Women Throw The SMP Completely Out Of Whack

Cill’s note #1: My 19 year old cousin Molly wanted to write this post. Although she is brilliant, words are not her strong suit. She asked me to take her draft and reword it, which I have done.

Here is the first thing:
Men are fairly accurate and realistic about their ratings in the SMP. They rate approximately 50% of women to be average or above. Women are inaccurate and unrealistic, judging a mere 20% of men to be average or above. A woman of average appeal thinks she competes for men within the top 20%. In a scale of 1 to 10, a woman of 5 thinks she’s on a par with a man of 8. Women are out of whack to the extent of 160% (80 / 50). That.Is.Huge. This phenomenon is so well known, it can be verified with a simple search on the internet.

This female wackiness is not a mere aberration. It is universal and inherent. It is an extreme lack of grip on reality, a potentially fatal flaw. It shows that women are manifestly unfit to be the arbiters of relationships, sex, the SMP, rape, DV, social justice, or morality. It reveals an essential biological reason for men and throws it into startling relief. Women are unhinged. Humanity cannot survive without the rational influence of men. Figuratively speaking, women carry the extinction gene and men have hitherto prevented the extinction from occurring. I am saying the wackiness does not stop at the SMP. It goes right across the board and explains everything from hypergamy to the false rape syndrome.

I chanced upon Bloom’s “Is Commitment Phobia Real?” http://notesfromaredpillgirl.com/2014/12/16/is-commitment-phobia-real/

“Men also have a much harder time getting a woman with a SMP value equal to (or above) their own, the women they want to commit to, because those women are likely aiming for guys above their SMP.

Then it gets even trickier. Some men, those at the top of the SMP scale, with a SMP value of 8 plus, are in such demand that they can almost literally have their pick EXCEPT with female 8s and above.”

This brings me to the second thing:
[Cill’s note #2: I need to explain here that Molly is described by people who see her as “Absolutely Gorgeous”, “The Perfect 10”, “Divinely Beautiful Woman” and so on. It’s always an awkward point to make, but it has to be made. Otherwise an essential aspect behind all of her expressions will be lost. In terms of its impact on her it’s like an hilarious affliction, which she handles in a resigned and often uproarious way]

Where does this leave the women who rate at 10 on the scale? Does she too over-rate herself, or does the wackiness stop at her? There are two sides to the coin after all. On one side is the over-rating of herself. On the other side is the under-rating of men. Does she underrate the men who rate at 10 so much that they are to her no more attractive than a 3? At her level, does a levelling-out occur, and qualities of character transcend the supposedly ubiquitous tingles. Can character itself become the source of the tingles? What effect will this have on the gene base of the tribe/group within which she selects?

[Cill’s note #3: Please bear in mind that she wrote her draft before she saw my note #2 or any of my other notes. ]

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275 comments on “Women Throw The SMP Completely Out Of Whack
  1. Farm Boy says:

    It is an extreme lack of grip on reality, a potentially fatal flaw.

    This is only true if your reality includes civilization. If you want to live like a caveman, this situation is perfectly fine. It might have even been designed for such situations.

    Moe Man, can you comment?

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  2. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    In the current SMP with hypergamy running wild, very high value women are out of luck. These women will have to compete with all, average and above, for her equal. She is being crowded out.

    Congratulations on your first post!

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    It shows that women are manifestly unfit to be the arbiters of relationships, sex, the SMP, rape, DV, social justice, or morality.

    My buddy Yoda continually regales about the downfall of the Jedi. Women were admitted to the ranks. Everything went downhill from there. Anakin was given way to much credit. He just toppled a weak tree that was about to fall.

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  4. Moehau Man says:

    Yes, Farm Boy, I’m thinking in the caveman days women were not in charge as they are today. Mrs Moehau Man (my soothsaying old mum) read young Molly’s post and remarked “I think it is true, the cavemen were preventing the extinction from occurring.”

    When women have too much privilege, and too much of the say, the threat of extinction does loom rather large.

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  5. Cill says:

    To which I would add, the flaw has the potential to be fatal when nature’s balance is broken.

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    Remember that women desire to “marry up”. This is not just a “False Consciousness” type of thing as Marx might suggest. How could this possibly happen when they rate most men poorly?

    Eventually they might marry one of men that they rate poorly as they approach the wall. How will that work out?


  7. Farm Boy says:

    “Women Throw The SMP Completely Out Of Whack”

    The MMP also.

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  8. Spawny Get says:

    New author, joint effort, editorial service and researcher supplying links?

    New level unlocked

    Blog now operating with total team turbothrust…terrific.


  9. Spawny Get says:

    Just put the bins out. Yikes -4°. Cold enough to freeze the balls on a brass monkey. Lucky I’ve got a balaclava helmet on order.


  10. molly says:

    Fuzzie, a very interesting comment. It’s against the usual beliefs yet it’s true. My personality attracts men yet they don’t get too close coz of my looks. I’m leaving out the hard core of male fans who fancy themselves as irresistible. The men I who want to know are the interesting ones, who don’t try to compete with the hard core. You guys are the only interesting men I had a chance to mix with.


  11. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The SMP/MMP is veryt much out of whack. This begs the question, “What are you going to do about it?”All markets have a way of working this out. This one may sputter for a while but, it will find its legs again. For now, I think enough men will withdraw to give discerning women a pause to consider. These men will come back if they can expect to be treated with a modicum of dignity.


  12. molly says:

    Lazy me thanks Farm Boy for the links in the first comment.
    Thank you Farm Boy! 🙂


  13. Spawny Get says:

    Oh…great post by the way. There’s an immense amount of ego hyperinflation out there. Got a feeling that the level of mental med usage must be linked the the hard landing increasing numbers of women get when they realise they will be living alone permanently, their career sucks but nobody cares anymore. Men are far clearer that nobody cares from the get go.

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  14. molly says:

    “You guys are the only interesting men I had a chance to mix with.”
    Apart from rellies of course! Sorry Cill! 😦
    (And Moe, as a kind of Moehau relly I guess) 😉

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  15. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    You may have to develop a talent that truly beautiful women seem to come by over time.
    Years ago, I was watching a TV program that was covering the opening of the New York Stock Exchange that day. It was the dead of winter and the parent company of Sports Illustrated magazine rang the opening bell. Among their number was the cover model for the annual swimsuit edition. I think it was Bar Rafeli that year.
    The time comes to interview on the floor and the interviewer is completely tongue tied. He’s used to dealing with captains of industry but can’t handle beauty on that level. She’s takes his hands in hers and somehow quiets his spirit so the interview can go forward.
    I wonder, fro, time to time, if they ever saw each other again.

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  16. molly says:

    “now operating with total team turbothrust”
    It’s true! Yay!
    Orca with the Force it is + 60 knot Cill, W-h-o-o-o-s-h better n’ R-o-o-o-s-h 😀

    Spawny and Farm Boy, what do you think about Fuzzie 11:04 pm


  17. Farm Boy says:

    Spawny and Farm Boy, what do you think about Fuzzie 11:04 pm

    I will congratulate you also.


  18. molly says:

    Fuzzie I’d hold their hands if it wouldn’t be awkward. They would be embarrassed. If I saw a chance where it wouldn’t be awkward I’d do it 😉


  19. molly says:

    Farm Boy I wanted comment on the “high value women are out of luck” too. And Spawny. Thanks! 🙂


  20. Spawny Get says:

    I think economics are going to resolve this. A couple of factors. Midnight right now, too late for such seriousness.

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Farm Boy I wanted comment on the “high value women are out of luck” too.

    Almost no women are out of luck. I see young women today who would have been sidelined when I was in my twenties doing rather well with the guys.

    It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. A woman can be totally unattractive by the standards of yesterday, and still get action. But can she marry, have kids and be happy. As Meatloaf said,


  22. Tarnished says:

    This is what happens when girls are raised to believe they are inherently “better” than boys…the balance between the sexes is lost.

    Just look at any dating site…the women who say things like;

    You better hope you can handle me.

    I don’t come cheap, you should expect to wine-and-dine me.

    I have an incredibly busy social life so don’t think I’ll drop it just for you.

    I’ll act like a princess if you treat me like one.

    So on, so forth. There’s guys who write similar things of course, but most would just rightly classify them as douches. When a woman writes crap like this, she’s “empowered”.

    Empowered, my arse.
    Entitled more like.

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Quick quiz — Which of the two of the three can she have?


  24. Tarnished says:


    I don’t know if high value women are completely out of luck. If a female with 10 physical attractiveness is simply looking to wed and bed a male 10…eh, probably not. That male 10 in looks can fairly easily have a pick of female 7s, 8s, and 9s. Maybe even some 10s who aren’t commitment oriented at that point. Unless he also wants a family there’s little reason for him to settle down.

    Now, what a female 10 could do is find a male who is a 7-8 in looks but a 10 in his career and personality. Someone who is patient, kind, desires a family life, is frugal and has good work ethic.

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  25. molly says:

    Tarn, the balance is lost. I come upon the princess behaviour almost every day! It’s disgusting 😦 I wonder why men do put up with women at all! One day they won’t any more. I so hate the fembots.

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  26. Tarnished says:

    That’s why it’s up to those of us who desire actual partnerships/equal relationships to set them straight! 😉

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  27. molly says:

    Tarn a 3 or a 4 on physical appeal is fine for me but they are out of reach by them, not me. The women get madest at a woman who steps out of hypergamy like when I show attraction to a 3, like I betrayed the gruop-think. I think you’re right, 7-8 in looks but a 10 in his career and personality. I’ll keep an eye out! 😉 Thanks

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  28. molly says:

    O yeah we must set them straight! I’d like to do it with Moe’s Kauri Club, yet I have to be real! grrrrr! lol

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  29. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    The market is out of whack. It’s not the end of the market, it’s just that it will require a correction. However, the SMP/MMP manuevers as well as the CSS Virginia, that’s not very well.
    I have confidence that there is someone out there for you.Just find him and lock him down.

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  30. Tarnished says:

    You know why that is, right? By you (a 10) accepting the offers…whatever they may be…of a 3 or 4, you’re essentially showing them up. I even encountered this while simply being kind and having conversations with “unattractive” male classmates. And I’m only an 8! I can only imagine what you go through with other women. Bleh. 😛

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  31. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Tarnished @ 12;12am,
    I am so sick and tired of reading profiles.

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  32. molly says:

    Thanks Fuzzie 🐻
    People say I’m too picky coz I don’t have a boyfriend and they don’t believe I’m a virgin, which I am. If all the princesses are doing it I must be double-doing it, they think. There’s an issue of trust, and stereotype.
    Thank you Fuzzie, I’m sure you’re right! 🙂


  33. Farm Boy says:

    I come upon the princess behaviour almost every day!

    That sure would be a good blog post topic.


  34. molly says:

    Tarn I don’t know if you read it, I do get even with the jealous princesses and it gives me cruel joy:

    It’s a way of getting rid of the “grrrr”! >:D


  35. Farm Boy says:

    I’ll act like a princess if you treat me like one.

    What will you do if I role play Cinderella’s step-mom?

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  36. Spawny Get says:

    “Empowered, my arse.”
    Tarn, I’m sooo proud of you right now. Proper spelling and all. I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye…both of them. The sniffling is just allergies.

    We should all acknowledge the truth, it just sounds better that way.


  37. molly says:

    Spawny I held this comment for when you awake. A soft W-h-o-o-o-s-h is onomatopoeiac susurration. 🙂

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  38. Farm Boy says:

    And I’m only an 8!

    You do realize that this blog can handle pictures.


  39. Spawny Get says:

    A little proper country music


  40. blurkel says:

    Men are increasingly (While still relatively a miniscule population of the total) changing their feminine evaluation standards. It’s less what she looks like in favor of what she’s willing to do for him. Only if she increases her value to him will he overlook the desperate economic conditions he generally finds himself these days and allow some kind of a connection.

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  41. Spawny Get says:

    Actually a pretty song when not added around with.


  42. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Farm Boy,
    “And I’m only an 8!”
    “You do realize that this blog can handle pictures.”
    I don’t want my picture handed out by fembots to hunters. o-O


  43. Spawny Get says:

    And we forgot the chrimbo music


  44. molly says:

    Farm Boy I’m not sure what you mean by “Quick quiz — Which of the two of the three can she have?” Which 2 of which 3 ?


  45. molly says:

    “You do realize that this blog can handle pictures”
    I started off with an avatar photo. O dear! I couldn’t go on a site that had women commenters, or I’d get the treatment! No photos, definitely not! lol
    Some of the men wouldn’t take me seriously either.

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  46. Tarnished says:

    Farm Boy,
    I’m well aware, lol. Not quite so quick to “out” myself online though. I can describe my physical appearance, should you wish?

    I did indeed read that.
    Well done!
    Btw, don’t fret over the virginity status unless it’s something *you* care about. I didn’t share my virginity til I was 22…I don’t know how it is in your country, but here in the US that’s considered a “old” age for a single and non-Christian female to have first-time sex at. Likewise, both men and women assumed I was slutty when I’d barely even been kissed!
    It’s called “projection”, I believe…
    When you *do* find someone to share it with, just remember that it’s best to take things slow so there’s no discomfort (it’s a myth that there is tons of blood and pain…I did not have either one)and that it won’t be your best sex, but it’ll always be a time to look back on fondly.

    I read ’em for the laughs, quite frankly.

    You’re being silly, talking about allergies and such. We *both* know that your tears are caused by Onion-Wielding Ninjas.

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    Farm Boy I’m not sure what you mean by “Quick quiz — Which of the two of the three can she have?” Which 2 of which 3 ?

    But can she marry, have kids and be happy.

    The answer is that she can marry and have kids. Modern women are never happy. With a few exceptions. Though most pretend to be happy.


  48. Farm Boy says:

    I can describe my physical appearance, should you wish?

    Huge tracts of land?

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  49. Spawny Get says:

    Curse them ninjas.

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  50. Tarnished says:

    Farm Boy is referencing the Meatloaf/rock opera song above, methinks.

    The lyrics are:
    I want you.
    I need you.
    But there ain’t no way
    I’m ever gonna love you.
    Now don’t be sad,
    cause 2 out of 3
    ain’t bad.

    Sorry…he’s actually one of my favorite artists. 🙂


  51. Tarnished says:

    Or…what he said. Lol.


  52. Cill says:

    I could describe Molly if she has no objection.

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  53. Tarnished says:

    Farm Boy,

    Actually…yes. I’m a 36DD.
    Waist length hair the color of honey.
    Grey-blue eyes.
    Skin so pale I swear I’m only 2 alleles away from being an albino.
    Small smattering of freckles across my nose and cheekbones.
    Currently a size 7, but working on becoming a 6.
    5’7″ height.
    Pretty strong for a female…I can carry 75 lbs a few blocks no problem. I’m from a good, hearty German stock. 🙂

    Face is slightly heart shaped and while not ravishing it’s pleasant to behold especially when I smile…which I do all the time, lol. I don’t wear makeup or tight clothing though.

    If I did, I might be considered a 9 or 10.
    No thanks! Lol.

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  54. Cill says:

    Okay, she gave me permission. Man, where do I start? There are no words…

    Like a fairy. Molly is 5 feet 8. Flawless honey-colored skin almost the color of her hair. Long soft wavy hair that sparkles with multi-colored natural lights in the sun. Often wears a flower e.g. hibiscus in her hair. Make up detracts, so she doesn’t wear any. High cheek bones and vivid blue eyes that blaze and sparkle with color. Perfect features. Flashing perfect teeth in beautiful smile. She seems more curvy than she really is because her waist is so small. Otherwise I won’t attempt to describe the perfect body. Face, head, body are all symmetrical and in perfect proportion. Honestly, better than anything I’ve seen on the screen or in magazines. That do?


  55. Tarnished says:

    You sound nearly ethereal, Molly. 🙂

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  56. Yoda says:

    Blond I knew she would be.

    In New Mad Max Movie will she act?

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  57. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    What was it they used to say? Va Va Voooommm.


  58. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    All the boys want to hang around Molly. There’s only one problem-they can’t say anything intelligable.

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  59. Tarnished says:

    Lol @ Fuzzie.
    Molly is the truly attractive one here.

    Other than Spawny of course, what with his movie star good looks. 😉

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  60. Cill says:

    Too true, Tarnished. Let’s not forget the bloke whose movie star good looks inspired all this talk about beauty etc

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  61. Farm Boy says:

    Let’s not forget the bloke whose movie star good looks inspired all this talk about beauty etc

    You mean Meatloaf of course.


  62. Cill says:

    His modesty, too, is commendable.


  63. Cill says:

    Spawny knocks Meatloaf into a cocked hat, FB.

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  64. Tarnished says:

    Come now, Cill…Does Spawny truly beat Meatloaf? Even when he’s being a Frankenstein-esque character in Rocky Horror? Lol


  65. Farm Boy says:

    Here is Meatloaf and Chef,

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  66. Cill says:

    “Come now, Cill…Does Spawny truly beat Meatloaf? Even when he’s being a Frankenstein-esque character in Rocky Horror?”

    You know, I actually believe he does. Were it not for the ginormous age differential, Spawny and Molly would make the perfect pair.

    P.S. the Rocky Horror show was written by a fellow Kiwi.

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  67. Tarnished says:

    Was it? Makes sense that such a fun and slightly disturbing film was the brainchild of someone from your country. After all, in a land where beavers are venomous and have duck bills…mammals lay eggs…and demonic teddy bears dwell in trees…I’d assume one’s mind becomes ripe with overactive imaginings.
    I mean, for Gods sakes man, you have a folkloric monster with backwards feet! 😛


  68. molly says:

    “Molly is the truly attractive one here”
    Beauty is skin deep and underneath you got more than your fair share of beauty Tarn. It ain’t fair (stamp). I feel a jealousy coming on…
    lol 😀

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  69. Cill says:

    The Bunyip and Tasmanian devil are Aussie, Tarn (although I am half Aussie, I admit). We’re Kiwi here. The land of the bird. The Dodo (Great Auk), skeletons of seven foot penguins, the largest bird of all time (Moa 12 feet tall), the most fearsome raptor ever (Haast Eagle)…


  70. Farm Boy says:

    Don’t you have Hobbits and stuff there also?

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  71. Tarnished says:

    Gah! Tis worse than I thought! Lol

    Closest I’ve ever gotten to a bird that big was a ostrich at a petting zoo who stole my hat and ran away with it.
    Actually, I didn’t mind since I hate wearing hats and only had it to please my mother…

    No jealousy allowed here! Unless you want to join me in being jealous of Fuzzie’s beautiful furry coat?

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  72. molly says:

    “Unless you want to join me in being jealous of Fuzzie’s beautiful furry coat?”
    I am rather jealous of his round fluffy ears. If I had them I’d fondle them a lot. lol


  73. molly says:

    I would sooo molest my own ears! (snort, lol)


  74. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Bad panda playing a trick.

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  75. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Are you two trying to encourage me?


  76. molly says:

    I’d be the first ears to take their owner to court HAHAHAHAHA!
    The ears could divorce the head in a test case. 😀

    P.S. which owns which, the ears or the head? Don’t ask me 😀


  77. molly says:

    We’re teasing you Fuzzie. We’re cruel and we opiate you with…
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯

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  78. molly says:

    Here are some genuine lip smacking ones dear Fuzzie 🐻
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯

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  79. Tarnished says:

    Before I depart for the night, I want to remind Cill that he should lock his liquor cabinet… Seems Molly might have gotten into it while watching reruns of Inuyasha.

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  80. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    In a previous thread, you confessed a fondness or Rohirrim. There was a real life historical model. May I present the Polish Winged Hussars. You may want to watch it first and then go back and read it. They are more than remarkable.


  81. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Sorry,, wrong video. Here it is.


  82. Cill says:

    Tarn, trouble with our Molly is, she swallows life in huge gulps. Your comment was more accurate than I’m comfortable to admit. In my absence she did get into my liquor cabinet.
    Better than jumping off cliffs I suppose…


  83. Cill says:

    At times I feel more like a long-suffering parent than a cuzzie…

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  84. molly says:

    Fuzzie I already KNOW the Polish Winged Hussars. KOOL!!! FUZZIE RULES!!! 😀 Yay! Soooooo totally


  85. Cill says:

    She only drinks alcohol here, where she feels safe. This makes her naive when it comes to booze, thinks she can scoff it back like I can. I’ll let her rave on for a bit then tuck her in for the night. If history is anything to go by, that’s probably going to be famous last words.


  86. molly says:

    Cill is cool yet he’s only 133% my senior only! I am as jober as a sudge as theysay. Old chap. JMy first post. Whee

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  87. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Now, you’re putting out typographical errors like a bear of my acquaintance.
    Even if Cill is lying about you being good looking, you’re very sweet and that counts A LOT.
    🐻 🙄


  88. Cill says:

    Tucked her in. All is well. Peace.
    Actually the fact that she’s not a pisshead is the reason she gets pissed here. She thinks nothing can go wrong in paradise, including getting pissed. Molly is a mix of sophistication and profound naivety. I’ll let her read these comments here tomorrow. Right now I feel as old as Spawny my dad.


  89. theasdgamer says:

    @ Fuzzie

    In the current SMP with hypergamy running wild, very high value women are out of luck. These women will have to compete with all, average and above, for her equal. She is being crowded out.

    I don’t think that that’s the problem. The problem is that 10’s are looking for male 12’s, which don’t exist except in fiction. The MMA fighter billionaire rocker superstar handyman jet pilot.


  90. Tarnished says:

    That’s too complicated and unrealistic. Nobody could possibly do all those things.

    I’d go for a real man…like Darth Vader wearing a kilt playing the Imperial March on a set of flaming bagpipes while riding a unicycle. At least *that* exists. 😉

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  91. Tarnished says:

    Although I must say that handymen are rather cool. Especially when they’re Weird Al…

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  92. Spawny Get says:

    “The problem is that 10’s are looking for male 12’s, which don’t exist except in fiction”

    Shows what you know. I see one every time I shave.

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  93. Tarnished says:

    Okay everyone…that’s a wrap. Spawny just won the internet with that comeback. We can all go home now. 🙂

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  94. theasdgamer says:

    @ molly

    My personality attracts men yet they don’t get too close coz of my looks. I’m leaving out the hard core of male fans who fancy themselves as irresistible. The men I who want to know are the interesting ones, who don’t try to compete with the hard core. You guys are the only interesting men I had a chance to mix with.

    I’m someone who isn’t intimidated by beauty. So expect that what I say here I’d say to your face. I don’t turn into a fan because of beauty, though exceptional beauty apparently disarms my inhibitions. I turn into a fan because a woman is sweet. Beauty is definitely a turn-on, of course, but I want to be around a woman who is sweet.

    You say that some men here are interesting. Apply the tingles test. Rhetorical questions to follow. Who here makes you tingle? Is it the man lacking confidence in his ability with women? Or is it the man who is accustomed to getting attention from women because he is confident enough to approach them? Or maybe you are putting up a shield against men who do approach you so that no one ever mates with you; those lacking confidence won’t approach you and those who do approach you are dismissed because they have confidence. Catch-22. Sounds like the same sort of nonsense I’ve heard before from beautiful women. No offense intended–I speak directly and you’re in man-space now.

    So, how sweet are you to confident men? Assuming that you see sex as occurring within the context of a LTR, then I assume that you withhold sex from men who are confident enough to approach you. So, you are competing with 8s who do not withhold sex. What else are you bringing to the table, since you’re withholding sex? Do you bring food or alcohol? Back rubs? What do you bring to compete with 8s who give sex?


  95. Spawny Get says:

    “Spawny just won the internet with that comeback.”…again.

    Pretty convenient as I hadn’t bothered handing the prize back since the last time. Still gathering dust in my trophy room.

    BTW time for bed, one would suspect. Work tomorrow?

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  96. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That she has you there keeps her safe. It does worry me if she does thsi while alone. No bueno.
    Time to tuck myself in, leaving only my little round ears to be seen above the covers.
    Good night.

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  97. Tarnished says:

    Goodnight bear
    Goodnight moon
    Goodnight blokes
    in this virtual room

    Goodnight kiwis
    Goodnight lights
    Goodnight people
    who enjoy marmite

    Goodnight gamers
    Goodnight trophies
    Goodnight friends
    of Tarnished Sophie


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  98. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Came back to thank you for linking that Portland video. While I have seen it before, this time it had me laughing before I played it.

    Female 10s have to know that they are 10s and can’t pine for the impossible. They can’t exercise hypergamy, they can only mate assortively.


  99. Cill says:

    Goodnight friends
    of Tarnished Sophie

    Goodnight tarn


  100. Padawan says:

    “They can’t exercise hypergamy, they can only mate assortively.” (by Padawan Poet Laureate 2014 – ? on a quote from Fuzzie)

    The bear gives an answer far beyond the wisdom of the question.


  101. Sumo says:

    Cill, my brother – I love reading your posts. This is absolutely not an insult, but you remind me of…..me. I have a baby cuz (22 y/o) whom I am insanely protective of. One of my fondest memories is when she was just a wee little thing who loved nothing more than banging foreheads together while I gave her the glare that caused more than one dirtbag to piss his shorts. She laughed it off as an infant, and continues to do so to this day.

    The douchebags who come sniffing around her don’t laugh. At. All. Mostly they cry like babies and beg for mercy. An occurrence that I’m certain you’re intimately familiar with. 😉

    No matter what Molly does in her life (and I have every confidence that she’ll make smart & informed choices), she’s lucky to have you looking out for her.

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  102. Cill says:

    Thank you Sumo. Good to know there’s more than one of me out there, brother.


  103. Cill says:

    …or more than two of us out there, because Ton sure as hell is out there as well…


  104. Cill says:

    ” Lucky I’ve got a balaclava helmet on order.”
    Any chance of short-circuiting it to a Ned Kelly tin helmet mate?


  105. Spawny Get says:

    Looking out at my frosted car, metal against skin isn’t a go-er


  106. Spawny Get says:

    Here’s one factor in why the current market will not stand – the money is running out


    Philadelphia drops a Civil Asset Forfeiture case to prevent any court from ruling just seizing people’s property is unconstitutional. Phily.COM has reported the case of Christos Sourovelis and Doila Welch,who were both caught up in having their homes seized to pay police pensions when the police arrested a relative they claimed was dealing drugs on their properties. Today, you basically have to shun relatives and never pick up a hick-hiker in trouble for if they have any drugs, even marijuana, there goes your assets.

    The prosecutors, only after these people has money for lawyers and the press got involved, moved for dismissal in Common Pleas Court. The prosecutor agreed to drop the cases against properties as long as both owners took “reasonable measures” to ensure no further drug crimes occurred there.

    Here is the entire problem. Only the rich can win for it is your burden to fork-over huge legal fees. If you do not have the money for lawyers, there goes your property. This is what is desperately wrong in America. Any law passed becomes your burden to prove it is unconstitutional. They can actually pass the ancient right of kings under the Common Law since there is precedent known as Prima Noctum – first night. The governor, mayor, county freeholder, whoever, could “legally” claim the right to spend the first night in bed with any women getting married in their district. It would then become your burden to say – NO. That is uncivilized.

    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing as it now stands for them to pass such a law. It is then the public’s burden to say no way and fight. This is seriously wrong within out legal system. This allows police to kill people randomly or to pull every person over on their way to work to see if they have all their identification. Whatever they do is OK because they do not FIRST have to go to some constitutional court and ask – is this law justified? Consequently, only the rich can defend the constitution. All others can pray – that’s about it.

    This is the final stage of the collapse of the Roman Empire. When the state runs out of money, it historically attacks the people. In Rome, whole armies began sacking their own cities to get paid. The police are doing just that. Whatever they can confiscate goes to funding their own pensions. This is a national problem that will only get much worse going into 2020. We have NOBODY in Washington representing the people any more. It is all about them v the people. This is why we will see a rise in third-party activity for 2016.

    A lot of regimes at the city / state / national level used to buy off wage negotiations by promising ‘jam tomorrow’. They couldn’t afford pay increases in the here and now, but they could promise rich pensions and health benefits in the future. So promise jam tomorrow and let future weasels politicians cough up the necessary, In the UK that effing buffoon Brown created a million state sector jobs with fat, unfunded pensions.

    All over the world there are boomers approaching retirement on fat pensions that have not been saved up for by the state. When it comes time to pay…where’s the dosh going to come from? The cuts are going to have to be savage in the public sector, or tax rises immense.

    In the UK the female:male ratio is 2:1 in the state sector. Worse than that if you look at the fluff, paper-pushing jobs that add nothing to the community. Bin men, street cleaners, maintainence workers? Male. When the cuts are forced (not optional, forced) who are they going to cut? fluff jobs, women. because even these buffoons aren’t crazy enough to sack the necessary people, that’s a quick route to be removed at the next election. You can’t make diversity coordinator desk jocky-ettes into sewage workers, road menders.

    You tell me what happens to women’s view of their role in reality when the power to the fembot holodeck hits and they find themselves back in reality with soft-soap degrees qualifying them for nothing beyond baristas, cleaners and cooks. This reality is already biting in the recession, just wait for the collapse.

    There’s a huge bubble in female self worth that deludes them to their SMP and MMP value. An immense bubble and there are pins everywhere. In fact it’s about to start raining them. The tory party is talking about reducing the size of the state back to ‘1930s’ era level
    now whether they manage that, or not. Pollies even remotely interested in financial responsibility are now being forced to address the issue.

    Popcorn! Popcorn! get yer luvverly popcorn here…

    Useless university courses, guess which sex dominates?

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  107. theasdgamer says:

    @ fuzzie

    Female 10s have to know that they are 10s and can’t pine for the impossible. They can’t exercise hypergamy, they can only mate assortively.

    That takes wisdom, which, being feminine in gender, women typically shun. Men often like the company of Sophia.

    Lacking wisdom, you might as well expect the sun to rise in the west.


  108. theasdgamer says:

    Lacking wisdom, a woman might as well expect the sun to rise in the west as mate assertively.

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  109. theasdgamer says:

    Let’s try this again. It is as reasonable to expect the sun to rise in the west as to expect a woman who is lacking wisdom to mate assertively.

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  110. theasdgamer says:

    Not only does the male 12 have the preceding attributes, he also has the emotional and intellectual maturity of a 50 yo man in a 30 yo body. And Red Pill, of course.


  111. theasdgamer says:

    And he knows how to manage a woman’s emotional chemistry in a relationship.


  112. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    This male 12 can also read minds, sparing his lady from having to articulate her desires.
    It’s getting deep in here.

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  113. Tarnished says:

    He would also be a cunning linguist… 😉


  114. theasdgamer says:

    Don’t forget that he would be an Olympic skier and have competed on Dancing With the Stars.


  115. theasdgamer says:

    tarn, y u bean a perv


  116. Tarnished says:

    He should know how to juggle, be able to make boysenberry tea just by *thinking* about it, own a Tesla Model S…and have a high midichlorian count.

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  117. Tarnished says:


    I don’t know what you are talking about. Being a good orator is essential for communicating with your mate in such a way as to gratify her. >:)


  118. molly says:

    “You say that some men here are interesting. Apply the tingles test”. You equate the two, “interesting” and “tingles”. I don’t. You make assumptions that don’t apply in my case, so I have no answers to your questions I’m afraid.

    “So expect that what I say here I’d say to your face.” Okay, but it will be fleeting. No doubt you’d interest some women. But your true character is transparent. I know what a real man is. Real men don’t speak with forked tongue, coz they don’t have to. Real men don’t say “Sounds like the same sort of nonsense I’ve heard before from beautiful women. No offense intended–I speak directly”.
    Your words expose you. Put in a barb then falsely pretend to take it away. Real men don’t do that. Your words are as genuine as a North Pole Penguin.

    You misunderstand my situation. I have no shortage of male companions and wannabe boyfriends. It’s just that I have no interest in North Pole Penguins.

    Let me speak directly so we don’t waste more time. There are interesting men here. You’re not one of them – at least not to me.


  119. Yoda says:

    and have a high midichlorian count.

    Have this I do.

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  120. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Spawny Get,
    6307 already? My prediction is that it will take less than half the time to get fom comment 5k to comment 10k as it idid to go from 0 to 5k.


  121. Spawny Get says:

    Fuzzie, yeah pretty cool. 5000 was only this month, wasn’t it? I knew #6307 wasn’t going to arrive by Chrimbo, but I was hoping it would arrive before the new year. Not that it’s been my posts getting it done lately – team effort.

    I will be sociamalising this evening, so all talk of a Skype conversation will come to nought. Pity, I thought a voice chat might be fun.

    á plus mes braves (especially Molly – Spawny likes spirit in a feminine woman. 😉 )


  122. Spawny Get says:

    New Year’s Day will be 3 calender months of Spawny Space…how time flies.


  123. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I hope that I don’t ever make you mad.
    While you were going on about North Pole penguins, I was reminded of puffins. They’re pretty coll.


  124. molly says:

    Congrats Unca Spawny!
    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


  125. molly says:

    Congrats Unca Spawny!
    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


  126. Cill says:

    Congrats Spawny!


  127. Spawny Get says:

    Cheers Cill, wouldn’t have happened without you.

    I forgive Molly for hating on penguins

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  128. Cill says:

    “á plus mes braves (especially Molly – Spawny likes spirit in a feminine woman”
    She’s trying to send her congrats too. I think you might have accidentally blocked her.

    I’ve got nothing against theasdgamer, BTW. He does come across like a lot of men she knows, to be fair.


  129. molly says:

    Congratulations to Unca Spawny, he’s a star!
    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


  130. Yoda says:

    I have no interest in North Pole Penguins.

    Polar bears interested in these they would be.


  131. molly says:

    And to Tarn and all the other stars!
    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


  132. Yoda says:

    also read minds, sparing his lady from having to articulate her desires.

    Women like this they would.
    Or maybe not.
    Shit tests harder to do they would be.


  133. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    If not polar bears, then, certainly, seals would be interested.


  134. Tarnished says:

    Thanks Molly! 🙂

    I don’t hold anything against some of our more jaded compatriots like asdgamer, BV, or scfton either. They have found X in life works for them and theirs (and to be fair, protects them from overt gynocentrism). But I am also going to agree with Molly that the constant posturing gets old…especially when on the receiving end of it.

    Much like Molly, I’m not impressed by “alpha” traits. I don’t want to be “isolated” by a guy I just met 30min ago. I would lose all respect for a man who tries to tell me how to dress or “nexts” me for not having intercourse by date 3. And if scfton actually knows and meets up with women who are fine with being pulled into a kiss by their hair/throat on the first date…hey, more power to them. If anyone tried that with me they’d get a glass of alcohol in their face or a swift kick to the shin.

    Sometimes people get so caught up in the generalizations that they see in their own lives that they become blind to the exceptions that prove the rule. Or worse…they say that anyone who claims to be an exception is either all out lying or has no self-awareness of their actual needs or wants.

    Honestly, I see it as a way to protect their confirmation bias and am glad Molly took a stand for herself. I never have because I always try to “play nice”…But sometimes you just can’t anymore. Generalizations are largely accurate and good for conversations about society at large, not for talking to an individual one on one *unless* their words/actions have shown they are like that.

    End Rant.


  135. theasdgamer says:

    @ molly

    “You say that some men here are interesting. Apply the tingles test”. You equate the two, “interesting” and “tingles”. I don’t. You make assumptions that don’t apply in my case, so I have no answers to your questions I’m afraid.

    So, you’re non-heterosexual, I take it. Homosexual, asexual, demisexual or something like that? You don’t know what it is to be aroused by a man? To see a man who is desirable?

    Real men don’t say “Sounds like the same sort of nonsense I’ve heard before from beautiful women. No offense intended–I speak directly”.
    Your words expose you. Put in a barb then falsely pretend to take it away. Real men don’t do that. Your words are as genuine as a North Pole Penguin.

    Weird way to read what I wrote. I was trying to soften the blow. Who the h3ll are you to say what real men say? Weird. You must think that your beauty gives you some kind of authority about what makes “real men”. Bizarre.

    Not sure what the pirate attack bull5h1t was about. Interesting story but irrelevant.

    You misunderstand my situation. I have no shortage of male companions and wannabe boyfriends. It’s just that I have no interest in North Pole Penguins.

    Lots of orbiters. Nobody makes you tingle. Got it. Still haven’t found your 12. Did I call it or what?

    Let me speak directly so we don’t waste more time. There are interesting men here. You’re not one of them – at least not to me.

    And I care because…? Hmmm. You actually thought I was flirting with you? lolz I flirt with Liz, but nobody else much. (Liz is fun and a good sport.) Maybe you’re trying to project flirting onto me to salve your bruised ego because you thought I ought to flirt with you??? If you were fun and a good sport, I might flirt with you. Doesn’t sound likely.

    Go give Sergeant Ton a holler if you want someone to fight off pirates.

    @ all

    My wife was a 10 and she never behaved like the young entitled princesses of today. She was a bit of an entitled princess, but nothing like today’s young women. I feel sorry for the younger men.

    Wonder why male 10s prefer female 7s these days? Maybe because the female 7s treat the male 10s better than the female 10s do?


  136. Yoda says:

    Excited Tarn would be.
    Sincere thoughts do come forth.


  137. theasdgamer says:

    @ Tarn

    But I am also going to agree with Molly that the constant posturing gets old

    Shaming? Projecting posturing onto BV, Ton, and yours truly? Very bad manners.

    Molly was exceedingly b1atchy. She needs to apologize as do you. No pu$$y passes for you all.


  138. Tarnished says:

    I meant everything that I said, though I will admit it could have been said in a more diplomatic way.
    Ergo, no apologies will be forthcoming unless you want one for my bluntness.

    If I become too INTJ-ish, then let me know and I’ll soften my tone to prevent unnecessary hurt. That is a fault of mine that I own and am working on fixing, but it doesn’t change what I spoke about.

    No pussy passes are required. They’d be declined anyway.


  139. molly says:

    My comments were for you, no-one else. I have nothing to add.


  140. Cill says:


    I’ve got no beef with any of them. I’ve visited Ton’s blog and commented there. I always got on well with them, I thought. Is theasdgamer really representative of Ton’s place, though?


  141. Cill says:

    Anyway, let’s move on please.

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  142. Tarnished says:


    I have no idea. I’ve commented at asdgamer’s place a single time. The only things I’ve read by scfton were his comments on Bloom’s blog.

    While I’m sure his stuff pertains to many in the manosphere/dating world, it’s too heavy-handed and unequal for my taste. Thus I tried to be polite, but I disagree with approximately 95% of his comments on Bloom’s so I stayed away from his place. It wouldn’t serve any purpose other than to create drama, and that helps nobody.


  143. Tarnished says:

    That’s probably for the best.

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  144. Cill says:

    Tarn, my question was rhetorical. The only person representative of Ton’s place is Ton himself.

    There’s good stuff here deserving of our attention. Spawny at 11:03 am for instance is a real pearler. He’s passed the magic 6307 comments. Your comment at 5:20 am rightly and hilariously does credit to the man. Let’s move on.

    Liked by 1 person

  145. Tarnished says:

    Yeah, I agreed with you.
    Our comments probably crossed. 🙂

    Spawny *does* have all the comments. 😀

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  146. Spawny Get says:

    I’d rather not have war, but comments elsewhere were pretty raw. I don’t see Tarn as doing more than return the compliment.

    Can we call a draw and move on? Please?

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  147. Cill says:

    Tarn said “If I become too INTJ-ish, then let me know”
    Looking at the results of Molly’s test iirc she’s a hair’s breadth away from being an INTJ herself. I’m surrounded by them, is there no escape?
    (Oh that’s right. I’m one of them myself)


  148. molly says:

    Tarn, *your* assumptions about me were correct. Thank you.

    Spawny’s comment at 5:18 am and yours at 5:20 were hilarious! 😀


  149. molly says:

    Fuzzie, Puffins are cute 🙂
    Spawny, those are South Pole Penguins at 6:17 pm. One has his characters the right way up, the other two are A over K 😉 (let me know if you don’t know what A over K means)


  150. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I hardly ever comment on Sfcton’s site but, I left this for Christmas and it was warmly recieved.

    Puffins are cute. I was tempted to white knight and, in holding off, things did turn out well.


  151. molly says:

    Don’t worry, Fuzzie. 🙂 As I keep telling Cill, I fight my own battles 😥


  152. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I don’t understand why he does that. It’s not like it will ever come to anything.
    Picture bear scratching head.


  153. blurkel says:


    Observation of the mating habits of females indicate that adjustments in a potential male’s qualifications are likely, provided that the annual income rates a 12. All else can then be variable.


  154. blurkel says:

    “Shows what you know. I see one every time I shave.”

    While likely true, Brother Cill, your opinion is not considered in the tabulation. Besides, has Spawny not already established dominance in the personal appearance contests?

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  155. Spawny Get says:

    I have to say, from reading the comments here, I think there was some misreading of comments. Thanks for everybody chilling out.

    Molly knows masculine men, that is what I read her as saying, and she does. Nobody doubts Ton’s iron testicles either.

    I believe Tarn and Molly were saying that while they don’t deny the guys their opinions, don’t use those tactics on them – they would find those methods profoundly unpleasant. Sounds like a very fair and mature argument to me.

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  156. blurkel says:


    “Improved race relations he claimed,”

    His DNA shows;
    Thus nothing he does or says
    Demonstrates changes.

    My haiku for the No Clue hanging out in The Oval Office.


  157. blurkel says:

    “And he knows how to manage a woman’s emotional chemistry in a relationship.”

    Defending the economic assets necessary to cover the expenses thereof.


  158. Cill says:

    Brother Burkel, it was the good Spawny himself who said “Shows what you know. I see one every time I shave.” !!

    Me say that about my own ugly mug? Ne-ver!

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  159. blurkel says:

    I stand corrected, Brother Cill. The comment notices I receive don’t always accurately indicate whose comment is whose.

    But for the record, I can’t shave anymore. Can’t afford to replace the mirrors. I make Shreck look like Spawny in comparison to my mugly ug!


  160. Spawny Get says:

    I’m very heartened by the credibility (rightfully) accorded my protestations of prime pulchritude 😉

    As a treat


  161. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Hey everybody! Here is the second part of the new Karen Straughan video as she promised.

    I haven’t watched it yet.


  162. Spawny Get says:

    Cheers Fuzzie. Tomorrow for me.


  163. Farm Boy says:

    Me say that about my own ugly mug? Ne-ver!

    Well, you are better than Moe.

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  164. Farm Boy says:

    Observation of the mating habits of females indicate that adjustments in a potential male’s qualifications are likely, provided that the annual income rates a 12. All else can then be variable.

    I dunno. Women will often select tingles over money. Make that “usually”


  165. molly says:

    I decided I don’t like alcohol. I’m a teetotaller from now on. If I did drink, it would be Cill’s Draught Down Under. Hahaha! Get it? 😀
    He actually labels it Draught Down Under! lol

    [SG – just how often does Cill sport a kilt?]


  166. molly says:

    I would choose character over tingles or money…
    (a) I was born with the silver spoon.
    (b) I am trained! Yep. It’s all in the head.
    (c) I will surely love my man, and him alone.
    (d) tingles will follow hard on the heels of love.

    It’s not hard to train yourself if your guide is your mother.

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  167. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I wouldn’t limit myself by making predictions. Having heard a few stories, expect a surprise.


  168. molly says:

    Fuzzie 🐻 The only prediction I can make is that I will love a man for character, not tingles or money. I don’t need money, and I’ve had plenty of exposure to the most “attractive” of men – the type most women swoon over. If I was the attracted-by-tingles sort of woman it would’ve happened already!

    I will love a man for character It is true! I know myself well enough to say that. Please believe me 🙂

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  169. molly says:

    Spawny most of the time he wears holy-ventillated baggy shorts. Talk about draught! He’s so lean around the middle his shorts come off when he dives in the surf, and… WOW. Hahahahahaha!


  170. Tarnished says:

    That’s a tremendously good thing to look for, Molly.

    Money can come and go.
    Looks fade.
    Bodies lose strength.
    Hair falls out.
    Muscles lose to fat.

    BUT! A good man who respects you, cherishes you, and loves you will almost always remain in this mindset…provided, of course, that you return the same values to him. Bumps and twists and turns will test both of your resolves. There will be hard times mixed in with the easy ones.

    Yet character will stand true through it all. ❤


  171. molly says:

    Thank you Tarn! I’ve been saying I will love for character ever since I first arrived here. You’re the first person to say they believe me! 🙂


  172. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I keep remembering Liz’s story. They started off as study buddies in college and she didn’t think much, until, one day, it just dawned on her. She couldn’t put a finger on it.
    Bt the way, she got character in spades.

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  173. Tarnished says:

    I believe because I know it can happen. It is something I personally have experience with.

    Don’t be too down on our gentleman friends, dearheart. It’s hard to believe in that which you’ve never seen, especially when other human beings are involved. This world is both beautiful and cruel…it pleases and torments one in such unexpected ways that cynicism is the fare of the day for many.

    In moderation, this can help you survive and prevent others from taking advantage of you. In larger amounts, it makes you jaded and unable to show vulnerability…even to those who have proven their loyalty.

    I’m definitely not saying this goes for everyone here, but it’s a good thing to keep in the back of your mind whilst in the manosphere.

    Just be true to yourself, and never let the world make you forget who you really are.

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  174. Tarnished says:

    Sleep sweet, everyone.
    I believe the shores of rest are calling me…


  175. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Good night ,Tarn! Dream of happy guinea pig adventures!


  176. molly says:

    May your moorings hold fast and your chain allow you to swing to the wind but not to the shore of wakefulness, until your body is cleansed for the new day.

    Goodnight Tarn 🙂


  177. theasdgamer says:

    @ FB

    I dunno. Women will often select tingles over money. Make that “usually”

    Talk is cheap. Most women will take an alpha lover when ovulating. Mrs. Gamer doesn’t fakk me because she loves my character. Marriage, sure. When I was obese, there was a 5 year drought. No tingles, but lots of character. I didn’t cheat. Mrs. Gamer didn’t wanna fakk me either.

    I lost weight and threatened to take a lover. Mrs. Gamer ended the drought and was severely thirsty. No character, lots of tingles. (Actually, I never took a lover, but she isn’t sure.) Mrs. Gamer is very much a unicorn, but it’s still tingles uber alles with her. She makes sure that I’m the only one who gives her tingles.

    Talking about wanting to fakk someone because of character is a lot of sch31ss. Character with no tingles means the legs stay closed. The wimmenz may lurv and marry Marvin Milquetoast, but he will only get cuddles.


  178. Cill says:

    “I make Shreck look like Spawny in comparison to my mugly ug!”

    Blurkel, that’s bad.
    “make Shreck look like Spawny”? Brother, that’s bad, real, real, bad 😉
    …and funny Mwahahahahaha!
    lol bro


  179. theasdgamer says:

    I am reminded of a woman I danced with–a 10. A brunette who took a church couple with her to watch out for her when she went dancing. Stunning good looks. Very petite. A tenor voice (really kinky). She gave off a massive Ice Queen vibe, but so what? I only wanted to dance with her. Ice Queen was looking for character too, ostensibly.

    We danced and she couldn’t stop complimenting my dancing, both to me and to her wings. I’ve noticed that in some women, this is an indication of tingles. Ice Queen and I chatted and were looking for logistics to dance together some more. Another indication of tingles. Then I woke up and realized what was going on and shut up and sat there stupefied because she was the age of my kids. (I’ve since realized that older age in a man is often a plus rather than a minus to a lot of women.)

    I should mention that very few men ask this woman to dance. She is that beautiful. Merely approaching her shows massive confidence. Sitting and chatting with her shows more.

    Women talk about looks fading, etc., but confidence is the high value, not looks. Obesity may kill tingles, to be sure.


  180. blurkel says:


    Humor has often opened doors which my looks tended to close. When one doesn’t begin to resemble the latest Robert Pattinson one must resort to other attributes.

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  181. Cill says:

    Brother Blurkel,

    We are victims of a newfangled disorder. Pulchritudinally challenged, they call us.


  182. Cill says:

    Farewell for tonight. I’ll be with you all again in the morrow.

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  183. Alana says:

    Molly, I share a bit of your lack of enthusiasm for alphas in general. The only 2 guys I’ve really liked have been those who are called ‘confident betas’ or ‘greater betas’ in the manosphere, ie guys who are beta in some respects but have some of the good alpha traits like confidence and some degree of social dominance. One of those guys (my first love) really was like something out of a dream or fairytale, he had just about every good attribute in the book incl a heart of gold, and I don’t consider him inferior to any ‘alpha’ I’ve met.

    Because of that, I briefly clashed with some of the guys on the J4G site when I first started commenting there–because I said I preferred betas and they believed women preferred alphas. But I’ve realised that those ‘alpha’ guys aren’t bad pple, there are really good guys who are alphas. Just because they aren’t right for you or me, doesn’t necessarily make them bad pple IMO.

    I’m actually currently dating a guy who is semi-alpha, an ENTJ like u (but a more clear-cut ENTJ than u, lol). He has some personality traits that i’m not 100% comfortable with. But even if we break up because prefer more beta-ish traits, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s a really nice, good-hearted guy. 🙂 He’s ‘manly’, driven in his career, stylish and charismatic–these things don’t mean that a guy doesn’t have strong principles.

    Some of these guys aren’t even naturally alphas, they trained themselves to be that way because they were tired of being nice to women who took them for granted or friendzoned them. I myself was guilty of that sometimes when I was your age. In fact, this Christmas is the first time I ever bought a present for a guy. (I almost wish I’d stayed being lazy and spoilt, because buying presents for guys is TOUGH! lol) I think u’re more mature and level-headed than I was, though. 🙂


  184. Alana says:

    Goodnight Cill, u’re going to bed pretty early. 🙂


  185. Alana says:

    U sound lovely, Molly. I can imagine u dancing in the forest or in the garden at night. :p


  186. Spawny Get says:


    (all of this is straight, no kidding around)

    I get the avoidance of NAWALTing all the time. It obscures the point being made by bloating every sentence with fluff, it’s pointless as you cannot sugarcoat the red-pill enough to make it PC anyway, it allows women who ALT to imagine that they are being judged NLT. And really, we are talking about generalities not individuals.

    But man, genuinely NAWALT.

    As an aside. (this isn’t a quote, but I can’t find a method to indent the text otherwise)

    I’m hesitant to bring names into it, they are holding their own just fine IMHO (bravo). But one of the people you’re arguing with is mentally not your average woman by a looong way. I heard in passing recently, somewhere, that personality wise there’s only a 10% overlap between female and male personalities (was it GWW’s second video?). This one is even further into the extremes than that (IMHO a strong mental male INTJ, but a bit of a softy in her outlook – an optimist). The other grew up surrounded by strong male and female figures with old style views on character for men and women. Not that it impacts me at all, but it is not hard at all to believe that ‘the other’ is NAWALT as well. Given her alleged looks I can very easily believe that she’s had a history of having to tell alphas seeking a hook up to rack off (in the nicest possible way). And so might very well have the right to express her genuine views on tactics she doesn’t like, even though they both graciously say that your views might well reflect your reality. They’re not telling you that you’re wrong, they’re saying that you’re not right about every woman. I don’t blame them for objecting to being told ‘they ALT because AWALT’. I don’t hesitate to tell feminists to GFT when they say ‘all men are rapists and that’s all they are’. These two were considerably more polite than I’d have been if the situation was reversed.

    By the way, as another aside I have been really impressed at the tone of the arguments here and an Bloom’s (as far as I have seen them). I haven’t deleted anything, I haven’t edited anything (I don;t think anyone else did either) – I am grateful and impressed. Some hardcore views have been expressed on both sides. I suggest that ‘the two’ have both strengthened their credibility as NAWALT by arguing in a male environment as males would (IMHO, maybe I missed something, but I do not think so). Thank you all. It’s a very fine wire to walk to have mixed company, sensitive subjects and a male atmosphere. And I’m not interested in tippy toe managing tone.

    Anyway, it’s okay for newbies to the red-pill to break their conditioning and start every encounter with a shields up attitude of AWALT. But after the red-pill is down, one can usually safely allow a recognition that there are sane women (not saying what proportion, not saying many). The issue at that point is not being able to reliably tell them apart from the herd. I don’t put much value on the word of people that are not held to account by society. I’m fortunate that I don’t need to. The key issue of trust is clearly; Not marrying them whatever they are like because…what’s in it for the guy? nothing good afaiac. (religious? YMMV, best of luck brother).

    I don’t read your dancing stories any more as I have no interest in dancing, no ability and am frankly not looking. If I was looking and had any ability I reckon dancing might well be a way to go. I suspect that there is truth in what you say, it just isn’t relevant to me. The same as the tattoo, bike, bad boy route – it’s not me, it will never be me. I respect every man’s right to know the consequences and make their choices. I’ve made mine; no tatts, no tango. But that’s my decision for me.

    But one curiosity remains, a big one; why the hell do you bother staying married? I cannot conceive of being bothered to game an emotional child for the rest of my life…for what? She sounds horrendous, mate! Is it a challenge that you accepted and will not retreat from? I genuinely do not get the motivation. I respect that you haven’t messed around on her (you did the marriage deal and afaiac that’s part of the deal) and I see the game that you’re playing is probably keeping the marriage together. I respect that.

    I kind of see it as similar to the PUA issue that I have. By all means do it if you wish and you accept the legal consequences, but to me you’re losing part of yourself in order to chase meaningless pussy (PUA) or game an emotional child into staying married (you, frankly).

    If you’ve blogged on this, could you please give me a link? I promise that I’m genuinely interested in your motivations. I am being straight here.

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  187. Alana says:

    Fuzzie “In the current SMP with hypergamy running wild, very high value women are out of luck. These women will have to compete with all, average and above, for her equal. She is being crowded out.”

    I would disagree, like Tarnished and Farm Boy. I think the dating/mating/marriage game should not be tough for a pretty woman with an ounce of sensibility, brains and decorum. From what I’ve heard, the general standards of women in the developed world and their behavior have gone downhill in more recent years. Just by not mentioning some vacant topic like the Kardashians on the first date, u’re already ahead of the competition. :p

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  188. Tarnished says:

    Why anyone would talk about something as inane as the Kardashians is beyond me. How vapid do you want to prove yourself on a date by bringing them up?

    There’s literally so many other cool topics to discuss…everything from potato salad recipes to M-theory. 🙂


  189. molly says:


    I’m not against alpha per se, only the type who are sooo irresistible in their own thinking. When I politely decline them, they persist coz they think “She’s not resisting me, no woman can, she’s just playing hard to get”. Alpha is not quite the right word for them actually. They are alpha for some women I guess. I know what a real alpha is, coz I grew up with them. They are natural leaders of men.

    I’m still up and alert, been out with the stars and night scents and sounds. Maybe sleeplessness is part of this lovely place. Or I had such a big sleep the night before I don’t need more now! For once I’m up while big cuzzie sleeps. I’m looking out for him 🙂

    Nice chatting, Alana! 🙂


  190. molly says:

    Tarn a Kardashian fan is like on another planet. The Kardashians are so boring I’m claustrophobic. Gimme a surfboard, lemme out! 😦

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  191. poiseand says:

    Saw this post from tarn’s blog, who I first saw posting in our MGTOW forum.

    The female 10.

    If she follows her natural hypergamy, she will obtain the best mate – a male 10. But she will always want for more and will swap men for small incremental upgrades. The hamster kicks in to justify the upgrade. My guy’s Ferrari is 3 years old… New guy bought his 2nd new Ferrari just 3 months ago so I deserve him!

    Different than a woman that is a 3, who has a man that is an 8. This woman will be after larger upgrades- her dream of dumping her 8 for a 10.

    On dating sites I’ve seen lots of fugly post-wall women who are 3s and are clearly stating they won’t settle for anything but a 9-10.

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  192. Tarnished says:

    I’m not much of a water person…the forest is my domain. Can I go climb a tree while you ride the waves? 😀

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  193. molly says:

    Yeah you can enjoy the possums out back, and if you stay still you’ll see deer too! Shin up a tree and wait and they will come 🙂
    The Kardashians will be a million ridiculous miles away!

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  194. Tarnished says:

    I’ve raised possums and deer before…would love to see more! The animal clinic I volunteer at now only deals with domestic companions like dogs, cats, and a random rabbit from time to time.

    Hey man, how’s it going? Great to see a new face.

    I know exactly what you mean…women who don’t have their looks going for them, are typically overweight to unhealthy extremes, and make no mention of either attempting to self-improve or bringing anything other than her vagina to the relationship. No discussion of hobbies, career, family life, finances, education, personality other than idiotic copy-pastes and duck face photos.

    What’s worse is that these profiles are like Tribbles…


  195. Tarnished says:

    Reblogged this on Tarnished Sophia and commented:

    Excellent post by my dear blogger friends Molly and Cill. Come join the conversation!

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  196. molly says:

    Tarn you were comment 100th on my post! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person 😀


  197. Alana says:

    @Tarnished: Lol I have no idea what M-theory is. O_O But I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than ‘celebrity’ gossip.

    U and Molly are both nature-lovers, it seems. U’re a forest fairy and she’s a water nymph haha. INFPs like me are fond of nature too. 🙂

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  198. molly says:

    I checked out the reblogg with the View original link. Sub zero cool!

    P.S. you were comment 200th not 100th


  199. Alana says:

    Molly, the place u live sounds idyllic. I wouldn’t wanna go to bed early either, in such beautiful surroundings. Do u hear the sound of the waves at night from your home?


  200. Tarnished says:

    Nature is inescapable…might as well embrace and understand what we can while remaining awestruck at the wonders we have no answers to yet.

    M-Theory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Introduction_to_M-theory

    I’m the hundredth? 🙂


  201. Tarnished says:

    200 is doubly better than 100, so I’m fine with that. 😛

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  202. Alana says:

    Thanks for the info on M-theory, Tarnished. 🙂

    Yeah I agree that nature is so amazing. I particularly like the mountains, and outer space. I’ve never actually been to outer space though, only in my mind, lol!


  203. molly says:


    M Theory is sub zero cool as well: http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/multimedia/2013/may/17/what-is-m-theory

    There are all sorts of theories e.g. the holograph model actually fits. (I got no links for it sorry)

    Anyway here’s my Molly explanation:
    holographs are 3-D info encoded on a flat surface. A black hole event horizon is 2-D but stores info of 3-D reality. All 3-D objects can be encoded in only 2-D
    Postulate: what if the whole of reality is a hologram projected from our own event horizon, the far edges of the universe
    etc. You get the drift.

    This gotta be way more interesting than the pathetic Kardashians!


  204. Alana says:

    Wow Molly, I didn’t know u were such a science expert…

    If Spawny is seeing all this, he’s probably shocked that the girls have taken over the place. :p Temporarily

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  205. Yoda says:

    the forest is my domain

    Unicorn in “Into the Woods”?
    I saw not.

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  206. molly says:

    heh heh Let’s take over! Let’s play tricks! 😀


  207. molly says:

    Be afraid boys!




  208. Alana says:

    Mischief is afoot, lol. 😉

    Molly are u always so energetic at night? :p

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  209. Tarnished says:

    Financially secure.

    All these traits can be used to describe the females here**. Add in the fact that we all care about or identify with menfolk and you’ve got a veritable herd of unicorns. Honestly, I think that was Spawny’s plan all along… 😉

    **And Spawny himself, especially with his movie star good looks.

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  210. Tarnished says:

    Molly is probably lunar-powered like Cill…

    Ah, looks like I have to say goodbye. It’s 10:50am my time and I’m working from 12-10 today. Have fun, all!

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  211. molly says:

    Nighty-night Tarn!

    We will have fun won’t we Alana!

    Mischiefy me is afoot

    (tricks tricks tricks)

    The real info in the world is not what it seems to be, O no! It’s at the boundaries of the universe it is!
    Black holes and the things falling into them are really images of things taking place.
    Our 3-D reality is really an illusion! Yep! It’s projections of info that’s being stored at the edges of the universe…

    (hollow voice) Earth to Ten, Earth to Ten…



  212. Alana says:

    “Molly is probably lunar-powered like Cill” lol! Either that or a vampire–vampires are v attractive, after all. 🙂 I like nighttime too, so peaceful. 🙂

    Have a good day at work, Tarnished!


  213. molly says:

    I wonder if Hogan tested his holometer yet?


  214. Alana says:

    Ahahha Molly u sound like u’ve gulped down 5 cups of coffee. :p U sound like an energiser bunny.

    Speaking of bunnies, my mom says I look like a rabbit. Because when I hear sounds, my eyes become wide and my ears seem to prick up. Lol


  215. molly says:

    Alana I was rude and ignored your question. Yes I hear the sea, and smell it. It is quietish. and clean and wholesome.
    Bunny’s eyes wide and ears pricked if you were here! lol
    Watch out for vampires! 😈
    Let’s not scare each other too much! 😉


  216. molly says:

    Alana, should I go into other stuff like the paradox of asymmetry?
    Would that be too much for a Ten?
    Could a super-bright Ten foresee much, like the permanence of vow?
    No I better not go into that. Enough is enough.

    My next task is to search Bloom for a poem by Padawan.
    I’ll show it here soon…


  217. Alana says:

    “Let’s not scare each other too much!”
    Uh are u scared of rabbits? XD

    I will have to ask u about the ‘paradox of asymmetry’ and the ‘permanence of vow’ another day, Molly, as I have to go to bed now. 🙂 I agree with Cill that u sound really smart. O_O

    Goodnight, vampire/water nymph/mermaid! 🙂

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  218. molly says:

    Nighty night Alana
    I look forward to our next chat!


  219. molly says:

    I found the poem, it was here not Bloom’s. I see Padawan is commenting here now. Could he do this one in my post?


    It’s for Tarn at 3:46 p.m.

    Financially secure.

    All these traits can be used to describe the females here**. Add in the fact that we all care about or identify with menfolk and you’ve got a veritable herd of unicorns. Honestly, I think that was Spawny’s plan all along…”


  220. Yoda says:


    In moderate measure good it is.
    Large amount a detriment it would be.


  221. Padawan says:

    A Gathering Place For The Unicorns (’twas Spawny’s Plan All Along) (by Padawan, Poet Laureate 2014 – ?)
    A long time ago
    When the Earth was green
    There were more lovely animals
    Than you’ve ever seen
    They’d run around free
    While the Earth was being born
    And the loveliest of all
    Was the Unicorn

    There was green Amadeus
    And street-wise Liszt
    Some humpty backed egg-heads
    And some playwrights pissed
    Some Makers and Creators,
    But sure as you’re born,
    The loveliest of all
    Was the Unicorn

    Then Fems yelled “men winning!”
    And gave them pain
    They said Stand Back
    We’re gonna make it rain
    They said, “F-ing Retards, I’ll tell you what we’ll do
    We’ll build us a floating zoo,
    And take none of those…

    Green Amadeus
    Nor street-wise Liszt
    No humpty backed egg-heads
    And no playwrights pissed
    No Makers or Creators,
    And sure as you’re born,
    We sure gonna take
    No Unicorns!

    So Spawny said “O no!
    Soon they’ll all be garn!”
    So he went out and called
    The unicorn Tarn
    “Hey brother Tarnished
    I’ll tell you what we’ll do!
    We’ll go and build one too!”

    And now we got..

    Green Amadeus
    And street-wise Liszt
    some humpty backed egg-heads
    And some playwrights pissed
    Some Makers and Creators,
    And sure as you’re born,
    We sure got on board
    Some Unicorns!

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  222. Liz says:

    I’ve only read about half the posts so far…don’t have a lot of time these days, but I’ll give you my .01. I don’t think times have changed so very very much from when I was 19. I don’t think I was as gregarious as you, Molly…I didn’t hang out at social places or go out at night.

    I majored in engineering. That put me with about a male/female ratio of about 50 to one back then. There really AREN’T any ‘playas’ in engineering so….I also went to class pretty much looking like a drowned rat. No makeup, baggy tee shirt, hair in a ponytail usually wet from the humid climate. I met my husband in physics and the first time he saw me with my hair down and a little makeup he said he would have never had the nerve to come up and talk to me if I’d looked that way in class (years later…his nervousness didn’t show at the time). So, that’s my advice. Take a class (could be college, hobby, whatever) with a lot of men of the type you want to attract and look like a drowned rat. You’ll do great. 😉

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  223. Yoda says:

    A magnet for women this thread is.


  224. I am late to comment but congrats on your first post Molly! Remember, a male’s smp is a combo of looks plus other attributes. So a male 10 might not “look” a 10. The world is your oyster. Choose wisely! Ignore the current smp pitfalls and you will be fine. And yes. The guys here are all great! 🙂

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  225. molly says:

    Thanks Liz and Bloom. So you were a STEM student, Liz. So am I, as you can probably see from some of my mischievous comments above! 😉


  226. Gray says:

    I think these results can be interpreted completely differently.

    I think women are talking about their ideal guy while men are simply talking about who they would be willing to fuck.

    In reality, women will go with men pretty much on their level. I’m at best a male 6 or 6.5 and I hook up with women on that level, and every now and then a 7 or 8 (rare) cause women care more about personality and perhaps other things.

    If I believed this, I’d have to believe I’m a male 8, which I most certainly am NOT. For starters, I’m 5’10 and weigh 150 lbs.

    Why is it that nearly every study or observation about relations between the sexes these days COMPLETELY clashes with my own – rather extensive, I’ve been going out a ton for the past decade and a half – experience in the field? I’m always like, wow, that couldn’t be more completely against my own experience.

    Supposedly, women like bad boys and avoid provider types. Yet I see provider types all the time with the hottest girls, and in my own experience being nice to women yields the best results by FAR.

    I live in NYC by the way.

    I think there are so many biases and cognitive blinders out there that people see what they wanna see. They choose a narrative based on a need to protect their egos and simply suit reality to their narrative.

    Unfortunately, the (false) message that you have to be a male 8 to score a female 6 is incredibly damaging and confusing to most guys, however consoling it is to the egos of certain other guys, and poisons the dating scene. Don’t believe it.


  227. Liz says:

    “So you were a STEM student, Liz. So am I, as you can probably see from some of my mischievous comments above!”

    Yes, I was STEM. Chemical engineering starting out, and then I switched to chemistry so I could finish two years faster. Had to because I got married in college and we needed to move for his job. Those tactics worked for me….if you’re in STEM you shouldn’t have trouble finding a nice, clever, funny, interesting guy who isn’t a “playa”. But you won’t find that kind of guy in the social scene, typically…he might be there but if you’re looking that good you’ll be unapproachable for most.
    Then again, with Cill around he could probably introduce you to some good “non-playa” guys…Cill?


  228. Spawny Get says:

    Hi Gray,
    take it away…I’m open to new perspectives. This isn’t a subject on which I have strong views. I’m interested to see where any discussion triggered by your comment leads.

    I do wish I shared this facility of assigning such concrete numbers to people’s smp and mmp values. It seems everybody and their dog can do it…except me. For me, even a little smile can transform a woman’s ‘value’. To my mind it might be accurate to say a woman is a 7 +/- 2 visually, with the +/- bit being determined by her personality as perceived via her expression of the moment. Which might seem odd coming from a guy with a resting/absent of thought expression usually perceived as ‘pissed off’ and an INTJ death stare much of the time when I’m not smiling.

    And it’s good night from me.

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  229. Spawny Get says:

    There’s a throwaway post up about site stats BTW. And a thank you to all who made it possible…You lot.

    I suspect that the meaty conversation will remain here, torturing Tarn’s phone on every refresh.

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  230. molly says:

    Night-night Unca Spawny. Tonight for me is New Year’s Eve, which I’ll be seeing before any of y’all. I could report on my experience of 2015 afore ye guys even get there!

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  231. blurkel says:

    Brother Cill

    A physique like mine makes the Hindenburg feel good in comparison!

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  232. Cill says:

    I’m sure this is your humility talking, Brother B. I have always pictured you as a suave and svelte musician 😉


  233. Cill says:

    Brother Blurkel, our music post never really got going. I was looking forward to it, too. Maybe 2015?

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  234. molly says:

    Fuzzie 🐻


  235. blurkel says:

    “a suave and svelte musician” Brother Cill? Yes, in my salad days back before the Bee Gees dominated the charts. Now, Hindenburg hides behind me to change clothes!


  236. blurkel says:

    Yes, the music is on hold for a short bit while my mother dies of stage 4 lung cancer. What time I need to locate the good vids is now spent dealing with this.


  237. Cill says:

    I wouldn’t feel too bad about wearing a Hindenburg suit, Brother. Fuzzie wears a bear suit even in his sleep, and Farm Boy has been known to climb into one on occasions. Moe… well if Moe’s not wearing a cave man suit I feel sorry for him.

    Very sorry to hear about your mother, mate. I somehow managed to miss that information. My thoughts are with you.

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  238. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well… I’m not sure how to take that comment, young Cill. I just finished fashioning a new Kauri Club which I’ve christened “Manners”. Like all weapons, it will need to be tested in anger before I’ll know how good it is.


  239. Cill says:

    ‘Then again, with Cill around he could probably introduce you to some good “non-playa” guys…Cill?’
    For some reason they’re even more scared of me than they are of Molly, Liz. Don’t know why. Maybe Sumo could throw some light on the subject ^^^


  240. molly says:

    Fuzzie Wuzzie! 🐻


  241. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Happy New Year!
    I have been holding off commenting. Better to do it when i feel positive than say something to be regretted later.


  242. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Molly, 🐻 :rool:


  243. molly says:

    The way to sooth a bear’s troubled soul is thru his tummy tum tum:
    🌯 🌯 🌯 🌯
    (always 4 for a bear)
    Enjoy! 🙂


  244. Liz says:

    Happy New Year Molly! (and Cill and Swithy too, I presume)

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  245. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Four burritos leaves one for each paw! Thank you! Yum!


  246. molly says:

    Thank you Liz. Too early to wish you a Happy New Year in return?


  247. Cill says:

    Since this post is getting slow on cell phones I set up a new HAPPY NEW YEAR post.
    I’ve already wished myself a happy new year there, so I don’t get too lonely. Even my little cuzzie is ignoring me in favor of bears at the moment…

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  248. blurkel says:

    Thoughts are a good thing, Brother Cill. Just make sure that when the elbow-bending commences, at least one of the lifts is in remembrance of my current situation with the goal of a successful conclusion in mind.

    [SG – with you brother]

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  249. Cill says:

    Bro Blurkel
    I’m with you bro


  250. Cill says:

    All the way Brother


  251. Liz says:

    Re photos, I understand why people don’t want to post them (my primary reason is anonymity) but it’s kind of nice to be able to see people after you establish a rapport with them. I like having some idea of what Cill and Sumo look like from their photos, for instance). It would be nice to be able to post just on one thread or something, instead of the gravatar image. But, then, it’s the internet. That’s why I sometimes have my photoshopped image…you can kind of tell, so it’s personalized, but no one would be able to identify me precisely. I was a member of a political debate forum for about ten years….the first few years no one knew what I looked like. Then, we had a thread with member photos and I contributed some.

    I found that it did make a difference, but in a nice way. They first got to know me, and respected my ideas (as much as they were going to, at any rate), then we got to ‘see’ each other. The most shocking one for me was a teenaged black male…most everyone thought he was a very well educated conservative middle aged lady. Lol! There was a BIG switch in the way he was treated, as you might imagine (the reason he had wanted to remain anonymous…but he finally caved. There wasn’t as much worry about anonymity on the net back then).

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  252. Liz says:

    I mean, I almost HAVE to know what Molly looks like now.
    And Sophia could at least let us see her rack. (Just Kidding) 😛

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  253. Liz says:

    Just to elaborate, re this bit: “Lol! There was a BIG switch in the way he was treated, as you might imagine”

    I should add that everyone who had agreed with his viewpoints didn’t change at all…but a lot of people who had been making the political arguments against his ideas very personal became quite contrite.


  254. Yoda says:

    And Sophia could at least let us see her rack.

    A deer she is not.
    A unicorn she would be.


  255. theasdgamer says:

    @ Spawny

    Shows what you know. I see one every time I shave.

    So which gay porn star’s picture do you have posted on your mirror? Pwned.

    [SG – yep, you got me, nice one]

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  256. Cill says:

    ” I almost HAVE to know what Molly looks like now.”
    Liz I gave a description of her up there ^^^ somewhere.


  257. Cill says:

    It’s at https://spawnyspace.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/women-throw-the-smp-completely-out-of-whack/comment-page-1/#comment-6230

    To add insult to injury, her looks are going to last. Her mother is as hot and so are her aunts. The only difference is, they’ve all got black hair. Her female cousins as well… I won’t go on.

    On the other side of the coin, the men are all craggy buggars.

    Suffice it to say I’m keeping the man with the movie star good looks well away from my sisters! 😀
    And if he flashes his Best-Supporting-Actor-Oscar around here I’ll have his balls for yo-yos!
    (just kidding, Spawny, relax 😉 )


  258. Spawny Get says:

    I’ll not chance whether you’re joking mate, if it’s all the same with you 😉


  259. Cill says:

    What’s this new avatar, mate? Is that the real you? You a second cuz of Alan Alda?


  260. Spawny Get says:

    Will Hay. A movie star. The goose steps out / Ask a policeman / Old bones of the river / Hey Mr Porter. (iirc)

    I likes me some classic comedy. How about you?

    Liked by 1 person

  261. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I just had a horrible thought. If Cill is that way about Spawny, he’d have my furcoat to keep him warm in winter.

    Liked by 2 people

  262. Cill says:

    I remember Windsor Davies but I’ll have to search Will Hay.
    Fuzzy, you’ll be safe… I can’t imagine a bear having those fatal movie star good looks 😀
    (Hmmm my mother and sisters made me a fantastic coat out of dog skins. I wonder how bear skin would compare…)


  263. Liz says:

    “To add insult to injury, her looks are going to last. Her mother is as hot and so are her aunts. The only difference is, they’ve all got black hair. Her female cousins as well… I won’t go on.”

    Well, you’ve gone and done it now. Being a female, I can’t possibly genuinely like that many gorgeous women. I’ll have to hate a few of them. Molly is just too agreeable not to like, so I have to like her and her mom seems the same.
    I’ll just have to hate all of your OTHER gorgeous female relatives, Cill. 😛

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  264. Cill says:

    That’s okay Liz as long as you don’t hate my mum. You and she share the same given name after all! except she’s Biff for short instead of Liz. Goes back to her childhood, apparently.

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  265. molly says:

    “I like having some idea of what Cill and Sumo look like from their photos, for instance).”
    Liz it really doesn’t look much like our Cill. He’d been out in the bush for months, hair like a wild man, turned up without warning at a cuzzie’s house, used her shower for half an hour, came out and she shoved wee Meddy into his hands. She dashed inside, couldn’t find her phone or ipad, found an ancient camera, came out and he was still there! She couldn’t believe it when he let her take his photo! None of us could believe it. It’s the only known photo of Cill. Normally his hair is shortish and neat, he’s smiling, 6 feet 5 and au natural. Never been in a gym! 🙂

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  266. molly says:

    On another post, Sumo showed a photo of himself glaring at the camera. I’d do what his wee niece did and bump foreheads with him and say “grrrrrr” and see what he does. 😉


  267. Cill says:

    Liz’s comment “Lol! There was a BIG switch in the way he was treated, as you might imagine”
    I can’t stop chuckling. I have a mental image of self-conscious white middle class commenters all anxiously ducking for cover. :/


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