The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is a physical law that asserts many things.  One of them is that measuring something alters what you are taking a measurement of such that your measurement is incorrect.  One wonders if taking your marriage vows not totally seriously has a similar affect.

If one is in a situation, and there is no way out but to make it work, does one go about things differently?  In my case the answer was yes.  From time to time, I have found myself in such situations.   At University, I enrolled in several courses that turned out to be more difficult than I expected. I had little choice but to bear down and figure out how to make it work.  In work life, the same has happened on occasion.

What if right from the get-go, I had known that there was a way out?  Would it have affected me right from the start?  Would it affected me even if at the time bailing out was the furthest thing from my mind?  I think that the answer is yes to all of the questions; though probably to different degrees.

And how might it have affected me?  Perhaps if any aspect of what needed to be done was just too challenging, I would use it as an excuse to quit.  Even if in reality the task was not that challenging, and would have done me good (e.g. personal growth) to complete.  Perhaps a man cannot serve two masters at once; and if one attempts to do so, neither is satisfied.

With respect to marriage, a less than total commitment appears to give the hamster some fodder, which he runs with.  Don’t be this way.

To quote my good buddy Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try”

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  1. Yoda says:

    Speaking of physicists, Rutherford a Kiwi he was.


  2. Yoda says:

    Handsome I am, am I not?


  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    In addition to Spawny, you have a legitimate claim on movie star good looks.

    Farm Boy,
    The first time that I saw, in print, anyone accusing women in general of not taking their marriage vows seriously was on Dalrock’s blog. That they initiate two thirds of divorces confirms this. The way Dalrock put it shook me to the core, “You made a promise to God in church”. I may not have that completely right butr, that was the sense of it.


  4. Yoda says:

    So not taking vow seriously eat away at rest of vow, it does?


  5. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I would think so.
    Maybe we are beginning to discover why divorce, according to the Code of Moses, could not be female initiated.


  6. jf12 says:

    There is some movement, tiny as yet, to make marriage a time-limited contract.

    I think everything that redefines marriage away from the old way is nothing but an attempt to destroy marriage.

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  7. theasdgamer says:

    Somehow the Gamer marriage is not yet defunct. Some of da wimminz in my social circle were hoping otherwise, methinks. Wanting to console me, the little dears.

    I went out last night, then took Mrs. Gamer to church today and to a dance lesson. She was happy after the lesson.


  8. Spawny Get says:

    Somewhat on topic. I believe the words Borg and bitches are mentioned in a sentence (story starts at 4:15ish). The concept of the micro-divorce is explained (convincingly). She wants the guy to move in to upgrade her apartment, furnishings, vehicle and lifestyle in general. Having milked the guy, she’s after the next BBD. Something to ponder, guys. Just because you never got married doesn’t mean the relationship doesn’t cost a fortune.

    Basically; Her requesting you to move in together is a micro marriage, which results in a micro-financial divorce rape.

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  9. Yoda says:

    Her requesting you to move in together is a micro marriage, which results in a micro-financial divorce rape.

    Many ways to exploit her youth and beauty there are.

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  10. Yoda says:

    Putin emerges he does.
    Healthy he is it is claimed.
    Not believe this until I see him with his shirt not.

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  11. I believe in this for sure Farm Boy. Today commitment seems to mean, “as long as I am happy.” It’s a huge loss. We are no better off for the added option either as far as I can see. I am feeling this effect personally of course, and while I wish I wasn’t, I guess I got to find out before the marriage that he held the opinion that the commitment wasn’t forever. Lucky? It doesn’t feel so now but truly those are not good terms to go into marriage under. Stuff is going to come up, hard times happen, people get hurt or sick or lose a job or upset, but in sticking those things out there is as you say opportunity for tremendous personal growth and self awareness and the chance to truly practice grace and unconditional love. It is an illusion that starting over is easier, because wherever you go, there you are, still lacking the growth or awareness to do different the next time, and the next. Thinking its about finding that perfect match that will magically work instead of doing the work to make it work.


  12. jf12 says:

    I mention the time-limit, because it is the “until death do you part” part that, I think, most people would agree is most affected by “taking your marriage vows not totally seriously”.

    The Uncertainty Principle makes fundamental limitations on the possible range of uncertainties for related measureables. In particular, the Heisenberg uncertainty inequalities exhibit the possible lower bounds for the products of uncertainties for canonically conjugate pairs. I said that to say this: the canonical conjugate for time is energy, not happeeeness.

    Unlike energy, there is no Noether conservation of happiness due to temporal symmetry. Uncertainty in happiness cannot cause an uncertainty in time. But, one may wonder, what IS the canonical conjugate to happiness?


  13. jf12 says:

    Not just @rpgn. The shonuff Horse Whisperer Dude evidently was a homewrecker who publically vowed to woo his now wife who was then still married to the father of her children, which wooing took a half dozen years of semi-clandestine affairs including often her leaving the kids with her husband to go off with HWD for weeks at a time. After they were married he spent two entire decades, by their admission and by her wishes, abandoning her and the kids for nine months out of the year, traveling without them each year for more than twenty years.


  14. @ jf12 wow I did not know that! It sounded in the documentary like they had been together their whole lives! Deceptive. Thanks for adding that!


  15. jf12 says:

    Apparently a LOT of unhappy wives took a lot of HWD’s extremely very very expensive training classes in order to learn how better to rhythmically enjoy large warm animals between their legs. Seriously, a LOT of wives credit HBD’s classes for encouraging them to divorce (they might spin it as “giving them courage”).


  16. @ jf12 yikes! Not good…


  17. Yoda says:

    Many acronyms there are.
    HBD and HWD mean what they do?


  18. @ jf12 how do you know that, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you know this personally?


  19. jf12 says:

    HWD is Horse Whisperer Dude, and so is HBD for a too-obvious reason.

    One of the standout linebackers for the Broncos, the large and jovial Bob Swenson snagged the aging (aren’t we all!) Mary Bower, who had spent a too-short few years as a high class call model living The Life when young. After having a couple of kids, she wasn’t happeee being a wife and mother in the mid-1980s, especially after the injured (knees, concussions) Swenson had retired early and still wasn’t being an immediate business investor success story. She wanted moar. It’s not clear that the decade-younger HWD was her only long-term affair.

    Bob became twice shy, waiting twenty years until he was age 54 and a real estate mini-tycoon to tie the knot with the intrinsically safe Libby Crafton, a cute little bundle of energy.


  20. Liz says:

    My husband just got home from a trip. I told him we were at a friend’s house yesterday and met a sweet girl who likes our oldest son…but he doesn’t seem to have any interest (or if he does, he hides it very very well). My husband then said, “It could be worse…” and proceeded to relay the anecdotes of one of the pilots he flew with, who has a couple of sons.
    It was like listening to a horror story. He explained that his youngest son has a “thing for sluts”. Apparently now in highschool kids don’t have relationships, they just randomly screw, and pass the sluts around. His youngest was 14 when he “broke up with”=stopped screwing a 14 year old girl and she sexted his dad (the pilot), and mom, telling them all the stuff they did together, said she had his love child and so forth. FOURFUCKINGTEEN. According to him, girls are really really aggressive.

    He also talked about some sort of “date site” (I’m sure its been mentioned in the sphere). Guys will go on this and get a piece of total strange at every location. It’s weird enough that men are up for this, but I’m really surprised that women aren’t more concerned just for safety reasons. A booty call from some anonymous dude from twitter or twerk or something…”Count me in!!” That’s like something a recently released prison skank would do. Plus, aren’t these guys afraid to screw something that fucking crazy?

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  21. Yoda says:

    Perhaps wise the son is.


  22. jf12 says:

    re: HWD + other lucky men (and, evidently, now apexish 14 yr old boys too)

    I can’t imagine being (I can’t imagine *myself* being. I’d have to imagine being someone else.) paid good money to play Alpha Male Of the Girls. For group after group after group of rich housewives to listen spellbound to me tell them all their horse troubles are due to the wives not being ridden properly by their husbands.


  23. Liz says:

    I don’t think there’s any such thing as an apexish 14 year old boy.


  24. jf12 says:

    Apex enough for 14 yr old girls. I’ve known plenty of such boys myself, including with “love” children plural. All have been the rare early-big bad boy (most bad boys were sour little snots at 14), with the exception of one.


  25. jf12 says:

    Did anybody ever hear of any updates on Nicholas Sparks split from his wife?

    He made her sign a postnup last year giving up any spousal maintenance, apparently for an undisclosed lump sum, and he stayed in the marital home with the kids while she moved by herself into a much smaller house within walking distance. I’m going to guess that the powers that-be decided that her being unhappeee was not a story.


  26. jf12 says:

    According to the majority alphas, girls are really really aggressive. Every alpha agrees.

    According to the majority betas, girls have never ever been the slightest bit of aggressive except to alphas. Every beta agrees.


  27. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That was almost enough to knock me out of my chair. This is no bueno and it’ll have serious consequences later. You just told me why fresh high school graduate boys are the most passionate MGTOWs. I have to agree with JF12, these girls are being discriminate in who they distribute their favors to. Most of the boys are not in the game.


  28. Yoda says:

    JF12, Bear,

    One word – hypergamy


  29. Liz says:

    I’m not sure how alpha a guy can really be with an anonymous booty call.
    How much asshole ‘game’ can he bring to that, really?
    Perhaps they’re OOOOH so very alpha. So alpha trou is dropped to make room for their royal gangsta jelly….

    Or…just a stab in the dark….these girls and women are very very fucked up.

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  30. Yoda says:

    That was almost enough to knock me out of my chair.

    Bears use chairs they do?

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  31. Yoda says:

    these girls and women are very very fucked up.

    True this is.
    But what path take they did?


  32. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The chairs don’t have to be specially made any more. Male black bears weigh in at 500 lbs.. Male brown bears might have a problem in that they wigh in at 1100 lbs..


  33. jf12 says:

    re: how know
    “Mary keeps the couple’s ranch outside Sheridan, Wyo., going for most of the year while Brannaman is conducting clinics. He’s on the road from January through mid-November, traveling like a rock star in a specially built bus that is equipped with Internet and satellite television “so I can watch Fox News.””


  34. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    There is merit in what you say and in what JF12 and Yoda are saying. These girls and women are very messed up. To add to that they discriminate. Most the guys are getting passed over. The most avid MGTOWs are fresh out of high school, in spite of their homones. That’s saying a lot.
    It can’t be just me. This is more than a little sickening.


  35. jf12 says:

    For the men whom (even these!) women pursue, “Perhaps they’re OOOOH so very alpha.” is indeed the best guess. For the men who employ some kind of site to “Call Cheryl for a good time 2nite!”, they are all 100% expecting a professional.

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  36. jf12 says:

    On being the Alpha Male of the Girls. As I mentioned, there was this one teen boy I knew, just a decade ago, who was not already a bad boy who impregnated a local slut, and of course he became a bad boy entirely due to his experiences with the womenz. He had been kept out of public school his whole life by his mom, and was “home schooled” in a large house by a rich empty-nest SAHM (not his mom) along with a couple dozen other sheltered middle class kids. The handful of older girls (young teens) helped the “teacher” babysit the younger kids, and the two older boys (young teens) played video games, since going outside meant that the neighbors might get bothered. Eventually there was a sleepover to celebrate one of the kids moving away or something, and only one of the older girls and one of the older boys slept over. Together.


  37. Yoda says:

    The most avid MGTOWs are fresh out of high school, in spite of their homones.

    Hormones powerful they are.
    Still, MGTOWs they be.

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  38. theasdgamer says:

    Or…just a stab in the dark….these girls and women are very very fucked up.

    Now don’t hold back, mama bear. Your boys need you. Or at least your Red Pill advice. It ain’t easy being a parent.

    If older women will chase married men (more like stalk/ambush with loads of plausible deniability), how much more will younger women chase young men!


  39. jf12 says:

    Note to women: The problem is not the MGTOWs thinking women have too much sex with the wrong men. The problem is MGTOW’s own “lying eyes” seeing women refusing to have enough sex with the right men.


  40. jf12 says:

    “Hordes of slutty women proposition lotsa menz!” corresponds to actual local news nowhere in the universe. The female role is to turn down perfectly good offers, specifically to drive the price up, specifically to make it harder for the largest possible number of males. One of the ways that the female turns down good offers is to accept some perfectly bad offers, specifically to make the majority of males keep trying, specifically to keep the price up.


  41. jf12 says:

    On Tinder hookups. Upon their recognizing that it’s so very rare for an average man in the average sausage party marketplace to get even one right swipe EVER, Tinder’s marketing staff recommended tweaking the “random” algorithm to show women an order of magnitude more often those men whom *other* women have previously right-swiped, specifically to lure women into believing there are more desirable men available than there really are. And the scheme worked, in the sense of vastly increasing women’s participation and an order of magnitude more right-swipes.

    The average man gets less play from a hookup app like Tinder than randomly approaching strange girls in grocery stores.

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  42. Yoda says:

    The problem is MGTOW’s own “lying eyes”

    The Force jf12 does have.
    Divined tonight’s post he did.


  43. jf12 says:

    Although there is no such thing as conservation of happiness, empirically happiness is quasi-cyclic, especially for women. That observation lends itself to speculating that the conjugate variable can be nearly an “integral of motion” of life. If happiness be the angle, then there is some angular momentum, which I think is the “roll” of “slow your roll”.

    Possibly if one tries to insert dissipation, then the roulette wheel of happiness can go slower through the smiley faces.


  44. Liz says:

    theasdgamer: “Now don’t hold back, mama bear. Your boys need you. Or at least your Red Pill advice. It ain’t easy being a parent.”

    Mamma bear says, “grrrr!”
    This stuff scares the heck out of me! 😦


  45. jf12 says:

    Coincidentally, Libby Swenson tells us that Mama Bear said ‘HARRUMP, HARRUMP.’
    “‘It was like a snort and a growl,’ said Swenson.”


  46. Yoda says:

    No charges against female bear there will be.
    A male bear would be rounded up an executed he would.

    True this is.


  47. Lon Spector says:

    Please don’t hate. The reason you are so bitter is because you have never known
    love. Few have.


  48. Sadly even loooong ago when I was 14, there were girls who were already sexually active. I remember a girl in my 9th grade algebra lass who had a baby that year. And that was mid 80s! I can only imagine today, what with Britney and Miley and Internet and such. “Everybody’s doing it” is not a good reason. By the time those girls are 18 they will already be majorly messed up. Hook ups are the new black? Yuck. No thanks…

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  49. theasdgamer says:

    I guess my field report is somewhat relevant. Been gone from my old Fri. night country dance venue for about a month. Watching the facebook circus with peanuts and beer. My married ex-dance-partner just posted a selfie of her with her husband at the dance studio last Sat. (ballroom night) and logged off fb immediately after I got on. Her selfie was front and center on my feed. Never seen her post selfies before. She also liked two comments about a dance at the country dance venue where we used to dance, both before and after the event. Have never seen her do that before. On a somewhat related note, my oxytocin addiction seems to be winding down. Hooahhh!


  50. Liz says:

    “By the time those girls are 18 they will already be majorly messed up. Hook ups are the new black? Yuck. No thanks…”

    Agreed, Bloom. It’s really disturbing. We had sluts at my highschool too, but not this aggressive, not this level of used up and passed around.

    I told my husband what Jf12 said about Tinder. Maybe it’s the job because he says pilots regularly hook up from one location to the next. The girl (a complete stranger) meets the guy at his hotel room when he lands and they simply fuck. Not sure how she knows he’s a real pilot or not, or why it would matter…but, whatever. Similar to bar skanks at the officer’s club…they aren’t picky.

    My husband told me about a flight attendant who was screwing at least two pilots (both married). When each found out about the other, instead of being angry at her they were angry at each other. THen they started a bidding war and they guy who said he’d leave his wife and kids “won”. And he left the wife and kids and married her. That is one babbling idiot…but, apparently, oh so alpha (definitely a prick, so he must be alpha! booyaa!).

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  51. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That bit about Tinder sound diabolical. Not that any internet dating companies would care. If they care to see their product effective, it only matters if it is effective for women. There is a problem there. Hypergamy is magnified over the internet, son the girls are going way out of their league. It won’t stick, it can only be short term.
    No bueno.

    I have said this before. I think that you got the message but, maybe other people haven’t. You need to protect your sons to a greater extent than shotgun wielding fathers did in past generations for their daughters.

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    New post is up


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