Labour confirms; Voters ARE bastards

On a brighter note LMFAO This should really help as the labour party seeks a new leader without knowing why they got creamed.

Senior Labour MP Sadiq Khan has lashed out at Ed Miliband’s defeat to brand Britain’s voters “bastards”. The close friend of the disastrous former Labour leader tore into the electorate on polling day night as the scale of his party’s defeat emerged. In an impromptu speech to local Labour Party members in Battersea, south west London, one of the angry attacks Mr Khan made on the public was: “Voters are bastards”.×700.png The former shadow justice secretary’s bombshell remark angered listening party activists. And its revelation also runs the risk of damaging his new bid to be the next Mayor of London. Mr Khan, 44, resigned from the Labour front bench two weeks ago to launch a bid to be his party’s candidate to take over from Boris Johnson when he steps down next year.

I believe that there’s a new catchphrase; FHRITP in fact Fork ’em all right in the possie Summat like tha’

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11 comments on “Labour confirms; Voters ARE bastards
  1. Spawny Get says:

    When confronted by SunNation, a spokesman for Mr Khan suggested he did not really mean the insult and was just letting off steam.

    His spokesman said: “Sadiq made a number of speeches to disappointed Labour campaigners on polling day and he knows very well that the voters are always right”.

    But Dan Watkins, the Tory candidate who ran against Sadiq Khan in his neighbouring London constituency of Tooting, said: “This remark shows an extraordinary disrespect for the electorate.

    “To call them bastards because they didn’t elect Ed Miliband shows just how much he and Labour still have to learn from the election result.

    “Oddly, Sadiq didn’t share his feelings about the voters with them during our election campaign.”

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  2. Cill says:

    Good one!

    But… do Americans understand it?
    “Fork ’em all right in the possie” –
    Needs a bit more explaining for the benefit of Spawny’s American fans?


  3. has it covered, I believe


  4. The second video on the page rolls over. It’s a playlist of fhritp

    Some latest Murikan craze – grab the mike during a live interview and deliver the line fhritp


  5. SFC Ton says:

    Fucker don’t look English. Wouldn’t vote for anyone who doesn’t look like kin


  6. That’s only logical, Ton.

    It seems male MPs cannot represent women (we need more female MPs). Whites cannot represent non-white (need non-white). Straight cannot represent gay (need gays).

    By that logic, I can only possibly vote for a white, straight male. No other can represent me, cis white male bastard that I am. And I shall only vote that way. Impose candidates from minority or female only lists…and lose my vote. In a free and fair election where I get to choose…I might vote otherwise, should that happen. But my default is no.

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  7. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    A sttement like that does display a distinct lack of political maturity.
    If the consumers won’t buy the product, look t the product.

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  8. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post

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  9. missattempts says:

    For all intents and purposes, we are living in George Orwell’s 1984 NOW.
    Most of his predictions have come true. Telescreens, for example.
    But the most frightening thing about today, is the cultural disconnect between
    what the media and schools espouse and the truth as we live it.
    The DISimformation disceminators have a definate agenda and it is to destroy
    Western society. They use every tactic at their disposal. Conceal the news. Twist
    the news. Influence who to vote for. And they do it ALL under the guise-the false
    front of good intentions.
    They are posessed of Satan. They do Satan’s work, and people end up in misery
    and DEATH.
    Remember, “Beauty is what beauty DOES. And Satan is an “Angel of Light.”

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  10. BuenaVista says:

    It’s so inconvenient to the ruling class when the proles fail to do their jobs. Oddly, lingering fragments of agency and independence still afflict the electorate — occasionally.

    Yesterday, a Bloomberg pundit posted a focus group video of ‘likely’ Clinton voters. Not one of them could suggest a *single* objective achievement by Clinton, while Sec of State, that supported the notion of her election. But they are delirious in their support for her. These are the low-information drones, I guess, that Khan presumed for his party. What’s astounding about the publication is that the pundit, Mark Halperin, is totally in the bag for Clinton or whomever the Dems nominate.


    I’m trying to think of an embittered broadside, directed to the public, that approaches Khan’s. The only one I can think of is Nixon’s “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around any more” tantrum after he lost the California governor’s race. But I think that one was more directed to the media.


    The ominous aspect of Khan’s attitude, which (from my days in DC is also ubiquitous, I know, but it’s just not delivered publicly) is its rage at his entitlement to power being frustrated. In the USA it renders progressives apoplectic that 85% of the USA landmass votes against Dems. They want to *do something* about that, such as eliminate the electoral college and cripple federalism (cripple the states’ ability to govern themselves, rendering the country a subordinate colony to the dictates of betters who sup in Georgetown). Or nationalize policing, so progressive policy can be imposed on local communities. The current president simply dispenses with the legislative role and issues royal edicts that serve his interests.

    But for some reason voters in Wyoming have no interest in being governed by the party that has governed Detroit and Baltimore and L.A. into poverty-stricken, racialist hellholes. Or the shimmering, North American Dubai that is Manhattan. Khan’s rage is the rage of a entitled, ruling class aspirant who is too important to grant the franchise to people who disagree with him. It’s all about power, personal aggrandizement, and unilateral, unexamined privilege. We have a low-intensity civil war underway in the States now, one that will be more obvious if the summer explodes in more racialist violence, looting, burning and killing.

    The media collaborates with the Khans: in Baltimore, since the six cops were rung up, as of yesterday: 25 people shot dead, another 40 shot — and no media reports. Reporting it would compromise the myth of progressive virtue, and the logic of their ruling power.

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  11. BuenaVista says:

    Death toll in Baltimore now over 40, in three weeks. All black-on-black. The State’s lynching of six cops, oddly, was a message well received by the men in blue: Let the lowlifes kill each other, then.

    The Baltimore riots were four blocks from my prior home, a six story townhouse constructed in 1840 by the founder of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Across the street from the Peabody, one of the USA’s premier musical conservatories, and down the street from the Washington Monument and Baltimore’s very, very fine art museum. Four blocks. I’d be in jail too, if I still lived there and sat on the front steps with an Armalite, to defend my homeplace and family.


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