Frivolous Fun Friday

From this link we learn,

Army ROTC cadets are complaining on message boards that they were pressured to walk in high heels on Monday for an Arizona State University campus event designed to raise awareness of sexual violence against women.

The Army openly encouraged participating in April’s “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” events in 2014, but now it appears as though ROTC candidates at ASU were faced with a volunteer event that became mandatory.

“Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ on our CDT OER for getting the branch we want. So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later on only to throw them in the trash after about 300 of us embarrass the U.S. Army tomorrow,” one anonymous cadet wrote on the social media sharing website Imgr, IJReview reported Monday

I could just imagine Big Red coming up with this idea.  For those of you unfamiliar with Big Red, here is a taste

Having soldiers walk in red high heel shoes to increase awareness of sexual violence only makes sense to feminists.  This is the kind of thinking that I am asking you to do today.  Your assignment (if you choose to accept it) is to think like BIg Red, come up with tasks that men should do in order to raise awareness of something that would be near and dear to Big Red’s heart.  Does it need to make sense?  No. Be creative.

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  1. I am afraid to watch the video but let me guess, “of course the should be required to participate! I don’t care if they want to or not, All men should have to walk a mile in her shoes! If they won’t, they must hate women!”

    I am just guessing…maybe after I work up the courage to watch the video I will be able to channel big red better!


  2. Poseidon says:

    “come up with tasks that men should do in order to raise awareness of something that would be near and dear to Big Red’s heart. Does it need to make sense? No. Be creative”

    Walk in public with sheer, see through pants so hairy legs and undies can clearly be seen. Then when women look and comment, reply back in a hostile manner that they are pigs for looking and ask them why can’t they handle themselves in a mature manner.

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  3. Oooh I see. Maybe

    “What? Only heels? What about pantyhose, a bra, a thong, a tight short dress, makeup, fake nails, fake tan, and a mandatory Brazillian bikini wax to even be acknowledged, and even then only as a sex object.That will really show them what it’s like to walk a mile in her shoes!”

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    “To raise awareness of the repression of Patriarchy, all men must urinate sitting down”

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  5. Farm Boy says:

    “To raise awareness of what it feels like to be a clown, all men must dye their hair in the same color as me”

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    “To feel what a woman feels, men must spend six consecutive hours shopping for shoes, and buying at least 5 pairs”

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    “To raise awareness of domestic violence, all baseball players must use pink bats”

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  8. SFC Ton says:

    Being rated poorly on the EO/ SHARP deal is the kids of death to a man’s carer. One of the many reasons highly ranked officers/ enlisted are not to be trusted


  9. Cill says:

    Lift up your shirt and breastfeed a doll with a broom up your arse to sweep the ground behind you whilst you walk along.

    Meanwhile Big Red will tickle your gonads to give you a taste of the demands you place on women when they are already multi-tasking.

    Immediately Burp the doll and change its nappies whenever Big Red blows her whistle. Whilst you are bent over at this task you’ll have to endure Big Red singing “Cry me a River” as she humps you remorselessly.

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    “To show that all men are potential rapists, every man must wear a cod piece with the scarlet letter “R” clearly visible”


  11. Farm Boy says:

    a mandatory Brazillian bikini wax

    I bet that Moe would not stand for that.

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  12. How about an annual prostate exam starting at puberty? Pfffft. Men have it so easy.


  13. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, you foreign blokes might put up with the shenanigans of sheilas like that, but you really should think about going the way of the Kauri Club culture. You have to be careful though. At the sight of your club and the thought that you might use it, a foreign sheila like that Big Red is likely to go half-crazed with lust. You need to have an oblong rock handy, just in case, as there’s no way you should cavort with such a creature.

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  14. Ok I watched 2 minutes of the first video and realized I left something very critical out! Spewing cuss words! Ok so here, how’s this?

    Fuck you! How about a fucking prostate exam every year starting at puberty, you miserable piece of shit! Pffffft. Men have it fucking easy!!! (Arms flailing, finger jabbing into your chest, spittle flying!!!)

    Oh my! :/ big red needs anger management class.

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  15. Correction:

    * every f’ing year starting at f’ing puberty (I missed two f’ing opportunities to f’ing use the f word, f!!!!)

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  16. Cill says:

    You’re getting there Bloom, but you’ll never match Big Red. Cussing comes naturally to her.

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  17. Cill says:

    It’s her first language.

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  18. (Luckily my spidey sense told me to sneak away and watch the partial video where the girls couldn’t hear! One thing I oddly enough specialize in is ghostwriting, capturing a petson’s tone and the way they use language so it sounds like they wrote it is a fun challenge for me. I used to ghostwrite Denise Au$tin’s blog, some may remember her, a late 80s, mid 90s exercise/aerobics guru? For her I would channel one step short of deranged cheerleader, lots of exclamation points!!! Super nice lady, I enjoyed her, just SUPER JOB ENTHUSIASTIC!!! When in doubt, add more !!!! )

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  19. Liz says:

    I didn’t watch the Big red videos…but that would probably be a good “task that men should do in order to raise awareness of something that would be near and dear to Big Red’s heart”
    Or perhaps the View marathons, with interludes of the sound of women cackling loudly and hysterically every ten minutes or so.
    Or empathy bellies.

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  20. (Oh wait Cill, I will morph into Big Red and nail it! I will know her better than she knows herself. I will become Big Red. Shes really abusive and hostile though, it gave me knots in my stomach just to write the above post, so maybe I will have to channel her in moderation. Watch and learn, Padawan! Watch and learn…ommmm)

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  21. Cill says:

    In the second (middle) video she sings cry me a river to a bloke the fembots are preventing from entering an MRM meeting. The bloke is explaining to her that his friend committed suicide and he wants to go to the meeting to help him understand why. It was later verified that the bloke was telling the truth.


  22. Big Red’s inner voice: I will dye my hair bright red and be a raging b1tch to cover up for may massive insecurity. I will add in the f’ing f word at every natural pause to intimidate and belittle my target. Because I am small and hateful and I hate myself, but rather than work on it I will project it onto the world. Because it gives me the illusion of power, even though I have no clue what true power is. Abuse. Close enough. F them! I’ll show those rapist abusers what it feels like! But because I only fleetingly feel good when I am an abusive attention whore sjw so I create drama to distract me from my own huge pink elephant issues! But don’t tell anyone!)

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  23. Cill says:

    Not bad, Bloom. You’re definitely getting into the part, I have to admit.

    But Liz.
    No. No. That’s too much. I thought it was a joke at first but it was not.
    No-one is putting an empathy belly on me.
    It’s worse than the Pink Batts Rugby Referees. It’s a crime against God and Man.

    Liz is there any way I can un-see it? I gotta do something…

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  24. Cill says:

    It’s only 3:15 p.m. here but thanks to those empathy bellies I’m having to take a shot of Scotch. I’ll drink myself blotto to take away that ghastly sight.

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  25. Yoda says:

    Big Red’s real name Binx it would be.
    Jar-Jar’s sister she is?

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  26. Farm Boy says:

    Separated at birth?

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  27. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You may have your feminists mixed up. At the first Univ. of Toronto fiasco, there was one attendant who wanted understanding and closure for his two friends who had killed themselves.
    At the second fiasco, where Big red makes her only appearance, Candaian MRA Dan Perrins was there for all of Big Red’s tirade. He lost his brother to suicide over child support arrears. He talked his sister-in-law into making a response video, that I can’t find,. In it, she states that while the bill was over $10k CDN. the settled for $4k.
    So, in Ontario, a man’s life is forfeit over a $4k beef?


  28. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You are right to keep Big Red videos out of earshot of the Bloomettes.Her first nickname on AVfM was “Little Miss Fornication Mouth”.Later, Big red stuck.
    She is too much but, after a while, it morphs into funny.

    Farm Boy,
    Shhh. I am trying to get Jar Jar interested in Harriet Harman. All it would take would be huge floppy ears glued on her head.

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  29. Yoda says:

    Liz is there any way I can un-see it? I gotta do something…

    Antidote here it is.

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  30. (Big red would have been wise to listen to the guy in the first video, he was trying to show her love, but her reaction to that shows she’s still holding onto foolish pride and hate as power. I am going to pray for her! That she finds love, lets all this hate biz go. That she becomes an MEA! wouldnt that beat all??? Darkness cannot overcome light but the slmallest light can overcome darkness. She does not see this. She clearly sees love as a huge threat rather than the answer. So many do. My 2 cent armchair psychoanalysis!)

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  31. To this she would say

    F you b1tch! Who the f are you? Take your Love sh1t elsewhere! You are a f’ing brainwashed Stockholm fing victim! F that! F you! F all of you red pill f’ers! (Flailing arms, wagging finger, face as red as her hair.)


  32. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Uh oh! Time to take the thermonuclear option.

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  33. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    So you think Big Red could use some love? It is a shame that Farm Boy thinks that she and Jar Jar aew twins seperated at birth. I would have glued the big floppy ears on her.

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  34. Well, she seems to be a little too much to the hate/anger/mean side of the scale. Some love balancing that out would help, and really as far as I see it, she needs a cosmic intervention. She really should go talk to someone about all those yucky feelings.

    I saw a quote one that says we abuse others on step short of what we abuse ourselves. If that is so, Big Red must be very very mean to herself indeed! !


  35. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I never considered Big Red in those terms. Commenter Maeve had a personal theory about feminists. She thought that their teddy bears were taken away too early. In Big Red’s case, it’ll take more than a teddy bear.
    Pease don’t volunteer me.

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  36. Cill says:

    Big Red’s mouth is just the right size shape to take a segment of that toblerone chocco. Just shove a triangle into her gob every she opens it to say STFU. Give her a thump on the back and a rub on her throat and down it goes, Trev.

    You could work her jaw first so she gets some taste out of it. No sense in totally wasting the chocco. After that she’d be submissive and sweet… perhaps.

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  37. Cill says:

    Can you picture the expression on BR’s face as she undergoes this series of stimuli, in rapid succession:
    Chocco shoved into her maw
    Jaw worked by large firm male hand
    Thud on back
    Throat rub

    I can picture the look in her eyes.

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  38. But Cill, Swedish fish would match her hair color perfectly! If you have never had them they are gummy candy but cheesier texture than gummy bears, cherry flavor. Yum yum!

    Big red is a basket case. I am not sure there is enough candy in the world to turn her sweet. Even half as bad as she is would be an improvement, and maybe more realistic!

    The oldest found my Toblerone stash already!!! They are onto me, those Bloomettes! Lol.

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  39. * chewier not cheesier! Lol

    To the elder Bloomette’s credit, she did not tell sister of the stash or get into it herself, she just gave me that “I am *SO* onto you!” Lol! I should move it to a safe location right now, while they slumber!!!

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  40. Cill says:

    Which ones was the little bounder *so* onto then? The white, the dark, the milk, the fruity, the salted nut…

    Re BR, I was thinking more of the treatment she was getting than the actual chocco. After that treatment she’d have an expression on her face a bit like Bambi I think.

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  41. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That image of feeding chocolate to Big Red almost knocked me out of the chair. I can imagine her eyes getting really big and almost popping out.

    Maybe you should buy Toblerone as needed. By stashing the chocolate, you set up a game of hide and seek with Toblerone as the reward. What Bloomette could resist?

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  42. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, did the earth move for you?


  43. Spawny Get says:

    Going near Big Red with chocolate would be as wise as SushiMan hand feeding Shamu with a crab cake.

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  44. Cill says:

    No shit Spawny you just destroyed a beautiful illusion. 😉

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  45. Well the milk chocolate is hard to beat but she wants to try them all! She hasn’t had the white yet, for me it’s hard to choose between those two. The salted nut is pretty darn good, too!

    I double dog dare you to see what happens if you feed BR some Toblerone, if you do it, be sure to get video!

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  46. Cill says:

    If I were thoroughly disguised, I’d give it a go. I’d pose as a pot plant and pop one into her gob as she passed by.

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  47. How has Big Red gone so long without someone throwing something at her yet? She’s so disrespectful and her voice is really like nails on a chalkboard…

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  48. Cill says:

    Approaching 7:30 p.m. Super Rugby The Chiefs vs The Force
    I love this code, starting soon.
    I’ll be watching it with Jim and a couple of his mates.

    Man I love it here. I need to work < 3 hours avg a day to perpetuate my current standard of living which is real good. Any work more than that is cream on the cake or provisions for my family and friends.

    Here are Jim and his mates. To rugby I go.

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  49. Cill says:

    Well hello Alana!
    “How has Big Red gone so long without someone throwing something at her yet?”
    I’d be more inclined to throw her (as in tossing a dwarf)

    Anzac Day here. Last Post before the Rugby. One Minute’s Silence.


  50. Enjoy the game, Cill~

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  51. “Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.”

    I never knew about this day, thanks Cill.

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  52. Cill says:

    Force 8 Chiefs 3
    Disciplined display by the Force, but the Chiefs should win ATC (according to Cill)

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  53. Cill says:

    Score update half time
    Force 8 Chiefs 23


  54. Liz says:

    “But Liz.
    No. No. That’s too much. I thought it was a joke at first but it was not.
    No-one is putting an empathy belly on me.
    It’s worse than the Pink Batts Rugby Referees. It’s a crime against God and Man.

    Liz is there any way I can un-see it? I gotta do something…”

    You must be a jerk for not thinking that’s cool! 😉

    I’m sorry Cill…it was late, perhaps I overshot.
    What is seen can never be unseen.
    At least you’re a grown adult. You know there are horrors in the world, even if a few might surprise you.
    I saw some man wearing that for the first time on a chatshow when I was about eight. Imagine the trauma.


  55. Liz says:

    “How has Big Red gone so long without someone throwing something at her yet?”

    She might get stuff thrown at her all the time.
    Maybe that isn’t hair dye. Maybe she was thrown into a vat of chemicals like the Joker!

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  56. Liz says:

    Look at the empathy belly site:
    “…brings couples closer together”
    Yes, yes of course! Only jerks disagree.

    Dudes, if you wear this in front of your wife, she will never unsee it. You could never do enough manly shite to have her unsee this.

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  57. SFC Ton says:

    I am digging the codpiece idea. Good advertising is good advertising

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  58. Liz says:

    You can wear the codpiece while nursing with Mr Milker!!

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  59. Liz says:

    Give boys girl’s names! (I’m on a roll…okay, okay, done now…)


  60. Spawny Get says:

    Ton, you have me LMAO

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  61. Liz says:

    Farmboy ““To raise awareness of what it feels like to be a clown, all men must dye their hair in the same color as me”

    You say this in jest but perhaps there’s a nugget of truth there.
    Maybe the evil is seeping through her pores, the transformation to creepy clownface almost complete!

    Somewhere, there’s probably a picture of her on the wall where she looks pleasant and normal…in fact, more pleasant and more normal as time goes by. Like a reverse/bait-and-switch deal with the devil.

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  62. Liz says:

    My husband got home late last night from a trip and is lying on his left side, sleeping like a precious big sleepy bear. He looks so peaceful I just want to jump on him now for some reason.
    Maybe the codpiece idea got me going…

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  63. Liz says:

    Cill: “You could work her jaw first so she gets some taste out of it. No sense in totally wasting the chocco. After that she’d be submissive and sweet… perhaps.”

    Um…it’s not chocolate that she needs, Cill. 😛
    (but I’m not sure that anyone could take that one for the team)

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  64. Liz says:

    Nine posts almost in a row!
    Men just love chatty chicks, don’t they?
    ((loud annoying cackle))
    You’re welcome. 😉

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  65. Spawny Get says:

    If you throw something smaller than a destroyer at Big Red when her maw’s open (and when is it ever shut?) you’ll lose it.

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  66. Yoda says:

    Wonder if Big Red keeps personna up 24/7 I do.


  67. SFC Ton says:

    Think about it Spwany

    I, as an evil cis-gendered unreconstructed God fearing Southron White man wake up with a laundry list of thing to do to ensure the oppression of the unprivileged and the continuation of the Patriarchy, but often times I just don’t feel I have hit the full stride of possible oppression and exploitation

    I woke up this morning, like I do every morning, and grabbed my girls private parts. I know her signs of affection mark her victimized. Then I go out back, flip my tires and lift my atlas stones to poke a finger in the eye of the handi-capable and the more enlightens men who have risen above such base displays of aggression and violence

    Then I invade a peaceful village of chickens, steal their young to satisfy my barbaric dietary rituals and marked 4 of them for later extermination and consumption. I will cook them by burning noble trees adding to my crimes against nature

    After I consumed the young chickens to be, and before I showered, I ryped the girl I own, he consent merely more proof of my brutal oppression, as if forcing her to cary my child to term wasn’t proof enough of her exploitation.

    Then I took a hot shower, consuming energy and clean water I have no right to. Literally stealing it from the noble savages in Africa etc who would solve all the world’s social ills if I did not steal all their electricity and clean water

    I thought about ryping the woman again but decided I needed to spread more evil and that I should check up on all my various business interests, adding unrepentant capitalism to my crimes. The seed money to launch those evil ventures came from invading peaceful moslem nations or opposing the spread of mind expanding substances from South America. Besides I have dupped some other, still younger women into my den of inequity so I can rype her latter today. Got to spread the rype around.

    I am going to take my bike as I do my over Lord rounds, this allows me make all the betas fell bad because us Harely McBadBoys are conning all the “good girls” to fall for us and rubs my wealth into the festering wounds of the poor, so I dress head to toe in leather, more evidence of my crimes against cow-anity, but it’s cold so I will cover up my arms, hiding my tattoos, and muscles. Just think of all the mirco-aggression I am covering up! Sure I have this out of control beard, but is it enough micro aggression? I think not

    So a codpiece with a bold, red letter R seems like the last piece of the puzzle as I go about my evil, cis gender White man ways.

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  68. Spawny Get says:

    You’re a totally ebul bad-arse, Ton.

    BTW I’ve seen Southron used before. Is it just a deliberate corruption of Southern, or does it have a historical significance?

    I’ve been watching the latest series of Justified, got to say I like the look of the climate and environs. Why did the English head North and the Celts head South in the USA? Assuming that I’m right about that happening…


  69. Yoda says:

    “To feel for women, men wear tights and do Zoomba all day they should”


  70. Spawny Get says:

    Did you listen to the Jon Gaunt podcasts? What did you reckon of them?

    Todays is here

    Janner is an alleged paedo with major establishment ties who has escaped trial for over 20 years. The prime corrupt mayor is a Bangladeshi originated guy called Rahman. Nothing done for frigging years.


  71. Yoda says:

    Established coastal types encouraged Scots-Irish to head to the hills they did.
    Two purposes there were.
    Get them elsewhere and harass Indians they would be.

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  72. Yoda says:

    Could Moe’s Mum knit cod piece for all men here wonder I do.


  73. jf13 says:

    Two thumbs down on the fake belly and the flat-chested vest-milk dispenser thing. But I’ll give you one guess as to why there aren’t nice big full fake breast things that men are advised to play with.


  74. jf13 says:

    What, precisely, are we *supposed* to think that high heels have to do with sexual violence?

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  75. Yoda says:

    What, precisely, are we *supposed* to think that high heels have to do with sexual violence?

    Think you must not.

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  76. jf13 says:

    “come up with tasks that men should do in order to raise awareness of something that would be near and dear to Big Red’s heart”
    I’m not in the right mood yet. Plus, due to unfamiliarity I’m not actually aware of any thing that is near and dear to her heart. I suppose I can imagine something, however. One thing that could be near and dear to her would be for her to witness mass conversions of males to homosexual appearances and behaviors.

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  77. jf13 says:

    Men should perform tasks that make them bigger and redder, instead of littler and greener.


  78. “My husband got home late last night from a trip and is lying on his left side, sleeping like a precious big sleepy bear.”

    The scariest part about marriage–being watched as u sleep. :p

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  79. Liz says:

    Two thumbs down?!
    Comeon people…man up and wear those pink stillettos, breastfeeding suit and empathy belt.
    Sometimes prego women get incontinent too! Piss yourselves in empathy!!

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  80. @ ton and how is baby Ton coming along? All going well, I hope!

    What a brute you are. Those poor chickens! That poor girl! Oppressor. Destroyer! Brute displayer of strength and aggression. How can you even sleep at night, all ebul like you are. (P.s. your codpiece is on crooked. Ha ha, made you look!)

    I can only imagine what BR would think of Ton! I wonder if she would even try to tell at him, or just scurry off under a rock?

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  81. * yell

    Oh Ton, watch for the empathy belly and guy nursing equipment I sent! At Liz’s suggestion. It should be there any day! 🙂

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  82. I’m not sure if the Belle Gibson story is in the news in the US/UK? She’s a young woman who made a lot of money from her book, blog and best-selling app after pretending she cured her cancer thru a healthy lifestyle.

    Although I love the study of psychology, I hate how pple no longer admit to simply being greedy lazy liars anymore, they prefer to blame it on some mental disorder or a troubled childhood. Why take responsibility when u can be the victim? Grr.

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  83. Cill says:

    “Sometimes prego women get incontinent too! Piss yourselves in empathy”
    Liz Liz Liz…
    I have my customary early morning woody on as I read that. My early morning woody prevails. Do your worst! You can’t keep a good man down.

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  84. Yoda says:

    Men should perform tasks that make them bigger and redder, instead of littler and greener.

    Implying something you are?

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  85. Yoda says:

    Sometimes prego women get incontinent too!

    Eating lunch we are.


  86. Cill says:

    “Mr Milker”
    I’m not going to follow that link.
    Western Civilization is done gone.
    Contrarily, my early morning woody stands up proud as a stay post.

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  87. Sorry Cill, I can’t like on your morning wood post! Lol.

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  88. Cill says:

    Why not?

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  89. Yoda says:

    Cill to marry Dog soon it will be.

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  90. Also, why is it people like Big Red will turn around and act just like or worse than those they accuse of abuse? Imagine if a guy got in her face like that. Why would she think that’s ok behavior? Self reflect much, be?

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  91. Yoda says:

    Imagine if a guy got in her face like that

    Some type of rape it would be.

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  92. I am glad mattress girl is getting called out! Rediculous.

    Things a women’s studies prof might say: “today we are telling our rape stories. If you don’t have one, just make one up! Mattress girl, why don’t you go first?”

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  93. Yoda says:

    today we are telling our rape stories. If you don’t have one, just make one up!

    Implied this is.

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  94. This is the first time I heard of the Mattress story. I’m really shocked at how so many pple in the media, including that Democrat Senator, just presume that she’s telling the truth and that the guy is a rapist. That’s wrong.

    Some of the ladies in that video are just talking as though her word is Gospel truth, without even using words like “allegedly”. Terrible journalism.

    Minor point, but it’s embarrassing that Mattress Girl looks kinda Asian, though I know she isn’t.


  95. Btw the one who just totally takes Mattress Girl’s story at face value is the black lady at the 3 minute mark. At least they had the guy in black on the show as well to provide a little bit of balance I guess.

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  96. Cill says:

    Alana = 888 😉


  97. Cill says:

    Man accused of rape is guilty until he proves himself innocent at his own expense. Meanwhile it doesn’t cost the accuser a cent. It happened to a bloke I knew at University.

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  98. “Alana = 888”

    Uh, what? What’s 888? 😮 Code is patriarchy.

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  99. Poseidon says:

    “Change we must,

    Maybe Hilliary will rewrite the bible. She has authored other books………


  100. Poseidon says:

    Mattress Girl and Pajama Boy outta procreate for sake of scientific research.

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  101. Cill says:

    “Maybe Hilliary will rewrite the bible”
    Didn’t feminism do that already? Castrate the Bible?

    The King James version sure does make better reading than the politically correct rehashes do. To a non religious person like me, at least.


  102. Cill says:

    My uncle and aunt’s house will fetch a premium price when they sell it, for it is house number 888 on the street.

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  103. SFC Ton says:

    Southron is closer to the Old School English spelling and pronunciation

    For a variety of factors, English is the least changed in tge Appalachian mountains. Or was

    English from the North of England and Socts from the South of Scotland settled the South. Folks on the border of the two, which England had not fully subdued. Mostly because the South was settled by folks looking for economic opportunities. Second sons and border reevers one step from the law. Ulster Scots are Scots who hit Ireland 1st. The English wanted my people in the colonies for the same reason they wanted us in Ireland; to beat people down. In the colonies it was injuns. In Ireland it was Irish. Th lure was land of our own and being further away from English. It is likely that most of the Irish who settled the South were actually Scotsman who got listed wrong.

    Though Yoda is not wrong about the other areas filling up 1st.

    Ton Spwan is doing well, as is Girl. Thanks for asking

    Upon additional consideration I belive the codpiece is required but not for the initial reason. Yes my tatts and “guns” where covered but I reckon this is offset by the fact I choose only hens who have lost their production value for extermination. This gives me anti woman and pro capitalism cred. However, my bike does really well on gas, like tiny, ballless hippie car well, sparing the environment from my evil consumption and pollution. The red letter R codpiece should bring my ebulness back up to par.

    Pretty interesting how ebul I am to the progressives, blue pillers and SJW’s, just going about my day, minding my own bidness and doing no real harm to anyone

    They would be impossible to take serious if there wasn’t so many of them and so easy to.exploit

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  104. Glad to hear all is well ton. Do you k ow yet girl or boy?


  105. jf13 says:

    Clearly, the main task for a man is to increase his awareness of what it means to be a woman by making him look and act more like a woman. This will also decrease the amount of hetero sexual activity, which is the ultimate goal. Gender roles just make everyone feel all gendery and all.


  106. Spawny Get says:

    Thanks for the lesson, have heard that you guys have a more authentic than us. Same with Spanish Spanish vs the exported version?


  107. Spawny Get says:

    Sanity will return when consequences start catching up with lecturers, admin and false accusers. Jail, job or cash.


  108. Cill says:

    Ton my Scottish ancestors spent time in Ireland too. They were “Gallowglasses” despatched to Ireland by Elizabeth 1st to beat up on the Irish, which they did. When they left Ireland they continued their mercenary ways as “Swords for Hire” for royalty and wealthy people in Europe and Russia.

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  109. jf13 says:

    re: mattress girl ancestry

    She is half-Asian. Her mother appears to be 100% Singaporean, although Emma herself claims that her mother is half Chinese and half Japanese, improbably.

    Her father is 100% Polish Jew, which makes it almost interesting, although tiredly cliche, that the first boy that Emma sexually pursued is a German national with an expressed disdain for Jews and Asains, with a reputation for being rough in bed. He has since had several girlfriends since her performance art started, and she has had no boyfriends since.

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  110. jf13 says:

    Are we having frivolity yet? Fun, yes, but I’ve seen lots more frivolousness on other posts.


  111. Cill says:

    “Cill to marry Dog soon it will be.”

    We are rehearsing the nuptials as you speak.

    I have installed a squirt-post for Dog in the middle of the front lawn close to the cliff, so if he misses the post, the jet will shoot over the edge. (Guests alighting on the beach are advised to hold an umbrella over their heads.) I painted a large R on the post to appease the Animal Rights Activists. I also screwed a clothes-hook into the post, where emasculated travellers can hang their weary manhood should they feel so inclined.

    I think we’re just about all set to go, with a podium for Yoda to deliver the wedding speech. (The Best Man, Fred Dagg, will be too busy rattling the tin of sheep nuts for the sheep. Besides, his speech had too many “giddays” and might put the guests to sleep)

    The sheep are rehearsing a sort of purse-lipped droning background accompaniment for Yoda with a verb-baa at the end of each bleat.

    What a wonderfully sharing occasion this wedding will be!
    What? No “Acceptances” yet? Nobody wants to come?

    (P.S. I’ve persuaded Big Red to do a striptease)

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  112. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Overdue aviation video for Liz, in gratitude for describing her somulant husband as a “sleepy old bear”.

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  113. jf13 says:

    It’s not the same mattress btw. It didn’t even start as the same mattress. She did dismantle her own dorm bed, but it was a different bed in a different dorm room. Plus, in doing so she violated several sections of her dorm agreement as well as the school anti-vandalism code of conduct she agreed to in writing. Moreover, the current mattress is not the one she started with.

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  114. jf13 says:

    btw Nungesser’s current girlfriend has been pushing him since the fall term to file, since she didn’t want to be considered a raper-chaser. He waited this long to file to ensure all of his final grades enable him to graduate no matter what action the University takes from now on.

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  115. Yoda says:

    I think we’re just about all set to go, with a podium for Yoda to deliver the wedding speech

    Use Jedi mind tricks instead I could.
    But impolite that would be.

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  116. Yoda says:

    The sheep are rehearsing a sort of purse-lipped droning background accompaniment for Yoda with a verb-baa at the end of each bleat.

    Sound good this will.
    But then everything I say sounds good it does.

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  117. CalloftheMGTOW says:

    Last I checked, some women don’t wear heels. Out of the ones who do, some don’t wear red heels. As an ex soldier, I find this as an abuse of the SHARP program, and using coercive techniques to push an unpopular political agenda.
    What is a guy who is trying to lead soldiers in battle going to learn from wearing shoes that women force themselves to wear. How have these people victimized or sexually assaulted a woman.
    It’s simply because they are men who aren’t feminized, and are not going to be as easily swayed to the fem agenda. These men are being given discipline to read a situation before taking action, and standing behind that action.

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  118. Cill, one RSVP for me! Give dog my congrats!

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  119. Yoda says:

    (P.S. I’ve persuaded Big Red to do a striptease)

    Mouth shut she will keep?

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  120. Poseidon says:

    “P.S. I’ve persuaded Big Red to do a striptease”

    This instead of activated charcoal for the purpose of causing nausea? Is that what you intend? If I had food poisoning, I would opt for the charcoal, but we all have our distinct preferences.

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  121. Cill says:

    Bloom, at your request you will be seated alongside my old mate Fred Dagg at the feast. Fred no longer looks like this:

    He has aged a bit, I’m afraid. Here he is, making a special presentation at the General Assembly of the United Nations

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  122. Cill says:

    To explain the Fred Dagg link above: According to Maori legend Maui fished the North Island of NZ out of the sea and hacked it to death with his grandmother’s jawbone, thereby creating the rivers and lakes.

    The Plough and Chequebook = a country pub (bar)
    brain at half-mast = drunk
    Get me an eight will you please = get me an 8 ounce glass of beer
    His wife bit the dust = she died
    crays = crayfish
    right on the nail = “you got that right” or “I sure am”
    New Zealand’s a cracker = a great place
    And for god’s sakes, feed your backs = play an expansive game, express yourselves!


  123. How old is Fred? Does he still wear gumboots? He’s not married or taken, right? (Guess i should have asked that earlier! if so, no no no., not interested!) What does he think of girls in gumboots? Farm chicks?


  124. Cill says:

    Bloom , Yes, Fred still wears gumboots even at the U.N. and last I heard he was still single. And don’t worry, there’ll be heaps of strapping Fred Daggs here should Fred not pass the muster. (BTW you can see the present-day Fred by clicking on the link at 1:11 am)

    “What does he think of girls in gumboots? Farm chicks?”
    No self-respecting Kiwi bloke would take exception to farm chicks or girls in gumboots. Struth, if we did that we’d be cutting out all the best sheilas in this country.

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  125. @ cill agreed! Farm chicks in gum boots are hard to top! 😉

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  126. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Bears would look silly in gumboots. *sniff*

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  127. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Bears woulde look silly in gumboots. *sniff*

    Please delete the previous comment. I failed to proof my own name.

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  128. Why would bears look silly in gumboots? What’s wrong w bears who like dry feet but can’t stand being inside? I bet if I left gumboots in the forest, bears would be rejoicing! Or maybe even yetis! (The name for mo man in my neck of the woods)


  129. Plus it what bears think of girls who wear gumboots that matters, fuzzie. Gumboots on bears are completely optional… Surprise me!


  130. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Happy feet make for a happy girl. I would rather deal with a hppy girl wearing gumboots than an unhappy one in four inch heels.

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  131. Where I live, gumboots are a way of life. I have ruined so many pairs of shoes by trying to do chores in anything but. I actually have *three* pairs of gumboots – my old faithful blue war torn ones I have had for 15+ years, complete with stab wounds in them from over zealous digging w shovels in the garden, making them not waterproof. Byt my favorite even so. A very utilitarian black unisex pair that replaced those which are now my wet day go to, and a pair of plum w sparkle “girlie” ones, my “dress” gumboots! I guess I am a shoe girl in my own way. Plus I do have lots of assorted not-mud shoes. “For town going.”

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  132. Cill says:

    Are they called gumboots or wellies in the U.S.? I always thought “gumboots” is a Down Under word for them.


  133. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Plum with sparkles gumboots? I have only seen the ones in the LL Bean catalog, so that is a new one on me.
    I am fond of Red Wings. I used to spend a lot of time on my feet and I didn’t want to deal with pain.

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  134. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It’s not necessary to delete. It wouldn’t be the first double entered comment here.

    The first thing that I think of when I hear “Wellingtons” is ankle high dress boots but, in looking for images, I found that mud boots are included in the definition.


  135. Cill says:

    A bear would look spiffingly good in gummies I think. How many would he wear though, two or four? Strictly speaking a bear has 4 legs. He could always do what Fred Dagg does, which is to put his hands in gumboots when he wants to do electrical work.

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  136. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I think these guys want to “sing” at your wedding.

    This all fine as long as it remains a joke. I don’t want to get on the wrong side of M.

    I still don’t know about gumboots. Claws provide extra traction.

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  137. Cill says:

    Those pups are pretty good on the vocals but I prefer sheep. A while ago you showed us a video of a mob of sheep talking to a cockie, remember? He would ask questions like “Are you gonna vote for Bob Parker!” (which locates the farm in Canterbury NZ) and the sheep would reply. Have you still got the URL for that video?


  138. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Was this the one?

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  139. I call them muck boots or rubber boots but have heard them called gum boots and wellies, too.

    Voila! Plum (they call it cabernet but its more purple than red) sparkle gum boots (w omni heat!) I got mine for half this much w discount. Faaaancy! 😉

    Of course my oldest has already claimed them as “shared” aka “as long as I am not wearing them, mom!) lol. She’s my foot size now but will likely be a size or two bigger in the end so they will be mine… Someday! Or at least for a brief time until the youngest claims them!

    Moving the Toblerone stash…again…it makes me feel some sense of power and control anyway! 🙂

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  140. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You must have to deal with some serious and long lasting mud to necessitate “fashion” mud boots. I have a pair that I bought a long time ago.
    What will you do if you can’t remember where you last hid thd Toblerone? Oh noes!

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  141. Cill says:

    This is the great Colin Meads as he is today. As a kid I used to amuse people by imitating Colin. I use his voice for the “voice” of Moe the Moehau Man.

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  142. Cill says:

    This is Colin in play:

    Note the fist threatening the provocative Pom

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  143. Spawny Get says:

    Got me voting papers…I may vote today, if I see fit.

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  144. Jf13: “She is half-Asian. Her mother appears to be 100% Singaporean, although Emma herself claims that her mother is half Chinese and half Japanese, improbably.

    Her father is 100% Polish Jew”.

    Oh so she does have some Asian blood; I thought I was mistaken because of her Jewish last name.

    Uh why is it improbable that she’s half Chinese and half Japanese? There are such pple around, although there is still some animosity between China and Japan.

    Of course her credibility in general is pretty low, though. >.<

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  145. Spawny Get says:

    That sneaky Pom looks like he wants to face-butt Good Ol’ Easy Going Col’s fist, the bludger

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  146. Cill “My uncle and aunt’s house will fetch a premium price when they sell it, for it is house number 888 on the street”.

    Wow that is a nice address. 🙂 It’d be especially popular to Asians cos Asians think the number 8 is auspicious, but I think in general most pple think ‘888’ is a nice number’, it’s so pretty and easy to remember. 🙂

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  147. Cill says:

    That Pom is about to damage Colin’s fist with his head. Red card.

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  148. Cill says:

    I’m proud

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  149. Liz says:

    Purdue’s ROTC cancelled their walk in her shoes event on thursday. Looks like that one didn’t require pink shoes (unless they were supposed to run a mile and a half as well as perform a relay race in them?). At least it was cancelled. What a f*cking farce this is.

    How about we make ROTC women run the mile and a half and do pushups and pull-ups with the same fitness standards as the guys just ONE fricking time to “walk in his shoes”…or maybe they can each lug a mattress a mile and a half with ‘fake rape claims are real’ sprayed on top.

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  150. Liz says:

    Forgot the link.

    At least there seems to be some breath of sanity starting to come through since this thing was cancelled. I’ve mentioned before that the University backlash will probably stick, unlike the military more people are directly involved so they take an interest (anyone with a son in college, or a son who will ever attend college, should fear these policies). Politics are local, and all that.

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  151. Liz says:

    Apparently the army is investigating the matter (of course they are). This is unusually fast, but after a brief perusal of the internetz I see the REAL reason for their concern.

    Yes, folks, the REAL problem is the insult to the transgendered community.
    Of course. Perfect.

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  152. Spawny Get says:

    “Cill = 888”

    Triple Fat arse and fat head?

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  153. Liz says:

    Looks like three snowmen to me. 🙂

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  154. Liz says:



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  155. Liz says:

    Triple mister snowy
    (sort of…)

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  156. Liz says:

    I’m going for frivolity here….

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  157. Spawny Get says:

    “I’m going for frivolity here….”

    I keep trying that *sigh*

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  158. “Looks like three snowmen to me”. Haha u have a child-like imagination. 🙂

    Look at this delicious-looking cake with snowmen.~

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  159. Liz says:

    Love that cake! 🙂
    Looks like something I need to try with vanilla oreos, covered in white chocolate.

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  160. Lol Liz u’re making me hungry. 🙂

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  161. SFC Ton says:

    That is something I have always known about our people Cill, but never given much thought over the years. We have, as a people, fought for a lot of governments we didn’t like, and I am no exception

    Maui fished half the Hawaiian islands out of the sea as well.

    I wonder about the consummation of the marriage…..

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  162. Fuzzie it’s really more about wet grass than mud. If I walk across the yard in regular shoes I end up with soaked feet 🙂 so when I am working around my place, unless it’s summer, it’s gum boot time! I only occasionally dash out of the house and forget I have them on, I don’t usually wear them in public.

    Darn Cill, I thought the pics of Fred were current! 😉

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  163. Cill says:

    Me and Dog are a marriage of convenience, Ton. I’ll never tie the knot with anyone other than a pre-feminist woman.

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  164. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Thanks for the info on Purdue. I think the transgender thing is a big fat excuse. That those who would twist arms would be held responsible for resultant injuries is likely to be a better factor. When women won’t walk any distance in high heels, to make men run a mile and a half and then do a sprint is beyond contempt.

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  165. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It sounds as if they are a necessity. When I got mine, they were only available in even sizes, no half sizes. I can’t wear mine for long.
    Better to wear your mud boots in public then your pink fuzzy rabbit slippers. 😉

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  166. Cill says:

    Yeah well if anyone tries to take over my place they won’t be met by men in high heels, I promise you. They won’t turn our women into sex slaves, I promise you that as well. We’ll take down hell itself before that happens.

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  167. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    That was light hearted and low budget enough to be effective. Things are going to get as ugly as they ever have been leading up to 8 May.

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  168. Cill says:

    Boris would be wise to decline the job.

    “Should Labour not do well, many will be clamouring for Ed Miliband to step down”
    No shit Sherlock.

    “The most likely scenario following the counting of votes is the Tories winning in terms of being the largest party but failing to win the 326 seats it needs for a majority government. It will be loathed to join forces with smaller parties like UKIP and the DUP and may prefer to see a short-lived Labour government which would quickly collapse.”

    Since I’ve been around, I’ve never known so much interest in a U.K. election.

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  169. Spawny Get says:

    I hope Dog and you will be very happy together. You must both remember to take the wuff with the smooth.

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  170. Yoda says:

    Wonder if “Mormon For President” class they did have?


  171. jf13 says:

    re: cake
    You CAN have your cake and eat it too, if you make two to begin with.

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  172. Yoda says:

    More hair than Moe dog does have.

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  173. Yoda says:

    Gotta hund it to you I do.

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  174. Yoda says:

    Boris Johnson is a communist not?


  175. Spawny Get says:

    BoJo is Camoron with a clown nose. He believes all the same stuff.

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  176. Cill says:

    I’d only need one reason to vote UKIP: force the U.K. to make plans to remove itself from the EU.

    Yesterday was ANZAC day here. The NZ troops were the highest quality soldiers in that war (WW1). Even Peter FitzSimons, Author of “Gallipoli”, a dyed-in-the-wool Aussie, admitted that in an interview yesterday. He said the Kiwis were better than the Australians. Coming from an Aussie, that’s the same as saying the Kiwis are the best anywhere.

    100,000 Kiwis (all volunteers) fought in WW1
    Their casuality rate was 60% – 19,000 dead, 41,000 injured.
    The Pom generals, and a then young Winston Churchill, treated them as cannon fodder.
    A rugby team has 15 men. 13 All Blacks died in that war
    We fought for the Poms again in WW2.

    The Poms rewarded us by selling us down the river when they joined the EU, throwing NZ into a recession from which it is yet to fully recover. The English treated NZ Cabinet Minister Jack Marshall (“Gentleman Jack”) shamefully, requiring him to meet Ripoff Ripon at night at fucking Check Point Charlie (I kid you not) to give him the news of the betrayal.

    I’ve spoken to some Poms who know this stuff, and they’re not exactly proud of it.

    We should not fight for “our friends” again, except Australia if the circumstances demanded it.

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  177. Cill says:

    I should add that the worst flu epidemic ever to hit the world hit the Kiwi troop ships on their way home in 1918. Thousands more died. It’s a wonder there were any of our young men left. However, the shortage of men led to a radical improvement of “looks” in one generation, so they say. Before that they (the women especially) were pretty ugly. Another improvement took place after WW2. Be grateful for small mercies, I guess.


  178. Cill says:

    Well actually the old photos show the men were just big hard buggars, it was the women who were ugly for the most part. No other women would countenance 6 months on a ship to get to a country with no fashion shops.

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  179. Padawan says:

    One Crucial Character in “Big Red Binx” (by Padawan, Blog Laureate 2014 – ?)

    Which should it be,
    An “x” or a “t”
    When Big Red’s name we print?

    The way she does roar
    With “fucks” galore
    She sure is one Daft Bint.

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  180. SFC Ton says:

    The marriage ain’t valid’s consummated. You wouldn’t want Dog to live a lie would you?


  181. Spawny Get says:

    You won’t believe how blatant the treachery is. They didn’t just betray the Anzacs, they betrayed us too. And they’re still doing it. Look where this bloke works. Fucking unbelievable.

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  182. Spawny Get says:

    Looks like the start of a fight back, Ton. Humour works well on SJWs, they don’t have a sense of humour. It’s kryptonite to these types.

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  183. SFC Ton says:

    The inmates already run the asylum

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  184. SFC Ton says:

    A young White man started a pro White pride group on historically black college in Maryland a few years back. That was damn funny


  185. Spawny Get says:

    Certainly a brave fucker, that one.

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  186. Spawny Get says:

    Interesting poll results this evening. I’ll look into it tomorrow. Farage to win seat himself. Countrywide, from memory, Con 33 labia 30 UKIP 18. Still not looking at many seats, but hell 18% is going to cause a lot of spurty bottoms come ballot counting.

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  187. SFC Ton says:

    For myself, it is my hope.that UKIP an other groups like that will gov our own efforts some legitimacy as the left looks to Europe as the lan of enlightened literalism and all those who oppose them as ignorant and back woods americans…. the Good Book says the Lord uses the simple to confound the wise….


  188. Spawny Get says:

    That’s a lot of effort, Ton. Let’s just unleash the zombies.

    Good night

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  189. SFC Ton says:

    Rest well my friend

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  190. Spawny Get says:

    Might be worth pointing out

    NO frigging way the Tory party is getting an outright majority, this is an attempt to tell the electorate to vote Tory in spite of Vichy Dave, cos we’ll knife him straight afterwards…

    …and replace him with popular clown for the people that believes the same ol’ shite.

    Millibland is likely to go if he fails to make a government (not same as outright majority)

    Clegg (the Lib leader) looks likely not to be elected as an MP. So, he’s likely a gonner.

    Wipe out.

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  191. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I don’t think sacking David Cameron and Ed Milleband is going to accomplish jack. It’ll amount to a diversion. What is needed is a referendum on the EU. Something that those who like the staus quo don’t want to risk.

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  192. Spawny Get says:

    The liberals are likely gone.

    Labour has the same shower of shite to choose from that they did last time. The set that fucked everything up. Wars, immigration, spending, the EU, the fucking lot.

    The Tories have no one that’s better that is well known. BoJo is a buffoon pushing a very tired act. May is useless, except at periodically channelling Thatcher (very weakly, just a sham). Osborne? Not liked, is he any different to Dave? Gove? Maybe, but not very well liked.

    None of them in the same league as Killery though, thank fuck.

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  193. Cill says:

    UKIP 18% in polls did you say? Strewth, I’m going to shout meself a Speights Southern Man.

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  194. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I just read a post on RoK that suggested that by voting for Hillary, all the matters that concern us would be brought to a head that much sooner.
    That’s cynical.

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  195. Cill says:

    Spawny’s link at at 12:01 a.m. “The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.

    And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

    What a joke. Apart from the Polynesian pacific islands, NZ is able to pick and choose who it allows into this country. The caliber of immigrants is high for the most part. Vis-à-vis Australia, net migration is now from there to here and we get nothing but the good ones. The Americans, British, and continental Europeans who have emigrated to NZ are the cream. That’s why NZ is able to “accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds”. What a pack of rubbish that bloke Sutherland talks.

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  196. SFC Ton says:

    The usa, NZ and Oz are not migrant societies
    They were built by colonists not immigrants

    They were changing zip codes within a nation and not leaving their nation of birth

    Calling the usa a nation of immigrants is another example of how the left.changes the narrative and gets away with it

    I’m ready for the zombies and by default my kin

    Cill maybe be ready to some.extent or another, but who.else is?

    The various wave immigration patterns have done nothing but damage Founding Stock and the Founding Principles


  197. Yoda says:

    Clarkson instead of BoJo?
    Stir things up he might


  198. Yoda says:

    example of how the left.changes the narrative and gets away with it

    Happens much this does.
    Unfortunate it is.

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  199. Yoda says:

    “Head” and “Hillary” mix not they do.

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  200. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I just had a thought about Hillary and the Presidency. Would it be wise to elect someone to such an office that could clear the use of nuclear weapons. She does have quite a temper.

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  201. SFC Ton says:

    I think from here on out the usa is best served by having non-White and female potus. It’s a visual reminder of what is causing the destruction

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  202. Cill says:

    Spawny is a Brit. He is one of the good guys. We all must admit that, if we are honest (once we get past his MSGL of course).


  203. Sumo says:

    I sort of feel the urge to weigh in on the “white pride” topic.

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who espouses any interest in “white pride” can go off and….talk about it as much as possible.

    As an ethnic “minority”, I’m not threatened or offended by white pride. Pride in one’s roots is part of one’s identity. I’m equally proud of both my Japanese heritage and my Scots.

    [Cill says: fixed ’em for you bro]

    If those links worked, you can see that I had my pride permanently etched into my skin. No one thinks that it’s “wrong”, so why shouldn’t everyone else be extended that same latitude?

    I only feel “threatened” when it comes to white supremacists. I’ve run into a few of those assholes over the years; none of them have ever tried to threaten me more than once.

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  204. Cill says:

    A Pommy is actually an Aussie. It stands for Prisoner Of Mother England. Pom-e. Ripoff Ripon & co weren’t Brits, they were Scumbrits, a different thing altogether from good blokes like Spawny.& co.

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  205. Cill says:

    Sumo I fixed your links to the tattoos.
    img src=”” alt=”” />

    img src=”” alt=”” />

    Precede each of them with “<" (without the quotes of course)
    e.g. "<img src=" etc

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  206. Sumo says:

    Ah. Thanks, brother. I was using “[“, which I thought was what I was told before.

    IIRC, ’twas Spawny who told me so, That damned Pommy. 😀

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  207. Cill says:

    Yeah those Poms. I don’t know what we’re to do with them…

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  208. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I have been watching this. One of the crew is from New Zealand. You may know him.


  209. Sumo says:

    One of the crew is from New Zealand. You may know him.

    THAT’S RACIST!!!!!!

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  210. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I am still laughing. Years ago, I saw a documentary like this about reverse engineering a Viking longboat. They knew more about shipbuilding than we do.

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  211. Sumo says:

    More than me, at least.

    The extent of my knowledge on shipbuilding is limited to “wood floats”.

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  212. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    What would you do if you ran into Saskatchewan pirates?


  213. Sumo says:

    Sing or fight, duh.


  214. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Singing might be more fun. At least, the kids in the video didn’t get put to sleep.


  215. So longtime friends of min (college) showed up and said they were taking me to a party tonight. Good times! I started a red pill discussion when one of their 13year old sons asked about picking up girls, then advised ( i long convo about gooa boy/bad boy) and a a just off to college girl about avoiding the carousel. Hopefully those seeds take root.

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  216. Thing is, they got it! I am not sure the next generation doesn’t see…they crave connection and real. That gives me hope!

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  217. Cill says:

    Ton, yes. Hillary & co will show everybody with more than half a brain just how deep the rabbit hole goes. She’s named after a New Zealander. Sir Edmund Hillary (the beekeeper of Orewa, NZ) would turn in his grave.


  218. Spawny Get says:

    “all the matters that concern us would be brought to a head that much sooner.”

    That’s my attitude to the Tories’ scaremongering over Labia + SNP. Labia + SNP are worse (SNP far, far worse), but the Tories are shite too.

    To summarise; The marginal shiteness is down to winnets.

    For the Colonials, who may not fully share my rich language, winnet = dag = tag nut (to the best of my recollection)


  219. Spawny Get says:

    “I think from here on out the usa is best served by having non-White and female potus. It’s a visual reminder of what is causing the destruction”

    We keep electing politicians…same principle, I reckon.


  220. SFC Ton says:

    In the usa, the entire political and legal system is set up to favor non Whites, perverts etc and women over middle class/ lower class White men. It is a good visual reminder it is no longer our nation if one of those preferred classes run the show.

    Southern Secession is up to 24% favorable polling rates since obama. Reckon hilliary will drive it closer to 40%

    The usa has had nothing but progressives run the show since the war of northern aggression an obama/ hilliary etc is the result.

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  221. Spawny Get says:

    It may not be audible to non-Brits, but when Camoron and Millibland speak it is very clear that they belong to another ‘reality’. I get what you’re saying, but the class markers of these ‘men’ are as clear as a different colour skin or a vajayjay. Gawd ‘elp ’em if the power ever fails on the Political Holo-deck.

    I might equate o’Blimey with Caviar woman…maybe. Killery is in a league of her own though. This latest email catastrophuck should have had her in gaol for treason. The sensitive emails to/from the head of the State Dept going through a commercial grade server in her basement? And she doesn’t give a shit about the security implications of that…and neither does the press.

    Incidentally, this topic might better fit the new post. Just saying.


  222. Liz says:

    ““Head” and “Hillary” mix not they do.”

    Very unpleasant image too, this is.

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  223. I think that stopping immigration and heavily/totally favouring one group (based on factors like race/gender etc) is generally not a good idea, Sfc Ton.

    Singapore’s neighbour Malaysia started that in the 1960s–something called the Bumiputra policy, which favours their native Malays above all other races and helps ensure most of the resources go to them. They gained independence around the same time as Singapore and have significant natural advantages–much bigger land, a bigger population and more natural resources than Singapore.

    But the Bumiputra policy unfortunately led to stagnation and a brain drain–the capable non-Malays try to leave, while the bulk of the Malays are complacent and lack incentive to be productive. Malaysia’s economy has always lagged behind Singapore’s ever since.

    I don’t think the US would fare as badly as Malaysia if u implemented similar policies. It’s not PC to say publicly, but IMO certain groups just have more innate drive towards productivity, creativity and achievements, and America would not stagnate/regress the way Malaysia has. But I’m not so sure that America would be better off than it is now; it would be a risky experiment.

    Singapore is grappling with a similar issue now, and our tiny size makes the problem more acute. The high number of foreign workers in the country creates overcrowding and higher competition for jobs, and many many pple are not happy. Unfortunately we have little natural resources, human resources are all we have and we Need all the talent we can get, so the solution is not as simple as “No Foreignors Allowed”.

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  224. Liz says:

    “THAT’S RACIST!!!!!!”

    Sumo, I know some Scottish/Asian people.
    They like me!

    Side note: No way, no how can I get behind a Hillary presidency. Give that thing even more power over people than the average married-to-government Corporatocratic.

    This is the internet age…know what she could do with that much power? How long did it take to catch the Boston bomber? An hour or something? Not that anyone here is going to, or should commit a terrorist act but the fact remains that eyes are everywhere. There was a guy arrested for commiting a murder not long ago, a good thing but you know how they caught him? He went to a public library and anonymously did a search for a map of the area where he buried the body and then googled something like “how long does it take a body to decompose under (these sorts of) conditions”.
    Bottom line: we’ve handed our personal information to everyone for the convenience of using the worldwide web for the exchange of ideas/social networking/financial matters/music and so forth. Those entitities own it now. Wait ’til Hillary ends net neutrality.

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  225. Liz says:

    Of course, a great many things we say in this place, mild as it is, could get us thrown into the pen (or privileges removed) if the rules are changed a little. Not very easy to maintain any effective ‘south will rise again’ campaign without the aid of phones, gps, or availability of debits or credit for commerce (mark of the beast tech is here).

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  226. Liz says:

    I lived about twenty minutes from Waco when that all went down. It did make an impression on me.

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  227. So I don’t think immigration is bad per se, but u need good leaders who craft immigration policies such that they benefit the nation and the native citizens of the country.

    My impression of Hillary is that she wants power above all else, and her “views” on issues will change and flip flop depending on what benefits her and what will get her elected.

    The Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics just popped into my head when I thought about her,”Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to meeee” Lol.

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  228. Yoda says:

    She’s named after a New Zealander. Sir Edmund Hillary

    True this is not.
    Born before he became famous she was.
    Made your day I did.


  229. Yoda says:

    No way, no how can I get behind a Hillary presidency. Give that thing even more power over people than the average married-to-government Corporatocratic.

    Call you go the carpet she will.

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  230. Cill says:

    For my day to make, unsee these I must:

    [The Houston Chronicle, 1995]

    Taking a weekend break from official duties on her Asian tour, the first lady escaped already-remote Katmandu and traveled two hours by prop plane, land rover and rowboat to the Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge.

    Later, she got to meet Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to reach Mount Everest’s summit in 1953.

    Sir Edmund Hillary, a frequent visitor and benefactor of Nepal since his historic trek, had a brief Hillary-to-Hillary handshake at the Katmandu airport before Clinton departed Sunday for Bangladesh.

    The first lady said her mother had read about the famous climber and knew his name had two L’s.

    “So when I was born, she called me Hillary and she always told me, ‘It’s because of Sir Edmund Hillary,'” Hillary Clinton reported.1

    [The New York Times, 1995]

    For her part, Mrs. Clinton confessed that her mother, Dorothy Rodham, had read an article about the intrepid Edmund Hillary, a one-time beekeeper who had taken to mountain climbing, when she was pregnant with her daughter in 1947 and liked the name.

    “It had two l’s, which is how she thought she was supposed to spell Hillary,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters after the brief meeting on the tarmac, minutes before her Air Force jet flew past the peak of Everest itself. “So when I was born, she called me Hillary, and she always told me it’s because of Sir Edmund Hillary.”2


  231. Yoda says:

    Believe this story you do?

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  232. Cill says:

    If her Whitewatergate we believe
    Believe anything we must.

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  233. Cill says:

    After the Hillary-to-Hillary handshake
    Wash the taint off-of his hand
    Sir Edmund never could.


  234. Yoda says:

    For my day to make, unsee these I must:

    Break this out I must


  235. Cill says:

    Just driven Fuzzy from the blog, you have.

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  236. Yoda says:

    Calling Fuzzie Bear I am.
    Teddy Bears Picnic needed it is.

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  237. Yoda says:

    New record this is.
    Two Andreas on one thread there was.


  238. I like your tats sumo!

    I do not have any tats. Not bc I am opposed to them, but bc I have never come up w an image I feel strongly enough about.

    Oooh, I know! How about a tower…wrapped in a dragon? 🙂

    I know, I know…. Blah blah blah… no dragons…. (Humph!)

    (For those who weren’t there, I once on another blog schemed to build a tower to lock my Bloomettes up in, to save them from this cray cray smp. It was all ok when I said it would be surrounded by a moat, and have white tigers patrolling the base (as I figured I may as well be a crazy cat lady in style, white tigers!) but the second I said “wrapped in a dragon” these guys came unglued and they made me promise no dragons, ever! (So dragon ist. Pffffft)

    Omg I am *so* getting a tower wrapped in a dragon tat! Squee!

    But where? Hummm…

    La la la….

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  239. Yoda says:

    But forget of Hillary you did.
    Until reminded you again

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  240. SFC Ton says:

    Every lunge leftward in the usa has been proceeded by an influx of immigrants. Every step leftward is a reduction in personal liberty and economic independence. Immigration has been all bad for the usa

    20 ish years after the 1st big wave of germans entered the usa and during the 1st big wav of Irish Sweeds etc we got the war of northern aggression over enforcement of a tax that would have fleeced the South to support the north. The biggest supporters of that war were wealthy yankees and new arrivals, many of them thought they were going to teach the South how to be american…. teach the sons of the men who fought the British how to be amercian….

    Then the immigrant voting record for bigger govt has not changed; the number one predictor of how a county will vote is its White ethnic base ie race

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  241. Ton (this is an honest question, I am truly curious) how would you define “white?”


  242. It’s true what Sfc Ton says, that the immigrants in the US tend to vote left. The leftist politicians thus have a vested interest in being less discriminatory about letting in immigrants, because those pple help keep them in power.

    Although Singapore allows in many foreign workers, on work passes and sometimes Permanent Residency (for the more highly skilled and educated workers), citizenship is more tightly controlled. And non-citizens (even the Permanent Residents) cannot buy landed property in Singapore. Land is a scarce precious resource in our small country, and this policy protects the citizens’ stake in their country from wealthy foreigners.

    I’ve heard that in some places like London, a lot of the property is being bought by wealthy foreigners like Middle Easterners and Russians and the prices skyrocket as a result. That is just wrong IMO.

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  243. SFC Ton says:

    European descent how else?


  244. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Let’s try something besides “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”.

    In honor of a man who said “because it is there”.


  245. @ ton oh I see, I was confuse by your mention of Germans and Irish Swedes in the prior post.


  246. Sumo says:

    Germany. Ireland, Sweden are all countries in Europe, Bloomer. 😉

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  247. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Haven’t we gone over this? Dragons do have drawbacks, big drawbacks.

    Bears would be much better!

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  248. SFC Ton says:

    Most racial conflict in the usa is
    Intra White

    Feminism, civil rights ,SJW crap,immigration etc are the tools yankees use as their proxy war on Southern Whites since out right war cost them so much last time.


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