Career First — Baby Later

Feminism teaches women that they should go to college, establish a career, and then (if desired) have babies.  The degree part is termed by Dalrock as a feminist merit badge.  This is considered to be the bare minimum that a feminist woman should attain.  Then comes the establishing a career part.  For whatever reason, this seems to normally take a woman until the age 30 to do.  Could one establish themselves in less time?  Perhaps so, but there are incentives not to do so.  And then it is time to make babies.

Does this script make sense?  Well, it depends on your perspective.  If you are a woman who desires to maximize her youth and beauty for fun, validation, and lastly career advancement; then the answer is yes.  If you are one of her perspective children, the answer is no; as babies are best conceived when the mother is young.

If your are society, the answer is no also.  For all of that training and experience wanes for the woman during the time she is a SAHM.  Can she effective restart her career?  Maybe yes, and maybe no.  So as a result perhaps she loses, her family loses, and society loses due to her decision to pursue career first.

Would it make sense to flip the order of the activities?  That is, babies first and career second.  Go to college when forty; get a fresh degree and go do what you want to do.  This does seem to have an effective ring to it.  Perhaps it should be attempted more.

The obvious question is, “Why is the career-then baby script sold so hard”?  Probably the biggest driver is for woman to take advantage of their youth and beauty for fun and profit.  Which seems kind of selfish.

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  1. SFC Ton says:

    It does make sense to put babies 1st then schooling but making sense is not the point of feminist

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  2. Tarnished says:

    The obvious question is, “Why is the career-then baby script sold so hard”?

    The reasons I have heard are:
    1. That it’s “what men do” ergo it’s what women should do as well.
    Why? Well…because.

    2. It is impossible to afford a family on 1 person’s (aka the husband’s) salary nowadays, and thus a dual career household is a necessity.

    3. A woman with a job and income of her own will have more options to escape if her spouse becomes abusive…or, more likely, she wants to divorce.

    4. It’s “obviously” more fulfilling to have a career than a family, regardless of what an individual woman wants out of life.

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  3. Spawny Get says:

    The lefty determination to destroy society by first destroying the family is probably part of it.

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  4. Spawny Get says:

    G’night, Moe

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  5. molly says:

    I will have children when I’m still young, after I marry. I will be a full time house wife.

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  6. Spawny Get says:

    Don’t blame you, Molly. I wouldn’t go out much if I looked like that. At least you could ditch the Dame Edna glasses…

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  7. Spawny Get says:

    I would say to make the most of your figure, but…I’m not sure that you have one. Or arms.

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  8. Spawny Get says:

    Do you get much stick from other young women for wanting that, Molly? What reasons do they give you for being wrong? I guess FB already asked that, but what the hell. What’s the point of being in loco patriarchis if you never abuse the perks?

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  9. Tarnished says:

    At the risk of upsetting some of the ladies here, I do actually have a pretty big beef with women who go to college, get a degree/complete an internship, and obtain a good job…only to become SAHMs in 3-5 years. It makes me facepalm repeatedly when I think of the wasted hours of teaching, books, lab resources, tuition that gets “forgiven” or just perpetually put off, loans that could’ve gone to people who would actually use this knowledge for 10+ years instead of towards making her “feel good” about having a degree she used for less than half that time. I often wonder if this is part of the reason the cost of student loans and college in general is so high in the US?

    Again, I apologize if I offended anyone. But after sitting in classes with girls/women who *volunteered* the fact that they weren’t ever planning on using the Godsdamned degree they were pursuing…That they were only getting it because “everyone in my family has one” like it’s a fracking
    accessory…When there are numerous men and women who truly *want* a career but were passed over for these ingrates instead…

    Yeah, it gets me pissed.

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  10. SFC Ton says:

    Hey Spawny you asked a question earlier and I forgot it…. now that I have the time to answer it….

    It really does take a high income to run a family these days. Mostly because of the high cost involved in escaping the dysfunction of urban diversity and vibrant youths.

    That high cost is one of those things tradcons/socons are blind to when they get on their marry them hardians rampages.


  11. Tarnished says:

    I will have children when I’m still young, after I marry. I will be a full time house wife.

    Plans and decisions in accordance with what one wants from life! It’s not brain surgery!


  12. molly says:

    “Do you get much stick from other young women for wanting that, Molly?”

    I get a lot of stick from women not men. They’re angry to see *a woman* doing it my way. I don’t care. Give me a man over them. I don’t need those fembot types anyway. 😉

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  13. Spawny Get says:

    Most women don’t seem to handle disagreement, do they? Rather bizarre to watch as a man. I suspect Tarn has ruffled some feathers in her time. Logical and independent minded in a package suggesting compliance with the herd line. Bet they never see it coming…LOL.

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  14. molly says:

    “What reasons do they give you for being wrong?”

    Reasons they give:
    I’m far too young (19 Y.O.)
    I’m being pressured by a man.
    I can have any man I want (read wealthier older man)
    I’m throwing my life away for a man
    Women should stand up against men
    I’m throwing away my career

    The truth:
    My dad taught me sound investment and how to grow my assets. He gave me a smallish fund to manage when I was young and I have grown it well. I’ll still grow it when married. My female critics will get useless degrees and get big N. When they are freezing their eggs my children will be in their mid to late teens and I’ll be well off. These women won’t catch up with me ever. 😉

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  15. Liz says:

    “At the risk of upsetting some of the ladies here, I do actually have a pretty big beef with women who go to college, get a degree/complete an internship, and obtain a good job…only to become SAHMs in 3-5 years. It makes me facepalm repeatedly when I think of the wasted hours of teaching, books, lab resources, tuition that gets “forgiven” or just perpetually put off, loans that could’ve gone to people who would actually use this knowledge for 10+ years instead of towards making her “feel good” about having a degree she used for less than half that time. I often wonder if this is part of the reason the cost of student loans and college in general is so high in the US?”

    My mom-in-law won a Rhodes Scholarship back in the day, but it was contingent on her being single (they wouldn’t give it to a married woman). Since she was set to marry, she declined it. Probably best, she got pregnant that year too. It would have been a waste. But, then again…how many people earn useless degrees? Isnt’ that a waste of time and resources too? And most women don’t know who they are going to marry or when, or if, when they start college. I went into college thinking I’d never have kids and become an engineer. But I never would have met my man if I didn’t go either. Most of the rest of my education was spent trying to have a marketable occupation that was compatible with his job (moving every year and a half wasn’t easy).

    So I agree but also disagree in part. People never know what the future holds. And they might be trying to get into med school and don’t make it, so wasn’t that degree in zoology a waste? And so forth. From my perspective, most degrees are a waste, but we don’t have a lot of choice. Even basic phlebotomy (on the job training when I worked in the lab) requires school and certification now. It’s all a racket. Education is a huge racket.

    I just got back from senior night at the highschool here, in fact. It was fun and nice to see all the community involvement. But on that note, these days things like clubs and community service are just about as important as grades and test scores for getting into a university. That’s the result of all the diversity awareness stuff, which is the result of funding…the government is the cash cow and it wants x number of women/minorities and so forth represented. So, they change the qualifications…not based on likelihood of success but based on government funding. It’s a lot easier to join the Spanish club and start a Consent Commity club (leadership points!) than get high scores on the qualifying exams and good grades in the toughest courses.

    Okay, rant over. Well, not quite. My kids are technically minorities, and my husband is too. But they’ve never signed any document that indicates as much and they aren’t going to now. The only time my husband did was when he was actually REQUIRED to do so (back when he was signing on for active duty).

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  16. Liz says:

    And riddle me this…there are fewer Asians in America than any other minority, but their minority status doesn’t “count”. I’ve heard it can actually be a hinderance in the selection process because they are so successful.

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  17. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Could you have answered your own question?


  18. Liz says:

    Which one, Fuzzie?


  19. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That video link from the preceding thread gave me an idea of what I need to see. Rather than watch “300”, I think I need to see the Billy Bob Thornton version of The Alamo. It does end with San Jacinto.
    In the movie, Jaun Seguin promises to return. He does but only after the fall. In a documentary, I found out this was true. He didn’t bury the bodies. The bones that he ould find are in big boxes under a table close to the entrance of a nearby church.


  20. Tarnished says:


    You make really good points, and it’s true that nobody 100% knows what the future holds. My ire is directed more towards the chicks who *consciously plan* to suck up educational resources then proceed to never use them. Or worse, only use them for a small period of time…long enough to get benefits and paid maternity leave, then leave their employer lickity-split afterwards. My mom had some friends like this, and they’d constantly use their SAHM status to berate/guilt their husbands. Stuff along the lines of “I gave up my career for you, you owe me X and Y!” But then they’d privately talk about how they always hated working…

    It’s the deliberate waste and manipulation I can’t stand. Molly, you ever see anything like this in your generation?

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  21. Tarnished says:

    What ethnicity is your hubby, Liz? Don’t know why, but I’ve always imagined him as being Latin American…


  22. molly says:

    I’m like Liz, I ration my time on the blog. Time is up. ‘Bye until next time! 🙂

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  23. molly says:

    Tarn yes they do a useless degree e.g. women studies to go to University and grow their N.
    Now I must go. See ya!

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  24. Sumo says:

    “Minority status”….that shit pisses me off to no end. I’ve been hearing that garbage my entire life. My ethnic heritage is a source of pride for me, not a bloody crutch. In my opinion, giving “minorities” special treatment is just about the single most racist thing imaginable. It’s essentially a formal recognition that non-white folks aren’t good enough to succeed on their own.

    That’s also part of the reason as to why I am the way I am – I have to be “better” than everyone else, otherwise some assholes are just going to assume that I’m coasting by on my slightly yellow-ish butt.

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  25. SFC Ton says:

    It’s a crutch bro. No one likes you Scot bastards…..

    From my practical Ulster Scot reckoning 90+% of the degrees are useless..for the dumbass who got it. Very useful for the college racket and bankers who finance the stupidity.

    Molly darling you might want to mosy on over to Blooms place and read what I wrote about my grandmothers.

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  26. Tarnished says:

    Likewise for my sex, Sumo. I declined a free $2,800 that was only being offered to me because I have a vagina and was getting a business degree.

    Told the counselor thanks but no thanks. I may not like my sex, but I’ll be damned if people try to give me money/rewards for it. Talk about undeserving…

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  27. Sumo says:

    It’s a crutch bro. No one likes you Scot bastards…..

    Yeah, not even other Scots. Hence all the clan warfare. 😀

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  28. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    To get back to the original post, I think that the reason for the emphasis on career for women by feminists was to protect the woman’s earning ability for WHEN her husband deserts her.
    The strength of feminism has always been to play to women’s fears about the motives of men.

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  29. Farm Boy says:

    I propose that if BV, Blurkel, Tarn, Cill or anybody else would like to post, that they announce their intention in the comments a day ahead of time. I will then yield

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  30. Farm Boy says:


    When do Moehau Man Womens make babies?


  31. Farm Boy says:

    the reason for the emphasis on career for women by feminists was to protect the woman’s earning ability for WHEN her husband deserts her

    So if you want to protect against that, she should go to a two year school and get a degree. Then get on with the babies. I am not sure why it takes until she is 30 for this issue to be resolved.

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  32. SFC Ton says:

    Because Farm Boy it has to be the perfect career. Full of do gooderism or high pay and lots of excitement and she cannot just do the job and go home but has to be the CEO by the time she is 30 cause… girl power and evil men

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  33. SFC Ton says:

    Ps my daughter did the two year degree deal.


  34. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    It’s that most women see getting married as surrendering independence. Even if it’s not about sex, consider that a single girl can go online in a major metro area and eat out five nights a week. This story comes up every two years in NYC. They want to postpone marriage until the phone stops ringing. Then she starts looking to lock down a you know what.
    This mating model is SO FAIL.

    Which reminds me of BuenaVista’s tales from earlier today. The ones that don’t find AFC hubbies end up just wacky.

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  35. Cill says:


    When it comes to Scotch and Scots, I have drunk one and slugged the other.

    I actually did that once in a country pub in Scotland. One of the locals mistook me for a Pom and took a swing at me. I gave him a bit of a tap on the jaw then carried him to the doctor’s house which was just up the road. His friends decided not to intervene. He ended up inviting me to his farmhouse for dinner, and next day he had me rounding up his sheep the way I used to do for my dad. All good fun.

    Speaking of slugging something, down the hatch bro! (glug)

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  36. Moehau Man says:

    “When do Moehau Man Womens make babies?”

    When we remove the oblong rock from our codpieces?

    Oh I see what you mean, Farm boy. The Moehau Man womenfolk make babies when they are attractive to the opposite sex.


  37. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    As it was explained to me, bears have a big rondevous up in the Rockies in May. While all the mating goes on then, the zygote is kept in stasis against the mama bear’s caloric consumption. If she gets enough to eat, she will birth cubs while hibernating.
    It seems to me, this is better thought out than the human method.

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  38. Liz says:

    Tarn, Mike’s parents are Cuban.


  39. Spawny Get says:

    Remember me telling of the shamed child protection chief who failed to speak out about British Pakistani gangs grooming young white girls? She was the deputy children’s commissioner earning £99,333 a year, took voluntary redundancy and stepped down on 30 April with a six figure pay off. But the very next day, Berelowitz was re-hired by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) earning £960 a day, over four times the WEEKLY pre tax pay of someone on the minimum wage.

    Remember her?

    Well she just got shit-canned.

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  40. Liz says:

    “Well she just got shit-canned.”

    Your bureaucracy must run much more efficiently than ours.
    Once a person has a government job here, it’s about impossible to get them out.


  41. Spawny Get says:

    From a quick look it seems they gave her a double sized pay-off to leave without a fuss.

    “The Treasury signed off her “special severance” unaware that she was going to be rehired the next day, meaning she received almost twice as much as normally is permitted in cases of voluntary redundancy.”

    Hush money. So, she’s still laughing all the way to the bank. Same as the cnut in the Baby P case.

    They should have been tarred and feathered and exiled to somewhere unpleasant. Some vibrant area in Rotherham.

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  42. Cill says:

    “Well she just got shit-canned”
    You know what? Decide.


  43. Tarnished says:


    It’s that most women see getting married as surrendering independence.

    Getting married *is* surrendering independence, at least some of it. This doesn’t just go for women, because when men get married, they surrender some of their independence as well. Which is fine…a stable marriage is supposed to involve codependency and typically also the loss of certain freedoms. Most notably this refers to the ability to sleep with different/more sex partners, but also things like making sole decisions about your household budget or how you get to spend your time. It’s why married men cannot be MGTOW…by definition, they aren’t going their own way.

    Heck, a large part of the reason (though not the only one) I’ll never marry is because I enjoy my freedom to do what I want, when I want, same as many of the men here. It’s also why I’m a big supporter of MGTOW, since I can sympathize with men wanting to have a strong personal identity outside of their relationship status.

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  44. Liz says:

    Just a side note, remember when I mentioned Mike caught bonitos? And how tasty they were, and all that? And Sumo suggested I smoke the meat and Ton said he’d only used it for bait? Well, yesterday Mike caught more tuna. The same stuff, and I mentioned that some great chef suggested we smoke them because they were bonitos. And he said bonitos are only good for bait.

    LOL! What we ate was blackfin tuna, not bonitos.

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  45. Liz says:

    Anyway, the had blackfin again last night. YUM!!!

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  46. SFC Ton says:

    LOL second recent retraction…..

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  47. Mrs. Yoda says:

    As soon as we master sammich making, marry we do.
    Works well this does.


  48. missattempts says:

    It’s everyone for themselves! People have no choice but to act in perceived self
    interest! The only question is, “Are we perceiving our interests correctly?”
    Take child murderer Casey Anthony. She thought it was in her best interest to
    murder her 3 year old, 7 years ago in Florida. Time has proved her correct.
    Instead of going to school, she went into hiding and bided her time.
    Now, she has reemerged into the public, and signed for a lucrative interview,
    She will become a MILLIONARE for killing her daughter. The controversy will reach
    all the way to England. (See the Daily Mail.)
    I knew this was going to happen years ago, because I knew her personality from
    A to Z.
    It doesn’t do much for me personally, except to prove that I have some basic ability
    to predict the future.


  49. Like many of my era, I was advised to put off babies until after I finished college and had established my career. Which I did. But what they didnt say was that when you have kids, in most cases mom will need to downsize her career or even put it on pause for five years or more. This effectively puts her back at square one in many cases, starting over. I think it’s smarter to put the kids first and the career or volunteering or what not after the kids when she has the time, energy, and it won’t get interrupted. Had I done so I would be babysitting grand kids by now, not taking my kids to the babysitter! I work from home (freelance writing) and also run a small agrotourism biz, also from home. I get to spend much more time w my kids than most working moms but even so, it impacts them, my working. It just doesn’t pencil, the have it all feminist script. I wish someone had told me that years ago…

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  50. Spawny Get says:

    The Insensitive Bastard (no, not me, another one) talks about a couple of the posts on The Conservative Woman that I linked to over the last few days


  51. Spawny Get says:

    More than the soul is rotten, check the sacked bitch’s face out


  52. Additionally, a lot of women of my era that ran the career first, babies later a riot overshot the baby making window. I can think off the top of my head of at least four friends who thought they could schedule a baby as easy as that. But found at 37, 38, 39 and in one case at 35 (bc of endometriosis) even with all the assistance infertility treatments had to offer it didn’t happen. And they were shocked. Life had always gone according to “the plan” except in this case it didn’t. I think all the celebrities having babies mid to late 40s give women the false impression there will always be time for babies… Someday… Another pretty little lie…

    That said I had my kids at 33 and 39, was pregnant w/I 2 months in both cases. But I have written a lot about reproductive health, I know how it worked. The window is only about 24 hours per month. And that window isn’t necessarily always at 14 days into the cycle. It’s not as easy as the gym teacher led folks to believe in high school! But women today k is far more about how to prevent pregnancy than how to get pregnant!

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  53. * a riot = script
    * k is = know
    (You’d think I would learn to proofread but no…)


  54. For example, in vitro fertilization at age 40 has a very low success rate, shockingly low. Even though sperm and egg have met then are implanted and all is highly controlled. I will have to look up the numbers but its under 10% success rate. But they don’t seem to tell couples that at the clinic at $14,000 a shot.


  55. Liz says:

    “More than the soul is rotten, check the sacked bitch’s face out”

    I didn’t know you kept the first queen Elizabeth’s cadaver!

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  56. Liz says:

    A little irreverent to prop her up like that for public appearances…but, I suppose she can’t mind.

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  57. Spawny Get says:

    Do like the frog head kitty

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  58. thedeti says:

    Off topic but interesting:

    Background first: Vocalist Toni Tennille was the female half of the 70s soft rock/easy listening duo “Captain and Tennille”. The Captain is Daryl Dragon, who used to be a gifted keyboardist and songwriter. Dragon was the creative force behind the duo and was married to Tennille for 42 years, until early 2014. Tennille divorced Dragon around that time. Dragon suffers from a degenerative nerve disease that, a few years ago, halted his musical career. Tennile is 74; Dragon is 72.

    This is from Tennille’s website, where she explains why she divorced Dragon. I’ll let you all fill in the blanks.


    “I am now retired from show business…so why have a new website? That’s what I was thinking, too. But my niece, Caroline and my sister, Jane, convinced me I should have an updated one, so here it is.

    “First of all, let me answer the question that many of you probably have. Yes, it is true. Daryl and I are now divorced. After this entry I will not be blogging about that on this site, so just let me say a few words about it and then I won’t be mentioning it again.

    “Daryl and I moved here to Prescott, Arizona about 8 years ago. Our marriage was never what it might have seemed to the casual observer, but I tried hard for over three decades to make our relationship all that I had dreamed it would be. Neither Daryl nor I ever cheated on each other. You would not have found either of us in rehab or going to wild parties. There was nothing obvious about our marriage that would have made great fodder for the tabloids. It is just that our music was the ONLY thing that bound us together.

    “Other than that, we simply could not find our way into each other’s heart.

    “Daryl is now living in a charming cottage home in a gated community here in Prescott, and he seems to be just about as happy as he was all the years he lived with me. I call him every couple of weeks to see how he is doing, and visit him every now and then for a chat. I even suggested to him that he might write a blog, but he seems to have no interest in it. He will tell his story if and when he wants to. That is his decision alone.”


  59. thedeti says:

    Here’s the link to Tennille’s inaugural blog entry where she explains why she divorced Dragon:

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  60. @ Yoda re college students being increasingly anxious. interesting. Perhaps The nanny state and helicopter parenting coming home to roost? Stranger dangered out? Hummm… Troubling…

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  61. thedeti says:

    Bloom, Yoda:

    Yeah, we’re increasingly becoming a society of people who can’t handle their shit.

    These are kidults who lose their minds over things like getting C’s in a class, and maybe not getting into Harvard Medical School.

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  62. Yoda says:

    college students being increasingly anxious>

    Perhaps because during their formative years adults were in room not.

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  63. Cill says:

    Liz’s avatar is cuteness and grossness, a frog swallowing a cat.
    (Actually it’s 100% cute when I think about it. Mwahahaha!)

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  64. Spawny Get says:

    Guess the good hubby outlived his benefit to her?


  65. Cill says:

    She started thinking he’s not such a cool cat. Next thing you know, chomp


  66. thedeti says:


    Probably some of that, as well as some revisionist history going on too.

    Notice Tennille says what almost all women say in these situations. First, a variation of “I did all I could; I tried really really really hard to make it work.” (Nothing about anything HE might have done to “make it work”. No, SHE expended ALL the effort.)

    Second, a “we just couldn’t connect; we ‘fell out of love’; we just couldn’t get to each other’s hearts”. (Hamsterlation: I never really loved him; I just used him to garner fame and fortune for myself; and now that we’re retired and out of the limelight and he’s getting sick, I’m done.)

    I think a big part of this is that Dragon’s getting old and sick, and she is still in good health for 74 and still can capitalize on her fame. She’s not hanging around and taking care of a sick old degenerating man. Fuck that shit. She still has some good years left and she’s not going to spend them wiping the ass of a man she never really loved all that much and changing his bedpans.

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  67. Spawny Get says:

    Looks like an attempt to kermit moggicide

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  68. Spawny Get says:

    “revisionist history going on too.”

    I’ve had that happen to me a few times…yeah


  69. Cill says:


    [Cill self-edit: just to be clear, I’m laughing at “kermit moggicide”]

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  70. Liz says:

    I like the sneezing lion, Swithy.
    Or is that a grimace? 🙂


  71. Spawny Get says:

    Looks like a laugh to me, I ain’t lion.

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  72. Cill says:

    No, he’s about to let rip.

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  73. Spawny Get says:

    Maybe he just has?


  74. Cill says:

    I know because there was a lion at the zoo who did a slow blink then screwed up his face like that before unleashing a fart with a stink that could outlive religion. I jumped on my Bugatti and opened the throttle wide open down the motorway, but nothing would get rid of the stink.

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  75. Liz says:

    Now I REALLY like Swithy’s new gravatar image. 😛
    That is too funny, Cill.


  76. Liz says:

    Notice how well behaved my little kitten is.
    That prim, proper countenance. Like she’d never let one rip, but if she did it would smell like springtime.
    Such a little lady. 😛

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  77. Cill says:

    “Surreptitious as a maiden’s fart”, as my dad would say.

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  78. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    I do have to agree with Liz. She does look like a warmed over corpse. However, that was not a golden parachute, more like platinum.

    That’s just sickening. He gets sick and she bails. I’d bet a doughnut that if it were the other way around, he’s be there for her.


  79. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  80. Sumo says:

    @Liz 12:55 pm

    Most Japanese folks (The Mighty Sumo included) refer to skipjack tuna as “bonito”. Skipjack is the stuff that is smoked and used in Japanese cuisine.

    In other words, Mike and Ton were right about the bait thing.


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