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Another solipsistic bint waffles on about the dictionary definition of feminism and wonders why men in the real world hate feminists. Comments on Francis’ blog…

Francis Roy's Blog

tld;dr. I should have made a video response. You’ve made a lot of points in 8 minutes. I’ve written about 3 minutes worth of text. Read on, brave solider. Long, but concise. I’ve read the article. It is a popularization of something with enormously more depth that it addressed. I think that most of what you say is young, woman, one-side, self-centered. Don’t let that stop you, I’m respectful, because I expect that any response will be equally respectful.

1. “Feminism at its core means ‘Equal Rights for Men and Women.” It doesn’t. Feminism doesn’t mean anything, it is an ideology whose core, root, base assertion is that women are victims of men’s oppression. This is why ‘Equal rights’ is considered an important goal to achieve. Can you name one right in law that men in the Western world have that women do not? Can you name one word spoken…

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