The SJWs and Fembots are about to OWN you, people!


“The Chinese government is currently implementing a nationwide electronic system, called the Social Credit System, attributing to each of its 1,3 billion citizens a score for his or her behavior. The system will be based on various criteria, ranging from financial credibility and criminal record to social media behavior. From 2020 onwards each adult citizen should, besides his identity card, have such a credit code.”

It’s happening in China, and the SJWs and feminists are already talking steps to ensure that it happens here in the West.



The Harriet Harmans of this world are drooling at the prospect of turning men into cyphers to denote their lack of Social Value. Women who support men will dealt the same fate. The SJWs and feminists will totally OWN you with their Social Value Scores (SVSs).



Data mining companies will supply Social Value Authorities (SV Authorities) with reports on online activity.  The SV Authorities, funded by the taxpayer, will be staffed by SJWs, feminists and Womens Studies graduates. It will be their job to load central databases with Social Value Scores (SVSs) for all individuals 15 years of age or over. The central databases will continually update their SVSs every time citizens pay for goods or services, have sex, go online, venture within range of a CCTV or security camera, or are charged with a crime or misdemeanor,  or accused of a sexual offence.



Whenever individuals pay for goods or services, they will have to identify themselves by card or fingerprint or eye scan. A central database will identify the individual and send his surcharge tax rate to the supplier’s accounting system which will calculate the surcharge tax and add it to the price for the goods or services. The tax shall be levied on individuals whose score is less than zero. The further below zero the individual’s current SVS is, the more he will have to pay. The supplier of the goods or services will then send the tax to the Revenue Authority (e.g. IRS).



  • Government Services: Priority of passport issuing and renewal shall be processed according to SVS : those with highest scores shall be given priority. Ditto Drivers’ Licenses, Motor Vehicle Registration etc.
  • Immigration: Participating nations shall co-operate in expediting migration for high SVSs
  • Employment: Employers shall hire and promote according to SVS.
  • Health: SVSs shall determine positions in waiting lists and expense of treatment in public health facilities.
  • Education: SVSs shall determine levels of entitlement to special tutoring, support programs, and bursaries.
  • Welfare: Good SVSs will have top priority for benefits and government programs.
  • Media: Laws will ensure that the media depicts high SVS groups in the most favorable light to encourage high SVSs. Similarly, criticism of high SVS groups will be penalized.



Scoring shall be on a range of -10 to +10

Each of the following categories is to be scored for every individual 15 years of age or over:

  1. Slave quotient (high for married male work horses and unmarried women, low for married women, lowest for red pill)
  2. Feminist activities quotient
  3. Sensitivity to women’s issues quotient
  4. Sympathy or concern for male “rights” (the greater the sympathy or concern, the lower the score)
  5. Diversity quotient (high for the crusaders for diversity, else low)
  6. Privilege quotient (lowest for straight white males, highest are for the greatest distance removed from straight white males)
  7. Wealthy males quotient (The greater the wealth, the lower the score)
  8. Bullying quotient: any form of criticism of a high SVS person shall be deemed bullying. The victim’s opinion as to the guilt of the accused shall be final.
  9. Makeover quotient (people shall be penalized for expenditure on products and services, such as makeup and manicures, intended to attract the opposite sex)
  10. Sperm: points shall be awarded according to frequency and quality of semen donations.

Fixed Overheads:

  1. Victimization quotient (highest for greatest distance removed from straight white male)
  2. PC (Political Correctness) quotient (highest for greatest distance removed from straight white male)
  3. SMP quotient (high for women, white knights, and gays, low for all other males)
  4. MMP quotient (high for unobtainable fembots and misogynists, low for everyone else)



Individuals may record their sexual activity solely for the purpose of enabling the SV Authority to update the individual’s lifetime number of Sex partners (N).

  1. N quotient: (for each 10 of N, add 1 to SVS up to a maximum of 9 for N of 90+ )
  2. Sexual preferences (high for homosexual, low for heterosexual)
  3. Sexual practices (The more straight and white, the lower the score. The score shall be a compulsory -10 if you have zero N and you are a straight white male)
  4. Sexual positions (Heterosexual dog and missionary styles are indicative of the ultimate oppressive Patriarchy and must receive lowest possible score. Reverse Cowgirl will receive highest possible score. The word of the victim shall be final. The score shall be a compulsory -10 if you have zero N and you are a straight white male)

Fixed Overhead:

Every Straight White male’s Dick Size is to be measured by an authorized Cock Clinician. Dick size shall be punished by -1 for each inch of length down to a minimum of -10


Apart from N, the maximum score for the following shall be 0:

  • Straight white males apart from active Feminists and SJWs
  • Women who show sympathy or concern for male “rights”
  • Heterosexual preference or practice

The minimum score for the following shall be +1:

  • Male SJWs and feminists
  • Women who show no sympathy or concern for male “rights”

The minimum score for the following women shall be 5:

  • Active Feminists
  • Womens Studies graduates
  • Female SJWs



Consider the case of Horace Hapless as he goes about the business of establishing his SVS.

The law had already required him to establish his dick size with a Cock Clinician (a woman of course).  Horace lay there trying to picture Reginald Perrin’s hippo :

…but it failed to prevent the Cock Clinician deftly coaxing his dick to its greatest ever stand. He watched in dismay as she keyed 9 inches into the computer. He’d have to work hard on other parts of his SVS to offset that damning dick length.

At home he played 10 gay porn videos while he did his chores. He did this every day to build some homosexual cred. He opened as many gay web sites as he could find and lodged a camp comment in every one of them. He went to bed and had a restless, anxious night.

Next morning on his way to work he stepped into the elevator, his heart missing a beat when he saw a woman in there. He changed his stride to look as meek as possible. Next came the most difficult part. If he ignored her she could claim he was making her feel uncomfortable by omission. If he looked at her she could claim he was making her feel uncomfortable by comission. So he assumed his harmlessly friendly expression, one he’d practiced in front of a mirror for hours, and stared “happily” at the door.

Then his bowels, like an evil clown inside him, chose that moment to start building gas. He forced his butt cheeks to clench like a fist. If he let gas slip in her presence she could allege assault by fart. It was a dreadful business, trying to maintain his harmlessly friendly expression whilst tightening his arse with all his strength. He tried to surreptitiously inch toward the door, aware that a longer stride would release his cheeks from the grim grip they had of each other. The woman glanced at him and he stopped instantly. He was losing the battle with the gas. The door opened at his floor and he leaped out, farting in her face like a thunderclap. She shrieked and held out her hands as if to ward off a blow. Through the closing doors he saw the lift’s security camera blinking at him. He was doomed.

He sank to his haunches and sagged against the wall, already exhausted and wondering how the hell he was going to get through the rest of the day… There was only one thing for it: he would have to build on his N. He could add 9 points to his SVS if he could achieve 90+ sex partners.

After work, with a willing woman, he positioned his cell phone by the bed to record the sex. He lay back and the woman lept into the reverse cowgirl position on top of him. He lay there anxiously, hoping she’d reach orgasm without busting his dick.  Fortunately she obliged, which meant the sex session would count as an N. With a sigh of relief he sent the recorded video through to the SV Authority’s central database.

Later, back at home, he checked online for his SVS for the day. His SV Authority’s central database went by the name of Aunt Jane.



These numbers were added to your numbers to date, for re-calculation of your life-to-date averages:

  1. -10   Slave quotient (Supporting self only. 😦 Keep looking for a special someone to share with, Horace! )
  2. -10   Feminist activities quotient (Horace, do drop in on your local feminist chapter, see what fun things they’re up to!)
  3. -9     Sensitivity to women’s issues quotient (Some indications that you are trying, but you need to try harder! 😐 )
  4. -8     Sympathy or concern for male “rights”  (Gradually improving, Horace! Continue to avoid those MGTOW sites 🙂 )
  5. 0      Diversity quotient (Congratulations! You seem to be over those dreadful outbursts against immigration! 🙂 )
  6. -10   Privilege quotient (You need to denounce your privileged white male status with a lot more conviction. Remember, our data mining algorithms can’t be fooled! 😐 )
  7. -5     Wealthy males quotient (wealth unshared. Remember, there’s a special someone out there just waiting for you! )
  8. 0      Bullying quotient (congratulations – no criticism of gentle innocent feminists today! 🙂 )
  9. -10   Intimidation quotient (Oppressive fart, aggression level 10. What a shame! You did so well today, except this! You BLEW it, Horace! 😦 )
  10. 0     Makeover quotient (Maximum score! You have purchased nothing to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex today! 🙂 )

Fixed Overheads:

  1. -10  Victimization quotient (straight white male)
  2. -10  PC (Political Correctness) quotient (straight white male)
  3. -10  SMP quotient (straight white male)
  4. -10  MMP quotient (straight white male)

Total: -102


  1. +0.1  N (1 new satisfied sex partner! Well done Horace! 🙂 )
  2. -6      Sexual preferences (some encouraging evidence of homosexual interests 🙂 )
  3. -10    Sexual practices (Worst possible score because straight white sex. 😦 Try experimenting with gay sex IRL, Horace. You’ll find it a wonderfully liberating experience!)
  4. 0       Sexual positions (best possible score because reversed cowgirl. She came like wow, Horace! You go girl! Women rule! 🙂 )

Fixed Overhead:

-9        Straight White Dick Size (tch tch tch ) lol 😛

 Total: -24.9

Grand Total: -126.9 (An IMPROVEMENT on your life-to-date-average!)


This SVS will add a 13.11% surcharge to the cost of your goods and services, which is LESS than before. Keep up the good work, Horace! It’s so EASY AND REWARDING to be a HIGH SOCIAL VALUE PERSON!





Upskill yourself in maximizing your SVS. The way things are heading, you’re going to need this skill in the not too distant future.

First of all, you should determine what your score is likely to be for today. Use Horace’s SVS FOR TODAY as a template. Be brutally honest.As this will be your first day, there’s no prior data to bring forward for calculation of a new average. In the above example, your score would be -126.9, which would add a 12.69% surcharge to the cost of your goods and services.

Don’t skimp on the SEX SVS either, although I know some of you are going to rush to do that part first (not so hasty there, boys, take a few deep breaths and slow down)

Remember, this is an important exercise. Aunt Jane will be watching you, and she’ll rap you over the knuckles if you misbehave.

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182 comments on “The SJWs and Fembots are about to OWN you, people!
  1. Sumo says:

    Aunt Jane will be watching you, and she’ll rap you over the knuckles if you misbehave.

    And then she’ll get a Leopard Paw to the throat.


  2. Cill says:

    That looks pretty dangerous Sumo.


  3. Tarnished says:

    A bit too “Clockwork Orange” and “1984” for my taste, thanks.

    Not that anyone in a position of power would really care…

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  4. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That feminists and social justice warriors would abuse this to this extent would be intolerable to Average Jane and Joe. Something weird was tried when the Soviet Union was very young. It couldn’t stick because it was counter to productivity and Josef Stalin had to overhaul Societ industry. This may be the only thing on youtube that deals with it. Consider it a little suspect. It’s a Ukrainian production and some of them are mad at Russia.

    It may not be true now but, Mozilla Firefox promoted a browser that allowed the user to surf and not be IDed.


  5. Cill says:

    It’s true, Fuzzy, proxy networks will become the new rage. A Social Value System would become too awkward for everybody and wouldn’t last. It will be interesting to see what happens in China. The biggest concern of the govt there is to ensure that feminism and SJWs don’t damage China as they have damaged the humanity of the West. I expect that their system would penalize feminist activites.

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  6. Sumo says:

    It’s fairly effective against soft tissue areas – the throat, solar plexus, the spot right under the floating rib, etc.

    Of course, on most feminists (land whales) EVERYTHING is a soft tissue area.

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  7. Cill says:

    “soft tissue area”

    For Fuzzy’s sake, I have to resist the urge to show a picture of Andrea Dorking at this point.

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  8. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Don’t do it!!!! I’ll have to counter with Teddy Bears Picnic or Black Widow. Too much Black Widow will have Farm Boy going wild.


  9. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    From what I have seen of Mainland China, I don’t think they’re buying into feminist BS. They are pragmatic, not idealistic, in outlook.


  10. Cill says:

    Fuzzy, I’ve visited tribal parts of China where there’s *extreme* misogyny by the women against the local men, worse than we’ve got in the West. A feminist’s dream.

    In general, though, you’re right. The feminists have got their work cut out for them in China. I can’t see feminism getting established there as it is doing in India. What surprised me about feminism in India was how quick the Indian women have been to jump on the misandry bandwagon. Like ducks to water.


  11. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It may not be all of it but, what makes Inedia different is dowry. I can’t see a poor family handing over a small fortune to the groom’s family to see theitr daughter married.
    To add to that, their version of VAWA can see anyone or all of the groom’s family jailed for domestic violence.
    It would not surprise me if the UN was behind the feminist advance.


  12. Cill says:

    Every month for a year I’ve told myself the SJWs could not possibly reached greater levels of absurdity then they have already done, but every month they prove me wrong – with the full unquestioning support of the main stream media.

    I’m almost at the stage where I believe they can get away with anything. For reasons I can’t understand, they’ve got enough of the people totally and utterly fooled. Would people let them introduce a SOCIAL VALUE SCORES type system? The main stream media would support them. I’ve seen nothing to indicate that people would stop them.

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  13. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    There is hope. A few years ago, lots of people would self identify as feminist in a survey. Now, it’s only twenty percent. Even Emma Watson has admitted that feminism is synonomous with manhating.
    That Kate Hardng post today was too much. Vote for Hillary because “vagina”???
    How much more of this is the greater public going to take?

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  14. Sumo says:

    I’ve seen nothing to indicate that people would stop them.

    LIEZ!!!!!!!!!! You’ve “met” me.


  15. Cill says:

    That’s what I mean. It keeps on happening, one absurdity after another. They seem to have the greater public stupefied.


  16. Cill says:

    Man, I’d like to make that our mission, bro Sumo.The other alternative is to slug a few shots while watching the Western world take itself to hell in a hand basket. I’ve had a good look around, and decided I’m probably in the best country to be, right now.

    For all its faults re PPPs etc NZ is well governed by pragmatic politicians. We don’t have as many ideological absurdities here. And if a Rotherham ever happened in NZ (Muslims drugging white girls and keeping them as sex slaves with the full knowledge of authorities and police) there would be hell to pay. Well actually there wouldn’t, because it would never be allowed to happen in the first place.

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  17. Sumo says:

    You really need to stop saying stuff like that, brother. Otherwise, The Mighty Sumo is going to take up residence in KiwiLand. PPP be forewarned.

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  18. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    “You can fool all of the people some of the time.
    You can fool some of the people all of the time.
    But, you cannot foll all of the people all of the time.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    Let’s keep an eye out for prosecution for bomb threats to the protein powder plant and the bar in Washington, DC from last week.


  19. Cill says:

    Sumo, it’s a great place.

    If Polynesians are removed from the figures, NZ has *the* or close to the:

    * lowest crime rate
    * best quality of life
    * most healthy people
    * most friendly people
    * happiest people
    * fittest men

    … in the world.

    Fittest men: Pakeha (white) NZ men are the only people in the world who are actually fitter and physically more active than their great grandfathers. I for example do hard rugged physical work every day. Other men are active in sports. A lot of them are like me, swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, hunting, climbing, sky diving etc.

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  20. Cill says:

    Yeah Fuzzy, those were great words by Ab Lincoln.

    Thanks for the Gillard clip.

    Julia Gillard was a total failure of a feminist Prime Minister. She wasn’t even elected to be P.M., as she toppled her predecessor (Kevin Rudd) in a coup. Then she became so unpopular that Rudd toppled her in return. I go to Aus a lot, and I’ve never heard anyone, male or female, defend her or her disastrous feminist government. It’s strange, Australia had a string of great leaders from Hawke through Howard (1983 through 2007) and now 3 bad ones in a row, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, but especially Gillard who’s considered by all to be the worst of the worst.


  21. Cill says:

    Sumo bro you’d like it here! You be welcome!

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  22. missattempts says:

    I was asked the other day what happened to me at the age of 12 that so
    tramatised me and made me want to divorce myself from social interaction.
    My father, a very abrasive and critical man, (He was born in the year of the Rat,
    and had his Sun and Moon in Virgo) worked in National Security. We had to move
    quite a bit. My adoring mother gave me everything I wanted, but when my father
    returned home from work each day… It was like the young people in Iran that party
    when no one is around, and then have to hurriedly remove all signs of the party.
    I grew to be quite fat. There were obvious drawbacks to this condition, namely the
    ridicule I recieved from other grammar school children, and the fact that I bore no
    resembelence to my favorite Television action/adventure hero’s. The T.V. in it’s day,
    was thought to be as harmful as the Internet today. If you were an introvert, you
    could easily lose yourself in it.
    One day I approached my mother and said, “I’m tired of being fat.’ This was at the
    age of 11. I went on a super strict diet. It took immense disclipline. What kept me
    on track was the idea that I could be like my sucessful T.V. idols, who always
    resolved their problems and were WELL LOVED. Nobody ever critisied them.
    We moved again, this time to Brooklyn, N.Y. The year was 1970. We had just gone
    through the turbulant 1960’s. You could cut the tension and hostility in the air with
    a knife. I was scared to be moving to the city because my father ran it down, and
    made it seem like a hell on earth.
    I had largely attained my goal of weight loss and was CERTAIN I’d be a WINNER
    like my T.V. hero’s. All I needed to do was improve my appearence, correct?
    I went into the driveway of my new house and my brother and I played catch with
    a ball. Suddenly, we heard raucus laughter directed in our direction. It seemed
    that the neighbour children found me quite absurd looking. The harshness of their
    assessment puzzled by my brother and me. My mother who was washing dishes
    at the window was witness as well.
    Now in the past, this wouldn’t have bothered me as much. After all, I was fat, and
    THAT was the problem. Why should I be experiencing the same hostility now?
    True, my clothes were ill fitting because we had no time to purchase new ones.
    The hostile reception was a complete varification of my father’s opinions of the
    city, (From a 12 year old’s perspective.) While, I went to school and stores, I had
    no desire to be among people, and my attitude reflected it. I always headed directly
    home. I became a hermit glued to my T.V. My father threatened to take it away
    from me, but he was a needy OCD type of man, and my mother easily kept him
    in check. One year, turned into 44. I became like Mrs. Haversum in
    “Great Expectations.”

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  23. You forgot to add a +1,000,000,000 for the top 0.0000001% of the wealthiest people so that the SJW can keep pointing to that top 2 or 3 rich white men at the very very top and insist that this means we should judge all men as a whole more harshly.


  24. Choicy says:

    Well Yoda I read the first few pages of “Australia Must Have Zero Tolerance for Online Hatred” and almost lost the will to live. What a spiel. Anyway it’s not true what she says. Lots of us know it will be used to stop criticism of feminism and Islam and almost anything except white men. Nothing for Aussies to be proud of about that.

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  25. Yoda says:

    Free speech for designated victim groups there will be.
    For others, not so much they will have.
    Contradictions they see not.
    Small minds they do have

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  26. Choicy says:

    Struth Cillo, I don’t much like the looks of your brave new world, mate! Looks like the SJW and feminist bludgers have got total control. Men get points for sharing with a woman, yet both are encouraged to sleep around with new partners preferably same sex, sex. He gets penalized married or single yet she only if married so of course she’s going to kick him out soon as she’s entitled to his assets. So then he’s back on the dustheap where he pays the Goods and Services Surcharge Tax or starves. The whole thing looks like a scam to make a man a slave and fleece him of his assets. F*ck that, mate.

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  27. Cill says:

    Good to see you Choicy. I think you pretty much got the gist of it. The SJW and feminist crowd want to throw us on the dustheap of history and rewrite history to cut all the good about us and leave only the bad. They’ll have the MSM to help them every step of the way, too.


  28. Tarnished says:

    That’s one of the things I dislike most about this status system Cill created…I’d inadvertently be given a better number for remaining single than a man would. Obviously that is the *last* thing I’d want.

    However, it is more likely to be closer to the truth than not. Not like similar laws have only applied to unmarried men in US history, right? Oh, wait:

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  29. Cill says:

    Thanks for the precedent, Tarn – a poll tax and bachelor tax, levied only on men. It’s happened before, it can happen again.


  30. Cill says:

    Choicy, keep in mind that although the Social Value Points came out of my warped imagination, it’s not something I’d wish on the world. It seems to me that with SJWs and fembots ramming ever more extreme crap down our throats every month, anything is possible a year or two down the track. A couple of years ago I would not have believed things could get as crazy as they have become.

    So yeah, if things continue as they are, something as grotesque as my brave new world could become reality. I can’t see Hilary Clinton doing much to stop it, should she become the next President.


  31. Choicy says:

    Big day for Spawny in the U.K. eh? The big election. I sincerely hope the UKIP does well.

    The one I get brassed off at most is Cameron, a so-called conservative behaving more like a lefty drongo. When I was in pommy land last year Cameron was as popular as a mamba in a lucky dip. He’s only P.M. because the opposition is as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike. The Poms can fix it by giving enough votes to UKIP. Let’s hope they do. Good luck Spawny.

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  32. Tarnished says:


    It could get even better here in the US…If you decide to not have kids (you want to save up before marriage, prefer traveling, are infertile, just don’t want children, etc) you may have to pay for them anyway.
    Because choosing to be childless is a “privilege”, and as we all know, those with privilege must be punished.

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  33. @ missattempts thanks for sharing that. I understand how those things can be so formative at that age. I was very self concious at 12. I remember a kid teasing me that I had a big nose, and I obsessed about that for years, years of self conciousness, well into my 20s, maybe 30s even. Looking back now I can see it was just a phase where my face was growing and changing. Ironically the kid who said it had a growth issue, was maybe 3 feet tall. So he was probably projecting. But i believed him rather than realized i was the girl all the guys chased at recess for reason! (The girls hated me for it, which didn’t help) Anyway what a waste of my energy, worrying about my nose and that I was fat when I was in my glory -teens and 20s! Seriously, i’d love to have that body now! Not to brag but i was hot! anyway, I wish I could go back and tell my 12 to self to pay it no mind! He was wrong about me, just like those neighbor kids were wrong about you! Hugs!

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  34. Off topic but this morning I was thinking about the conversation yesterday about young men who didn’t get help learning about approaching women. It seems like empathetic women could help by going on “practice dates” with such guys, help them learn about dating and relating to women in a safe way, with honest feedback. It could almost be a job! Dating coach. Not an escort, more of a companion. Maybe there could be some kissing, to practice that akward “making the move/first kiss” moment. If I weren’t so busy already heck I would do it!


  35. P.s. I am still hot at 43, for my age, and am much more confident and sure of myself now but truly, there’s no comparison between me now and me at 19. I could have been a Victoria secret girl, I am not kidding! Youth is wasted on the young!

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  36. Choicy says:

    “Dating coach”. Struth I could do with a refresher course, I’m getting a bit rusty in some areas!

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  37. Choice I read your ppp story! Lol. Sounds like you know how it works! 🙂

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  38. Cill says:

    We’d also need Dating Coach Inspectors, who’d ensure the Dating Coaches are up to scratch by putting it to the test. I’ll be an inspector. My area of authority will be all countries and states on the Pacific rim. XD

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  39. Cill says:

    We’d also need Dating Coach Trainers…

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  40. Although why not? Choicy if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest look me up! I’d be honored to be your dating coach!

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  41. After my inspection and training, apparently! Lol!


  42. SFC Ton says:

    We all get teasers as kids. Thing is, how do you deal with it? I got trashed etc as a kid while.learning various sports skills. My response was to work harder or punch them in the face…. ok normally both. Got my ass kicked all the time for it when I was younger but by the time I was 13 or so my reputation was set and I was respected above my peers, by kids and adults

    Just part of life

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  43. Choicy says:

    That’s an offer I simply could not refuse! When do we start?

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  44. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, don’t forget the vital role that could be played by Dating Coach Minders. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go out right now and fashion a specialized Kauri Club for the job. I’ll call it the Dating Doctor.

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  45. Choicy says:

    “I read your ppp story!”

    Alas those were not dates, they were tasks. Taking one for the team. Doing a mate a favor. Us Aussies are generous to a fault.

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  46. Tarnished says:

    I firmly believe there’s different stages of beauty. Youth-beauty is only til age 19 or so perhaps 21 if you’re lucky. Then there is the Young-beauty from 22-35, where you do have a few minor signs of aging but at least you’ve lost any remaining “baby fat” and have clearer skin and hair (no more hormones, yay!) After that there’s Mature-beauty where of course you have more wrinkles and pronounced aging but also have that subtle look of…I don’t know. Confidence and unshakability? The last stage is 50s and older with Elder-beauty. Definitely old, no mistaking you for under 40 anymore certainly, but are comfortable and respectable looking. Full of the wisdom and experience that one can *only* get with age. I always really admired that look in my grandmothers/older female family friends and hope I age as they do.

    Men have approximately the same types of aging, though with handsomeness rather than beauty. So do not fret! You are undoubtedly still lovely, just in a different way. 😀

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  47. Choicy says:

    And I’d have you know those sessions with the PPPs messed with my head. I definitely need a Dating Coach to guide my way back to normal. 😀


  48. Thanks Tarn! It’s probably good I was shy, dressed in baggy clothes, etc. it kept me out of trouble!

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  49. Tarnished says:

    I would love to be a Practice Dater…but would need some training myself, lol.


  50. Tarnished says:

    Yup. I wore boy clothes from age 13-18. Hair cut short or put up in a tight bun…cloth bandages to keep my breasts smaller (really hurts, though)…baggy clothing from the guy section of the mall…it was awesome. Can’t quite get away with that and still look professional nowadays, unfortunately, but at least they still make non-skintight female clothing!


  51. Choicy says:

    Tarn, Cill’s mum and aunts are living proof that a beautiful woman’s most beautful stage is 40+
    I like 40+ best. Their bodies are better as well. Yeeah!
    The young ones are like all froth and no beer.

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  52. That’s the spirit choicy, keep talking!

    Once again more proof that I have a feeling you have things pretty well figured out, you sweet talker you!


  53. Cill says:

    I have to agree with you there, Choicy. I never understood the MGTOW etc who say a woman has got until her mid 20s before she starts to lose her looks. What planet are those jokers living on? Best looking women I’ve seen were 40+ It’s hard to explain, but I can tell by their faces if they have the absolute best touch.

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  54. Choicy says:

    Cillo I can tell if they have the absolute best touch but putting it to the test! >:D

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  55. Oh even better – dating coaching in exchange for farm chores!

    (Bloom put up the sign up sheet!)

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  56. Choicy says:

    Farm chores, piece of cake. I’ll rip through those chores like they’re going out of fashion. Strike a light, I’ll be as busy as a blowfly at a barbie to get me some date coaching at the end of the day! I need soothing for my messed up mind, because I took one for the team.

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  57. “The SV Authorities, funded by the taxpayer, will be staffed by SJWs, feminists and Womens Studies graduates”.

    Well I guess -someone’s- gotta give them a job. I can only imagine what a nuisance the W.S. grads, in particular, would be in any other organisation, after spending 3-4 years of university immersed in a man-hating environment.

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  58. Cill says:

    Womens Studies graduates wangle their way into the HR departments of corporations and governments, where they can enforce their biased agenda.

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  59. Deal! (Bloom starts making a chore list …)



  60. Cill says:

    Bloom it’ll have to be a bloody long list of chores to keep Choicy occupied for long. Bear in mind that his own farm is measured in square miles rather than acres or hectares.

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  61. Choicy says:

    Says Cillo, the bloke who farms while he builds house and sheds and workshops and bunkers and boats and slipways and docks … I think you all get the picture.

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  62. Tarnished says:

    Cill & Choicy,

    I don’t know if you’re being serious or not (maybe a little of both?) but I also never understood the obsession most of the manosphere has with women under the age of 25 (or 21, in some cases). I’ve seen RP guys claiming that any woman older than 21/25 is “spoiled milk” or “damaged goods”…that if she’s over 30 she’s the same attractiveness as a corpse…that they can’t get a boner for anyone not still in college…so on, so forth. It just boggles my mind.

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  63. Cill says:

    Tarn, I know I’m speaking for both of us in saying we’re absolutely serious. The sexiest women I’ve known were 40+

    I’m talking about good women. “Sweet” is a word I’ve seen quite a lot in comments on this blog, and I guess it sort of covers it. A woman like that, who’s got the looks, is best at 40+
    They’re sexy without trying, they just are. I’m getting a boner just thinking about it.

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  64. Choicy says:

    Tarn I was fair dinkum 100% serious.

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  65. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I don’t know about Bloom going into the dating coach business. I don’t know why but, I’m starting to feel grumpy.

    Yoda at 3:28pm,
    The bear described was designed to do the heavy lifting in rest homes. He was not made to assist in suicide. At the end, the author owns up to sourcing from a known hoax site.

    A larger question does remain, as the population pyramid inverts, who will care for the overwhelming number of elderly? Keep watching Japan, they are at least ten years ahead of us demographically.

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  66. Choicy says:

    I concur with Cillo.

    “they can’t get a boner for anyone not still in college”
    I think they must be young blokes in their teens or early 20s, which might explain it. At that age I felt the same way, not as much as them, but sort of. I did like one or two older women as well, back then.


  67. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I do see a little of somethig that I thought that I had left behind in High school when I read stuff like that. I remember it as locker room boasting.
    There may be another explanation. Men will tend to go with what works. That these guys had success with young women will encourage them to continue with them.


  68. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    So the boys chased you in grade school at recess. You’re always been boy friendly.

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  69. Don’t be grumpy fuzzie bear!

    Yes they sure did chase me, every day at recess! And since the girls were in a snit bc of it, I was most comfortable being friends w the boys (platonic) funny thing was early on a boy spread a rumor I went ski by dippi g w him (not true!) and the girls would spread rumors I was easy, out of jealousy, so I was always an over the top prim and proper “good girl” as a result, despite the options not to be!


  70. Cill says:

    Heh I’d let the girls chase me at recess and after proving they didn’t stand a shit show in hell of catching me, I’d always let them catch me behind the bike shed because they have soft little hands.

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  71. Tarnished says:

    For any lurkers, I’m absolutely not trying to shame men who actually do find women under 25 to be “hottest”. Whatever makes someone’s rocket take off is of no concern to me, whether that’s an 18 year old or a 45 year old.

    I do believe some of it is boasting/bragging, especially in the high school and college years. However, I know that for others it is more on the schadenfreude side…After all, many RP bloggers who’ve been unlucky with finding a good mate or were justifiably sick and tired of seeing the hot teens in high school throw themselves at Bad Boy “Alphas” often talk about how they are positive that those same chicks are now unfuckable looking at age 30.

    Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair, so that is not a hard and fast truth. If we really want to ram the truth home, there are bitchy girls I knew in high school who are still decent looking at 31 like myself. (The partying ones? Not nearly as much…they all look worn out and older than they are.) It is extremely tempting to believe karma will get them in the ass, but fate doesn’t always realize it has a bone to pick with certain people.

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  72. Tarnished says:

    The cheerleaders in 10th grade spread a very nasty rumor about me being an incredibly easy lay because I refused to do the homework of 2 of their dumber members.

    As “evidence”, they pointed out that I had large breasts (Wtf does that have to do with anything?) and that I always hung around with guys (yeah, the nerds, geeks, and awkward boys who they hated anyway).
    Stupid cheerleaders. 😡

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  73. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Bloom and Tarn,
    So both of you got back stabbed by your female collegues? I have heard from some women that they can’t make friends with women.

    That boy who said that he went skinny dipping, he was projecting a fantasy and it got out of hand.
    I’ll just bet he would have liked to!

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  74. Tarnished says:


    Something happens to the female of the species when they hit teenage years/puberty. Where friendship and loyalty once dwelled, competition and a +4 proficiency at backstabbing take over.

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  75. @ fuzzie in his dreams! But yeah. I have always had female friends, but only of the most loyal sort, not herd girls like myself. My best friend at the time heard the rumor and went straight out at recess and kicked him in the crotch! Not that I am advocating that, but those we the kind of girls I get on with. Not the backstabby drama queens. 🙂 funny Liz has mentioned not being a big fan of the female friend herd thing, maybe that’s why we all are here! Boys were always up front and loyal for the most part I found, much more real.


  76. Results of exit poll out, see other post

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  77. I don’t disagree you g women area sly, but I am happy to hear some guys like the 40+ gals, too! :* bloom blows kisses!


  78. Choicy says:

    No doubt about it, I get on with the non-herd ones better. The other type are “Group Think”, right? They let the group decide their likes and dislikes. Imagine being in LTR with a woman like that. One day the Group tells her to divorce she she does. Exactly what happened to Cillo’s uncles. I steer clear of Group-Think types.

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  79. “One day the Group tells her to divorce she she does.”

    Might have been part of what happened to my marriage. She changed jobs.


  80. Choicy says:

    “bloom” what type of farming do you do? I suppose for anonymity you won’t want to be too specific.


  81. @ choicy I grow fruit then process it into products I sell to customers at the farm on weekends. Agrotourism, city folk like to get out to the country, by local products. My property is scenic too, so I also host live music, weddings, and other events in summer to make additional $$$ to make being self employed work. How about you?


  82. Cill says:

    Yes and I think female group bias in the herd types could be the biggest single reason why the SJWs get away with more and more extreme attacks on men and boys. Women on average have a lot more group bias than men do, so it’s a completely uneven war.

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  83. Choicy says:

    I run cattle and sheep. Agrotourism for tourists who come to join the mustering and droving on horseback. Fishing, hunting. I breed stud camels. By the time I’ve organized the food and fed the tourists on the trail and led the mustering and kept the greenhorns from killing themselves, I’ve kept meself out of mischief. I don’t mind, I love hard work.

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  84. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I think feminists are going to get more extreme in their behavior as the ideology becomes less populsr. They are going to chase away their own moderates. Last week, it was bomb threats. Next week, boms?


  85. Cill says:

    Fuzzy at 10:59 pm
    Yeah I think that’s a good call Fuzzy. I’m still amazed it didn’t start to happen long before now, but better late than never I suppose.


  86. SFC Ton says:

    While it is untrue all 40 year old broads are unbangable, it is also untrue most 40 year old broads left on the market are unbangable. Frequently a combination of ugly, overweight and shitty attitudes ( another form of ugly)

    Much of what the man o sphere says is over the top but accurate enough to guide a man’s action.

    Seems like every chick I know has more ex best friends then Chins in a Chinese phonebook.

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  87. Just wrapped up a full day of farm chores, I must say I was considering the possibilities of trading dating coaching for help w farm chores near all day… Why did I not think of it sooner? 😉 kidding… Kinda…


  88. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I don’t think that women could be accepted as dating coaches for boys. The boys would be deeply suspicious that the woman would be trying to build a better beta than see her customer be accepted by a contemporary.
    In all seriousness, I have read posts advising men and boys not to invite to “date”. I has become a “tell” for being beta. I think yopung people “hang out” now.

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  89. Choicy says:

    SFC Ton the “shitty attitudes” are the worst part. A 40+ needs more than the looks, she needs a good attitude. Some of them have got it, the rest are up the creek in a barbed wire canoe.

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  90. @ fuzzie that could be, I am likely way out of the loop when it comes to young people and how the “hang out” culture works. I am so glad Facebook and social media was not around when I was that age!

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  91. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You reminded me of Roosh’s hostility to smartphones and social media. There is a parallel. Charlie Chaplin was once asked why he stopped doing his “Little Tramp” character. His response was that he could not keep up with cartoon characters.

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  92. Choicy says:

    Fuzzie said ‘young people “hang out” now’
    (i.e. dating is a thing of the past)

    Remember the creepy PPP Kiwi sheilas? They hate dating. They say it’s creepy when a man actually (choke) asks a woman out to dinner. Yuk it’s unnatural, they say, he should just ask her for sex. It reminds me of Fuzzie’s video way back at 7 May, 2015 at 4:58 a.m. ^^^

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  93. Choicy says:

    I blame it on Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was a sanctimonious gender-supremacist bitch. I’d like to take her “truth lassoo” and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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  94. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Those PPPs!!! It could be that men view things differently. It seems to me to be more efficent to keep the same girl. Maybe, I am lazy that way.For the PPPs, all they have to do, is wait ten minutes and another one will come along. What are they going to do if they find one they like?


  95. Choicy says:

    “What are they going to do if they find one they like?”
    Like I was saying, it reminds me of your video way back at 7 May, 2015 at 4:58 a.m. ^^^
    The free love Russian woman found the love of her life and it turned her free love philosophy on its head. It fell down on her head. A powerful true story.


  96. Choicy says:

    Cillo mate, you awake? The hour is less than 7 p.m. in Kiwi land. Where are you, glue man.


  97. SFC Ton says:

    LOL Choicey I leave it up to each man to decide what is the worst aspect….and I forgot to mention most 40 year old chicks are looking to lock down a draft horse…. I mean mule…. I mean beta provider. Which is a bad way to start off. Few people respect their new beast of burden for very long

    By the way, best looking woman I have ever seen was a Kuwaiti chick. My whole group of guys literally stopped and lost track of what we were about. Friendly though shy and awkward about the attention. Also best protectee I had was an older Kuwaiti chick. She was gracious and charmed the crew right out of our undsrshorts(or would have if we wore them), but she also followed our script, stayed with the program, asked excellent questions about our procedures and was genuinely thankful for our protection. We generally debate leaving female protectees to the tailbain or AQ. Our lady working dogs are less of a bitch then your typical NGO hippie chick(though the chicks who long time doing that kind of stuff generally change their ways)

    You ain’t wrong about the wonder woman thing either. I remember reading she was set up to be a feminists icon. Do not recall much else but the article left a bad impression.

    I was at a bar for the mayweather fight and just floored at the chicks there. One even brought an infant…. to a bar….. that had two fights during the fight…. Seemed most where there to take selfies with the fight as a backdrop. A few were there on dates, a few were clueless about the fight and just going to their normal spot and one knew enough about boxing to hold a decent conversation on it (which is what surprised me the most). However, I don’t see social media, selfies etc as a problem like Roosh. Sometimes it’s an indication they are doing the girls group thing and their friends matter more then chatting with guys on that particular outing. Sometimes it’s because the dudes around them are not very interesting, which I think is a legit point for team woman; sometimes they simply aren’t open to being approached by guys ( which normally means they are not open to being approached by guys who do it poorly).

    I think Roosh makes some good points on occasion but mostly he comes off as the bitter beta to me. I think because high value White chicks in the usa tend not to date outside our race.

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  98. Liz says:

    I haven’t read past this post yet, but thought I’d respond before reading the rest:
    “I’m almost at the stage where I believe they can get away with anything. For reasons I can’t understand, they’ve got enough of the people totally and utterly fooled. Would people let them introduce a SOCIAL VALUE SCORES type system? The main stream media would support them. I’ve seen nothing to indicate that people would stop them.”

    Not only would people not stop them, they’d had it to them. I can easily forsee a policy that starts via “points” kind of like at the supermarket when you sign up for those store cards and they offer a discount and/or gas points to people with the cards. Then they use them to track your purchasing information and personal information and sell it to whomever wants to buy it (“you sign up for the card! You agreed!”). Don’t think they don’t keep track of how much fat you eat and how much liquor you buy. They do. It’s a first step…now they can piece together pretty much everything about us from what people have offered about themselves on social media plus their buying habits. We’re not far at all from the Chinese scenario, just a little bit of tweaking needed…kind of like sugar with cyanide, the poison will be laced with “points” and “discounts” and “credits and/or free stuff”.

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  99. Liz says:

    “Seems like every chick I know has more ex best friends then Chins in a Chinese phonebook.”

    I love that colloquialism! I am so going to steal that one…. 🙂

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  100. Liz says:

    Tarn: “Stupid cheerleaders.”

    Yes. Oxymoron in fact, dat.
    Strangely, I know parents who don’t only want their daughters to be cheerleaders, they’re exceptionally proud and highly competitive about it.


  101. Liz says:

    Excuse me, I didn’t mean oxymoron, I meant redundancy, dat.
    In an ironic twist….(I swear, I was never a cheerleader).

    [SG – tautology. ‘Lying politician’]


  102. Although I’m glad men like Cill and Choicy find women sexiest at 40+, personally I don’t think women On Average are sexiest in their 40s. I think most of the commenters here are attractive and confident enough that we can speak honestly w/o fearing upsetting someone. =) As it is, I think us living in modern times are fortunate because we have a lot more knowledge than those from earlier generations, eg on the dangers of too much sun and cigarettes on a woman’s complexion.

    I’ve seen many women who look their best in their 30s, though there are women who peak in their 20s and 40s. It depends a lot on genes. The cute cookie-cutter types are more likely to peak young than those with more dramatic enigmatic sorts of beauty. Elizabeth Taylor was 41 in Cleopatra and was being called the most beautiful woman in the world, and personally I don’t find her any less beautiful then than in her younger days. Same goes for Lena Headley (that evil Cersei from GoT), Shu Qi, Charlize and Elizabeth Banks–all late 30s and early 40s.

    But u have women who are worn-looking by 25, Britney being an example. I see that in a lot of women on the Judge Judy show too–their life drama, bitterness towards others and 24/7 roller-coaster of emotions ages them way before their time.

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  103. Cill says:


    I don’t think women on average hit their peak at 40+ Certainly not. Before that can happen, the woman needs to be better than good looking, she must also have the right attitude or “being”. Such women are rare. Nevertheless the most beautiful women I’ve seen have been 40+

    I know I’m speaking for Choicy as well, in saying the above. We’ve talked about it a lot. Every man with whom I’ve discussed the subject agrees with me on this. I know, because we talk about it. A lot. Such women are rare and exceptional. I think any man who has seen one and holds otherwise is young, or has never been totally okay with his masculinity (probably through no fault of his own).

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  104. @alana, agreed, I also know women who peaked very early, one in particular was just darling adorable at 19/20 but she started drinking and partying heavy and by 24 she was a shadow of her former self, fat, flabby, bad skin and hair. It took a toll and to this day she just keeps going more and more downhill. She was the very cute button nose cookie cutter type, so yes maybe that doesn’t age well. I know another girl who could be what Cill describes, she is also very cute, looks like an innocent blonde angel until she opens her mouth and then her negative, bitter, small, mean attitude completely does not match the exterior, drops her attractiveness considerably. I hope I am one of those rare better at 40+ types but I am discouraged that so far it eludes me, that maybe it is me. Of course it has to be some me, it always takes two. Anyway, blah.


  105. Choicy says:

    Hi my mates! Has anyone heard from Cillo in last 3 hours? He isn’t answering my calls or email.


  106. Cill says:


    Can’t live without me, Choicy?

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  107. Choicy says:

    Just let us know before you go bush mate, that’s all I ask. 😉

    Anyway you’re there, that’s all I need to know. BTW that thing called a “phone”, it’s for holding to your ear and talking into, okay? It’s fairly urgent.


  108. Cill says:

    Bloom, “it always takes two”. No it does not. That’s one of the biggest fallacies to afflict the human race. It’s a fallacy that was played on my uncles and it couldn’t have been more wrong. If one party is hell bent on wrecking a relationship, her wish will be fulfilled unless she chooses to stop wrecking.

    It only takes one. In your case, he chose to quit.

    I don’t know what you look like, but there sure ain’t nothing wrong with you in the nature department. It’s pretty obvious, it shines through. If you have looks to match, you’re a real corker.

    God knows, you aren’t the only attractive woman who’d prefer not to be single. But please, dismiss “it always takes two” from your mind.

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  109. Cill says:

    I encounter the “it always takes two” fallacy more and more in business. I think it’s the influence of women and loopy liberal men in HR departments. If one side of a squabble is 100% right and the other side 100% wrong (and it does happen), any form of compromise can only reward the one in the wrong. It’s an incentive to make gains through bad behavior. An aspect of my professional work involves being in charge of men, and I’ve been careful to avoid compromise in such cases.

    Getting back to Bloom:
    I think there are a couple of blokes here who are interested in you, and the only reason they’re not all over you like a rash is that they’ve been badly burned. Most any man would be interested (including me, were I not distracted by… a certain distraction)

    Don’t allow the fallacy to make you doubt your attractiveness or try to change. Be Bloom.

    Now uncle Cill needs to get back to business attend to a certain impending distraction… before it gets totally outta hand. XD

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  110. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Your suspicions are corect about Bloom’s appearance. She’s an Ivory girl (one who is a knockout without makeup).


  111. Ahhh an Fuzzie, now that may be a bit thick but thank you kindly.

    And Cill. I am putting that on my wall! (Platonic, M don’t worry!) hugs for uncle Cill!

    As for the hesitant or burned? (Gets out calendar and unfurls rolling long list of farm chores that need doing) you need — dating coaching! Now booking the 2015 season…


  112. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    My assessment would have been better had we met in person. Drawing conclusions from your cameo can only go so far. 😉

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  113. Choicy says:

    Hey I wonder what our Cillo has been up to. Eh, Cill?
    Or… did I just ask an embarrassing question? 😛


  114. Maybe Cill has a visitor? Starts with M? Hopefully! 🙂


  115. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That was the impression that I got. While I can’t keep track of the time difference, I hope that they are watching movies with lots of horses. M really likes Cill.

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  116. Choicy says:

    Yeah! I’m looking at his comment at 11:38 pm, which ends this way: he needs to attend to “a certain impending distraction… before it gets totally outta hand”. That was 3+ hours ago, and there’s been not a squeak from him since. It does make you wonder, eh Bloom. 😉

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  117. Choicy says:

    Hey you’re here too Fuzzie. Bonzer, mate! It’s a pity we can’t get our heads together to play tricks on Cillo. Get a bit of a conspiracy going.

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  118. Choicy says:

    Watching movies with lots of horses, is not exactly the image I’ve got in my mind. There’s times an Aussie mind can go off like Kangaroos loose in the top paddock…

    My mates, Fuzzie and Bloom, you’re RIGHT! “M” likes him. Stone the crows, if she looked at me like that (I wish!) I’d turn into melting marshmallow. I think he likes her more than he’ll admit. Let’s conspire to egg it out of him! It would be an all time breakthrough if we did. 🙂

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  119. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The “movies with horses” thing started when I was at a loss as to tell what Yoda and Mrs. Yoda did in their quality time. Having been married 800 years, whatever they are doing must work. I’ll admit to making it up but, there’s no harm in saying it and no harm intended.

    I don’t think we’ll need to do any plotting. I think M will convince Cill all on her own.

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  120. Choicy says:

    You may be right there, Fuzzo. What a thought, though – Cillo the great snow man… melting! The universe will never again be the same.


  121. Farm Boy says:

    Having been married 800 years, whatever they are doing must work.

    Yoda told me that the secret was sammiches.

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  122. Farm Boy says:

    This might be appropriate for Cill’s situation,


  123. Choicy says:

    Honest Bubba Bill Clinton – I want to toss him in a pond of hungry salties, and see if he can fib his way out.

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  124. Choicy says:

    See him in the picture, he’s looking askance into a saltie’s open mouth. The exact expression he’d have irl. lol

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  125. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    Mrs. Yoda makes sandwiches because she doesn’t want to see him hungry. She doesn’t like being hungry either. She is committed. His needs are an extension of hers.


  126. Speaking of ‘ol Bill, I happened to get the chance to travel to Hong Kong and China right in the middle of his, ahem, intern blue dress scandal. Of course, everywhere we went, people asked about Bill and Monik@. As if I knew them personally or something! How embarrassing :/ I would always answer just that, too, “oh yes, that’s all very embarrassing….” And quickly change the subject!

    Now some may say H “stood by her man” during all that, but to me, as a woman, her turning a blind eye to that made me wonder what else she might “overlook”if ever in leadership. Do the ends justify the means? (Past potential herd influence Achilles heel…if she can’t stand up to her husband, can she lead a super powwow?”

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  127. Choicy says:

    I hear tell Hilary wears the pants in the Clinton household and she knocks Bubba about and gives him real good hidings at times. She bullied boys when in her teens. AFAIAC She’s a bitch.

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  128. @ choicy I have heard the same but if she wears the pants, how’s that working? Not looking very effective if so ….

    A key weakness team H are going to have a hard time “splainin’

    How can she justify it to the herd?


  129. Things an ex 1st lady might say:

    Boys will be boys?
    A good wife looks the other way?
    I didn’t know?
    La la la…?
    Better her than me?
    A strong woman doesn’t need a faithful man?
    What pink elephant?
    He did not have sexual relations w “that woman”?
    It’s a conspiracy?
    I’m used to it?
    He’s an alpha!?!?
    I was too busy doing the other intern to notice?
    What’s good for the gander is good for the goose?
    Family values?
    I don’t like men anyway, it’s a sham marriage. “v” power!?!
    I’d be ok if it was my daughter interning!?!

    Ummm yeah I am not seeing any good “spin” here. Anyone???

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  130. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Hillary scares me. She is devoid of humility.

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  131. Had she kicked his a** to the curb, she’d have my vote. But no…. And I felt this long ago…major fail.


  132. Choicy says:

    Struth Bloom it’s like you’ve been there, you got it all worked out! Been there done that. Piece of cake. lol


  133. Choicy says:

    Spot on Fuzzo. She’s “devoid of humility”. I think so too. Do you think she is devoid of humanity as well? I think she is.

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  134. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Putting my comment together with your last made me realize that she only serves her ambition. That would make for a very dangerous candidate for leadership.
    I am counting on the fact that candidates who declare early, don’t go the distance.


  135. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Something else sacrificed to her ambition?

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  136. Choicy says:

    I think the lefties and liberals are the inhumane ones – anyone who preaches inequality. They would sacrifice their own grandmother to an ideal (or daughters like at Rotherham). High talking immoral shit.

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  137. Bloom, I’ll bet ur looks are well-maintained; u sound quite physically-active thanks to your job, which keeps the figure in shape and the skin radiant. 🙂 Besides as we mature, I think both men and women (the smart ones anyway) have a growing appreciation of inner beauty and kindness, which u have.

    Cill countered the ‘it always takes two’ part pretty well, so I won’t add to it. Besides, haven’t u seen the number of unpleasant-looking, nasty-personality who are in rships? :p Stay sunshiney and pleasant, and love will come your way, I believe.

    U have a job that seems to allow u to meet new pple, which is an advantage; if u aren’t meeting enough pple, I’d recommend trying online dating for a while, cos I’ve heard something like a quarter or a third (I forgot the exact stats) of marriages in the US begin online now. Sometimes fortune really does favour the bold :p

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  138. Cioo, maybe my previous comment wasn’t expressed well/clearly enough; I actually was agreeing with u to a significant extent.

    Some of the most striking beauties are above 40, but they are generally not those who were just generically pretty in their younger days.

    I’ve never understood why so many women, even pretty ones, rush to the surgeon to copy a beauty trend or a celebrity’s look, “Give me big lips like Kylie Jenner, and butt implants like Iggy Izelia”. They end up looking like substandard copies of a celebrity (who often doesn’t look that fantastic anyway, IMO) instead of trying to enhance their natural and unique form of beauty.

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  139. Oops typo, I meant to say “Cill” not “Cioo”. Haha~


  140. SFC Ton says:

    Bloom,.forgein types rarely get how big the usa is. I housed some strongmen from the Europe once. It was riot. One dude said the usa was much more big guy friendly and fell in love with my Excursion. Kind of cool. They were all amazed by how common guns are, how inexpensive it is to own land enough to hunt on etc but what they couldn’t understand is how big this place is. One dude thought going to Texas would be a quick day trip so many of them do expect you to know the city their cousin moved to or what have you

    Politicians are devoid of humanity. How many times to they have to sell their soul for 30 pieces of silver to get to the national level?

    Equality is a lie

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  141. Cill says:

    I’ll have you know, people, we were watching a movie (inter alia).

    I agree with all the comments re Hilary.

    The “saltie” Choicy talked about are Saltwater Crocodiles, the same type that eat people at Papua New Guinea. They regularly eat Aussies too, and swim between the two countries. Choicy and I sometimes catch them for fun. Crocodile meat is quite good.

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  142. Cill says:

    Alana “I’ve never understood why so many women, even pretty ones, rush to the surgeon to copy a beauty trend or a celebrity’s look, “Give me big lips like Kylie Jenner, and butt implants like Iggy Izelia”. They end up looking like substandard copies of a celebrity (who often doesn’t look that fantastic anyway, IMO) instead of trying to enhance their natural and unique form of beauty”.

    I don’t understand it either. Seen pictures of the ones that went wrong? I saw one of a woman’s lips so fat, they looked like a Mandrill’s bum. Yuk. And the artificial boobs always look unnatural, especially the huge ones on emaciated bodies.

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  143. Liz says:

    This is pretty funny, from Choicy and Cill’s (maybe Swithy’s?) side of the pond.
    Did you hear about this one? 😛

    ‘Strange ‘outer space’ signal that baffled Australian scientists turns out to be microwave oven’

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  144. “This is pretty funny, from Choicy and Cill’s (maybe Swithy’s?) side of the pond.”
    I always stank at geography, but I think England is closer to your country than it is to New Zealand, Liz. :p

    Speaking of the beauty discussion, I woke up with 3 or 4 little zits. I wonder if the 4 burgers I ate yesterday had anything to do with it? I found a free sample of zit cream in my room, so now it’s a Saturday evening, and ‘m sitting at home studying with what looks like toothpaste on my face…sigh. At least I can read entertaining comments on this blog 🙂

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  145. Picturing the moment one of the scientists realised it was the microwave oven, and not ET or something…

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  146. Liz says:

    Heh, I coulnd’t remember if Swithy was in England or Australia. 😛

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  147. Liz says:

    Re “zits” I have a couple of teens in the house and this stuff (specifically number 2) is stuff the cat’s meow:

    Obagi, clenziderm number 2, with benzoyl peroxide (they make another type, but I can’t vouche for it I’ve never tried it). If you use this, you can eat whatever you want without breaking out. 🙂

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  148. Thanks, Liz! I’ve tried an Obagi product before and it was pretty good. If these spots aren’t gone in a day or 2, I’ll try that. 🙂


  149. Choicy says:

    Liz, “this stuff (specifically number 2) is stuff the cat’s meow” ??
    Meaning? I don’t know this expression. Does “the cat’s meow” mean good?


  150. Liz says:

    Yes, ‘cat’s meow’ is good. 🙂

    (it’s an anachronism though. No one uses it, so of course I think it’s hip, and rad, and tight, fab and groovy…) 😛

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  151. Choicy says:

    I see. Well in the land of Oz or the Shaky Isles we’d say “the cat’s whiskers” or “the cat’s pajamas” (meaning good).
    There are more ways of skinning the cat than one, eh? lol

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  152. SFC Ton says:

    More then one way to some a cat? Not really. Nail it’s head to a tree and yank the hide off… unless you’re talking about bob cats and what not

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  153. Choicy says:

    Hahahaha! Did you all see what Liz said, “Choicy and Cill’s (maybe Swithy’s?) side of the pond” !?

    I reckon Spawny is going to be fair rooted to be taken for the spawn of convicts! 😡 Liz get ready to take for the hills..

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  154. Choicy says:

    Talking about beauty.

    Here I am late at night, trying to nut out why I think M is a smoking hot woman. She doesn’t smell like smoke or look like smoke. She doesn’t smoke fags or cigars. I’ll allow she *moves* a little like smoke. Maybe that’s it. No it’s not it. She *is* smoking hot though. Maybe I better quit this line of thought.

    Righto, bed time for Choicy. Goodnight fellow swaggies.

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  155. Yoda says:

    ‘Strange ‘outer space’ signal that baffled Australian scientists

    Deny everything I do.

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  156. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Was that you heating up one of Mrs. Yoda’a sandwiches?

    The War of Independence messed up things for the mother country. They could no longer send convicts to America. That’s what got the ball rolling in Australia.
    Could M be smokin’ hot because she is sweet on someone? Strange how that happens.
    Maybe she has a friend?
    Good night.

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  157. SFC Ton says:

    Most folks don’t realize that as a colony, most slaves in what was to become the usa where Whites. Irish, Scots and dirt poor English

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  158. That’s true ton, large land grants given to aristocratic settlers needed labor. Anyone in Englad, ireland, scofland who was under or employed, riff raff, an agitator, or just wrong place wrong time often got the choice of jail or the new world as an Indentured servant for 7+ years. That they were all seeking religous freedom, or even choose to go, is a myth.

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  159. Cill says:

    I’m catching up on comments.

    Tarn said ‘The cheerleaders in 10th grade spread a very nasty rumor about me being an incredibly easy lay… As “evidence”, they pointed out that I had large breasts’

    Man that’s amusing, in the jaw-droppingly stoopid category. I read it twice, to make sure I’d got it right. It’s like me saying “The jocks at school spread a very nasty rumor about me having the clap. As evidence, they pointed out that I had a large chest.”


  160. Was just catching up on comments…Bloom, I know what u mean about looking back and wondering how the hell one could have been insecure back then. I was complimented for my looks pretty much every day and I still always felt I wasn’t ideal enough, should be thinner, blah blah. I was a cheerleader, leggy and popular, but still.. Now if I look at old photos, I ask myself “wtf was I thinking”. Most teenagers are stupid, so don’t bear yourself up over it. :p

    On the bright side, it truly makes me appreciate growing a bit older and having more wisdom. I may be less thin and even less pretty, but I actually have more contentment with my body now than in teen years. 🙂

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  161. Choicy “Hahahaha! Did you all see what Liz said, “Choicy and Cill’s (maybe Swithy’s?) side of the pond” !?

    I reckon Spawny is going to be fair rooted to be taken for the spawn of convicts! 😡 Liz get ready to take for the hills..”

    Hehe Choicy, I found it amusing because Spawny has just been covering the UK elections for quite a while. :p Sorry, Liz! But it’s *Mothers’ Day*, and I realise that when/if the rest of us become parents, we’ll have sooo much more to think/worry about that there’ll be times we’ll barely remember our own names, so we better not speak too soon. :p

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  162. Liz says:

    Heh, I thought I remembered Swithy mentioning he had lived in Australia. I wasn’t sure if that was still the case….but I might be wrong about the whole thing. Maybe it was someone else.
    He’s in IT and I thought he mentioned he moved with his work or something. 🙂

    If the above isn’t true I blame it on Mother’s Day! My man was shopping yesterday and promised to buy me either a fishing rod or large cooler. The anticipation! 😛

    (though, actually he bought chocolates and flowers. Who knew?) 😀

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  163. “If the above isn’t true I blame it on Mother’s Day! My man was shopping yesterday and promised to buy me either a fishing rod or large cooler. The anticipation! 😛

    (though, actually he bought chocolates and flowers. Who knew?) :-D”

    Awww. 🙂 It’s sweet that u guys still surprise each other. 🙂 Pleasant surprises, not “I just traded your XBox for a seashell bracelet–surprise!” :p

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  164. Liz says:

    Trigger warning:

    (Like, an actual trigger warning…not in a ‘made ya look! See these hot bitchez’ way) 😛

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  165. SFC Ton says:

    Liz that link is horrible! That evil.old White man oppressing that free lance capitalists and aspiring rap star with that ultimate expression of Patriarchy the gun. Why those things turn other wise peace loving urban diversity into savages full of blood lust and violence

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  166. Tarnished says:

    Alana @ 11:22

    A 2005 neurological study found some of the reason behind adolescent insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. From the article:

    For further clues between the link between adolescent emotions and brain development, Yurgelun-Todd examines the prefrontal cortex, and a process she calls increased frontalization. As the brain matures in adolescence, the prefrontal cortex assumes responsibility for many of the cognitive processes–such as reasoning, planning and behavior control–that are initially performed in the more primitive subcortical and limbic structures, she says. The development of the prefrontal cortex parallels improvements in cognitive control and behavioral inhibition as an adolescent transitions to an adult. Frontalization may underlie adolescents’ growing ability to think abstractly outside of themselves, and see themselves in the way others see them–which could contribute to the feeling of being constantly on stage and judged that many teens experience.
    Isabelle Rosso, PhD, who also works in Yurgelun-Todd’s lab, and colleagues reported that as adolescents’ abstract reasoning skills increased, so did their levels of social anxiety. Part of abstract reasoning includes being able to take an observer perspective on one’s self and to make inferences about other people’s thoughts and feelings. Although the emergence of abstract reasoning is ultimately a useful tool that allows adults to self regulate, in adolescence, it might contribute to higher vulnerability to social anxiety and other emotional disorders, says Rosso. “In adolescence, you start to become more self aware, and more able to think abstractly or hypothetically about other people’s thoughts and feelings,” says Rosso. “But that may also allow you to have more social self consciousness, and worry more about what other people are thinking about you. It may open up new vulnerabilities in some adolescents.”

    But yeah, I was a quiet, shy, nerdy, kid for almost all my school career. Always on the high honor roll but also always the favorite target (along with my friends) of the jocks, cheerleaders, and popular kids. I was in their “spotlight” more often than I’d ever have liked to be, but the brain alterations going on that the article describes obviously didn’t help, nor the fact I was unhealthily underweight for a number of years, yet still somehow had fat in “the right places”. Yuck!

    Teen years are strange. Painful growth spurts, constantly feeling like you’re being judged, trying to really create your identity, being horny all the frickin time to the point of distraction with no way to control it, avoiding peer pressure to just go with the flow, embarrassment over good grades aka being the teacher’s pet…so on, so forth. I can definitely empathize with teens. It’s tough. :/

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  167. Choicy says:

    I’m idle as a painted ship in the night. What to do


  168. Choicy says:

    I gave the post a good read instead of my usual skim, and crikey it’s tricky as a dunny rat. It really could happen to us. The Data mining companies already exist larger than life. The Social Value Authorities will be another great place to employ all those bludgers that are useless as a steering wheel on a train. They’ll score Social Value pretty much like Cillo laid it out – rig it so men (except SJWs) can’t score out of negative, so taxed. Women (except ones who support men) must score positive, not taxed.

    Reward people into marriage then reward them break the marriage by cheating. Penalize a man into marriage and shaft him out of his assets *again*. Reward homo sex until straight marriage is finally fucked. By then women will have it all so the final end of relationships won’t matter. Men have no more assets to strip. So keep them as work horses, paying max tax as single men.

    Like Liz said “Not only would people not stop them, they’d hand it to them”. She’s right.

    I feel a bit down. I imagine chucking Aunt Jane to the salties, to cheer myself up a bit.

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  169. Yoda says:

    With Choicy when I read wit h full blown accent it is.
    With Cill read with Murican accent I do.
    Wonder why this is I do.


  170. Heh Tarnished I think u’re right, the developing (but not yet fully-developed) prefrontal cortex contributes a lot to the confusion and immaturity of teens and even adults in early 20s.

    ” Always on the high honor roll but also always the favorite target (along with my friends) of the jocks, cheerleaders, and popular kids.” I’m not excusing their actions, but I think in a majority of these cases, the bullying pple are insecure and taking it out on others; I find it hard to believe that happy and secure teens just wake up one day and decide to bully others. 90% of me dislikes them, but 10% of me pities them.

    “I can definitely empathize with teens. It’s tough”. I agree. All the more it’s beneficial for them to have stable two-parent households, with parents who provide both love and discipline. The way so many marriages end in divorce these days is not a good way for teens to grow up. =( Those who grow up in adversity and make it thru may be stronger than kids who are too coddled, but there are many many kids who lack guidance and fall by the wayside.


  171. Choicy says:

    Well if your looking for a dinkum Kiwi accent from Cillo you won’t find it mate. You can’t miss my Oz accent which is pretty extreme IRL so I’m told. Him sounding “Murikan” (A-murican?) ? No, no American accent IRL.


  172. Choicy says:

    Edit “If *you’re* looking for a dinkum Kiwi accent…”


  173. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Who’s “Aunt Jane” and why would you want to toss her to the “salties”?
    When I am down in the dumps, music videos on youtube help. Try this


  174. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I must be a little twisted burt, I can almost understand the Cheerleader;s reasoning. In all honesty, I think they were jealous.
    Teenagers need good info. It can’t come from adults because they have their own agenda. It can’t come from peers because they are ignorant. I have heard that youtuber Laci Green is very popular with girls 13 to 17. Heaven help us!


  175. Choicy says:

    “Who’s “Aunt Jane” and why would you want to toss her to the “salties”?”

    Fuzzie, Aunt Jane is the database in Cill’s post.


  176. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I took my own advice and watched the 1812 from Ft Sill. I feel better after being reminded of plans that Josef Stalin would be all in favor of.
    Please feed Aunt Jane to the salties.


  177. Liz says:

    Yoda: “With Choicy when I read wit h full blown accent it is.
    With Cill read with Murican accent I do.
    Wonder why this is I do.”

    Maybe it’s the hat? 😛

    Tarn: “But yeah, I was a quiet, shy, nerdy, kid for almost all my school career. Always on the high honor roll but also always the favorite target (along with my friends) of the jocks, cheerleaders, and popular kids. I was in their “spotlight” more often than I’d ever have liked to be, but the brain alterations going on that the article describes obviously didn’t help, nor the fact I was unhealthily underweight for a number of years, yet still somehow had fat in “the right places”. Yuck!”

    Me too. Well, except for the “fat in all the right places”…very low body weight everywhere back then. 🙂

    Funny thing is, most of those assholes are still assholes. As adults they just learned to be nicer, especially to the right people. But they aren’t nice people. My husband and I were discussing something similar at dinner last night. He said at one flight, a couple with two children in strollers got off of the plane. They were extremely nice, and excited about the flight…they thanked the crew and said they weren’t used to flying, and gushed about what a great experience it was. Just, genuinely nice people. After they left, one flight attendant said, “good thing they didn’t eat the kids”. It was a crack about them being overweight. WTF? She was a complete cunt in every way, turned out, and complained about everything…but that was a red flag. The fact she was so cutting toward very nice people, for no real reason…I don’t know why some people are so toxic. She, of course, was overweight herself so perhaps she felt validated that she wasn’t quite so overweight as they?

    I’ve seen this behavior before. His anecdote brought back the memory of our college roomate who married a bull-dike looking nurse. The day before the wedding, she and her fat nurse friends were giggling and making snide remarks about a fat woman at the poolside. I wondered why it gave them pleasure to ridicule someone else in that manner…particularly when they weren’t thin, but plump themselves. It was just that the lady was about as fat compared to them as they were compared to me. I knew the marriage woulnd’t last then, because she was obviously a cunt. And it didn’t last two years.


  178. Liz says:

    I should add the caveat that I DO make fun of fat assholes…after they’ve established themselves as assholes (case in point, blubbercunties 1 and 2 above. But I dont’ see the point of ridiculing nice people for no real reason.

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