About ten years ago I read the book “The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets BetterWhile People Feel Worse” by Greg Easterbrook.  The book details all of the ways that living standards have improved in recent times.  Most of these are related to scientific, technological, and general economic gains.   Perhaps the apex of these improvements has been health care, and the increases in longevity.  The implication that one can take from this state of affairs is that people should exalt in this progress, yet they apparently feel that life is getting worse.  Large numbers of people believe that they do not have things as well as their parents, and that their children will have things worse.  Why might this be?  The book suggests that that social changes leading to a greater “disconnectedness” with respect to family and people in general is a culprit.  I wholeheartedly agree that this is a reason; but is there more?

But is there more?  Perhaps so.   The short answer is that improvements previously mentioned appear to be significantly dissipated by a number of players nipping at the heels of the system. Feminists are a significant cohort of these players.  They have tirelessly worked for rule changes (both laws and norms) that are costly,

1.  Legitimizing, subsidizing, and in general encouraging baby mamas

2.  No fault divorce (especially frivorce)

3.  Punitive divorce settlements

4.  Creation of a cadre of sluts to present to men as marriage candidates

5.  Encouraging men not to develop themselves by ignoring most men during their 20’s

6. The decline of the importance on motherhood and more importantly their skills

7. General subsidies from taxpayers to support their family-unfriendly lifestyle.

8. Plenty more, you fill them in.

All of these rule changes either had direct financial costs associated with them (e.g. baby mamas, general subsidies), societal costs (e.g. poor mothers), motivational costs (e.g. frivorce, waiting) or some combination thereof.  Societies in the past never would survived the onslaught of such changes.  They would have been conquered, raped and pillaged. But in these times, the increased economic capability can cover for these problems.

People can see the obvious improvements in many aspects of life.  Yet they see decline in others.  Often they do not want to acknowledge those declines (they are empowering after all), but deep down they do know that they are there.  And the more wise consider if the economic gains can in the long run compensate for continually snowballing losses created by these rule changes.

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  1. Yoda says:

    Picture posted just for the bear it is.


  2. Liz says:

    I like this post, Farmboy. Well said.

    I havent’ read the book, but I think there are a couple of other aspects to the perception of decline in happiness factor.

    “Comparison is the death thief of joy”…everyone expects more now. They’re inundated with “more” all the time. 24/7 they’re watching entertainment that tells them they need more, and society tells them the same thing.

    And, the big one is the dearth of hope. If people can look toward the future and expect a life improvement (or even for their children, if not for themselves) they have a goal, and they are happier. There’s so little hope in the current situation. People with good educations (not worthless degrees) can’t get jobs. When hope declines and the misery index increases so does the fatalism mentality that comes with poverty, and we get the sorts of things you mention here. “Get it now” and “get it while you can”, short-term thinking inspires more short term thinking and perverse incentives escalate.

    [SG – corrected the quote death -> thief]

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  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    No other civilization could support feminism. Try to imagine how long Ancient Rome would have lasted. Only a very wealthy and secure society could tolerate it.
    It may be that we are quickly approaching the point where it can’t be afforded, socially or financially.

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  4. SFC Ton says:

    There are ligit reasons for the younger generation to think they are screwed.

    Look at how technology is replacing workings. People of median IQ’s are getting left behind because it takes more brain power to pull the jobs that pay; technology is replacing those on the wrong side of the Bell curve in the labor market; the flood of immigration, legal and otherwise is devaluing the value of labor for the less intelligent…. and that’s just one simple topic.

    Some things ars getting better but social capital has been devalued and will be extinct in 20 ish years. High social capital improves the fundamentals of life in a way material and technological prosperity cannot. Even for those who are prosperous and much more so for those who are not

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  5. Farm Boy says:

    High social capital improves the fundamentals of life in a way material and technological prosperity cannot.

    Very well said.

    But social capital is not valued. This will be regretted greatly when the time comes.

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  6. Spawny Get says:

    Bend over manginas

    Women don’t respect you, fembots hate you. Time to grow some balls and leave the femmes to it.

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  7. SFC Ton says:

    In th interests of full disclosure I support both hostile and benevolent sexism

    Women tend to hate blue collar and traditional men. Keep that in mind when you read the article Spawny posted. What kind of men have topless calendars in their work space? Blue collar men. What kind of men hold doors etc? Traditional men.

    Also interesting that they label calendars and suspecting women want special treatment instead of equality is hostile. I would think a punch to the face is hostile, calendars prove men like boobs and suspecting hidden intentions is just smart pool. None of which is hostile toward women.moslems, afrcians etc well their treatment of women is horrific yet they get a pass but us dirty bastards that like topless calenders and you clueless betas holding the door are the recall hostile actors.

    Feminists and their 1st world problems. Want to hear about real.hostile sexism? Speak to my new office gal. She will clue them in, and tell them about a real rape culture because being from africa, she didn’t grow up with any women who wasn’t rapped. Often.

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  8. molly says:

    Fuzzie are you there? 🐻


  9. @ ton it is true, I am starting to see people who never would have struggled before who are struggling now. There is always going to be a portion of folks below the curve. And some truly would not work for $25 per hour if you picked them up and packed their lunch, these I am not sure how to help. The willing tho, there should be a place for them before outsiders. The able, for sure. The social contract where those who work hard are going to have a place is seemingly slipping away… Its all about the race to the bottom… lowest price trumps all…Not good.

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  10. Liz says:

    I misquoted above.
    Should’ve been, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Not sure why I used the word ‘death’. Having a bad 24 hours. Has everyone else? I mean, IRL…not just online.
    Something in the moon maybe?


  11. Spawny Get says:

    The Waily Fail has the same story “Why chivalry may not always be what it seems: Men who hold doors open and smile may actually be sexist, study claims”


  12. Spawny Get says:

    RPG – KeiserReport: Rich richer, poor poorer, middle class destroyed

    Published on Mar 12, 2015
    Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the rich getting richer, the poor (not poorest) getting poorer, and the middle class being destroyed to pay for it. But the biggest winners by a long way are the 1%ers like politicians and bankers.

    At 8:00 in that video they start a section about the rising death rates for white US women aged 15-54…pain killer addiction/abuse/side-effects?

    news to me. perhaps I should have guessed that there’d be a side-effect to the number of women on medication.


  13. Spawny Get says:

    Given the fascination solely with the effects on women, I think these two in the video need to take the red-pill.

    Putting that aside, why isn’t this story causing a scandal in the states?

    is it not true? the program comes from RussiaToday. the place to look if you want news that is willing to look at unpleasant stuff for the west, you just need to keep the source in mind. they have their own biases and angles to push.


  14. Spawny Get says:

    The Melodramatic Strain In Feminist Politics

    Many of the most contentious campus rape stories to be popularized by the media involve students who didn’t initially see themselves as victims. Only after talking with friends, professors, or others do they “come to view” the experience as sexual assault. This certainly isn’t always lamentable—young, inexperienced women may be genuinely unsure about what’s abusive or atypical sexual behavior. But it’s clear that in at least some cases, young women are being steered into more sinister interpretations than may be warranted.

    “If this is feminism,” writes Kipnis, “it’s feminism hijacked by melodrama. The melodramatic imagination’s obsession with helpless victims and powerful predators is what’s shaping the conversation of the moment, to the detriment of those whose interests are supposedly being protected, namely students. The result? Students’ sense of vulnerability is skyrocketing.”

    Kipnis has been accused of “victim blaming,” lack of empathy, and being delusional.

    Well…I don’t know about you lot, but I’m well shocked by this response.

    Thou shalt not spoil the victim narrative


  15. SFC Ton says:

    Cannot hear the audio on the video but I trust the news out of Russia about American more then the american news about america or Russia

    Look the 1% etc all want to buy the votes of the poor and they don’t want to spend their own money to buy them. Then they want their businesses bailed out when they fail but don’t want to use their own money…. then race comes into play as the dnc owns the non White vote by basically saying they will.take from rich White folks and give it to them…. same with da womenz…. the whole system is set up to exploit the White middle class and working class. Much of this exploitation is done in stealth mode. Like taxing middle class folks to subsided a city buds system used primarily by poor negros who’s main point is to make sure said lower class blacks can get to the middle.class White side of town…. but the buss system all stops short of where the moneyed folks live. Both parties do that and any fledgling party that want a to support middle class/ working class White voters is racist etc etc.

    As y’all know I support mono ethnic nations and this is a primary reason why. That ans crime and preservation of culture


  16. Liz says:

    When all those billionaire dirtbags in Silcon Valley get their “amnesty” so they can make a few billion more by replacing well-paid Americans with lower-paid Indians and Chinese… and then conspire with the government to put up more barriers to entry (such as killing Net Neutrality) so former employees can’t get together and make competition, all races will have to wait in line while the Silicon Valley billionaires live like modern feudal lords surrounded by the poverty of low wage workers both in and out of the tech industry.

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  17. Spawny Get says:

    “I trust the news out of Russia about American more then the american news about america or Russia”

    Yeah, I feel the same about the UK news, Euro-news and the West in general TBH. I’ve seen RT pushing anti-fracking propaganda (big oil and gas exporters don’t want other countries getting their own shale gas), so they have their problems too. You can’t trust any of them on all issues, but you truth is in there somewhere if you look across enough sources.

    I watched the “India’s daughter” documentary a few days ago. This programme is banned in India and it’s not surprising why. Yes, it was full of feminist BS about rape stats, but…there is clearly a huge fucking problem with the attitudes expressed in their own words by some of these ‘men’. Don’t try and tell me that all cultures are equal. Some of them appear stuck in the Dark Ages of non-western cultures.

    Haven’t found the whole thing online, but here’s a clue about what was said by the men themselves on film


  18. Spawny Get says:

    If you have network access (VPN) to the UK

    As I said above, this doc is certainly not free of fembot bias, but the guys themselves say enough to show it’s certainly not all misandric bias.


  19. Spawny Get says:

    Look the 1% etc all want to buy the votes of the poor and they don’t want to spend their own money to buy them. Then they want their businesses bailed out when they fail but don’t want to use their own money…. then race comes into play as the dnc owns the non White vote by basically saying they will.take from rich White folks and give it to them…. same with da womenz…. the whole system is set up to exploit the White middle class and working class.



  20. Spawny Get says:

    On a lighter note

    ITV Anglia set up a mini election in a school in Sudbury over the last few weeks to encourage pupil participation in politics. Pupils were asked to investigate All parties and a panel of the Local candidates were bought in to be grilled on all policies from the economy to the EU, immigration, housing ect ect. Yesterday a full properly conducted election was held among the students who numbered about 1000 and the final result were read out on the Anglia News at about 6.00pm.
    You could see the utter amazement in the announcers face as he had to report that UKIP had won beating the LIBLABCONs and Greens who all took part.

    Full results of mock election below:
    UKIP – 272 votes (23%)
    Conservative – 252 votes (22%)
    Labour – 247 votes (21%)
    Lib Dem – 246 votes (21%)
    Green – 151 votes (13%)

    The kids might be young, but it seems they aren’t falling for the usual lefty bullshit anymore. Although 13% show extreme signs of clinical moronitude. Maybe votes for 16y.o.s might backfire on the lefties.

    Can’t (yet) find the clip of the results being announced.


  21. Spawny Get says:


    I’ve been wondering why David Cameron has been running down the British armed forces and why he refused to commit to spending targets in our islands.

    I think Mr Juncker has given the answer. We’re going to do it at EU level. We’re going to have a European army.

    Now when I raised this last year with British Deputy Prime Minister Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg he said it was a dangerous fantasy to talk about a European army, an EU army.

    Everyone has heard the leader of the European Liberals Guy Verhofstadt crying out for militarisation at EU level. Of course the truth is it is already happening. We already have a European Defence Agency. We have EU battle groups on active service all over the world. We already have an EU navy active against the Somali pirates, and who can forget Euro Corps here in Strasbourg last year virtually goose stepping that ghastly flag around the courtyard outside.

    And of course the Lisbon treaty article 28 provides for all of this. Tony Blair was right. He said: “The European Union is not a project about peace, it’s a project about power.” And I think Mr Juncker is trying to seize an opportunity. We ourselves in the European Union provoked the conflict through our territorial expansionism in the Ukraine. We poked the Russian bear with a stick, and unsurprisingly Putin reacted. But this now is to be used as an opportunity to build a European army.

    The opportunity is being seized. And Mr Juncker said we must convey to Russia that we are serious. Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Juncker? We do not want any part of an EU army and I doubt the rest of the peoples of Europe do either. Thank you.

    [following an question for an MEP, Nigel Farage added]

    We through our territorial ambitions provoked the overthrown of an albeit corrupt but democratically-elected leader in the Ukraine. We have provoked this crisis. Now, the question you ask is, “What do we do from here?”

    I was in this chamber at the time when Libya was attacked. I heard the Liberals and the Greens scream, frothing at the mouth, for us to bomb Libya, for us to become militarily involved because we believed that would make things better.

    My view, Sir, is that if you look at Afghanistan, if you look at Iraq, if you look at Libya, and you look at the attempt to back the rebels in Syria, many of whom have now morphed into Isis, we see that our recent foreign military interventions have made things worse not better.

    Why “Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Juncker?” It’s a joke.

    Dad’s Army. Hate from the BBC? nope…


  22. Spawny Get says:

    The feminist wanting it both ways every way



  23. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    Thank you for the photo of my oldd stomping grounds.


  24. Farm Boy says:

    Well Fuzzie Bear, you just made my day. When one feels bad and a ray of sunshine comes in; this is good.


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