom used to make fun of me because I was 16 and hadn’t been kissed.

    Whatta Mom!

    What kind of culture did she grow up in?


  16. Tarnished says:

    Re: High school
    I fit in naturally with the nerds, geeks, goths, and “too smart to be popular” crowd. Why try to be something you’re not? To join a group of people who will stab you in the back first chance? It is to laugh.

    How does one make it happen for a girl?How to convince her that this is a good path?

    You really can’t “make it happen” outside of examples like Bloom’s where thethere is an entire subculture of people who also like this way. It has to come from within, a personal motivation to grow and learn. Though their husbands were dead by the time I was born, I heard stories about my grandfather and great-grandfather from my grandmothers who raised me till age 7. I was regaled with my family’s history of coming to America in the 1930s…a newly married couple seeking out the safety and possibilities that were not in Germany any longer. (My great grandparents were of the Jewish faith, and had enough sense to see what was on the horizon.)

    I was told of how the home we lived in was built by both of them together with the help of neighbors, how they each worked hard to put food on the table and clothing on backs. I’m sure they had fights, but I never heard an unkind word about my grandfathers, only how it was important to be physically strong, capable, intelligent, studious, and a moral person who’d either make a wonderful spouse or be able to survive alone. (My grandmothers were more understanding of my gender difficulties than my parents ever were, and it was reflected in how they spoke to me.)

    You want girls and boys to grow into real adults? Start teaching ’em young, before the world gets it’s claws in. Lay the foundation, and make it sturdy. Portray a healthy lifestyle as something *worth* having, and they will grow at least knowing it’s attainable instead of some throwback to a bygone era.

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  17. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That was criuel of your Mom.

    No wonder you brother was interested.

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  18. Liz says:

    “What kind of culture did she grow up in?”

    Post WWII Italy. She was living alone in Milan at 14. A bartender.
    She advised me to date married men only. I swear this is true.
    Her advice to me over the years (I won’t share more…you probably get the idea now) actually a point of humor for Mike and I now. But it wasn’t easy being around her at home. I left at 18 and never looked back. Actually, think it was a little before my 18th birthday.


  19. Tarnished says:


    My mom just used to say she hoped I wasn’t a lesbian.


  20. Liz says:

    Tarn: Nice!
    (notice how much we have in common?)

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  21. Tarnished says:

    A decent amount, yeah.
    We’d probably get along pretty well irl. 🙂

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  22. Tarnished says:

    Farm Boy/Fuzzie,

    Here’s the breakdown from my own MGTOW Survey:
    Of 22 respondents:
    -2 are 25 or younger (9%)
    -5 are 24-35 (23%)
    -7 are 36-45 (32%)
    -4 are 46-55 (18%)
    -1 is 56-65 (4.5%)
    -2 are 66+ (9%)
    -1 gave an undefined response (4.5%)



  23. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Tarn and Liz,
    I cannot see any reason that two of you would not get on famously. You’re easy going.

    It is a shame that Samatha’s church had this family orientaiion thing dialed up to eleven. There may have been room for your brother. He deserves a break.

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  24. Yoda says:

    Dating, and male interest is a big part of a girl’s social life.

    Still available at 18 it is.
    One needs to hurry not.

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  25. SFC Ton says:

    If it wasn’t dialed up to 11 they would likely be suffering the typical gender war dysfunction


  26. Yoda says:

    raised in a subculture where she’s been preparing to be a wife and mom her whole life, just like the other girls in her subgroup. Chastity, modesty, and being a “good girl” are expected and the mothers and sisters and everyone is holding them to it and watching them. If a girl was rebellious or “wild” chances are high she would not find a good husband, which is the goal of these young women. They are essentially competing against each other to be good wife material!

    Anti-Snookies they are.
    If ever meet they do,
    then singularity occur it would.

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  27. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You are leading me to a conclusion and, it is that women, currently, are not being or are prepared to be/ wives/mothers.

    There was someone over at SSM’s who studied the Bible and concluded that, when they got in trouble in the Old Testament, it wasn’t so much for worshipping Baal but the women turning away from being good wives/mothers.


  28. Yoda says:

    Samantha good mother she will be.
    Snooki terrible mother she will be.
    Society care about children they do?

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  29. @ fuzzie perhaps re my brother, but he has some bad habits that are common in the wider culture but not ok in theirs. He would have had to give all that up first, join their faith, then go over and above to prove his worth to any family he wanted to marry into. It’s a high bar. Why would their tribe take on a risky unproven outsider if the have no need to? Wishing for a girl like that and being a man ready, willing, and able for a girl like that are two very different things. My brother wanted, but was not willing to actually *do* what was required. That’s life in many ways? They are protecting their own by not letting outsiders in w questionable habits or ones that don’t align with their own. Anti-diversity. That subgroup operates on conformity, right or wrong…

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  30. @ fuzzie don’t get me wrong, my brother is a “typical” navy vet/civil service American make. He drinks, swears, watches pron, etc. in their culture, all that is a big no no. They would not consider that “grown” man or “marriage man” behavior.

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  31. Now don’t get me wrong, there are things about this subgroup many outsiders would not be ok with. It’s like things were 100 years ago. The kids work and work hard. “Childhood” means you are the low one on the totem pole, be seen but not heard. Kids are expected to behave, and physical discipline occurs when they don’t. Some women are bad wives and moms, some men are bad dads and husbands. There is (sometimes) what would be considered domestic violence or w children physical and sometimes sexual abuse (rare, but it happens.) The church doesn’t call the police, they deal with it themselves. If one is unhappily married, they are expected to suck it up, stick it out, and trust God. It’s a very works based religion. Those who leave it or won’t step to are shunned by all. It’s a harsh world, or can be. So it’s not all idyllic, but for those who follow the rules and want that life, like Samantha, it can be.

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  32. Tarnished says:

    Precisely, Bloom.
    It’s not just about talking the talk, it’s walking the walk as well. All well and good to desire a traditional woman such as she, but the path of your brother wasn’t conducive to her upbringing or her family/community values.

    It would have been a lot of work to prove himself “reformed” enough. Even then he might have caused some resentment in other young men his age who knew of his far more experienced/worldly past yet still managed to court one of their community women. They would begin questioning the standards of their own upbringing…

    Unfortunately, a bad plan all around.

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  33. molly says:

    Food for Fuzzie!

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  34. Cill says:

    That should keep him going for a while, Molly cuz.


  35. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    When you mentioned “singularity” with Samantha meeting Snooki, the first thing that pooped into my head was an old joke about Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, meeting Dr. Edward Anti-Teller.

    I’ll concede that your brother doesn’t meet their high bar but, he’s still a good guy who should catch a break.

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  36. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Thanks for the food!

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  37. Cill says:

    “The kids work and work hard… Kids are expected to behave, and physical discipline occurs when they don’t. Some women are bad wives and moms, some men are bad dads and husbands.”

    Those words pretty much describe the country community I grew up in (apart from a short period in a very different, godforsaken locality). The bad or lazy people didn’t last long. If they didn’t shape up, the community left them with no option but to ship out.

    The same with the strong male leaders. If one of them had an affair with another man’s wife, he’d soon find he was no longer a leader, having lost the community’s respect.

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  38. Yoda says:

    Snooki, the first thing that pooped into my head

    Snooki and pooped belong in same sentence they do.

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  39. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It was an honest typo and unintentional.
    I had this in mind for when Snooki meets Samantha.


  40. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    Good video. He hit the nail on the head. This should be a real concern for employers going forward. Granted, they’ll have to discriminate agqinst SJWs but, their businesses are at stake.The fembots in HR are going to have meltdowns.

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  41. Spawny Get says:

    The trouble is, Fuzzie, that one can already hear the endless whining by white knights, manginas and women in general that, whatever a woman has done…they always deserve just one last chance…and one last chance…and one last chance. The whole lot of them seem to have grown up incapable of holding any woman to any discipline.

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  42. SFC Ton says:

    You can put kids at the top of the totem pole an get the crop o mostly usless adults we have now

    Or you can put them at the “bottom” and produce mature adults at an early age

    Once again, modern ideals fail the test

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  43. Spawny Get says:

    What happens when you don’t get kids to grow up


  44. Liz says:

    Yoda: “Dating, and male interest is a big part of a girl’s social life.

    Still available at 18 it is.
    One needs to hurry not.”

    That’s easy to say, not necessarily so easy to live (I’m not talking even about sex here, just human relationships). Juxtapose the community Bloom mentions in her babysitter example with a huge support network of people who encourage sensible behavior and the outside world. Those girls are not socially awkward because the community and peer group supports them. That’s not the case with the average girl growing up outside of those tightly-knit religious communities.
    I’m a loner by nature, but it can be pretty damned lonely being a loner, especially in the teen years. The burning question is typically “what is wrong with me?” Even goth self-described “outsiders” aren’t really outsiders…that’s a peer group. So is the geek group. I never really fit in anywhere (until I met Mike).

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  45. Liz says:

    It’s an old story though.
    Gidget, 1950s…


  46. Yoda says:

    If teens retards they are,
    protected from themselves they should be?

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  47. Yoda says:

    Patriarch a mane he should have.
    Otherwise he is a patriarch not.

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  48. Yoda says:

    I’m a loner by nature, but it can be pretty damned lonely being a loner

    Not easy being partly green it is.

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  49. @ Liz I am so glad you met Mike and found your “one!” Your mom was wrong. Yeesh!

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  50. Liz says:

    Thanks Bloom! Yes, he definitely saved me. 🙂
    …and often tells me, “You’re welcome”.
    Cocky bastard. 😛

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  51. missattempts says:

    It’s absolutely fascinating how many kinds of people there are. And how some
    people are literally incomprehensible to others. How some people can leave other
    people cold.
    It’s no exaggeration to say that my upbringing and experieces are 100% different
    from every other person’s here. It’s probably cultural differences.
    But by far, Tarn interests me most. Scathing, withering abuse! That’s what Tarnished
    was subjected to. And yet, she managed to crowd in achievements that even “normal”
    people rarely attain. Indeed, I wonder if that IS the secret of her sucess.
    Some studies say that people who’s folks die early, actually get firther in life,
    then kids who’s parents live a long life span, because they are forced to do for
    themselves. Also, it’s very fortunate that Tarnished never developed a personality
    disorder as a result of the abuse.
    I’m awestruck by Tarnished!

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  52. Yoda says:

    Good question this is.

    Author Jessica Gavora has a great Wall Street Journal article detailing how the anti-discrimination law known as Title IX is used to discriminate.

    Title IX was first passed 43 years ago as a way to increase the number of women athletes on college campuses. But Title IX has since been expanded to force colleges and universities to play investigator, judge and jury for accusations of sexual assault. The law has been reinterpreted to consider sexual assault a form of gender discrimination — even when the accuser and accused are of the same gender — that must therefore be handled by the university.

    Gavora explained that liberals have only been upset about the law’s expansiveness since one of their own — Laura Kipnis — found herself ensnared in its grasp. Kipnis was accused of violating Title IX over an article she wrote criticizing the way it was being used to accuse anyone and everyone of assault for various comments and sleights (yes, the accusation was that absurd)

    First male athletes were targeted, and now male students in general, as well as the academics who criticize the practice, are in the cross hairs. Gavora asks: “Who will be next


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  53. Yoda says:

    More here it is,

    But Gavora wanted to remind everyone that Title IX has long been used as a “political weapon” by those who believe women need to be given artificial achievement in order to be equal to men. Gavora discusses a lawsuit against Brown University in which simply providing more opportunities for women to compete in sports wasn’t enough; the court decided the school had to find a way to make women interested in participating. And, failing that, male athletes had to be cut from programs in order to achieve gender parity.

    “In effect the ruling said that Brown women didn’t know what they wanted. They only thought they were dancers or actors or musicians,” Gavora wrote. “They had to be taught that they were really athletes. They didn’t know what was good for them but the government did.”

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  54. Spawny Get says:

    “Also, it’s very fortunate that Tarnished never developed a personality
    disorder as a result of the abuse.”

    Seconded. Though the Psycho score of 0…not a good fit round these parts. We tolerate it, don’t mean we have to like it.

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  55. Spawny Get says:

    First male athletes were targeted, and now male students in general, as well as the academics who criticize the practice, are in the cross hairs. Gavora asks: “Who will be next?”

    First they came for the male athletes. The fugly fembots couldn’t get them as partners…so they didn’t care.

    Then they came for the male students, but the fugly fembots didn’t want them betas…so they didn’t care.

    Now they’re coming for the academics who fail to toe the required line in every way, at every occasion…a lot of them are the fugly fembots…so now they begin to care.

    Suck it up, buttercup

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  56. Yoda says:

    I’m a loner by nature, but it can be pretty damned lonely being a loner, especially in the teen years. The burning question is typically “what is wrong with me?”

    Perhaps “right” you are.

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  57. @ missattempts that is something that has long fascinated me, how some people rise in sf determination despite great odds while others who seemingly have every advantage do little. You might enjoy the book “David and Goliath” by Malcom Gladwell, it explores just that. A good read!

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  58. Thinking about this has me examining my own approach to parenting. I think I do a good job, I certainly love my children and make their welfare my priority, but I have my weak spots and structure and discipline are among them. I know it may be shocking to all of you who quake in fear of me (ha!), but I am not really very authoritarian. Perhaps I am too easy on my girls. For example, they don’t have chores. The oldest at almost 11 could certainly be lending a hand. Even the 4 year old could have some small responsibilities, she loves to feed the pets for example. I think it’s high time for a chore chart!

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  59. Tarnished says:

    There’s many people of both sexes who’ve risen above just as much, if not more, Missattempts. Some other commenters here had numerous struggles, too.

    I’d second the book that Bloom suggested, and also recommend reading the graphic novel “Midnight Nation”. Both are very well written and incredibly thought provoking.

    Spawny @ 3:58
    I feel the love. 😉

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  60. Tarnished says:

    Chores are great for kids! When I was younger I had to help my grandmothers dry the dishes, weed the vegetable patch, walk/feed the dog, and sweep the kitchen. Some of those chores were actually pretty fun. 🙂

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  61. Spawny Get says:

    “dry the dishes, weed the vegetable patch, walk/feed the dog, and sweep the kitchen”

    Great times…WAIT…WHAT???

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  62. Spawny Get says:

    Tarn, we may have to marry after all.

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  63. Cill says:

    Children should contribute. My nephew wee Meddy already helps. He thinks weeding the garden is a matter of pulling everything out good and bad. I correct him straight away, to help him learn.

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  64. Spawny Get says:

    After all, a male minded same sex marriage where one has a penis and the other a vagina…that kinda makes sense. Good times.

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  65. Yoda says:

    Here is what a girl did do

    “Hillary Clinton did not say she specifically supports $15 an hour minimum wage,” said co-host Willie Geist. “She supports those workers’ fight to get the fifteen dollars.”

    “What? I don’t get it,” Brzezinski said.



  66. thedeti says:

    Here’s what girls should do:

    1. Consider that she most likely will want to marry and have children (despite her fleeting feelings about it in the late teens and early 20s; she’ll get over all that.)

    2. Consider that she most likely will want an occupation or a vocation (but that the field she works in 20 years from now likely won’t reflect the education or training she takes on today).

    3. Take care of 1. first. Use her looks, youth and fertility to lock down the best man she can possibly find, preferably by age 23, but not later than age 25. Select him very carefully. Vet for her sexual attraction to him (vitally important), his looks, his ability to provide, and overall life compatibility. She must enlist older men (father, older brothers, uncles, other men in her family) to help her select this man. Stay with him no matter what. Begin having children.

    4. Then take care of 2. After children are born and in school, return to school and obtain education/training. Or begin working. Or work part time and raise kids. Or go to school part time and raise kids. Use society’s predilection to entertaining female choice to your advantage at this stage, when you and society are most flexible.

    Extended family and their involvement in steps 1 and 3 are crucial here. Dad and Mom, and other men in the family, MUST be involved to help focus and direct her.

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  67. Yoda says:

    Before marry you do
    mane you must have

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  68. Spawny Get says:

    “I correct him straight away, to help him learn”

    Some might say that the cattle prod is excessive and abusive, Cill will have none of it. ‘Character forming’ he calls it.

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  69. Cill says:

    You were made for a same sex marriage, Spawny. Thank God they changed the laws to allow it. At the ceremony I could be your best man person and flower girl both. I’d think I’d front up quite dainty in a dress.

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  70. Spawny Get says:

    “I’d think I’d front up quite dainty in a dress.”

    A lot of my cerebral matter exited via the nearest portal at that image.

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  71. thedeti says:

    Another thing:

    A lot of girls need to work on their personalities and their bodies.

    They need to keep the following in mind:

    1. Be nice.
    2. Be pretty.
    3. Don’t get fat.
    4. Be available.

    Too many girls are selfish, self-absorbed cunts who don’t give a shit about anyone or anything but themselves. That attitude has GOT to go if a girl is going to implement my plan.

    Too many girls don’t know how to take care of their own bodies. They eat crap, they don’t do portion control, they don’t get any exercise. They are fat and slovenly. Yet, they think they’re hot because guys are so thirsty they’ll give attention to a landwhale in hopes of getting a handjob.

    Too many girls don’t know how to do even basic housekeeping or home maintenance. They cant cook worth a shit. They live in shitholes. They are slobs. They don’t pick up after themselves. They are lazy and self-indulgent.

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  72. Tarnished says:

    Um…what, what?
    Chores are fun, especially if you make them into a game. My grandmother and I used to start at opposite ends of our veggie garden and see who could pull weeds fastest. She was old and had arthritis, but I still think she let me win. 🙂 Walking our dog was my favorite though, she was such a good girl and very protective of me. The only thing I don’t like doing is dusting. Makes my eyes water horribly. 😛


  73. Tarnished says:

    You’d probably look quite becoming with flowers in your hair…and beard. 😀


  74. Spawny Get says:

    “Chores are fun, especially if you make them into a game


    Now I have you. Caught in a LIE da da daaah

    Psycho score of 0 my arse

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  75. Cill says:

    That’s a bit brutal there, Spawny. True, though.

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  76. Cill says:

    “see who could pull weeds fastest.”
    I force wee Meddy to slow down and do a thorough job. I make sure the little bastard pulls the roots of the weeds.

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  77. Spawny Get says:

    “That’s a bit brutal there, Spawny. True, though.”

    Sorry Cill. In all fairness I should have mentioned that since you gave the little blighter a heart attack (and the convulsions episode(s)), that you only ‘tingle’ (as you put it, as opposed to ‘electrocute’ as the medical professionals do) the extremities. I made you sound like a psycho, and for that I apologise (a bit)

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  78. Tarnished says:

    Too many girls don’t know how to do even basic housekeeping or home maintenance.

    Running into this at work. Our new female employees (ages 19 and 21) needed to be taught how to really clean a bathroom and vacuum. Frickin weird. How do you not learn that by the time you’re, idk, 10?

    Our male customers can’t piss *in* the toilet though, so it’s a bit of a wash. Seriously, how difficult is it to aim, pee, then flush without getting it absolutely everywhere? Yuck.

    Waitaminutenow…how is making chores fun an indication of Psycho? 😕


  79. Spawny Get says:

    “I force wee Meddy to slow down and do a thorough job. I make sure the little bastard pulls the roots of the weeds.”

    Slowing him down by harnessing him to a plough was a mark of genius man. What do those child welfare maniacs know about cruelty? They’re nowhere near your level of expertise.

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  80. Spawny Get says:

    “Waitaminutenow…how is making chores fun an indication of Psycho? 😕 ”

    And the fact that you even have to ask that…? Confirmation of the highest order.

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  81. Cill says:

    No I meant you were a bit brutal at 5:54 pm.


  82. Cill says:

    You really should ease up on Tarn you know. Tarn’s a sensitive soul. 😉

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  83. Spawny Get says:

    “No I meant you were a bit brutal at 5:54 pm.”

    Got a like from Tarn (too)… *shrug*

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  84. Spawny Get says:

    “She’s a sensitive soul.”

    Tarn is a sensitive soul. But as to Tarn’s sense of humour? Getting on for as bad as mine. And seeing as nobody that I know of can keep up with me? That’s to be commended…is that the word?…I forget…pitied…that’s it!…pitied

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  85. Tarnished says:

    Nah, everybody’s jealous of our wonderfully crass wit and beautifully sardonic humor.

    That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway…

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  86. Spawny Get says:

    10:54 to 13:26

    Trust me. You owe it to yourself. Just two and a half minutes…you owe it to me.

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  87. Cill says:

    Note the subtle change I made at 6:14 pm? That’s my own sensitive streak to the fore.

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  88. Tarnished says:

    You really should ease up on Tarn you know. Tarn’s a sensitive soul.

    Hey, now. That’s getting a bit personal, eh? I don’t go ’round talking about *your* sensitive parts. 😛

    [Cill edit: I took the liberty of changing the first word of the second sentence of the quote, to better reflect the reality]

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  89. Spawny Get says:

    “That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway…”

    I agree. ‘Honesty is the best policy’…malarkey, I calls it.

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  90. Spawny Get says:

    “Note the subtle change I made at 6:14 pm? That’s my own sensitive streak to the fore.”

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  91. Spawny Get says:

    “Seriously, how difficult is it to aim, pee, then flush without getting it absolutely everywhere?”

    Sometimes the stream splits in two…oh yes indeedy

    Don’t know if that’s a foreskin thing.

    oh yeah…and…trigger warning? TMI? Too late?

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  92. @ Deti I agree that a gal needs older men (and trusted older women) to help vet possible suitors. Women can get swept up emotionally, and that can lead to either overlooking red flags or her hamstering how “it will be ok.” I bet the divorce rates of such matches would be far lower than when girls choose for themself w/o guidance from elders.

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  93. Tarnished says:

    Spawny, are you the devious bastard who told that poor man about such porn? For shame! 😉


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  94. Cill says:

    I refuse to watch the video at 6:22 pm on the grounds that starting at 11:00 approx I’d laugh myself to death.
    (P.S. dddd is to death as zzzz is to sleep)

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  95. @ cill helping kids learn to identify weeds vs “the good stuff” is key. I remember my friend’s little girl, after I showed her my veggie garden, came running over very excited with fistfulls of veggie sprouts, proudly saying she helped “pick the veggies!” Luckily it was mostly the beets, whew!

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  96. Tarnished says:

    *ahem* TMI

    Spawny, believe me I completely understand that. I have a younger brother, male cousins, friends, and my love…as well as the internet.

    There’s a world of difference between a few random drops/splashes and getting the majority of one’s urine against the back of the toilet…in a puddle on the tank top…all over the frickin floor. I mean, their dicks must think they’re Moses, for that kind of splitting of streams.

    I personally think they do the Charleston whilst emptying their bladders. It’s the only logical explanation.

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  97. Tarnished says:

    TTFN, my peoples.

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  98. Spawny Get says:


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  99. Cill says:

    “they do the Charleston whilst emptying their bladders”

    Or the Twist (Chubby Checker style).

    Men need a sizable urinal (preferably an Armitage or an Adamant), not a stupid tiny low little bowl to aim at. I have urinals at my place. It’s my place, I built it. Women don’t like it, they can go take a running jump into Lake Whakapohane.

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  100. Yoda says:

    Degenerated this thread has.

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  101. Cill says:

    I have a new name for the old fella. “Moses” he shall be from now on. Better than “Dick” or “John Thomas” or “One-eyed Pajama Python”. “Moses” brings a whiskery dignity to the subject. Thanks Tarn.


  102. Cill says:



  103. Yoda says:

    Degenerated even more this thread has.

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  104. Cill says:

    Yoda Like on the degeneration he should.
    To keep it in check it would be.


  105. Spawny Get says:

    Going through life looking like a crab apple, an effect it clearly has…

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  106. Liz says:

    “Men need a sizable urinal (preferably an Armitage or an Adamant)…”

    I will ‘like’ anything with the word Armitage in it.
    But I had no idea my very favorite actor was named after a pisser!

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  107. Cill says:

    That’s somewhat bluntly put, Liz, but true, but true…

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  108. Padawan says:

    Yoda Amused He is Not? (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)

    Yoda amused he needs to be
    When Mrs Y sammiches makes,
    Because a grim Yoda will get no tea
    He’ll smile till his green face aches.


  109. Spawny Get says:

    “Armitage Shanks” was an actor?

    Or did you mean “Adam Ant”?

    Stand and deliver is excellent advice in this context BTW

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  110. Spawny Get says:

    The Old Chap might have a description of the problem

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  111. Padawan says:

    THE PORCELAIN HIT A MANELESS PATRIARCH WILL NOT (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)

    Hit the porcelain Spawny will not,
    Spawny will ever shoot aimless,
    Spawny will always be way undershot
    Whilst Spawny remains ferkin’ maneless.

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  112. Spawny Get says:

    I’m wondering whether to get a syrup from a lion, or some kind of InternerAristocrat homage. Or something like what we see Benny modelling here


  113. Spawny Get says:

    Anyway, I’m sure we can all agree that Tarn started it.

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  114. Spawny Get says:

    Oh. Syrup of Fig => Wig

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  115. Cill says:

    It’s an improvement, mate, I’ll allow you that. Not much of the Movie Star Good Looks in evidence though.

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  116. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    If you get a chance to see this, I loved it! That is the first time that I have seen any Avenue Q stuff. While the3 Muppets are great, I was wondering when someone was going to spoof them.

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  117. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You are going to have to be careful in divviing up the chores. While a lot of the fun ones have to go to the younger for positive reinforcement, the older one has to have a few too.

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  118. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Getting back to the original topic, where do Western girls go wrong? In high school, they only get to use lessons already learnt about leveraging allure. Disney and all their princess movies is not enough to account for it.

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  119. Tarnished says:

    I did indeed start it!
    So nice to get recognition for my hard work. *takes a bow*

    Here is a new avatar for Spawny. It truly captures his essence.


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  120. Spawny Get says:

    Well..that’s just absolutely charming. I gave you a Unicorn!

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  121. Spawny Get says:

    This is how marriages die, Tarn.

    For posteriority

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  122. Liz says:

    A beagle!
    er…back to the topic….Every young western girl should definitely have a beagle!


  123. Liz says:

    And an Armitage pisser. Because anything with Armitage in it is good!
    Bam! There.

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  124. Spawny Get says:

    Actual big news

    London, United Kingdom – Breitbart London has learned that the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz is to make an unprecedented attempt to stop the debate surrounding the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the European Parliament in Strasbourg tomorrow.

    We can exclusively report that in addition to the vote being cancelled, as noted several hours ago, the European Union’s chief bureaucrats are in meltdown following major public backlash against what has been described as a “major corporatist stitch-up”.

    Up until this month it appeared that the TTIP deal, lauded by U.S. President Barack Obama, was on course to pave the way for huge, corporate deals under the guise of “free trade” across the United States and the European Union.

    Both the Conservative Party and Labour Party had backed the initiative, which could even lead, in extremis, to vast chunks of Britain’s National Health Service being outsourced to American health providers.

    But Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham has broken ranks tonight, joining UKIP in their criticism of the deal. To date, UKIP is the only major political party in Britain to have consistently opposed TTIP, which contains a number of provisions that are said to be of concern to ordinary Britons.

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  125. Spawny Get says:

    Followers of American politics will know that Mr Obama is also trying to force through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, also known as “Obamatrade” much to the chagrin of unions, free-marketeers, and American legislators. TTIP and TTP are often referred to as “shady” and “backroom deals” that aren’t even subject to the usual, poor levels of transparency from the European Union.

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  126. @ tarn I have wondered the same whole cleaning bathrooms! Now I know???

    @ Liz I was thinking about your mom, and it occurred to me a friend whose mom was a young girl/teen in Hungary during the war years and then Russian occupation (apparently no better, her mother detests Russians to this day) and her mom has a similar personality, was similar in how she treated her daughter.

    My mom did not survive a war but has her own childhood “stuff” she played forward. Mostly she views children as a burden and does not seem to enjoy them. She’s the same w my kids, she buys them lots of things and brags about them on Facebook but despite living 25 minutes away rarely comes to see them, and when she does it’s to drop off “the stuff” and leave, not spend time. Sad. She’s missing so much. Not to mention we’d all appreciate her enjoying our company but… It is what it is. I know she loves us, but she won’t ever be that rock of a mom I have always dreamed I code am on. If anything I held HER together, and she’d be the last person I would ask for help or advice.

    Other advice she gave me was of the “modern woman” ilk… get a degree, have a career, don’t rely on or trust a man, avoid (blech!) kids, having a family means you are slave and can’t live your dreams, etc. I have found it bad advice, not the path of happiness.

    In fact when Samantha married, my mom went on and on about how she hoped she wouldn’t ruin everything by having a baby right away, hoped she would wait. By then I was red pill, I hoped she would follow her faith’s tradition to have the first w/I the year. And she happily did.

    One really beautiful thing about their faith is children are seen as a blessing and a joy. One a year until they finally can have no more is the ideal. Families are large, not uncommon to have 12 or 13 kids. Despite back to back pregnancies these women are rarely overweight, or unkempt looking. A friend of mine who left the faith but was the oldest of 13 said her mom adored being a mom, reveled in it, was good and patient and kind, even cried when the doctor finally said she had to have a hysterectomy!

    A mom like that, what a blessing she is to her family!

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  127. Oh and this lady also spent countless hours w teen mom or women w unplanned pregnancies, teaching them to be mothers, mothering the women herself too, if needed.

    When my friend’s mom passed away in a freak car crash, ice on the road, they had to have two funeral services, so many people of all walks of life turned out to pay their respects!

    Now that is one heck of a lady! Sniff. She truly was lovely!

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  128. Cill says:

    Whakapohane done stiff upper lip Pommy style. Take note, people, this is how they carry on in their chambers.

    Spawny will have Nun of that.


  129. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    It pains me to say this but, If I were over there, I would be very suspicious of anything Americans offered, especially if it’s on the quiet.

    I thought I something similar when my brother’s family would visit my Dad and Stepmom. She kept her hous in perfect order. Kids bring chaos but, it’s good.


  130. Liz says:

    I won’t comment on Armitage’s shanks, Swithy, other than to say I knew it would be a beautiful image.

    Obamatrade sounds like a discount broker.
    I look forward to the Obamaphone, Obamapad, Obamapods and Obamatunes in our Brave New World.


  131. Spawny Get says:

    The English Disease, according to the French, Cill.

    Les anglais sont débarqué – the English have disembarked/arrived.
    Is their phrase for the arrival of a lady’s monthly festival.
    (English being Redcoats…)

    And French letters to us, are English letters to them.

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  132. Spawny Get says:

    I hadn’t mentioned TTIP despite being against it (corporate stitch up of the peoples) because I didn’t think there was any chance of it not going through. This is great news…but we shall have to see what happens

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  133. Cill says:

    The new-fangled Armitage is very disappointing, I have to say. I prefer the floor-to-ceiling Armitage of yesteryear, broad of visage and brawy-armed, towering over the etched statement “Made In England”. Many a time I have stepped into its cold embrace and burst into song:

    Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
    Bring me my Arrows of desire:
    Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
    Bring me my Chariot of fire!

    I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
    Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In England’s green & pleasant Land!

    I’ll tell you sumat, them were the days when England was great.

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  134. Spawny Get says:

    Another tremendous anthem, Cill.

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  135. Cill says:

    My countrywoman vs British crowd. They drowned her out at times but Hayley fought back:

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  136. Cill says:

    Nothing warms the cockles of my heart as much as seeing the EU swine and Banana Obama get their comeuppance. Make ’em suffer.

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  137. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    Do you have any idea how much it hurts when I see her picture and realize that she is 71?
    In the same vein, I saw Battle of Britain. Susanna York looked good in 1969.
    Bear bites paw/

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  138. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Look at what I found on youtube

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  139. theasdgamer says:

    I decided to have a nip or two today. Makes reading these comments so much more fun!

    First, Woodford Reserve on the rocks. Second, vanilla ice cream, peach vodka, brandy, and a heaping teaspoon of ovaltine; blend well. A Russian Roulette.


  140. theasdgamer says:

    How many times will Spawny paste that photo? You know which one I mean!

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  141. theasdgamer says:

    English is French pronounced badly. Bear in mind that about half of English words are derived from Romance languages, probably French.


  142. theasdgamer says:

    Liz, have you ever worshipped at the porcelain altar?


  143. theasdgamer says:

    Boone’s Farm Apple Wine had me heaving?


  144. Spawny Get says:

    Talked to God on the great white telephone…

    My experiences in French in France were considerably helped by having a good English vocabulary. Sadly, my ability to spell is now shot, though. Malheureusement.

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  145. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Please don’t drink too much of that. You don’t need to be reminded.

    Spawny Get,
    It’s not just French. Hispania becomes Espana, Gades becomes Cadiz. English gets weird after the fall of Rome. Camalodunum becomes Colchester, Eburacum becomes York.

    I am beginning to like the beagle.Sunglasses?


  146. Spawny Get says:

    Sunglasses would be the best case scenario. I blame Tarn. Again.

    I ‘ve lived in a few ‘Roman’ cities. They liked places in valleys surrounded by seven hills. Reminded them of Rome.


  147. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Those Romans. They would have liked San Francisco.

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  148. […] FuzzieWuzzie on What’s a Girl to Do? […]


  149. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post

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  150. Liz says:

    I was thinking about this topic last night and have kind of changed my position. I’m a chick, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. 😉

    Not a full change, just a little caveat. I think it’s nice to marry young, but wait a while for children. Once the children are born like is never the same (in both good ways and bad). You’ll never experience the joy of having totally carefree, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants freedom to do just about whatever you want together, whenever you want after the kids are born. You can’t just stay out all night or sleep in or even play a game of axis and allies or vacation or live where you want (you have to think about things like safety and schools and kids for your kids to play with). The sex obviously is a lot different after kids too. And you really get to know each other, and value each other. Not that that isn’t possible after kids, but it’s a lot harder.

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  151. missattempts says:

    I have SOME spotty explainations for Tarnished’s greatness.
    She was born in the Chinese Year of the Rat.
    The Rat is a very perfectionistic nose-to-the-grindstone, type of person. They have
    high standards, don’t mind working, and can be virtually impossible to please.
    Tarn’s F.W.B. was born in 1968, the Year of the Monkey. She lucked onto a very
    good match. It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to make a go of it, if you are mismatched in
    Chinese Astrology. Without exception, every sucessful relationship I know about
    has a compatible Chinese Astrological signs. The best book on Chinese Astrology
    is, “The New Chinese Astrology, ” Suzanne White.
    I could know even more about Tarn, if I knew the time and location of her birth, her
    REAL present name, and the name on her birth certificate.
    The name of Tarnishes’ blog “The Tarnished Sophia,” described entirely what it was
    about. The numerical value was 15, which reduces to 6 (The “love” number.)
    The number 15 in the Tarot is “Satan,” which shows a man and woman loosely
    bound in chains. The number isn’t especially evil, but it does bring to mind the things
    that “Satan” does to torment us, one of which is the contradictory natures of male and


  152. Spawny Get says:

    Hey Miss, why not join in the fun? When you get to the point where a lady starts them there naughty words…it’s time to try another track. S’all I’m saying.

    Seeing as you’re not insulting anyone personally, I’m fine with you. But there has to be a more productive approach to conversation?

    There’s the, sadly not oft tried, ‘Spawny? Your avatar is frigging tremendous’ approach.

    More people should try that one, I reckon

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  153. theasdgamer says:

    @ Fuzzie

    Please don’t drink too much of that. You don’t need to be reminded.

    Lol, haven’t touched bad wine since college. The hard liquor last night hit the spot. A very mild buzz. I don’t often drink alone, but I felt like it last night.


  154. theasdgamer says:

    @ Liz

    Not that that isn’t possible after kids, but it’s a lot harder.

    They do leave the nest eventually, we hope.


  155. theasdgamer says:

    And, for the benefit of the incels reading, Liz is talking about S. E. X. whenever and wherever you want to in the house. And maybe also going out somewhere without worrying about getting a sitter.

    I like the way Liz thinks, heh.

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  156. @ Liz true re life before and after kids. I agree if one marries young, waiting a bit is good. Two years perhaps.

    In Samantha’s world, one likely has 6 sisters and 6 sister in laws who either have kids already or are too young to court, not to mention life is one big playdate since everyone else is pregnant or has kids too, so help with getting some free time is easier.

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  157. theasdgamer says:

    When you get older, expect the kids to be ungrateful. Maybe that will change once you pass on?


  158. Liz says:

    “When you get older, expect the kids to be ungrateful. Maybe that will change once you pass on?”

    Sorry, Gamer. That sucks. 😦
    I’ve never expected the kids to be grateful (I think most children have a hard time viewing their parents as actual people). But ours are pretty good at that, for the most part. We’re incredibly lucky, knock on wood.
    My sister (dad’s first daughter, different marriage) is basically a saint. She had a shite mother (worse than mine even, dad was a good man but he sure didn’t pick ’em for pleasant personalities…think he must’ve been attracted to the cray cray, and he was so uncray himself).


  159. Spawny Get says:


    My hero of the week is 72-year old Nobel-prizewinning scientist Sir Tim Hunt who this week went public at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Korea on the three main problems he has encountered during a lifetime working with female scientists:

    “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.”

    But to his credit – and this is what really makes Hunt my hero – he has stuck to his guns. While covering himself with a formulaic non-apology apology (ie expressing sorrow for the “offence caused”) he has so far made no attempt to retract what he said.

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  160. theasdgamer says:

    My kids were grateful up until they left home. Neither daughter liked being told that they need to lose weight. And one is very Blue Pill and doesn’t like my forthright Red Pill behavior.


  161. Before I had kids I used to think boarding school was a horrifying choice, what parent could ever do that?

    After having kids I find myself seeing the finer points of the plan, makes total sense now!

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  162. Spawny Get says:

    Milo of Breitbart Infamy in TV debate with little lady-brained fembot. She’s pretty though.

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    ^ WATCH THIS^ ^


  163. Spawny Get says:

    I think that that shoeing was what you get when you have a male with a great gift for words off the cuff and a great memory for facts…coupled with immunity from criticism for misogyny because he’s gay…up against a woman of no great ability with nothing but the same ol’ anti-scientific femeroid bleating lines. And she’s supposed to be a scientist. I would not hire her for anything requiring an ability to achieve objectivity on any matter involving her or her sex.

    Which means the old duffer in the first place, didn’t go far enough.


  164. Liz says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing, Swithy. I stopped it about halfway through the man speaking (and I can usually listen to a guy with a British accent talk about anything, all day…if he’d been talking about trench mouth or crotch rot, I’d have listened).

    I had to stop it though…was just too afraid Rachael Madcow would pop out somewhere.

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  165. Spawny Get says:

    It was fun throughout.

    If the woman has an ounce of introspection, she’ll listen to herself in that interview, check the facts and then quietly retire from any science or engineering. Or, you know, put away the ‘feels’ at work and just concentrate on what’s true.

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  166. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Older Bloomette has to know that she is in trouble for telling a big fib to her Dad about missing the bus. The incident would have been far less remarkable if she just owned up to missing the bus.The timeing may be good on this. She was found out right away and called out on it right away. She now knows not to lie, she’s going to be found out.


  167. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    Those fembots will not be satisfied until they have it all their way.
    When that happens, will they miss the men?


  168. Liz says:

    Lol! I watched it Swithy.
    That guy was great. 🙂

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