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  1. Farm Boy says:

    Sulkowicz is clearly determined to become a martyr here. She is at the center of a lawsuit filed by Paul Nungesser, whom she accused of raping her, against Columbia for failing to protect his Title IX rights against gender-based discrimination. Her continued actions on campus and now could prove to be very problematic for the university.

    Paul Nungesser’s, CC ’15, lawsuit against both Columbia and visual arts professor Jon Kessler alleges that both parties violated Title IX in their handling of Emma Sulkowicz’s complaint of an alleged sexual assault against Nungesser, which the lawsuit says has “damaged, if not effectively destroyed” Nungesser’s reputation, safety, and career prospects.”

    “”Sulkowicz, who claims that Nungesser raped her, has drawn international media attention for her senior visual arts thesis, “Carry That Weight,” in which she is carrying a mattress around campus until Nungesser is no longer there. In turn, Nungesser has been named in media stories on Sulkowicz, and his name was one of four listed on flyers that named alleged rapists, which found in bathroom stalls across campus last fall. Nungesser’s lawsuit charges that the University not only allowed Sulkowicz to break confidentiality agreements surrounding her complaint against him, but also endorsed and supported her efforts to do so.

    In addition to Title IX, Nungesser’s lawsuit charges that Columbia and Kessler violatedNew York State human rights, civil rights, and general business laws through negligence, discrimination, harassment, the intentional infliction of emotional distress, unfair or deceptive practices, and breach of contract, particularly because Nungesser was found not responsible through the University’s adjudication process.

    “By refusing to protect Paul Nungesser, Columbia University first became a silent bystander and then turned into an active supporter of a fellow student’s harassment campaign by institutionalizing it and then heralding it,” the filed complaint said.””

    Sulkowicz gets the best of both worlds if Nungesser wins his lawsuit:

    Because he is suing the school, she won’t be affect by the outcome.
    If he wins, she can still claim the system is rigged against women.
    The best part of this is that a win for Nungesser doesn’t hurt her, it hurts the university. Which makes her a true Martyr of Frauds – her martyring itself is fraudulent.


  2. Farm Boy says:

    Well, this is useful information

    Sulkowicz further insisted to artnet News that “Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol” is fully independent of her previous work, “Carry That Weight.” She added: “They’re two separate performance art pieces, but I’m trying to make them both as good as I can


  3. I have been thinking more on this Emma video and am curious what other think?

    After watching it I can see both sides. On her side I can see how she could perceive that as rape. Or that if not rape, something she was not down with happened whole having otherwise consensual sex.

    On his side I can see how she was clearly giving the “dtf” signal, the way she sheds her clothing and is otherwise giving the all in green light was a “go” signal as far as he was concerned.

    What one or both fail to understand was they were playing with fire they did not understand. Her: she wasn’t as sex possie as she thought. Him: his attempts at being dominant without understanding at all what that really means.

    Disturbing. I wish I hadn’t watched it.

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  4. Yoda says:

    Over here the new thread is.
    Kind of like Degoba it would be.
    People come here not

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  5. Tarnished says:

    It was very disturbing, Bloom. An obvious case of miscommunication and not truly knowing what one whats/expects out of sex.

    The part where it started to change from 100% consensual to a gray area could possibly have been prevented by agreeing to use a safe word ahead of time. Despite what people think, they aren’t just for bdsm type sex.


  6. Spawny Get says:

    Note I haven’t watched her vid. Haven’t read the story carefully or recently, but…

    I think that if you don’t call it a pipe until months later when you decide that you didn’t get the relationship that only you wanted…and he never promised…I don’t think you get to call it a pipe at all. It’s hurt feelings and a spiteful desire for revenge over a post-hoc rationalised injury that afaiaa she was willing to repeat with him on various later dates(?) thopugh I also understand that he didn’t take her up on the invitations(?).

    And I wish him luck suing the arse off of the institution that aided her in victimising him after it was clear there were no legal grounds to prosecute him. I hope she’s shunned by everyone with a sense of justice and belief in the process of the law. And I hope she gets treatment, because I suspect that she has deep issues. Issues made worse by the actions of the femeroids.

    Sorry if I’m being unjust due to an inaccurate recollection of the facts, but I’m not interested in refreshing my memory.

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  7. Cill says:

    Your recollection of the facts is accurate.

    This latest nonsense of hers is pure fabrication. By her own admission it’s not a re-enactment of the Nungesser “rape”. It’s nothing to do with artistic expression. It’s a blatant grab for attention and all the heartfelt sympathy she will undoubtedly receive from the feminists and illiberals.

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  8. Spawny Get says:


    I likes this, I likes this a lot

    and love the hymn put to the centre part

    How about some suggestions of other music to try?

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  9. Spawny Get says:

    You might recognise this from ‘Sharpe’

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  10. Cill says:

    “How about some suggestions of other music to try?”
    Let me listen to the Holst one more time first…

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  11. Spawny Get says:

    Song from Frightnight II


    (pre her days in Married…with children. Marcy d’Arcy iirc)


  12. Cill says:

    I’ll head over to my music machine and get some links to music of the Holst ilk. Don’t go away now, y’hear?


  13. Spawny Get says:

    Ashley I’m about to hit the shower and the TV…

    Frightnight (the remake)



    or maybe both…if I’m quick.


  14. Cill says:

    Richard Strauss Zarathustra

    Don’t be afraid to feed to the herbs.

    With my weird sensory system, I’m “hearing” (*cough*) an orgasm.


  15. Spawny and cill I can understand why you would choose not to watch it. However if you did, I wonder if you would feel the same about all this. The video pretty much shows the e e t’s as they have always been presented. However somehow actually *seeing* it, not reading it, puts it in a new light, for me. I don’t know that I would call it rape but I would say if that happened to me, I would be traumatized by it, absolutely. Would I have reported it as rape? Probably not. I probably would t tell anyone. Would I carry a mattress around? No. Would I feel violated? Yes. Absolutely.

    I think this video is a good illustration of how these things can be misunderstood in the moment. She was ok with having sex. She was ok with getting/giving oral sex. But she wasn’t ok w the getting slapped, choked, then butt f’ked while she’s saying no both verbally and with body language. Then she just submits and waits for it to end. He appears so swept up he’s not getting the “stop” message.

    I am not saying this *is* what happened, or how it went down, but just viewed as this viedo alone, I would say the interaction depicted was not ok.

    Is that what you saw Tarn?

    P.s. had this been me someone would have gotten something shoved up their backside, and it would not have been me, that’s for damn sure!

    My take is he saw this bit in a porno and is acting it out, or something? Or its been ok before, with someone slse? I know anal sex is more common/accepted these days, and often in porn, but I guess I come from another era. It’s a not for Bloom.

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  16. Spawny Get says:

    Ceci n’est pas un viol.

    “afaiaa she was willing to repeat with him on various later dates(?) thopugh I also understand that he didn’t take her up on the invitations(?).”

    Does she describe the video as a reconstruction (that might enable him to sue for slander?)

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  17. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, synaesthesia?


  18. Cill says:

    More of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”

    “Mars: Bringer of War”:

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  19. I am curious what ton or bv (who have experience w D/s) would say, just based on the video alone, take the whole Emma/mattress girl part out, just based on the event portrayed, ok or no?

    Ps I am not trying to argue or be confrontational, I am simply trying to wrap my mind around it.

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  20. Cill says:

    “Cill, synaesthesia?”

    Something like that. I actually drafted a post on the subject some time ago, “The 7+ Senses and Uncommon Sexuality”.

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  21. Spawny Get says:

    We’re fine. bloom. We just disagree. It’s been…weeks…since I executed anyone for that. I don’t want to be roped into her b.s.. I’ll take the word of the cops and the uni.

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  22. And I know this is not in keeping with the silly theme, my apologies! I really am curious how this same event might be viewed via a male lens.

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  23. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Knowing the French, this may be the extent of their gratitude. They do acknowledge 6 June as Liberation Day. I linked this three days ago if it seems familiar.


  24. Cill says:

    Everyone’s heard it a gazillion times but this a good rendition and I know one of the women in the choir.

    Royal Choral Society Handel Hallelujah Chorus:

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  25. Cill says:

    For you, Bloom

    Yet more of Gustav Holst “The Planets”

    “Venus, the Bringer of Peace”:

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  26. Bake Cookies

    By Bloom
    Recovering poet

    Once I heard some good advice
    Given by a mom who as wise
    To her adorable daughter sprite
    On what to do on Saturday night
    Bake cookies and dream of your knight
    Forget the clubs and the sights
    Be patient and perfect your domestic rites
    Be pure and chaste and ever so nice
    And he will come when the time is right
    And her mom was right!

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  27. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Most girls aren’t built for no strings hook up sex. For that matter, neither are most boys. That she chose to go down this path was the first big step leading to this debacle.
    On her old blog, Sunshine Mary devoted a lot of posts to this, incurring the wrath of feminists. I think the reason the feminists protested so loudly is because they agree.
    One glaring feature of Emma’s film- there is no dialogue. Theyt aren’t behaving as if they are human.

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  28. Liz says:

    I thought that mattress girl did say that the depiction was not representative of what actually happened? We have only her “good” word to go by, and everything I’ve seen so far (the fact that she made a porn tape with a faux-re-ennactment actually leads me to doubt her claims even more…she’s about a 10 on the 1-10 Unified Bullshit Spectrum).

    But one can be assaulted sexually even after consent is given. For example, if I told my husband to lay down for a blowjob and lubed up my fist and jammed it up his ass instead, that would be assault. Assault is possible without sex, too. For example, if a person said they wanted boxing lessons and they got into the ring to spar with gloves and a certain set of rules, and the person they were sparing with suddenly removed the gloves and kicked and beat the living hell out of that person, it would be assault even though the guy had agreed to spar.

    I didn’t see the tape and I don’t believe a word shes says or a things she “demonstrates through art”. I called it when I said she’d start working in porn. I just didn’t know I’d be right this soon.

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  29. Cill says:

    Yeah you called it Liz. I remember. I didn’t know then how right you’d prove to be.

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  30. Tarnished says:

    …take the whole Emma/mattress girl part out, just based on the event portrayed, ok or no?

    It’s ok if that’s what the scene is about and everyone abides by the previously agreed upon safewords/gestures. Nothing that happens in her video is necessarily bad or wrong by itself, the consent of both parties is what makes a position or action “good” or “bad”. One can’t even say that pain is necessarily “bad” in referring to bdsm or D/S sex…sometimes it can feel good to the sub in a mental capacity, if not a physical one.

    My partner and I enjoy bdsm type sex. Roleplaying, bondage, D/S scenes, whips, paddles…and yes, anal sex (me) or play (him) every once in a while (this is never during a “rough” scene though, as he doesn’t want to get carried away). Some of what he does to me or I do to him might not be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I *know* it’s not. Some people only like vanilla sex, or don’t want toys in the bedroom, or never watch porn while with their partner. I do like these things, and so do other people.

    Again, it doesn’t matter what the sex consists of, so long as
    1. Everyone is of age
    2. Everyone has consented
    3. There’s excellent communication

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  31. Spawny Get says:

    Some define Hell as where the French sing and the Welsh cook.

    Unfair (on the French)

    The words are nothing like equivalent, not a translation!


  32. Spawny Get says:

    Remember Joe le taxi?


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  33. Liz says:

    Bloom“And I know this is not in keeping with the silly theme, my apologies!”

    Well, I can relay a “silly” event along those lines. My honeymoon, Mike pounding away and I was in cowgirl…wait,no, I think it was from behind. Anyway he’d go out and plung in and I was all “yeeesss!” and I guess it was just a bit too slippy back there because he went out and plunged in all the way down. The. Wrong. Hole. Wow that hurt. I made a weird sound and had to lay down for a while.

    Then I took off the bedsheets and dragged the mattress around the hotel for the next week. They woulnd’t let me bring it on the plane so I had to leave it though.

    Okay, I’m kidding about the mattress part but the first part is true. 😛

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  34. Spawny Get says:

    Didn’t we touch on the subject of games/trust the other day?

    I don’t trust her. She has no credibility with me. Done.

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  35. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Are you going to bake cookies tonight? I’ll be by tomorrow!

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  36. Cill says:

    Any minute now I will be… distracted, at which point I’ll simply fade away. I’ve got the toaster all set to go for Marmite on toast . 😉

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  37. Liz says:

    Hurray! Have a nice evening (day?) with M, Cill.

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  38. Tarnished says:

    Have fun with your lady love, Cill!

    Wow that hurt. I made a weird sound and had to lay down for a while.

    Same thing happened to us about 3 years ago. It hurts.
    A lot.
    A lot a lot.
    I’m perfectly fine with it if it’s expected and preparations are taken, but yeah…no bueno. He was so incredibly apologetic and afraid of having done me some real harm that he offered to drive me to the emergency room. The look on his face was so stricken that I almost felt sorry for *him*. 😛 All is good now though. 🙂

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  39. Yoda says:

    Hungry that bear is.
    They should tease him not

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  40. Liz says:

    Started watching Sense8 on Netflix. This is the most liberal agenda driven show I think I’ve ever seen. That is not an easy bar to fly over.
    Right now there’s a skinny woman getting into the ring to fight a man. “Smart money is on the skinny bitch”. I’ll bet it will be a surprise ending! Lots of homosexuality “pride” events and so forth. Just giving everyone a heads up if they were thinking of watching it. Because the underlying idea would make a very interesting story if I didn’t get the impression I’m being proselytized to.


  41. Cill says:

    Thanks Liz. It’s 10:30 a.m. here in Godzone. It’s a clear, bright Winter’s day. The sea is as still as a millpond out there. I upgraded the engines on the powerboat recently. We might go cruising and see what 1050 h.p. can do. Or a stroll in the forest out back. The forest smells intimate on days like this.

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  42. Tarnished says:

    What is Sense8 supposed to be about?


  43. Cill says:

    Thanks Tarn, I intend to! All innocent fun, of course. Boat rides, strolls in the forest etc >:D


  44. Liz says:

    “What is Sense8 supposed to be about?”

    The entire premise for the major plot line hasn’t been exactly revealed yet, but the subplots have the characters (from various backgrounds) all discovering that they are interconnected telekinetically. They’re having visions and so forth, and trying to figure it out.


  45. Spawny Get says:

    Bugger. I’ve just finished Person of Interest 3 (great), Sense8 was likely next.

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  46. Spawny Get says:

    The book was good, they’re making a film of it

    Should be one for the boys, Liz. Book is cheap on Kindle.

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  47. Spawny Get says:

    “Watney’s gallows humour and his brushes with death as he uses every ounce of his intelligence and astronaut’s training to claw his way out of the pit will have you laughing and gasping by turns. I read this book in a weekend. I didn’t think I’d have the time to – but Andy Weir’s edge-of-the-seat storytelling didn’t leave me any choice.” (Richard Madeley, Richard and Judy Book Club)

    “Andy Weir’s terrific ‘lost in space’ novel is an absolute page turner from first to last … Tautly-written, full of extraordinary and fascinating detail about life in a frozen red desert so far from home, The Martian is one of the best thrillers either of us has read in years. Highly recommended.” (Judy Finnigan, Richard and Judy Book Club)

    “The best book I’ve read in ages. Clear your schedule before you crack the seal. This story will take your breath away faster than a hull breech. Smart, funny, and white-knuckle intense, The Martian is everything you want from a novel.” (Hugh Howey New York Times bestselling author of Wool)

    “The amount of research here is astounding. We’re suckers for well-grounded fiction, and on the technical side, The Martian is exemplary … witty … funny” (SFX)

    “A book I just couldn’t put down! It has the very rare combination of a good, original story, interestingly real characters and fascinating technical accuracy…reads like MacGyver meets Mysterious Island.” (Astronaut Chris Hadfield Commander of the International Space Station and author of An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth)


  48. Liz says:

    Maybe I’ll watch Person of Interest.
    And we’ll read Martian! Thanks for the recommendations Swithy.

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  49. theasdgamer says:

    My result from the attachment test:

    “According to your questionnaire responses, your attachment-related anxiety score is 2.28, on a scale ranging from 1 (low anxiety) to 7 (high anxiety). Your attachment-related avoidance score is 5.78, on a scale ranging from 1 (low avoidance) to 7 (high avoidance). ”



  50. Spawny Get says:

    Poi is pretty unique in my experience, it makes a sensible leap from good human, mystery story telling in series one, to more of a conspiracy in three. Conspiracy is usually when I walk.away. Not this time. Rather dystopian. Not implausible, just not yet…

    Magic bullets though. Shoot an aluminium (correct spelling) ladder and you get a sparkly impact, but no hole and no movement. Uh-huh.

    And it’s pronounced alu-min-yum. 😉


  51. Spawny Get says:

    I’ll have to read what it means tomorrow, Gamer. I just did the test and copied the numbers. G’night.


  52. theasdgamer says:

    “When we’re with an insecure, punishing nag, we’re prone to become somewhat distant and avoidant.”

    Might explain my test results being married to Mrs. Gamer. Not a nag, but insecure and punishing.

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  53. Spawny Get says:

    Some sweary exclamations, Liz. Good, young man oriented problem solving. I liked it, but felt a little ol…mature for it.

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  54. Thanks for hearing me out, I appreciate it. I don’t know anyone here who would think non accidental non consentual ahem ahem wo like testing the waters first would be ok, I think we are all adults here. These things are for adults, adults who understand the full realm of possibilities and misunderstanding and use your words for Pete’s sake. I hope it does not come off as me saying she’s right or what not, I guess I just think only those two will ever really know how it actually went down, and even then their individual interpretations may vary. This is not tiddly winks or parlor games, these are grown up games for grown up people.

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  55. Gamer that does not surprise me you are an avoidant. It’s not a bad thing but remembering if mrs. Gamer is an anxious preoccupied that your distance could increase her neediness may help. If she is anxious preoccupied, dread will only intensify things. As you have mentioned before serms to soothe her, some reassurance or a hug or what not can work wonders to get a spun up anxious preoccupied to settle down vs withdrawing. Not that you want to reward bad behavior or give in to shit tests but calmly saying “I am all in and i care about you, but but acting like this is not ok and is destructive, this behavior needs to stop” when she acts like lake girl may help. If she will take the test, it might be helpful.

    Here’s more on that topic, I find it fascinating personally:

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  56. Yoda says:

    For 800 years question I have been perplexed by.
    When Britishers sing, sounds like ‘Muricans they do.

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  57. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    When humans sing, they employ a different part of their brains. James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, overcame his stuttering in this way.

    I am still baffled by Emma Sulkowicz’s behavior. I do hope that she has co9me to realize that hook up sex is a terrible method for finding a boyfriend. With so much license given to women, they have to figure out their goals and determine a method to achieve them. It’ss fair to say that most of them will want boyfriends, so, a different method is in order.

    If it were up to me, I’d go for a walk in the forest.
    Being a bear, I am prejudiced. I bet Molly would pick the boat. She’s get to go water shiing.

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  58. SFC Ton says:

    Being attachment avoidment is a net positive in the smp/mmp. Keeps her qualifying to you, always chasing the man as the prize

    Course that needs to be calibrated for maximum success

    Mike’s a nice guy because I would have kept hammering it home


  59. SFC Ton says:

    I wonder who they come up with those approval ratings? No one I know supports any of that stuff and it was recently released how polls where manipulated to make queers and what not seem like a much larger percentage of the population

    We really need to divided america up now peacefully before the rivers of blood come. Internal rivers and external as more foreigners show up to feast on a dying beast


  60. Liz says:

    “I wonder who they come up with those approval ratings? No one I know supports any of that stuff and it was recently released how polls where manipulated to make queers and what not seem like a much larger percentage of the population”

    Here is another:
    “Senior Airman Logan Ireland is one of over 15,000 transgender troops serving in the U.S. military.”

    15,000, eh? 15,000 / 1,400,000 (approximate number of “troops serving in the US military”) = 0.0107

    which would mean 1% of troops are transgender.

    As compared to the normal population which is, maybe .1 to .5 percent depending on the agenda of the researcher. So we are to believe transgenders flock to the military and we are to believe the military keeps reliable statistics on something that has been hidden in the military much more than in the normal population.

    Eh, I’ve mentioned this somewhere else. There are two realities. One is media invention, one actual reality, and the media reality has better marketing.

    That doesn’t mean behaviors and belief systems haven’t changed, and don’t change after being subjected to the false reality. It can produce a different set of values over time. We were once a nation of tobacco smokers. And psych disorders have a social component too. Once things are accepted as mainstream (this is why the term “vanilla sex” grates on me, because it’s a way to make the normal sound boring and that is agenda driven too), they become so. That’s why women bitch so loudly and proudly about their men today…society promotes it, encourages it, and incentivizes it. If you don’t bitch and actually follow and support your husband you’re a stepford wife and abnormal.

    The history of psychiatry is repleat with examples of mental disorders coming and going. To name a few: Social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, gender identity disorder, multiple personality disorder, anorexia, and chronic fatigue syndrome were once seen as rare or nonexistent, then suddenly ballooned in popularity. This is not simply because people decided to “come out”, or became newly aware of their problems…It is because most mental disorders have a social component. Prozac isn’t prescribed like candy because so many more people than ever before are truly clinically depressed today. Nor are children so attention deficit that one in seven boys need ritalin.

    One wouldn’t think that an affliction like Apotemnophilia could possibly be catchy, but it is. In fact, such disorders (even that one, weird as it is) do skyrocket and become self-fulfilling prophecies once popularized. They now call apotemnophilia “body integrity disorder”. I read somewhere that after an episode about an apotemnophiliac on Nip and Tuck, there was something like a five-fold increase for people desiring that type of surgery.

    (Apotemnophilia is a fetish for amputatees…people want to have their healthy limbs removed, surgically, for sexual fetish reasons)

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  61. Liz says:

    Just thinking further, wanted to add, per this bit:

    I hope I have not offended Tarn with the above post. Tarn, I do believe that you have gender identity disorder/ dimorph…er, whatnot. But I think you would have been a rare case back in the day before the media hype.
    Now, it’s just about everywhere (like bisexuality…I’ve mentioned before a friend had to remove her daughter from the highschool volleyball team because she was being pressured for lesbian sex. Every member of her hs team was a practicing bisexual). My son has them in his high school. Girls dressing like boys and taking male hormones (as minors) and renaming themselves ‘Ralph’ and so forth.


  62. Spawny Get says:

    I don’t care what people do in private. It doesn’t matter to me if gays are .1% or 10% of the population…homosexuality should not be illegal. If you only do things involving mentally competent, consulting adults…I don’t care.

    What I am sick of is the lying. It’s pandemic in society; 1 in 4 raped etc. No. It’s a lie. It’s a lie designed to whip up gormless people and ideologues so that they vote shit through like the Californian sex re-education that is blatantly misandric. IIRC the vote was 39-0 for that. because none of these spineless bastards stood up against the lies and the resultant hysteria. We need honesty and politicians with a spine…hell, we’re shagged right now.

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  63. Liz says:

    I don’t think it should be illegal either, Swithy, but it’s pretty clear there’s an agenda being pushed and it IS changing the face of society.

    Just about every time I click on Yahoo there’s a (likely fabricated) “heartwarming letter” from a father to son/mother to son/ grandparent, ect about how proud they are he/she “came out”. We have fake “hate crimes” (vandalism, forged sales slips where the lesbian was supposedly not given a tip due to her lifestyle choice), the kind of crap peddled by Gaia Democratic is just a little more out there than most…but not by much.

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  64. Liz says:

    Snooki, about her baby: “I hope my son grows up to be a nice little gay boy…”


  65. Liz says:

    Just one more thing….why does this bother me? Because I’m raising a family in this environment, and it effects us. By the time Bloom’s kids are in college, they might be considered abnormal and actually prudish and vanilla if they don’t eat pussy…these things are all connected, and it bothers me a lot. Adolescents are exploring their sexual identities in this agenda-driven environment.

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  66. Spawny Get says:

    Re the bonobo. If her son is gay, he’ll be less likely to breed…thus helping stop her bloodline. Let’s not be hasty here. I hope the kid has a happy life…but…those genes…


  67. Sumo says:

    Snooki, about her baby: “I hope my son grows up to be a nice little gay boy…”

    Well, if he does turn out to be gay, at least he won’t have to deal with batshit crazy chicks like his mother.

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  68. Unfortunately he *will* still have to deal w his batshit crazy mom 😦

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  69. missattempts says:

    This was a famous song from the 1960’s that reminds me of Tarnished:

    by The Association

    Cherish is the word I use to describe
    All the feelings that I have hiding here for you inside
    You don’t know many times I wish that I could hold you
    You don’t many times I wish that I had told you
    You don’t know how many times I wish that I could mold you
    into someone who could cherish me as much as I cherish you

    Perish is the word that more then applies
    In my heart each time I realize
    That I am not gonna be the one to share your dreams
    That I am not going to be the one to share your schemes
    That I am not going to be the one to share what seems
    To be the life that you could cherish as much as I do yours

    Oh I’m beginning to think that man has never found
    The words that could make you want me
    That have the right amount of letters just the right sounds
    That could make you see, make you hear, that you are driving me out of my mind.

    I could say I need you but then you’d just realize
    That I want you just like a thousand other guys
    Who say they love you for all the rest of their lives
    When all they wanted was to touch your face and hands and gaze into your eyes.

    Cherish is the world I use to describe
    All the feelings that I have hiding here for you inside
    You don’t know how many times I wish that I could hold you
    You don’t know how times I that I had told you
    You don’t know how many times I wish that I could mold you
    into someone who could cherish me as much as I cherish you.

    And I do cherish you! And I do cherish you!
    Cherish is the word…

    “Everything That Touches You,” by the same group, is another song that
    applies to Tarn.


  70. Farm Boy says:

    And then it’s down to business. If you absolutely must watch the video, you can, at least for the time being, find it here. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Porn star Mercedes Carrera described it earlier today as “a bad amateur sex tape from an attention-seeking histrionic.” She was being too generous… but let’s plough on.

    At the start of the tape, Sulkowicz enters a dorm room, blue-haired — for that is the uniform of the Internet feminist and masturbatory social justice warrior — pursued by a bear. Online critics have expressed dismay at the fact she hasn’t bothered to make the carpet match the drapes by dying her pubic hair blue. It’s a recent innovation known to the social justice community as “the full San Francisco.” Perhaps this fashion-forward intimate grooming trend is yet to appear on the east coast.


  71. Liz says:

    That was an informative link, Farm boy. My first prediction (porn tape) proved right, I have another prediction. She’s going to accuse someone else of rape very soon. Then the cuntroaches will scatter away from her, like they did with Cindy Sheehan.

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  72. Liz says:

    Is my new avatar too butch?

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  73. Spawny Get says:

    Liz, it features a lot of pussy…how butch could it be?

    I liked frogkitten, what do I know?

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  74. Spawny Get says:

    Now you see? That FrogKitten is just adorable. And I hear that it farts springtime…though it feels like summer right now

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  75. Spawny Get says:

    “Cindy Sheehan”

    Now you see? This is also cool. never heard of the bint, yet she’s a poster-bint for blowback against FRAs (guessing here, from context).


  76. Choicy says:

    Cillo’s typo “Don’t be afraid to feed to the herbs.” LOL. Mate, it sounds like ‘smoke pot while you listen to this’. I think you intended to say ‘feed it the herbs’, old Kiwi talk which means ‘give it more power’.

    Liz, there’s no place for gumboots on those cats!

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  77. Spawny Get says:

    If you email me the image, or a link to the image, I’ll see if I can cut the background out for you. I’m currently trying to remember where the laughing lion original is (or whatever the creature is)

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  78. Spawny Get says:

    ‘feed it the herbs’ sounds like ‘give it the beans’
    thanks for the info, Choicy.

    Got the house blown up to 28 degrees right now…feels like summer.


  79. Spawny Get says:

    The gumboots comment gives me an idea for turbocharging the FrogKitten image. Just need a decent sized original to ‘adjust’

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  80. Spawny Get says:

    The tragic death of Jerry Collins has robbed the world of one of the hardest men to ever play the game. Here, we look at the Top 20 hard men of rugby…

    my sympathies. anyone labelled a hard man in rugby is to be respected for his commitment.

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  81. Spawny Get says:

    “Colin Meads (New Zealand)
    It wasn’t just playing with the broken arm that made Meads a legendary enforcer. He had an aura – he emanated a definite vibe that suggested he should be approached with caution.”

    “Sebastian Chabal (France)

    With his long, flowing hair, full beard and ferocious tackling, he built a huge reputation and became one of Gallic rugby’s most famous exports. Known as ‘The Caveman’.”

    I remember seeing this guy interviewed by the Beeb in France, The interviewer asked a question in English. Chabal replied, “Nous sommes en France. Nous parlons en francais” (iirc)
    “We are in France. We speak in French.”
    The beeboid squeeked in response.

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  82. Choicy says:

    Spawny thanks for the list, mate. Jerry played No. 6 for the All blacks and sometimes at no. 8 on occasions. He was as hard as nails. It’s fairly appropriate that you’ve chosen Colin Meads out of the list too, mate, since he was Jerry’s boyhood hero.

    As far as “Rugby’s top 20 hard men – in pictures”, I wouldn’t describe Martin Johnson (England) as a hard man. I think ‘Great player’ better describes him. Mate if my memory serves, he was a born and bred Kiwi anyhow. There’s a typical Northern Hemisphere bias in the list. There’s not a single Aussie mentioned there, which is bullshit.

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  83. Spawny Get says:

    “There’s not a single Aussie mentioned there, which is bullshit.”

    I’m afraid I’m a neophyte, I didn’t even notice. It clearly is beaulux though. I think Colin Meads was mentioned by Cill. He gave a speech where he showed the character of Rugby players…Gentlemen playing a thugs’ game.

    I watched the England France game in awe of the dedication of both teams.


  84. Cill says:

    Choicy yeah, I agree they chose Martin Johnson for his greatness rather than his hardness. If they chose him for the list, then they shouldn’t have left out John Eales of Australia. Both were all-time great Locks. Johnson was a great, Eales was greater still.

    (P.S. you’ll note Colin Mead’s fist about to be damaged by that brutal Pom.)

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  85. Liz I am feeling the girl pressure to change avatars too! Lol

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  86. Cill says:

    Spawny, I was a bit shocked by the deaths of Jerry and his wife. She was driving, apparently.

    Thanks for the list, mate. There are some great names on it, for sure.

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  87. New avatar on the way…I guess it takes time to show up

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  88. Choicy says:

    Cillo I concur, John Eales should be included on the list.

    Your gramps always insisted an All Black joker called Kevin Skinner was the hardest player. I find it hard to believe he was harder than Meads. What do you think, mate?


  89. Cill says:

    Kevin Skinner was brought out of retirement at short notice to combat the brutal tactics of the South African front row in the 1950s. Two NZ All Blacks were seriously injured, one permanently. It was more like war than sport. I have seen old private film clips. Skinner came on and sorted it out in a few vicious sorties. Impressive looking buggar, more handsome than Errol Flynn. His demanding farm duties pulled him out of the game, unfortunately.

    My grandfather called Kevin Skinner the “Hereward the Wake” of rugby.


  90. Spawny Get says:

    Careful with the cooking, Bloom. It’s a bear attractant.

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  91. Choicy says:

    Congratulations on the new avatar Bloom, I admire the domestic touch. 😉

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  92. Choicy says:

    “more handsome than Errol Flynn”
    Which probably means he was an Aussie. Goodnight, mates.

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  93. Spawny Get says:

    “Which probably means he was an Aussie”
    yeah…just what I was thinking, mate…obviously


  94. Cill says:

    “I think Colin Meads was mentioned by Cill. He gave a speech where he showed the character of Rugby players…Gentlemen playing a thugs’ game.”

    Yeah mate, Colin Meads was to Rugby as Moe is to Spawnyspace. A thorough gentleman at all times.

    Actually you’re right, I’ve spoken to Colin IRL and he’s not at all what you’d expect. He’s a quiet and well-spoken bloke. While I wouldn’t call him a genius, he’s got a fair bit more than average nous underneath his short-back-and-sides.

    Liked by 1 person

  95. Spawny Get says:

    It’s great how he kept his temper while all those Poms assaulted his fists with their faces.

    Liked by 1 person

  96. Cill says:

    Yes he suffered some serious fist-butts during his career.

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  97. Cill says:

    Colin Meads, the “voice” of Moe the Moehau Man.

    This is the sign that greets all visitors to Te Kuiti, his home town.

    (Tui is a Kiwi beer, drunk on occasion by Colin)

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  98. Yoda says:

    Congratulations on the new avatar Bloom, I admire the domestic touch. 😉

    Good it would be.
    Better if green she was.
    Perhaps Spawny “verdify” her he could.

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  99. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I like Bloom’s new avatar as it is. It makes me think that she is cooking enough vegetable soup to satisfy the appetites of the Bloomettes and a bear.

    I do like the new avatar.

    Spawny Get,
    I keep thinking that your new “laughing lion” would look better on Liz> After all, I think it is a girl lion.

    You know the girl that got chased off the HS volleyball team? That is a little close to home. If a guy tried to intimidate a girl into sex, that would fall under a legal definition. This is bad news and I have to wonder how much worse the boys have it because it always rolls that way.

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  100. Cill says:

    I pretty sure Spawny’s avatar is a young male African Lion.

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  101. Spawny Get says:

    I prefer Cill’s theory. I’m sure I can add a mane though.


  102. Cill says:

    Here’s a more mature laugh. The difference is not just the mane, it’s the teeth.

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  103. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    All this does beg the question, “Why are the lions laughing?” Has something ironic happened to their prey? Maybe they saw this?


  104. Cill says:

    “Why are the lions laughing?”

    Fuzzy, his chuff is in the air, having just let rip. He fancies himself as the King of Beasts.


  105. Liz says:

    “You know the girl that got chased off the HS volleyball team? That is a little close to home. If a guy tried to intimidate a girl into sex, that would fall under a legal definition. This is bad news and I have to wonder how much worse the boys have it because it always rolls that way.”

    It was the daughter of a friend. Happened at the last location Fuzzie.
    I knew the girl a little, but not well.


  106. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I am sorry for her. She should have been able to play volleyball without this nonsense added. However, I have to wonder how much of this there is out there. Female on female intimidation isn’t talked about but, it wouldn’t surprise me if boys are being made to carry tehguilt for this too.

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  107. Spawny Get says:

    In cats, the closed eye yawn is a sign of ‘peace’


  108. Tarnished says:

    It has come to my attention that there are people on this blog who have not yet heard of the “Arrow to the Knee” meme. This is a travesty and must me fixed at once. Please peruse the following for your videogame/pop culture educational and entertainment needs:

    I apologize for the interruption of the current ongoing thread, but felt it was my civic duty to ensure all my online companions were henceforth successfully able to work the phrase “I used to X, but then I took an arrow to the knee” into daily conversation. Just think, now you all know about Skyrim’s horrible Town Guard knee injury epidemic just as much as the fact that certain pastries are falsehoods, that you are very likely to die from dysentery, and that more pylons *must* be constructed.

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  109. Spawny Get says:

    I bet that the guy…OR GIRL, MOST LIKELY…who didn’t know that meme feels really silly now, Tarn.

    No need to name names though, eh?

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  110. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post

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  111. Liz says:

    I used to be a normal kitty, but then I took a frog to the head.

    Liked by 3 people

  112. Tarnished says:

    No Spawny…no need at all. Wouldn’t dream of it. 😉

    *gasps in delight*
    See? Liz already has the hang of it! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  113. theasdgamer says:

    I used to be happily single, but then I took some marriage vows to the head.

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  114. Tarnished says:

    Aw, yeah!
    I mean, that’s slightly depressing, but still…
    Fistbump, gamer!


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