MGTOW is dead! Long live MGTOW!

The ‘does MGTOW mean anything?’ debate rumbles on. Here’s a place to put your views…

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The MGTOW conversation zombie has returned. Can MGTOW be in a relationship with women, or not? What is MGTOW. Who is a true MGTOW?

I think that almost everyone is glossing over an essential point.

1. Look at all of those guys running out of burning buildings!

The house (relationships) is extremely flammable (potential legal threats), and men have either been burned or are unwilling to take the risk of being burned, so are choosing to live in the open air as a means to mitigate the risk.

That’s the phenomenon. Nothing more.

2. People are conflating observation with philosophical commentary, the discussion has moved from “A lot of men don’t live in houses” to “Let us expound on the best way to live.”

People are now attempting to use philosophy to explain how a man that chooses to live in a house is a man that doesn’t: If a…

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