The Red Pill Classroom — NAWALT

This is the second entry in a series that explains red-pill terms.

Todays lesson will be about NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That).  Invariably the term is used when someone describes some woman’s behavior that is less than flattering.  The invocation of Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT) is meant to forestall any suggestion that the behavior generalizes.

And of course in large complex system such as the set of women, almost no behavior fully generalizes.  So whenever NAWALT is invoked, it is undoubtedly true.  However, the real question is, “How much does the stated behavior generalize to women as a whole”.  Of course, there could be a wide range of answers to this.  And this should really be the next step when NAWALT is invoked; that is, to determine how much the implied assertion does generalize.

From a larger picture perspective, many women believe that men just like to state unflattering things about women.  And that they take their pleasure from this.  There are undoubtedly some who are like this.  However, most men would like to have healthy relationships with women, they want to like them.  Even the most aggressive and relentless commentators in the manosphere probably felt this way sometime in their lives. So, please consider this when assessing what the men in manosphere say.

Addendum ——–

Here is a possum from my farm if somebody wants to use it as a gravitar.

They are marsupials, so that might appeal to those down under.


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9 comments on “The Red Pill Classroom — NAWALT
  1. blurkel says:

    What? No echidna pix???

    NAWALT candidates are rare, yet among our regulars we have some. I think we all know who they are!


  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    No, NAWALT has take on a whole new meaning. In applying the condition of “No All Women Are Like That” The women that are not like that become so rare that we are entering unicorn territory.


  3. That possum pic is adorable!!! 🙂


  4. Yoda says:

    Cute they are.
    Non-humans appealing they can be.


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