Miliband stumbles, Nigel doesn’t

Just had the leader’s debate on TV.  Call-me-Dave, Cleggover and Millibland.

It’s not been Ed’s best day.

A couple of days ago Ed tried to suck up to Russell ‘don’t vote it’s a mug’s game, mate’ Brand.  Today we got the result.  The voice of the peeps says be a Greeny

I’m happy about this as anyone dumb enough to listen to Russell, if they insist on voting, should be wasting their vote by voting verde.

Then in the debate (I’m hoping for better video of this, until I find it)

The letter they’re talking about was left by the outgoing labour treasury guy after the last election. The new guy found it…

You can imagine that quite a few of us fail to see any humour in that.  I want a copy nailed on the gravestone of all those responsible.  As soon as possible.  (Clearly…clearly…I’m talking about the gravestones for their political careers).

And finally…

Not as embarrassing as Bazza on a bike, but boy done good

30th of May might go down as a turning point in labour’s chances…hoping so.

Here’s Nigel’s BBC programme which was reluctantly granted in the wake of the 7 way debate where the audience was blatantly biased towards the left.

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12 comments on “Miliband stumbles, Nigel doesn’t
  1. Cill says:

    “It’s not been Ed’s best day.”
    What. Again?

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  2. Spawny Get says:

    I’m afraid I have to get busy now…I’ll look in later.

    If you can find footage of the Ed part of the Question Time debate last night, I suggest you give it a squiz (and drop a link here).

    The audience reaction to Dave and Ed (I didn’t watch Cleggy) was faaaar more normal than most of their audiences. Normally the QT audience is packed with lefties. There are laws about bias this close to the election…the Beeb has shown it knows it has to play fair-er. Thus it demonstrates that it’s normally bent.


  3. missattempts says:

    Do you think I can prevent murders? (See my response to Rants Of An Incel’s
    most recent posting.)


  4. Choicy says:

    Strike a light Spawny, with a choice of pollies as useful as a litter of drover’s pups, you deserve some light relief mate. Glad I’m not a Brit, if it wasn’t for Nige-o I’d lose the will to live. For a bit of a laugh, here’s the sounds of Eddie taking the old how’s your father from Nige-o during a debate, Kiwi style; don’t be scared to turn up the volume:

    If the video doesn’t show could you fix it or Cillo fux ut for me, matey?

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  5. poseidon740 says:

    @ missattempts:

    I read your post over there. I’m a Taurus also. I turned 51 a few days ago.

    You’ve got to focus on something other than incelousness. All I can do is suggest stuff for you that works for me. My working out is both physically and mentally healthy for me. Perhaps you outta join a health club in your city. Go every day and work your ass off. Diet and lose your fat and lift weights to gradually gain muscle mass. Since you don’t have an intimate relationship or children, you have plenty of time to totally focus on this.

    Or find something else to focus your life on. Perhaps begin attending a church. Volunteer to help others, something.

    I wish I could help you, but the internet makes that very limited. Good luck……….

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  6. Choicy says:

    “If you can find footage of the Ed part of the Question Time debate last night, I suggest you give it a squiz (and drop a link here).”

    Yeah Spawny, I found a link with some more videos of Question Time debate. There’s one of Eddie getting the stick from a hostile audience. At times Eddie looks a bit like a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

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  7. Spawny Get says:

    Good find. The Ed clip shows part of the problems that he had. The bullshit about spending on hospitals, schools etc is bullshit. The bullshit is because they’re on PFI. The government signed appallingly bad contracts lasting decades for private companies to screw the public purse. They blew the money on inflating wages, creating a million public sector jobs with unfunded gold plated pensions…doing jobs that were not previously necessary…and still aren’t (one suspects)

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  8. missattempts says:

    Every “normal” guy should read what the Attraction Institute says about
    male/female relationships. On the surface it seems like typical P.U.A. but if you
    persist with the material, you will find something different. You don’t have a
    relationship with a healthy person because of what you DO but because of what
    you ARE.
    The Buddha was a NATURAL MGHOW. He had every material advantage including
    an ample sex life, but went his own way.
    For those of you old enough to remember a T.V. show called “Kung Fu”, you’ll
    remember that the character named “Cain” didn’t worry much about his sex life,
    he was “complete” with in himself. If sex came he took it. If it didn’t come he was fine
    with that.
    You must live ABOVE your urges.

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  9. Cill says:

    Eddie will never get rid of the taste of that pork sammich.

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  10. Cill says:

    I must stop playing Unsteady Eddie’s foot trip. I’ll wear the damn thing out.

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