Thoughts on New Zealand Women

New Zealand women are the most promiscuous in the world.  Apparently they are further down the path driven by the Feminine Imperative and hypergamy than any other society.  The worst offenders (PPPs) are described by Cill here, here, here, and here.

The New Zealand women who play the game described by Cill seem to have gone totally over to the slutty side of the road.  There would appear to be no need for rationalization hamsters.  Here in the US many slutty women tell themselves that they really are not, and when they settle down, they can leave their past behind.  And perhaps they can.  But can the PPPs?  Not very likely, they would appear to be too far gone.

If a PPP by some chance becomes a mother, how well might she perform?  Good mothers require empathy, sacrifice and patience.  Considering unknown men to be mobile orgasms to be exploited on a whim does not build character in this direction.  One wonders what skills and virtues that they are developing during these years that might be useful in later life.

So what value do these young women receive from their behavior?  As all pretense of non-feral behavior is removed, there must be something of value released by the removal of the shackles of patriarchy?  It would appear to be a combination of sometimes good sex and sometimes bad sex with men, combined with the “rah-rah” camaraderie of the pack.  Women really are not inclined to garner satisfaction from a team’s success like men are.  So that leaves the mixed results sex as a possiblity.  Perhaps the novelty of regularly different partners is of some value, but once again, that is a “man thing”.  To repeat the question, what are they receiving of value?

Probably what happened to make this sorry state of affairs was that through the years feminism gained momentum within society.  A momentum of “push the limits, especially with respect to sex” was created. It did not know when to stop.  During all of this time, women decided that it was all good because they were told that this was what they wanted.

But the momentum of the ship has driven it into the rocks.  It is has been holed.  Women to the life-boats first?

[Author’s Edit] Addendum — As mentioned by Cill down below, these women like the validation and attention.  As an evil INTX, this idea did not even register with me.  Of course, I like validation from people that I highly respect, but such from others is just a distraction and annoyance (like a fly buzzing around your head). These days, a young woman can garner attention almost anytime that she wants, and parlay that into sex or girlfriend status.  They can even do this if they are fat (which never would happen when I was a teen).  This is a very low bar.  It is almost like being a winner at the Special Olympics.

I say Evil INTX because of the chart at this link

I would be halfway between Emperor Palpatine and Yoda.

P.S. NAWALT applies here as it does in every post.

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66 comments on “Thoughts on New Zealand Women
  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    What the PPPs have chosen to do is off the scale. It would be interesting to see how it all turns out. My guess is that the crews will disband and all this will be swept under the rug from an historical standpoint.
    Why am I saying this? Because this can’t be what women want. Women are not built to be this way. Serial monogamy or monogamy is more natural.

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  2. Cill says:

    Tarn’s “Yup”: Is there any such thing as a more succinct word with less than 3 characters, eh?

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  3. Tarnished says:

    “To repeat the question, what are they receiving of value?”

    I believe in the female part of the interview one of them said “validation” and the others agreed. Perhaps they are finding what incels are seeking, but going about it the entirely wrong way. Validation of a person as a sexual being doesn’t have to come from 15+ random partners…I’d think a lifetime with 3-5 would suffice. Of the 5 Great Apes (gorillas, bonobos, chimpanzees, orangutans, and humans) only we try to be monogamous for our entire lives through traditional ideas of marriage/till death do us part. It’s likely that both male and female humans are meant to partake of serial monogamy instead.

    Not 1 partner, but certainly not 20 either.


  4. Tarnished says:

    “Is there any such thing as a more succinct word with less than 3 characters, eh?”

    No. 😉

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  5. theasdgamer says:

    “Because this can’t be what women want. Women are not built to be this way.”

    Obviously, some want it a lot. Designed to do this? No. But the doohickey has diverted from its design by feemail culchah.


  6. Yoda says:

    I would be halfway between Emperor Palpatine and Yoda.

    Compare himself to me he does


  7. theasdgamer says:

    With my comment ‘.’, that is the end of discussion on terse comments.


  8. Yoda says:

    Women are not built to be this way

    Built for serial monogomy they are.
    Men compromise at regular monogomy they will.


  9. Yoda says:

    Tarn mentioned “validation” rather than Cill she did.
    Early in the day for Farm Boy it must have been.


  10. Cill says:

    The damage done to the 5 accused at William Paterson will affect them for life. I think a lot of us will know students who were falsely accused. It’s difficult to go to university without knowing one.

    Most people, especially women, will continue to believe the 5 are guilty, no matter what. They will experience ostracism and cold shoulders. If they attempt to change to another university, their reputation will precede them. It will precede them in employment and career opportunities too. Their names have been publicized, the false accuser’s not. That’s the feminist system we live with.


  11. Yoda says:

    What the PPPs have chosen to do is off the scale.

    Brave new world without reassurance of hamster it is.
    No moorings their are.
    Adrift forever they would be.


  12. Yoda says:

    Flying Dutchman they are not.
    Fucking Kiwi they are.
    Doom they do portend.


  13. Spawny Get says:

    Kiwi Sheilas may not lead the world in every department


    Don’t forget to read the comments.


  14. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Cill and Yoda,
    I saw that over at COTWA. The Grand Jury dismissed the case because there wasn’t probalble cuase.These guys have one heck of a case for a civil suit against their college.


  15. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny, that’s nuts!


  16. Yoda says:

    Over afternoon tea she does do?
    Perhaps English enough she is not yet.

    Steam clean Iron Man’s member she does?
    Rust it might.


  17. Yoda says:

    Spawny, that’s nuts!

    Not nuts it would be.
    Different body part it is.


  18. Yoda says:

    Time for Panda picture again it is.
    Cleaning it correctly he was.


  19. Yoda says:

    Perhaps have dog lick it she should.
    Dog tongues clean they are.


  20. Spawny Get says:

    Steamed clam, Fuzzie, not roasted nuts


  21. Yoda says:

    Monitor orifices one should.
    So said Grand Moff Tarkin


  22. Cill says:

    “Steamed clam, Fuzzie, not roasted nuts”
    It is muscles steamed open, showing the meat inside was not dead before but is now fucking cooked.

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  23. Cill says:

    “muscles” [sic]


  24. Yoda says:

    Not white meat it is.
    Another color it would be.


  25. Cill says:

    That’ll be Green-lipped Mussels to you, Yoda.
    (checked Mrs Y lately?)

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  26. Padawan says:

    “Not white meat it is” (by Padawan, Poet Laureate 2014 – ?)

    The meat Cill referred to I’m sure was XY
    If the color’s not white, I’d like to know why


  27. Spawny Get says:

    You see, Yoda, all these ‘concerned peoples’ whining on at the common (but not required) MGTOW attitude of ‘let it burn (maybe we’ll rebuild, it’ll be better)’…just what is there left of value to worry about losing? You can’t reason with these fuckwits, they’re (IMHO) mentally broken, If it does all burn I think they’ll be a huge number of mental breakdowns. People who worry about ‘trigger warnings’ are not equipped for reality.


  28. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Thinking about Gyneth and all this. It only makes sense if it is a test to verify the power of a celebrity endorsement.
    Gyneth’s reputtation is negatively impacted with anyone who has the least amount of skepticism.


  29. Yoda says:

    Much affirmation when victimhood status received it is.

    Feels good it must.

    Trivially stupid it is.

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  30. Cill says:

    “Flying Dutchman they are not.
    Fucking Kiwi they are.
    Doom they do portend.”

    Will they go the way of the Great Auk (a.k.a. Dodo) ?


  31. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    You did let the cat out of the bag with “burn it down”. Today, Terrence Popp discusses a plausible scenario.

    It could hqappen. If it costs close to $30k USD/year to warehouse these people, I can see state’s running out of money just opening the doors.

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  32. Yoda says:

    Repetitious I would be.


  33. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Yoda, you must have really liked that post.


  34. Yoda says:

    Mind cloudy today it is.
    Not enough sleep i did have.


  35. molly says:

    “That’ll be Green-lipped Mussels to you, Yoda.
    (checked Mrs Y lately?)”

    (Mrs Y !)


  36. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Yoda, the weekend id upon us. Recharge.


  37. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Molly video!


  38. molly says:

    See the video of Orca vs Great White? Orca kill sharks around our waters too!


  39. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I haven’t. I try to keep it happy, unless it’s something lioke zombie apocalypse from Terrence Popp (scroll back, Spawny liked).


  40. molly says:

    The flippered Orca (me) totally rules babay!


  41. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I have heard that the only sea creature that can take out a Great White is an Orca.
    An odd thing about sharks, they are saltier than the sea that they swim in. All others are not.


  42. Yoda says:

    Yoda, the weekend is upon us.

    Sense the force I do.
    Three new posts just for you.
    One every day
    to keep boredom at bay.

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  43. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Good, good. Keep boredom away!


  44. Cill says:

    “Three new posts”
    Okay I’ll hold off until 3 in a row from you have seen light of day. IMHO it’s best we leave messages in Writers Corner for queue-related stuff, or there’s a danger we’ll get log-jams of posts. It’s just a matter of checking Writers Corner every so often.

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  45. Cill says:

    Tarn has one in the offing too.


  46. molly says:

    Rubbish is written saying Great Whites are faster. Truth: Orca can swim 5 knots faster than a Great White and 8 knots faster than a Bottlenose Dolphin.


  47. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    There is one thing that I am glad of, I haven’t head of or seen any videos of Orcs mixing it up with bears. 🐻 😉


  48. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Oops, Orcas.


  49. molly says:

    Orca could not fight on land any how. It couldn’t beat a mouse on land! lol
    Bears would eat the Orca in a land fight, tho not in water!

    A link I found re speeds in the sea:

    Fastest is Sailfish at 68 mph, WoWee!


  50. molly says:

    As Orca live in the Arctic Ocean, I wonder if they had any tussles with Polar Bears?


  51. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    They are both apex predators. I would think that they leave each other alone. Orcas are bigger than polar bears. That would make them back off. Polar bears are pretty rare and that would make them unfamiliar to Orcas. Not a good idea to go after unfamiliar prey.
    They might get into an arguement over a seal.


  52. molly says:

    True, Fuzzie! Arctic Orca are seal-eating culture. They wouldn’t think bears or humans are food.


  53. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That’s a good thing. I just had a terrible thought. It won’t work because I think fembots are completely inedible.


  54. molly says:

    Yay Fuzzie – train a new culture of fembot-eating Orcas, wonderful idea!!
    We’d need fembots in the water tho. Do fembots go swimming? I’ve seen PPP’s in the water. (nasty thoughts) XD


  55. Farm Boy says:

    A new post is up.


  56. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    If I were an Orca, I rather have seal.


  57. Spawny Get says:

    If only orca had wings, we could solve many land based issues too


  58. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    If Orcas had wings, then bear being able to climb trees wouldn’t help much.
    OH NO!

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