Women going their own way? No way.

And here he goes again…

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MGTOW is an observation, not a philosophy.

Look at all of those guys running out of burning buildings!

The house (relationships) is extremely flammable (potential legal threats), and men have either been burned or are unwilling to take the risk of being burned, so are choosing to live in the open air to mitigate the risk.

That’s the phenomenon. Nothing more.

We now have the me-too crowd of women who are attempting to figure out how they, too, can be part of this label-club. “We are strong, independent, fair and good people! Your club is popular! We want in! Let us appropriate your label!”

Women’s houses aren’t nearly as flammable, there’s no need for them to run to safety to avoid being burned. They are following men into the open spaces. It will only be a brief time until they start trying to build flammable houses around us. Cut it…

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