A Novel Online Dating Approach For Women – What Do You Have to Lose?

This discussion is for women who believe themselves to be good marriage material (and hopefully you are), but are having a difficult time finding a quality man.  One of the biggest reasons that you face this problem was explained here.  It is difficult for men to easily see the quality that might be in a woman.  This combined with the fact that there are so few fine women out there makes the search costs for men (both in terms of time and money) very high.

Your goal is to reduce these search costs.  WIth respect to online dating, this means that your profile must be tuned such that a fine man looking for a good woman will give it a second look.  The profile must also be constructed in a way such that it will not draw too much attention from moderators (mostly women) and other female posters.

All approaches here depend of subtlety.  Men do not like women that are too forward, and furthermore you do not want to draw too much attention to yourself.  Most every site has a place where you can write some prose about yourself.  This area is key.  You want to write about your strong points that might appeal to a marriage minded man.  There are many possible attributes to play up here, but the themes of loyalty, hearth and home normally work well (especially loyalty, though not clingy).  Plus you should add in a modest sense of playfulness.  Don’t add too much, or you will scare him off.  Do not talk about degrees or career in your prose; leave that for the “database” section where you list your age and stuff.


If you have had a divorce, you might right to address that right up front.  The reason that you might want to do that is because most men are going to see divorce and assume that the wife was the problem.  Believe me, fellas really do assume this. “Next” he might say.  Probably you were at least part of the problem.  Suggest that you have learned, etc, etc. Hopefully you have.  Make it legitimate, but don’t spread it too thick.  In the end, it will work better with the prospective reader of your profile when you take more responsibility.  Short answer — before he invests in you, he wants to calculate the odds.  And if you give him no real data to base that on other than divorced, he will assume the worst.  This is why, as cruel as it might sound, many marriage minded men gravitate to the profiles of widows.  This is a big hump that you must get over, do it with grace.


Most men, even if they have not thought about it, dislike feminism.  Even fellas that profess to like it, often really don’t.  Why not take advantage of this fact?  One could subtly denounce feminist ideas in a playful manner.  Guys can pick up on this and it will really garner their attention.  Fortunately, feminism with all its internal contradictions and general silliness is rather an easy target.  Which means less work for you.

Employing this approach might appear to be a risk.  But “playing it safe” with a profile that looks like so many other profiles will probably not get it done.  If you are a bit cautious, employ these ideas on just one of the many dating sites that you might be using.  Ease yourself into it slowly.

Hopefully you are a quality woman, and you will have good luck.


Well Fuzzie Bear, here is something that might cheer you up.  Go back home, my Bear friend.


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143 comments on “A Novel Online Dating Approach For Women – What Do You Have to Lose?
  1. Farm Boy says:


    This might be a little too strong for your site. What do you think?


  2. Yoda says:

    Pleasant women should be.
    Dignfied also.
    Aunt Beru an example she was

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  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    I don’t know what would work for women. Reading women’s profiles is painful. At a gues, one giving a glimpse into a shared life as an improvement would be so rare as to be unique.


  4. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, Fuzzie Bear, describing a shared life that would be an improvement over the single life might be compelling. Oddly enough, it isn’t mentioned often


  5. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    What kills me is the sameness of them all and that they reveal very little.

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    They probably think that their profiles will work. They might attract guys for pump and dumps. If they want something better, they have to do better.

    Also, there is probably some projection going on there. That is, they are presenting what they might like.


  7. Yoda says:

    A novel approach for men good it would be.
    Think of it first I must.
    Difficult it is.


  8. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    Perhaps, what we are not considering is what approach women are taking. I don’t think many of them are looking for husbnds per se. I think most are looking to progress the relationship through several stages. Find someone to date, then make of him a boyfriend. If all goes well, make of him a husband. In all these transitions, it is at her initiative.

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  9. Yoda says:

    Working more poorly by the day their approach is.


  10. molly says:

    FB I can’t add much on your post. I visited a dating site, looked around and got out. That’s all I can contribute, sorry! :/


  11. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    It’s that they bekieve it can work. There will be no change until the market place comes to a standstill.

    Could you have decided against online dating because you already had enough social contacts?


  12. molly says:

    “you already had enough social contacts?”


  13. molly says:

    I’m surprised women on date sites don’t use Farm Boy’s recipe already. Most of them are too vain to see sense, I guess.


  14. blurkel says:

    I can’t advocate for online dating. Words are cheap, and people will always spin details to show them in their best light. I’d much rather have public face time to see if slightly less public face time is in order.

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  15. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I found it to be a horrible experience. Pour through profile for hours to find somene you like. Spend some time composing an original initial post. Then, wait two days before treating it as a non-response.


  16. molly says:

    Fuzzie, I can imagine how horrible! On my post I hoped for comments re a woman at the top, looking down as there is no “up”. The comments became more on my difficulties (bless them!). I should go back to leave a final comment, saying I’m way better off than most in the SMP / MMP! I’ve never experienced the angst.


  17. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You don’t have to leave a final comment. It will all resolve itself in time.


  18. Farm boy I like this post. I agree, many women could use help understanding how men view profiles. I tried online dating for a little bit several years ago but found it too awkward and gave up on it. It seems like a good idea, and I do know couples who have met and married this way, but I didn’t much care for it.

    As for the post, the only suggestion I would add from a female point of view is I think a few examples would be helpful to illustrate your points. Maybe cut and paste some real life profile text, good and bad examples?

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  19. theasdgamer says:

    FB, I have a lot of social contacts through dancing and meetup. If I were single, I wouldn’t need online dating. So maybe online dating is selecting for people without social contacts or people looking for hookups.

    Fuzzie’s comment about women’s strategy for relationship progression seems accurate and needs more exploration.


  20. Spawny Get says:

    “One could subtly denounce feminist ideas in a playful manner.”
    I mention #NotYourShield in my new post. Which comes more from the male centric point of view. And touches on other subjects. #NotYourShield is a public rejection by women and minorities of the narrative assigned to them by their social aware betters. In some ways it’s more significant than the more widely known #GamerGate.

    Online dating profiles by women show the usual gynocentric attitude; All I need do is turn up and look purty and the men come running. I don’t need to do no stinkin’ work. The huge problem for men is that for many women that’s very true, until it isn’t true at all, at which point it becomes a problem for those women and only those women (men and other women don’t care anymore).

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  21. Tarnished says:

    I made a dating profile so that Unfortunate Virgin could “meet” me in a virtual space he was used to, but took it down afterwards because…obviously…I’m not seeking any other relationships. But I still have the written part of the profile.
    Wonder if I should put it up her for Farm Boy to dissect and discuss. UV did say it was the most detailed and non-narcissistic profile he’d ever seen. This may not mean much though, as apparently the majority of women write pretty vapid profiles, lol.

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    All I need do is turn up and look purty and the men come running

    This is mostly true. If one is young, this approach may lead to marriage. If one is older, it surely will not.


  23. Farm Boy says:

    Wonder if I should put it up heer

    Go for it.

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  24. Farm Boy says:

    #NotYourShield is a public rejection by women and minorities of the narrative assigned to them by their social aware betters.

    So how precisely are they their “betters”?


  25. Farm Boy says:

    As for the post, the only suggestion I would add from a female point of view is I think a few examples would be helpful to illustrate your points. Maybe cut and paste some real life profile text, good and bad examples?

    I could do that, but there might be legal issues. Perhaps I could discuss “generic” mistakes.


  26. Farm Boy says:

    I’d much rather have public face time to see if slightly less public face time is in order.

    True but you have to get that face time first. This means that you have to meet them someplace. If you are looking for a specific niche, online might be the place.


  27. Farm Boy says:

    There is still the question, do women want “attention” or marriage? Or both, but at different times?


  28. Tarnished says:

    Okay, here it is. Be wary though…I’d never written something like this before and I’m afraid I intj’d the crap out of my profile, lol.

    My self-summary
    Religion first, I suppose, since it’s a fairly important topic in the US.
    I’m a solitary Wiccan who doesn’t believe in most of the “New Age” pseudoscience that’s floating around. However, the majority of my friends are Christians so if you don’t try to convert me, we’ll be fine.
    I’ve been a strict ovo-lacto vegetarian since I was 13, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I can cook almost anything, including various meats, and I have no issues with you eating it, but I expect the same respect in regards to my diet.

    I’m the oldest of 4 siblings and come from a home with numerous divorces, as did all my friends growing up, so I’m pretty skeptical of this whole “marriage = forever” trope. Not saying it can’t happen, but I have very little experience with it. Personally, I believe the marriage laws are pretty one sided and gynocentric and currently create more problems than they solve…so not good enough for a truly equal relationship foundation.

    I enjoy making people happier after they’ve met me, hearing different points of view, and doing nerdy stuff in my free time.

    I’m also a strict egalitarian, and believe a men’s rights movement is just as necessary as a women’s rights movement. Both sexes need help navigating this crazy, beautiful, cold world. To say otherwise is sexist, pure and simple.

    Chivalry and traditionalism drive me absolutely nuts, so please do not think you have to do anything special for me. I will gladly pay my own way (plus yours) and put on my own coat, thanks. Common courtesy is greatly appreciated and will be returned, but women aren’t delicate flowers that require the world to bend over backward for them. We’re both adults, right? Let’s act it.

    I believe in evolution, getting your kids vaccinated, being kind to others, earning respect instead of demanding it, that geeks and nerds are far easier to talk to than “muggles” assume, and that Mel Brooks is an insanely accomplished director/actor.

    Looks: I’m 5’7″, white/Germanic stock with blue-grey eyes, honey blonde waist length hair, a size 7, a 36DD chest, and have a curvy type figure. I don’t wear makeup or do much special with my hair…what you see is what you get with me, 24/7.

    What I’m doing with my life
    I’m a manager at a game store, which I positively love. Hope to become a partner and open our next location within 2 years. Already have a double major Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Business Management, will possibly go for my MBA if I have the finances to do so later. I volunteer at the local SPCA, bring canned food donations to the local food pantry, and used to do wildlife rehabilitation. No desire for either marriage or children, though a loving LTR based on equality, responsibility, and trust is certainly in the cards.

    I’m really good at
    Listening to people and making them feel more relaxed. Also, being quietly observant so I can remember small details to make my friends and customers unexpectedly happy. Surprising others by offering a unique snack or favorite meal they casually mentioned 6 weeks ago is a great way to show people you’re capable of listening to them and that you care about their preferences. I really enjoy spreading a bit of sunshine around.

    The first things people usually notice about me
    The fact that I’m always smiling…and always working. Maybe I should start whistling too, I hear they go together well.

    Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
    Hmm, books is tough. I love reading, but especially sci-fi, fantasy, gender analysis, and natural sciences. I am subscribed to Scientific American and Psychology Today. Favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Octavia E Butler, Neil Gaiman, James P Hogan, Jared Diamond, Anne McCaffrey…the list goes on. Comic books are a staple, especially ones involving Alan Moore or Michael Straczynski.

    TV? I download Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time, and Agents of Shield onto my iPad since I’m always on the go. I do, however, have a large flat screen TV that has my Xbox 360, N64, PS2, and GameCube hooked up to it. Right now I’m playing Bound by Flame, Divinity II, and Legend of Dragoon (again).

    Favorite movies? Hmm. Anything with action and explosions. The A-Team, anything with superheroes, comedies, or sci-fi/fantasy is a must. Definitely looking forward to seeing Groot voiced by Vin Diesel and Smaug not being a ridiculous cat-lizard. No romantic comedies or chick flicks, please!

    Music is pretty much anything not country or hardcore rap. I like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Loreena McKennitt, Genesis, Panic at the Disco, The Beatles, Deathcab for Cutie, Owl City, and anything that is fun to sing along to.

    Food? Anything that tastes good and is ovo-lacto vegetarian! A hearty, flavorful meal that can be enjoyed slowly is 1000% better than nutrient-empty crap. Willing to try anything once so long as it’s meat-free.

    Only Broadway show I’ve ever seen was Spamalot, and it was great! I do hope to see more though.

    The six things I could never do without
    A sturdy knife (hey, it’s useful)

    Vegetarian food

    My glasses



    A way to communicate with friends/family

    I spend a lot of time thinking about
    Everything from what I’m going to cook for dinner to the subtleties of artificial intelligence ethics if we breech that particular singularity. The world is impossibly large and interesting, and it’s fun to stretch one’s views and gain new knowledge. Smart = sexy. Don’t think for a minute you have to “keep up with me” though, I can have normal conversations…promise!

    On a typical Friday night I am
    Going to the movies, playing D&D (or other pen and paper RPGs) with friends, relaxing at home with a good book and cup of tea, or visiting my family.

    The most private thing I’m willing to admit
    I was a virgin till age 22, and still have issues with physical intimacy due to childhood trauma. I’m not broken anymore, but the cracks are always there…just letting you know up front. I can’t do casual, but really enjoy numerous types of sex with my long-term FwB, so am fully capable of rocking your world if you can be patient while we get to know each other.

    I’m looking for
    Men who like women
    Ages 30–50
    Near me
    Who are single

    You should message me if
    You know all the words to the song “So Long and Thanks for all the Fish”, or know why Stormtroopers can’t aim worth shit.

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  29. Tarnished says:

    Farm Boy,

    Define “attention”?
    Most people seek out some kind of attention in relationships…it’s natural to want to spend time with someone you care about, whether they are a friend or a lover. Likewise, it’s natural to want them to desire spending time with you.


  30. Yoda says:

    “Validation” attention could be construed.
    Not really so healthy this would be.


  31. blurkel says:

    …the majority of women write pretty vapid profiles, lol.

    How else can it be when every woman is a princess awaiting her Prince CHarming to show up and sweep her off her glass slippers?


  32. blurkel says:

    So how precisely are they their “betters”?

    In their own self-appointed superior minds. When someone else shows them to actually be inferior, things get nasty quickly, for the delusion must be maintained.


  33. blurkel says:

    @Farm Boy

    Maybe using snippets of profiles containing the more egreigious phrases will suffice?


  34. blurkel says:

    re: face time

    IF I were looking to date, my employer provides many opportunities to have face time with females, some of whom are quite attractive. No cost, and no loss if it doesn’t go well.

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  35. blurkel says:

    There is still the question, do women want “attention” or marriage? Or both, but at different times?

    Both, as I see it. The attention is how her value is ascertained, and marriage is the goal. Once the marriage is achieved, defending her property from other women becomes the strategy, But this regularly fails due to treating her man like property. The amount of attention she now needs after the wedding only grows.


  36. Tarnished says:

    Glass slippers suck.
    Barefoot is where it’s at.


  37. blurkel says:

    Let’s try some of these on for size.


    For example, a scene where one woman is listing another woman’s accomplishments, and then says “basically, she’s a whore,” Kao changes that to “basically, she’s adorbs.” A rant on a female character’s excessive concern about marriage becomes an explanation of how women are socialized to see marriage as an ultimate goal. And water-cooler chatter slut-shaming a colleague for her sexy outfit sounds way better when the woman’s coworkers celebrate that she can wear whatever she wants and be successful at her job.

    None of those comments are coming from men, however.

    This quote wanders into a minefield:


    You never want to have a sit-down-and-talk conversation about your own sex life because then it becomes finger-pointy.

    On achieving that ultimate goal:


    So on the way to a weekend away, I said, ‘Ya know, our friends think we might get engaged on our trip.'” It started a discussion, and within months they’d decided to marry.

    Generally speaking, I believe these quotes all express the idea that a woman expect only positive energy in the attention she gets. Also, any goals to be achieved are hers.

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  38. Tarnished says:

    Question: “adorbs”? Because we really need a shorthand version of adorable?
    I know this is a nitpicky thing, but to me “adorbs” sounds more like a slang term for a coupe.

    “Yeah man, I just bought a new car…A sedan? Nah, it’s adorb (a double door).”

    Sorry, my mind is weird.


  39. Spawny Get says:


    I think you overcooked it but without saying anything that I would see as a huge problem (except having FWB?). You stated stuff that maybe would have been better left as indicated…if you catch my drift. Too upfront and hardcore. Unless you’re looking to be something more like a boyfriend than a girlfriend (and obviously you might well be looking for that, fair does).

    Though why such a character working in a games shop would need to advertise for a boyfriend would cause me to ponder a little. Shirley you sound ideal to all your male single customers – that’s a question that would occur to me. Where’s the catch? There must be one…

    Respects on the INTJ though…though there’s no explicit femininity to be seen (might be accurate and deliberate). You might find that men have two reactions:
    1) where’s the catch?
    2) hell, could I even keep up? Not as a ‘I can’t handle her’, but as a ‘what about just time together as boy/girl friend?’ Most men will love the equality thing, but they also probably love femininity. A lot of your pastimes ‘reek’ of care and compassion but not really femininity (again, you might have aimed for that)

    You’re ‘looking for single’ but mention long term FWB…confusing.

    Your description doesn’t make me think of you as the you I know (via text comms). Either your profile or my internal model of you is faulty.

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  40. Tarnished says:

    Lol, told you I intj’d it!

    Keep in mind that this was essentially written for Unfortunate Virgin…I even used a male name and no photo to prevent other users from getting interested. He wanted to know more about me early on, and this was a first attempt.

    I did indeed mean for it to be unfeminine. People should know what they’re getting into when meeting a new person, and I wanted to dissuade any notions of me having “hidden femininity”. It would be cruel to make a man believe I’d just need some convincing or validation and I’d magically want to wear dresses/makeup or act submissive. That’s not me…dating me would probably be like dating another man (personality and confidence-wise), and I didn’t want this to be a surprise.

    In regards to the assertion I’d already have a steady stream of potential suitors…yes and no. Many stores, including my own, frown greatly on staff dating regular customers. Also, the majority of ones who are single in my area are pretty chivalrous, which would…through no real fault of their own…just grate on my nerves constantly. That’s one of the things I love most about my FwB, he doesn’t treat me like a woman, he treats me like a person.

    I did indeed mention my FwB, because I was attempting to find another FwB. I was very upfront with UV that if we did connect, I wasn’t “leaving” my current lover. He was cool with that, so it’s really crappy that it didn’t work out.

    I only put “looking for single” because you have to put something and there were no options for “anything so long as you’re not committed”, lol.

    I think you’re internal model of me is only “off” inasmuch as I’m not trying to date you. (No offense.) It’d be slightly different if we were “together” in that way and I had to take the reins in large aspects of the relationship. In fact, it probably wouldn’t work between us since you’ve professed a (entirely natural) desire for feminine women, which I am assuredly not.

    I’m kind, compassionate, caring, and loving. But asking me to be feminine would be like asking you, Blurkel, Farm Boy, or Cill to be. It would be laughable at best, insulting at worst. My body doesn’t match my brain…and I accept this Truth. My goal in writing this profile was to make sure there’s no miscommunication in regards to this fact.


  41. Tarnished says:

    Ugh…not that I would *have* to take the reins in our hypothetical relationship. It’s just what I’m used to doing in my current one so we aren’t scrambling for dinner or tickets or time. I’m absolutely sure that you are more on top of things than my lover.


  42. blurkel says:

    Question: “adorbs”? Because we really need a shorthand version of adorable?

    Like you, I find this pointless as well. Just one more reason why there are communications issues between generations.

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  43. Spawny Get says:

    We’re fine. You laid it out. I don’t see the femininity requiring subservience, though maybe it has an impact on reins…a nuanced area.

    My comment was more an attempt to describe the message being sent.

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  44. Tarnished says:

    I’m 31 this year…which generation am I supposed to be, again?
    Stopped keeping track.


  45. Tarnished says:


    Perhaps not subservience, but in complementary relationships there seems to be a definite distinction between He and She roles.

    Males are active, assertive, confident, and leaders.
    Females are quiescent, passive, demure, and followers.

    [SG – as tendencies, I think you’re accurate. It will maybe flow back and forth on some issues perhaps? I have no problem with that. Feminine role though? Not going to work for me ;)]

    Note: There’s nothing wrong with this, and I know it works beautifully for many couples.In fact, I honestly believe it has the potential to work well in the overwhelming majority of relationships. But as one of those pesky exceptions that prove the aforementioned rule, it’s not an absolute.

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  46. blurkel says:

    I’m 31 this year…which generation am I supposed to be, again?

    I believe this makes you Gen X, but i don’t keep track either. Being on the back side of the Baby Boom means I always got the leftovers discarded by those on the front side.


  47. Spawny Get says:

    “which generation am I supposed to be, again”

    In unicorn generations? Idunno


  48. Cill says:

    Unicorn Generation (Gen U?) was an awfully long time ago:

    [SG – I’m old. I remember it. Sue me]



  49. Cill says:

    I think I’ll address Tarn as Gen U’er from now on


  50. Spawny Get says:

    Making me Man U’er I guess. Charming.


  51. Yoda says:

    Males are active, assertive, confident, and leaders.
    Females are quiescent, passive, demure, and followers.

    Better this way things are.
    Anakin a whiny bitch he was.
    Be like him not.

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  52. Yoda says:


    Already write them they do.
    Manginas also.


  53. Yoda says:

    Generally speaking, I believe these quotes all express the idea that a woman expect only positive energy in the attention she gets.

    Divorced 40+ women get positive energy not.
    Surprised they must be.


  54. Cill says:

    The positive energy Big Red gives and receives is legendary


  55. Cill says:

    Other women should take a leaf out of Big Red’s book. BR could run an agony column, “Aunt Reddy”.
    Her fav comment would be STFU! She would bracket every sentence with it, like book ends each with STFU engraved into it.


  56. Cill says:

    “Dear Aunt Reddy,
    My husband restricts my spending to $1m per month. He earns a piddly $200,000 per annum and has run out of collateral to borrow the extra that would keep me in the lifestyle I deserve. What am I to do? Betsy xxx”

    Dear Betsy,
    STFU! Don’t you read anything you pathetic cry-me-a-river bitch? You don’t need his per-fucking-mission! Spend to the max and kick him out and if he cries like a river tell him to man up and STFU! xxx”

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  57. molly says:

    Her agony col displays her credentails, Aunt B. Reddy PhD STFU (Hons) UCLA Feb 2014


  58. molly says:

    Did you notice the blazing wit of my ‘Feb’ bit, Unca S?

    [SG – the recognised, official term is ‘Shining Wit’. It’s a Spoonerism. Runny Babbit – Bunny Rabbit. Shining Wit – ??????? ???? (with a little ‘poetic’ license)]


  59. molly says:

    It means her Doctorate was worth a month of study and anyway there’s no such thing as a doctorate with Hons 😉


  60. Yoda says:

    Other women should take a leaf out of Big Red’s book. BR could run an agony column, “Aunt Reddy”

    I am woman, hear me roar.
    In a package to loud to tgnore.


  61. Yoda says:

    Helen Reddy down under she was from.
    Marsupial she might have been


  62. Yoda says:

    Barefoot is where it’s at

    Barefoot and pregnant you are?


  63. molly says:

    How ’bout “titillating wit”?
    Hahahaha! got ’em, got ’em!

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  64. Spawny Get says:

    Merit badge for Molly


  65. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Did someone mention Helen Reddy? I had a choice, 1973 or 2013. She was very good looking in 1973.

    Now, I have to watch about twelve bagpipe videos in a row.


  66. molly says:

    Fuzzie she’s quite good. I’m not much into old fashioned singers tho. Hollie Smith would do it better.
    I can see where Big Red got the Aunt Reddy idea from tho!


  67. molly says:

    “Now, I have to watch about twelve bagpipe videos in a row.”
    I don’t get it Fuzzie!


  68. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Molly, The bagpipe videos would get that song out of my head.

    I found this over at AVfM. This guy needs an attorney NOW.


  69. Spawny Get says:

    Twelve? What did you do? Mass murder? Get caught pissing in the fembots party’s punch bowl?


  70. Spawny Get says:

    Fuzzie, I would have said he’s taking it better than I would, but then I listened to the end…

    Him being gay makes the case more ridiculous, but it doesn’t make it less just than a straight guy getting that. A lot of straight guys aren’t going to like the implication that it would be less wrong for them to be stranger-financially-raped. I’m not in favour of victimhood poker. We need equal rights for everyone, not some sliding scale. That’s how we got into this shit in the first place.


  71. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That he is gay only serves to make it more of a travesty on paper. I have heard of these things actually sticking. In my opinion, the accusing woman is using the power of the law to commit fraud. In doing this, she has also offended the court by perpetrating a fraud on it.
    There is a solution for this guy if he does get the worst of it.

    Sfcton doesn’t think too much of these guys but, I do remember Gary Cooper in Beau Geste.


  72. Cill says:

    “We need equal rights for everyone, not some sliding scale.”

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  73. blurkel says:

    “Titillating wit”? Does this mean her boobs are smarter than she is?


  74. Spawny Get says:

    Oh he’s in trouble, definitely. This is going to cost him a fortune because he didn’t challenge paternity within the alotted time. Why didn’t he? Well, bit of a guess, but I’ll go with the standard method. When she filed for paternity she gave a false address for him. He never got the notification. That’s how it’s done.

    He has already been legally judged responsible, he needs to overturn a ‘legal’ (amoral) judgement. He can sue her all he likes, but I bet she has nothing to pay him to cover his costs.


  75. Spawny Get says:

    Actually Blurkel, as a Spoonerism it’s ‘witilating tit’…very nice work Moll. Very nice.


  76. Spawny Get says:

    You have now earned your Orca Wings…with merit badge.


  77. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    This could be the straw that breaks the came’s back.I hope that he finds Clarence Darrow to take his case.


  78. Spawny Get says:

    I feel for the guy, I’m just not interested in standing up for his having enhanced rights as a gay man, when the injustice is not about his sexuality, it’s about his sex. He’s alienating potential supporters.

    I understand why he thinks the fembots should be more supportive of him as opposed to a straight guy…but I bet they won’t be. A few easy words of support, at best.

    Men of every stripe seem not to understand that feminism is for white female feminists, it’s not really for women except as a power base, but it damn sure isn’t for any ebul penus weeldin’ man of any colour, sexuality or political alliance.


  79. molly says:

    ‘witilating tit’
    The tit mightier than the pen is.


  80. Spawny Get says:

    When the legal system is this in your face broken..people stop looking to the law for justice. They need to sort this shit out, not just for gay men, but for all men. I’ve heard of this before, hence the guess about false addresses. I bet that when he checks back, the address she gave for the subpoena to be sent to was false. The scam works because the guy doesn’t know anything until it’s too late, she makes sure of that. Nothing will happen to her. Hell, I bet she’ll pull it again on some other guy. She doesn’t care, the legal system gets paid, the cops get paid…It’s all good, as long as you have no morals whatsofuckingever.


  81. Spawny Get says:

    Good night Molly. A fine day’s work today.

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  82. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    Sorry to get you all riled up before bedtime. You’re right, the best that the fembots will give him is a little lip service. They are all in favor of women being empowered to commit injustice.

    Liked by 1 person

  83. Cill says:

    duck fit all over the pond.


  84. Cill says:

    A fine day’s work by all today, spawny. May you sleep the good sleep of the deserving.

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  85. molly says:

    Sorry I’m late with my “goodnight”, Spawny. We wouldn’t have got going without you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  86. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Sorry to keep going back to that guy but, there is no way any man can defend himself from something like that. It’s like being hit wih lightening out of clear blue sky.

    Liked by 1 person

  87. molly says:

    Food on the house! 🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯 (try to limit yours to 4, Fuzzie, you’ve only got 4 paws!)


  88. Yoda says:

    Ask himself that fella must,
    “My cause attack white men it does?”
    If no, feminists care not for his tale of woe

    Liked by 1 person

  89. Yoda says:

    They are all in favor of women being empowered to commit injustice.

    Empowered they will be.
    Only thing that matters it is.

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  90. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I think that I’ll take the burritos one at a time from now on. Things can get very messy if I read something shocking or funny. 🐻 🙄

    Those fembots!!


  91. Yoda says:

    The tit mightier than the pen is.

    True this would be.
    More influence Padme had as Anakin’s lover than as Senator she did.


  92. Cill says:

    The woman who’ll be struggling to get by on $120,000 / year deserves 98.36% of his income by absolute (viz feminist) right. There’s no need for adjudication. She’s female. He’s male. The only right he has is to be alive as her slave. End of story. Male vs Female rights today are the rights of Slaves vs Owners 4000 years ago.


  93. Cill says:

    ” The tit mightier than the pen is.

    True this would be.
    More influence Padme had as Anakin’s lover than as Senator she did.”

    And her tit more power than his penis too it had.


  94. Yoda says:

    I think that I’ll take the burritos one at a time from now on

    Come out one at a time also do they?

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  95. Yoda says:

    Anakin’s penis bigger than a pen it was?
    If not, much it explains.


  96. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That is the Sunshine that you were looking for.
    I went over there and left a comment.

    I ate all the burritos. “Burp” May we have more?


  97. Yoda says:

    A bear does he burp in the Woods?


  98. Cill says:

    “Come out one at a time also do they?”
    Throttles them in pairs, he does.
    Save on wipe it does


  99. Cill says:

    Double burps he does
    His ursine chuff to clear.


  100. Cill says:

    Sound it makes
    Like cow pulling hoof from bog it is.


  101. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    We’ll burp any where we darn well please.
    I hope that Molly makes a chile verde burrito.


  102. Yoda says:

    Padawan the Poet make appearance he should.


  103. molly says:

    Yessir Fuzzie suh!
    Keep his paws busy, quick! 🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯
    (alive today, fart tax tomorrow)


  104. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Thank you!!! Yum! The chile verde was a request for Yoda.
    They’re going to tax farts? This could get expensive!


  105. Cill says:

    When bear is done,
    A green pine cone bung he uses

    [SG – only green on the way in]


  106. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    There is that. There is also the secondary benefit of fishing, bathing is involved.

    I feel much better now.


  107. Cill says:

    I’m so pleased to hear that, Fuzzie!

    P. S. Bathing is so much more dignified than a bung 😉


  108. Cill says:

    However you should not bath until risk of follow-through is low


  109. Cill says:

    Otherwise Salmon will not live to Spawny


  110. Cill says:

    Getting back to the video, there was an other video recently of a woman marketing positive pregnancy tests for women to entrap men:


  111. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Sandman had a video on that recently. Stuff like that does not engender trust. To add to that, is this any way to start a lifelong partnership in which trust is essential?


  112. Cill says:

    Fuzzy “trust” and “lifelong partnership” are irrelevant anachronisms in the Brave New Feminist World.


  113. molly says:

    To use a positive pregnancy test for trapping a man is disgusting! 😦


  114. molly says:

    It’s so disgusting I am ashamed.


  115. molly says:

    I’m going for a swim, I don’t feel clean. Goodnight Eastern USA!


  116. Sumo says:

    I’ve never been scared of pregnacy claims, as I always figured that if the bun doesn’t come out of the oven with slanty eyes, I’ve got nothing to worry about.

    Until I saw that video. Shit like that actually frightens The Mighty Sumo.

    Liked by 1 person

  117. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You’re not the one who should be ashamed. The ones that would countenece such a ploy should be ashamed.
    Enjoy your swim. It’s too bad that I can’t join you, I might be confused for a seal. :O


  118. Yoda says:

    The chile verde was a request for Yoda.,

    Green I am.
    Green I always shall be.


  119. Cill says:

    Sumo it could happen to any of us. An order against us signed sealed and not delivered, and we don’t know anything about it until we try to renew our driver’s license or passport. There but for the grace of god go I. Although… I don’t belong to a date site or have my profile in Facebook… Thank the lord for that.


  120. Yoda says:

    Fuzzy “trust” and “lifelong partnership” are irrelevant anachronisms

    Part of the Patriarchy they were.
    Destroyed it must they do believe.
    Bring forth a better world they claim


  121. Yoda says:

    my profile in Facebook

    The most weak minded they are.
    Easiest to manipulate with Jedi mind tricks they would be.
    Opiate for the masses it is.


  122. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Facebook could be a vulnerability. Spawny is more security conscious than I am. Maybe he will see this and weigh in. A dating site would be more secure. Personal information is not in your face.


  123. Yoda says:

    I’m going for a swim, I don’t feel clean.

    The influence of the dark side this is.


  124. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    This bear cannot be living in the past in regards to those two points. While we know that the fembots want to destroy marriage, those two points are at the foundation of it.


  125. Sumo says:

    I do have a FB profile, but the byproduct/curse of my former occupation means that I have the most restricted FB access possible.

    Yes, yes, I understand – feel free to revoke my man card.

    Liked by 1 person

  126. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I got tlked into Facebook. I never go there. Maybe I should think about deleting it.
    So, don’t turn your man card yet.


  127. Sumo says:

    Fuzzie, I signed up of my own volition. I go there daily, as most of my “friends” and extended family use it.

    I have no excuse.


  128. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Your honesty and humility have made me smile. If family are using it as a message board, what can your detractors counter with?


  129. Yoda says:

    This bear cannot be living in the past in regards to those two points. While we know that the fembots want to destroy marriage, those two points are at the foundation of it.

    In the woods too long the bear has been.
    Marriage about fun and money (for her) it is


  130. Yoda says:

    Your honesty and humility have made me smile

    More impressive it would be if he woman he was.
    Humility women much need.


  131. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Marriage is all fun and games for the ladies? This is beginning to haunt me. Fun and games does not convert easily into motherhood.


  132. theasdgamer says:

    Good times out dancing with Mrs. Gamer last night. No drama from dancing with other women. XD Yes, the secret to preventing drama from dancing with other women is…[cough]…I see a light up ahead…[cough]…don’t know if I can mafagafl…[aaargh]


  133. Sumo says:

    Spawny, I think that was Gamer humor. You know, pretend to reveal the “secret”, then mysteriously die before dropping knowledge.

    ‘Twas a decent effort, but when it comes to comedy, he’s no Sumo. 😉


  134. Spawny Get says:

    Thought I’d missed the chain of comments culminating in that one.


  135. Cill says:

    I’m going with Brother Sumo’s explanation, not because I can understand WTF he’s talking about, but because he’s a good cook.

    Liked by 1 person

  136. theasdgamer says:

    Seriously, I simply flirted a lot with Mrs. Gamer and that distracted her from worrying about other women.


  137. Cill says:

    Now even I can understand that! Fair enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  138. blurkel says:


    No one in theri right mind should ever give over that much personal information to a sociopath who uses your information against you for money. your likes, dislikes, and activity records are used by advertisers to decide what offers to hit you with. With the FCC decision on net neutrality pending, do you want your limited bandwidth used up by such ads?


  139. Yoda says:

    Fun and games does not convert easily into motherhood.

    Noticed women behaving this way I did.
    Strange I thought it was.
    Others thought it strange not.


  140. Yoda says:

    The ocean cliffs above where Fuzzie Bear pranced as a wee cub he did.
    The force knows much it does.


  141. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    “Prancing as a wee cub” is theought that made me happy.

    Are you out there? Maybe it would help if I found you :tuna: :tuna: :tuna:


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