Surprise victory sees UKIP sweep to power in UK General Election 2015

If there’s only one thing that the LibLabCon publicly agrees on, it’s that UKIP is a bigger threat to them than their official ‘opponents’. You know? Their ultimate enemies that agree on everything except for colour of their rosettes.

The full length documentary (may, or may not work for you outside the UK. (*cough* VPN *cough*))

And…back to reality. ‘UKIP: The First 100 Days’

The controversial Channel 4 programme ‘UKIP: The First 100 Days’ appears to have spectacularly backfired on the broadcaster as regulator Ofcom reveals it has had over two thousand complaints since the programme was aired on Monday evening.

The “mockumentary”, screened while the election campaign is being fought but outside of the technical time period when impartiality on the part of certain broadcasters must be shown, tried to imply that a UKIP government would see race riots on the streets, a collapse in the FTSE and a rush on money leaving the country as the government forcibly raided properties without warrants.

On Monday, Breitbart London exclusively revealed that the director and writer, Chris Atkins, is appearing at Southwark Crown Court this Friday for a pre-trial hearing after he and 12 others were accused of Cheating the Public Revenue over a tax evasion scheme estimated at £2.5 million.

And now communications regulator Ofcom has divulged that 2,442 people have contacted them to complain about the programme, with another 250 at least complaining directly to Channel 4. The broadcaster did not specify the nature of the comments but it is likely that the majority were critical.

A spokesman said: “Ofcom has received 2,442 complaints about UKIP: the First 100 Days on Channel 4. We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.”

Yes folks, the poison starts early in the General Election campaigning. This POS was broadcast by Channel 4, a TV company that receives part of its revenue from the ‘BBC’ licence fee. Failure to pay for a TV licence results in people going to gaol in the UK.

HM Breitbart-London is fighting back with a series of articles in a similar vein.
Who’d destroy Britain fastest: The Greens or Russell Brand? part 1

Part 1 is about the Greens. The leader of the lentil worshippers is Aussie Natalie Bennett. Here she is having her party’s policies questioned just months before the election date. See what you reckon…fit for power? Or (to continue the 50SOG theme) fit for muzzling and a padded cell?

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  1. Yoda says:

    Majority of people believe such rubbish they do?

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  2. Lon Spector says:

    What can you tell us about the old T.V. show “The Prisoner,” staring Patrick
    Magoohan? Was he an MGHOW? Was the show prophetic for today’s day and age?
    He never got any girls while incarcerated in the “Village,” but whenever he would try to
    flee, that ballon would come up from under the sea to smother him.

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  3. Yoda says:

    Facts and logic they cannot use.
    Scare tactics all that they do have.


  4. Spawny Get says:

    Well the Rotherham debacle, which was Labour from top to bottom, finally resulted in the Police and Crime Commissioner resigning. So who did the locals elect in his place? Another lefty from the same party.

    Labour’s Alan Billings has been voted in as the new Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

    The by-election was called after Mr Wright resigned on 16 September following weeks of pressure over a report into child abuse in Rotherham.

    He said he took the action “for the sake of those victims, for the sake of the public of South Yorkshire and to ensure that the important issues outlined in the report about tackling child sexual exploitation can be discussed and considered in full and without distraction”.

    The Alexis Jay Report revealed that more than 1,400 children in the town had been sexually exploited by gangs of men.

    Mr Wright had been the councillor who oversaw Rotherham’s children’s services between 2005 and 2010.

    TL;DR Yes, we have a lot of gullible fcuknutz who vote. Some of them vote early and often as I relayed in my link to the story over the turd world politics in London.

    Not all the Rotherham news is plain bad, some of it smells fishy too

    A serving police officer linked to the Rotherham child sex scandal has died after being hit by a car as he crossed the street.

    PC Hassan Ali, 44, was under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission after it was alleged he twice asked a victim out on a date.

    Four complaints in total were made against PC Ali to South Yorkshire Police by two members of the public.

    But PC Ali was fatally injured after being struck by a car in Darnall, Sheffield at around 10.15pm last Wednesday.

    He died with his family at his bedside yesterday morning.

    His death comes just two days after a bombshell report branded Rotherham Council ‘in denial’ over the abuse of up to 2,000 young girls over a 16-year period, predominantly by members of the town’s Pakistani community.

    Police, who have made no arrests, say they are not treating his death as suspicious and a source said they believe it was a ‘tragic accident’.

    Did hear somebody mention Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald?


  5. Yoda says:

    Stand up to evil one should.


  6. Spawny Get says:

    “What can you tell us about the old T.V. show “The Prisoner,””

    (they’re still making that car BTW)

    To be honest I never got to the end of the original series, though I did with the much more recent US remake, which I quite liked (though the reviews are mixed).
    The Prisoner (2009) on IMDB

    The original’s theme music kicks arrrrrrse IMHO

    Remake episode 1


  7. Spawny Get says:

    (Lotus 7, Caterham 620R…look the same to me)

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  8. Spawny Get says:

    Just watch him on the steering wheel (opposite lock aplenty) and listen to him feathering the throttle trying to get the power down on a wet track in a rocket propelled 620BHP / tonne roller skate. 0-60mph in 2.79 seconds

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  9. theasdgamer says:

    Idiot, should have worn goggles.


  10. Yoda says:

    Women inclined to vote UKIP they are?


  11. Spawny Get says:

    Yoda, no. It’s more of a male party.
    For a moment there I thought O’Blimey had dropped his ego, but it’s the state not DC

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  12. Yoda says:

    It’s more of a male party.

    Only men vote they should.
    Civilization at stake it is.


  13. Cill says:

    Yoda asks, “Majority of people believe such rubbish they do?”

    If Rotherham is anything to go by, there is a large presence of Jedi Knights in the U.K:
    “17,030 people did not state a religion, 552 people identified as a Jedi Knight and 22 people said they believe in Heavy Metal. ” (Rotherham Census Demographics United Kingdom

    Perhaps we should be asking you the question, Yoda. 😀


  14. Spawny Get says:

    “Only men vote they should.”

    If only it was just a matter of dumb women voting for morons, however, they’re are many men voting for these scumbags too.


  15. Cill says:

    “The religious make up of Rotherham is 66.5% Christian, 22.2% No religion, 3.7% Muslim, 0.2% Hindu, 0.2% Buddhist, 0.1% Sikh.”
    (Rotherham Census Demographics United Kingdom

    3.7% Muslim…
    So why such a strong need for the lefties to butter up to the Muslim voters?
    Or was it The Patriarchy and Cill’s Law at work? :
    Quality and innocence shall be rated by distance removed from the straight white male, the greater the distance the higher the rating..


  16. Spawny Get says:

    Vote early, vote often, register for fake people to vote. Postal votes for the win.


  17. Cill says:

    “Vote early, vote often, register for fake people to vote. Postal votes for the win.”

    Eh? I can’t believe household postal votes are still allowed after the exposure of the fiasco October last year…
    “Traditionally one person in each household would list the names of all the adults in it, but they would all have to vote in person. This meant that any attempt at fraud would involve the same person visiting the same polling station multiple times using different names: something that rarely happened.

    However, Labour changed the postal vote system to allow anyone to request one. They could then fill them out and return them without any real checks. Since this system was implemented it has been possible to commit fraud without ever visiting the polling station. It was done by creating fictitious residents in your home and requesting postal votes for all of them.”

    Does any other first world country have a similar system, where a head of household can do postal voting for household voters?


  18. Spawny Get says:

    “Eh? I can’t believe household postal votes are still allowed after the exposure of the fiasco October last year…”

    You said it, brother. It’s a fcuking disgrace.


  19. Spawny Get says:

    “Does any other first world country have a similar system, where a head of household can do postal voting for household voters?”

    Wasn’t that bad an issue with honest folks…


  20. Cill says:

    An individual should be allowed to cast a postal vote. I’ve got no problem with that. But this system whereby an individual can nominate the “voters” in the household and then cast their votes (by posting them) is appalling.

    Labour changed the system so fictitious voters would be concocted to vote for them. They knew it would happen. They’re not that dumb, surely.

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  21. SFC Ton says:

    Didn’t I recently say firing these consumers wouldn’t fix anything?

    Spawny, if you take request I would appreciate more Intell on UKIP. I’ll post it on my blog etc. If fan of nationalism myself

    620HP is fast? Who knew? Reckon that’s where fast begins, like minimum threshold for the term

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  22. Yoda says:

    Defense of vote fraud difficult to understand it is.
    Ends justify the means I suppose.


  23. Spawny Get says:

    Labour enabled it, the Tories haven’t fixed it. I can’t imagine why this shit is acceptable to any democratic party.

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  24. Spawny Get says:

    Ton, as you wish. It’s going to be interesting. When people start looking to Russell Brand for ‘wisdom’ you know the mainstream parties are screwed.

    That’s 311BHP in a car weighing half a tonne. 0-60mph in 2.79s. Not to be sneezed at.


  25. Yoda says:

    Tainted votes reduce confidence in government it does
    Perhaps the goal this is.
    Palpatine on the sidelines there would be?

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  26. Yoda says:

    “It seems very unlikely the activists had read anything I’ve written before I came — their questions seemed to operate from the premise that I was going to be arguing something along the lines of rape never occurring or something like that,” Johnson wrote.

    Wrong this picture would be.
    SJWs capable of detecting this they are?

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  27. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The timing may be right for UKIP. It does sound as if the general population is more than tired of government “business as usual”.The party should be attractive to men as it is not subordinate to the feminists. I have having a hard time stomaching the usual parties being so helpful to fembots.


  28. Cill says:

    Does the UKIP field a candidate in every electorate, though? Does it have the depth and the resources to run viable candidates and competitive campaigns?


  29. Spawny Get says:

    Iirc they are fighting every seat, but how many they win? Maybe 10 out of 650? The show was pure poison fantasy. But it’s not just the ones they win, it’s the ones they cost the mainstream by splitting the vote of the otherwise winner. They are capable of losing both the Tories and Labour otherwise safe seats. The election will be far more of a lottery, rather than the old style Labour or Conservative one party government.


  30. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The fembot protesters at the Univ. of Toronto who were there to oppose Warren Farrell had no clue who he was nor did they care. No reason to think this bunch would be any different.

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  31. Cill says:

    FWIW we have a mixed member proportional (MMP) system in NZ. Under MMP you get two votes. With one you select a local electorate MP. With the second vote, you choose a political party.

    About half the MPs in parliament are electorate MPs from 60 electorates. The other half are chosen from political party lists published before each election. Once the electorate seats are elected, list seats are allocated so that the overall number of seats each party gets reflects the percentage of the vote that party got.

    MMP is a bad electoral system. It doubles the number of MPs, for starters. You vote for the electorate MPs, who choose the list MPs who have just as much voting power in Parliament. Most of the trouble in NZ comes from those damn list MPs.

    The other problem is that every election is a lottery. Since MMP came on the scene in 1993, only one Government, the current one, has had an outright majority to govern. In all other cases it’s a matter of who can scramble around the minor parties stitching up a majority. All sorts of horse trading goes on. The tail ends up wagging the dog. The lefty parties always outnumber the rest, so they can end up in government even though the majority of voters supported another party.

    MMP has been bad for NZ but it would be even worse for the U.K., I think. I can imagine a Feminist party, a Muslim party, an Immigrants party, a Europe party etc etc forming a jerry-rigged government with Labour indefinitely.

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  32. Cill says:

    Edit “even though the majority of voters supported another party.”
    Should be “even though another party had received more votes.”


  33. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    MMP sounds terrible. Only the electorate MPs would answer to their constituancy. This is not representative government, This is not a republic.


  34. Cill says:

    Yeah, we end up with buffoons such as Winston Peters holding the balance of power.
    On the example above, this sort of thing can happen:
    Conservatives: 45%
    Labour: 31%
    Fembots + Muslim + Immigrants + Europe + Greens: 20%

    Labour + Fembots etc can form a government although Conservatives were the most popular in terms of popular support. Also, the people who voted Greens probably did so for completely different reasons than those of the people who voted Muslim. So after the horse trading, we can have a government that few of the supporters would have wanted.

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  35. Spawny Get says:

    It’s theorized that Cameron was happy to end up in a coalition with the limp dems as he had an excuse to be the useless toe-rag that he naturally is, but be able to blame his lameness on the coalition partner.

    Mmp sounds pretty crap. Think I’ve heard it suggested in the past.

    Another UK issue is that unequal electoral boundaries give Labour an inherent advantage*. They get more seats from less votes. Fortunately the SNP is likely to fuck them over in Scotland. At the moment the prediction is no overall control by any one party. Down to Milibland’s emptiness and the Scots’ predilection for voting for the one mainstream (in Scotland) party less honest and capable than Labour. Which is some fucking trick in itself.

    *another electoral failure in basic democracy that Camoron has failed to address.

    And not breaking up the fatally biased BBC which is no longer fit for purpose.


  36. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, ain’t it great!!!

    All our parties want to stay in the EU. Uncontrollable immigration and we’re FULL, pissing money away. Green ripoffs for imagined CAGW. Catastrophic education system. NHS killing negligently by the thousands while fucking idiots call it the jewel in the crown of the state. More like buttplug in the sphincter.


  37. Spawny Get says:

    Good night, won’t sleep if I keep this up. 😉


  38. Cill says:

    A final thought for you to take to bed:
    Give them half an excuse and the lefties will foist a vote for electoral change on the people. MMP is tailor-made for the lefties. Take heed! 😉


  39. Spawny Get says:

    You just reminded me, Labour are talking about dropping the voting age to 16 in the hope that these kids are dumberer enough to vote Labour. There’s some research saying that that isn’t necessarily true anymore…Which is interesting.

    Good night.


  40. Cill says:

    I wish you apolitical dreams tonight. Sleep well.


  41. Spawny Get says:

    Ta. Email. Good night.


  42. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    Good night and sleep well.
    I have been quiet for a while. I think the 50SoG thing has me down. Women imposing fantasies and the hold the only copy of the script.


  43. Cill says:

    “For a moment there I thought O’Blimey had dropped his ego”

    If BoobSnack O’BalmHer dropped his ego, the Richter would go above 4.3
    I’d give it a 6.

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  44. Spawny Get says:

    Fuzzie, one of the things said about the effects of the red pill is that you can understand women far better, but to understand them means that you can never love them in the same way again. The magic is gone, kind of thing. Might be true for me, it’s certainly true that I can see the downsides of bothering. Though that might be age and being divorced(?)


  45. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    Sorry to disturb your sleep. It’s one thing to see all this at a conscious level, it’s quite another to fully absorb it.

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  46. Spawny Get says:

    Caused a bit of a stir over here in some circles. It’s happening around the world. Quality journalism doesn’t pay anymore, but as soon as you stop doing that it’s just a race to the Daily Wail level of ‘journalism’, clickbait and celebutard coverage.

    The Telegraph was a very high quality (you had The Times and The Telegraph really), right oriented newspaper until recently. Now it’s a cross between the Daily Mail and The Guardian. Click bait and leftist in some of its views. Articles with comments disabled because they know that the article will be destroyed by commenters pointing out how poor the reporting is, how biased and naive the story is.

    The speed of the descent has been breathtakingly fast. The commenters have decamped to Breitbart-London en masse. Not sure that Breitbart London compares to its U.S. big brothers, what do you lot think?


  47. Spawny Get says:

    It’s not you Fuzzie. 😉 back to sleep for me


  48. molly says:

    Hi Spawny, Fuzzie, anyone, whew! another stinking hot day. Oh it’s good to be home! 🙂


  49. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Molly! 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄
    We had a little snow here today.


  50. molly says:

    It has never snowed here Fuzzie. In snow you need food to survive:
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯
    Enjoy, F. Wuzzie Bear Esq!
    I wish there was snow to cool me down. Sunshine is nice but there’s been no real rain since Xmas day. The view is beautiful tho. The sea is flat and sparkly and the air is clear. 🙂


  51. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Thank you for the burritos! Take a swim for all of us who live in northern climes since we can’t.


  52. Farm Boy says:

    New Post for those up late at night.


  53. molly says:

    Thank you Fuzzie. I’m off for a dip right now. Catch ya shortly (if the bear is still awake).
    For cool sea folly, here comes Molly! 🙂


  54. theasdgamer says:


    Fuzzie, one of the things said about the effects of the red pill is that you can understand women far better, but to understand them means that you can never love them in the same way again.

    Your expectations will change. You will see them as a Jekyll/hyde being–part adult and part insane child.

    The magic is gone, kind of thing. Might be true for me, it’s certainly true that I can see the downsides of bothering. Though that might be age and being divorced(?)

    Plenty of magic–just not the Cinderella kind. I still love women, but my illusions about them pushed by Disney and feminists have diminished. I now see them as more sexual than men.

    Went to a gay bar last night with Mrs. Gamer to support a fund-raiser for Alzheimer’s. A lady friend whom I haven’t seen in months came over to where we were sitting and gave me a hug. Mrs. Gamer didn’t seem to mind.


  55. Spawny Get says:

    “You will see them as a Jekyll/hyde being–part adult and part insane child.”

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  56. Yoda says:

    This is what is so brilliant about C4’s drama: in setting out to confront what it imagines to be the prejudices of the numbskulls planning to vote UKIP, it unwittingly exposed the bigotry of the chattering classes themselves, of the self-styled progressive sections of the politically switched-on classes, whose visceral contempt for the white working class makes every other prejudice in 21st century Britain pale into insignificance in comparison.

    Captured by the dark side they are.
    Realize this they do not.
    Playing out in same way as the transition from Republic to Empire did.

    No Jar-Jar character there is?


  57. Yoda says:

    Poor model of reality these elites do have.
    Starts with human nature it does.

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  58. Spawny Get says:

    As I said up thread. The fruits of Camoron’s failure to tackle the BBC and its bias.


  59. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    That Spiked article was a doozy, especially the last line. If the three major parties hold the public in contempt, yes, they do deserve to be thrown out on their ears.

    “No Jar-Jar character there is?”
    Could we put big floppy ears on Harriet Harman?

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  60. Spawny Get says:

    The three main parties are not interested in even talking about the issues raised by the peeps. Any attempt to raise any of the subjects is quashed.

    If you use 6 inch nails to a fix them, then yes, you may put big floppy ears on Hatie.


  61. Spawny Get says:

    Again with the beeb, a piss take about their latest leftie drama series shown in prime time.


  62. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I think theere is an old Brooklyn saying, “Throw the bums out!” That all political parties would turn away from their duty to their constituency makes them unfit to hold office.

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  63. Cill says:

    My broadband connection won’t hold on long enough for videos. I’m guessing the bozos C4 depicted were mostly male and white.

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  64. Cill says:

    Yep. Ukiphobia answers my question:

    “It exposed a prejudice that usually does not speak its name, which normally only makes a public appearance dolled up in pseudo-progressive garb and fortified by advocacy research from Demos or some other wonk-station showing that the white and uneducated aren’t massive fans of immigration — we might call this prejudice Ukiphobia, a swirling fear, not simply of Farage and his footsoldiers, but more urgently of the incomprehensible blob of non-Guardian-reading, pale-skinned plebs whose passions and worries Farage and Co. might tap into.”

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  65. Cill says:

    Much as I love seeing the fembots get their cum-uppance (anyone seen Big Red lately?), nothing would warm the cockles of my heart more than to see the MSM get theirs.

    Articles like give the BBC a good toweling. I’d like to see them get flailed raw.


  66. blurkel says:

    re: The Prisoner

    How can one DARE to remake excellence?

    Trivia: The Prisoner is the only TV show which the Beatles licenced a song (All You Need Is Love). John Lennon was a big fan of the show.

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  67. Spawny Get says:

    Blurkel, I would be tempted to sit and watch the original series as a box set but haven’t found it on Netflix etc. To buy the disks is more than I care to gamble.


  68. blurkel says:


    I have the entire series on VHS NTSC, but I’m sure that isnt a convenience you enjoy in the UK. You had PAL as I recall.


  69. Spawny Get says:

    Blurkel, our video players tended to play Never Twice the Same Color, but I binned my last one a few years ago. 525 (480 active iirc) sucked for quality. I believe that you guys found our 50Hz rate a bit flickery…swings and roundabouts for the same bandwidth.


  70. Cill says:

    “The Prisoner”

    I have the box set. The Prisoner was just about the most intriguing series I have ever seen until McGoohan decided that by hell or high water he must star in a western. It was the most disappointing fall of quality in entertainment history.


  71. Spawny Get says:

    I should check Youtube for the episodes, it’s old enough after all.

    I think I have the book from the series. Written by Thomas M Disch iirc. Not sure that I’ve read it…hmm…


  72. Cill says:

    I am not a number! I am a free man!

    The writers had it under control until Patrick McGoohan (please don’t be pedantic about the spelling) insisted on starring in a western within the Prisoner series!. What in Hades was he thinking? Brilliant series wrecked just like that.


  73. Spawny Get says:

    What movie was it? Not clear to me looking on IMDB. Did he screw it up for a movie that didn’t get made / was made without him?

    Anyway, maybe of interest

    The Prisoner: Cult classic TV series to be revived for new audio drama
    5 January 2015 8:55 AM, PST | Digital Spy | See recent Digital Spy – TV news news »

    Cult classic TV series The Prisoner is to be revived by audio production company Big Finish.

    Best known for its series of Doctor Who audio dramas, Big Finish also produces ranges based on Blake’s 7, Terrahawks and The Avengers.

    The Prisoner will be a new take on the original ’60s series, which starred Patrick McGoohan as a secret agent who finds himself imprisoned in a mysterious village after resigning from his post.

    The audio remake will launch with an initial box-set of five CDs – containing four four-hour-long episodes and a behind-the-scenes documentary – in January 2016, with other box sets to follow.

    “It won’t simply be a slavish retelling of all the original episodes,” said Big Finish’s co-executive producer Nicholas Briggs. “But aficionados of the original series will certainly recognise much of what they loved about it.

    “A lot of the familiar iconography will be there, but my aim is to push the boundaries, »


  74. Spawny Get says:


    Patrick McGoohan would have liked to limit the programme to seven episodes, but there was no chance that ITC executive Sir Lew Grade would back such a short run, so he reluctantly agreed to make two “series” of thirteen each. The first was to end with “Degree Absolute” (later re-titled “Once Upon A Time”, when it was decided to make it the first half of a two-part finale). When the point in time came when the entire run was supposed to be in the can and only the first thirteen episodes actually were, Grade pulled the plug (or, according to some, McGoohan told him that the premise wouldn’t yield another thirteen stories). Eventually, Grade was convinced to allow four more episodes to be made, including a finale, but with the proviso that production continue uninterrupted. Many of the crew were committed to other projects (script editor George Markstein’s departure is attributed to a falling out with McGoohan, but as he left at the exact same time as all the others, this is debatable), including McGoohan himself, who co-starred in the Hollywood movie, Ice Station Zebra (1968). For filming to be able to continue in his absence, “Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling”, with The Prisoner’s mind transferred to another man’s body, was concocted, and replacements for departed crew members were found. After the star returned from America, shot his ending speech and a few insert shots for “Darling,” and the episodes “Living In Harmony” and “The Girl Who Was Death,” he then confessed to Grade that he had no ideas for the finish (he knew only that he wanted no conventional “James Bond” type finale, such as one suggestion, allegedly from Markstein before he quit, that Number One turn out to be The Butler). Grade replied that the actor was obligated to come up with something. McGoohan locked himself away for most of the next week and wrote, “Fall Out” while the two episodes from the abandoned final season of “Danger Man” (“Koroshi” and “Shinda Shima”) later reedited into a feature film, Koroshi (1968) preempted “The Prisoner” for two weeks to buy him the needed time. Actor Kenneth Griffith, who plays The President in the final episode, has repeatedly claimed that he was asked to write his own speech (singular his). As the character talks only in speeches, this is less than clear, but at least Griffith specified that his point was how pressed for time McGoohan was. See more »


  75. Cill says:

    I was sitting here wondering, when did The Prisoner crop up in comments, and why? I see Lon mentioned it in the second comment on this post. My broadband connection won’t hold on long enough for me to watch videos, which makes it difficult for me to make an “on topic” comment. However I’m assuming the C4 video resembles “The Prisoner” in being a far-out journey into… what? (the “What” was the entire point of The Prisoner).

    The Prisoner was a TV series put out in the 1960s. Someone (my dad?) gave a limited edition box set of DVDs donkeys years ago. It was years before I bothered to watch it, but as soon as I started, I was hooked. It was brilliant. My box set came with a booklet which I wanted to refer to right now, but to my horror, the box set is gone. Someone has stolen it. It could only have been stolen by a guest (my place is always occupied and is inaccessible without me or my caretakers’ permission). This means the thief could only have been a friend…

    Anyway, each dvd in the box set was a story within a story. Each dvd added to the enigma, “what is this place”? McGoohan found himself there after having been captured and drugged. Every episode, he unsuccessfully tried to escape. He couldn’t remember his name or his past. He had been allotted a number, which was 6. Hence “I am not a number, I am a free man!”

    Unfortunately, towards the end of the series, it went off the rails. The fans ( myself included) were aghast. How could they do that to us! I’ve never seen a series with more promise, and they let us down flat. The “western” (as in gunslinger) was one of the last 3 episodes of “The Prisoner”. It came out of nowhere and destroyed the series, turned it into a farce. It was the most senseless act of sabotage ever. It can’t be repaired. The Prisoner is permanently wrecked.


  76. Yoda says:

    I was sitting here wondering, when did The Prisoner crop up

    Always on men’s minds it is.
    Prisoners of marriage they often are.


  77. Yoda says:

    Time for Cill to post it is?


  78. blurkel says:

    @ Cill

    As an old toker, I’d have to say that McGoohan and the production crew discovered weed. Lots of things started showing up in the plotlines and production values that speak to me in that context. It could also explain what John Lennon was such a fan that he’d licence one of his hits to the show.

    Liked by 1 person

  79. Cill says:

    Yoda my ancient verde cobber, I was going to post last night but mine on top of yours and blurkel’s might have spoiled the readers for choice! 😀

    It’s Saturday morning here and unfortunately I’ll be distracted by other things through to next Wednesday. My post is of the type that will raise questions from commenters, and most of the time I won’t be here to answer them. However, I’m about to publish the new post.


  80. blurkel says:

    I was sitting here wondering, when did The Prisoner crop up

    Always on men’s minds it is.
    Prisoners of marriage they often are.

    And your number is your annual income.


  81. blurkel says:

    @ Yoda

    I wouldn’t panic yet. Rasmussen is the least accurate polling agency out there. Obama has another court date at a higher level which he will have to obey unless and until the Supreme Court takes it up. That is not guaranteed.


  82. Spawny Get says:

    Some great ones there Farm Boy


  83. Yoda says:

    Joe Biden the Jar-Jar of the US Administration he is.


  84. Spawny Get says:

    Jar-Jar was tragi-comic, Biden is just tragic.


  85. Spawny Get says:

    Reminds me of Hatie, but they gave Hatie an important sounding job title that means nothing. Deputy Party Leader. She didn’t get to be Deputy Prime minister when they were in government.


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