No Recourse but the Law

In the recent past power was more distributed, and as such men and women have multiple avenues for redress if they had been wronged.  These paths often did not involve the law directly, and mostly depended on “community standards” of fairness.

For example, if a man was beating his wife, she could enlist the community bring force to bear in terms of peer pressure.  If that was not effective, then the wife’s father and brothers could beat up the husband while the law looked the other way.  And as a last resort, the law could be involved.

This was a distributed system with multiple levels of pressure.  This allowed “warning shots across the bow” and the like.  Furthermore there was not too much power concentrated in one spot.  This system is mostly gone, with all of the power placed in the law.  Perhaps one might think that with this being the case, that it would be extra careful to to to its task correctly (justice served, and all).  However, this would be a mistaken assumption.  All of that concentrated power has proven to be too tempting not to manipulate.  It has been manipulated such that men who have been wronged (either by the law or otherwise) have little recourse.  I will stop here for now.  Your assignment is to consider the places where this has occurred.

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  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I’ll bet that, in the past, it wasn’t that easy to get a husband/father ejected fom his home, never to return, with only one short phone call.
    I guess that feminists call this progress.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    I guess that feminists call this progress.

    Indeed. If she wants him, he can stay. If she wants him gone, then he is gone.

    But where does this lead?

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    The law has become such a powerful weapon. That is why they want to expand its “applicability” by eliminating due process.


  4. Farm Boy says:

    This site’s a hoot

    Young, middle-class, college-educated white women are rarely given the opportunity to speak on our own behalf on issues that affect our lives and futures because we’re so horribly and obviously oppressed. provides a platform for us to comment, analyze, whine about our unending victimization, and (best of all) COMPLAIN CEASELESSLY!

    And if you’re a non-white visitor, then we’re DESPERATE for you to post in our Comments section. If we don’t obsessively conflate our lives with those of disadvantaged ethnic minorities, then readers might start to think we’re a bunch of overindulged, priggish nutjobs who wouldn’t recognize real hardship if it were to ever bite our sheltered little white-girl asses.

    — The Mission

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  5. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I’ll bet that Jessica Valenti is going to throw a BIG tantrum.
    Orson Welles laugh.

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  6. SFC Ton says:

    A man must make his own justice, otherwise there is none. Not in this life or the next


  7. jf13 says:

    The judicial “branch” of government has become a law until itself. There are no checks, no balances any more.

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  8. Farm Boy says:

    So with respect to men, the power is in the law, and the law is not on his side…

    Time to play video games.

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  9. jf13 says:

    The literally highest form of MGTOW.

    Unfortunately, bureaucracy destroyed the best part: comparing Scott Kelly’s changes after one year in space with his twin Mark’s changes after one more year on the ground. Although the approximately $6K bill for supplying and managing Mark’s foodstuffs was less than 0.001% of the mission budget, the lawyers working for the accountants in DC managed to take over six months (and about $200K in fees) to render the nonsensical judgment that it *might* not be the best use of the government’s money to feed a civilian.

    Some decades ago, when I wuz there, I concluded the worst possible form of government involved accountants working for lawyers. Sadly, I wuz mistaken.

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  10. Yoda says:

    Concentrated power a problem it is.
    The Empire an example it would be.


  11. jf13 says:

    Agreeing and amplifying is banned. “I agree that’s a micro-agression. Very micro, in fact.”


  12. Yoda says:

    If one senses a microagression not,
    A microagression still it would be.


  13. Yoda says:

    Agreeing and amplifying is banned.

    Amplified micro still micro it may be?


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