I’ve been wondering, but Bill Burr explains it all…Male Sports; Why the female obsession with them?

I’ve long considered him a hero of comedy.  Women as unstoppable robots which can only be deflected.  Motherhood…the toughest job on the planet…well, Bill disagrees.

Here he sheds wisdom on the actions of Roger Goodell, the glorious leader letting feminists get their fangs into the financial arteries of your local obsessional male sport (one of them, maybe).  This is guaranteed to end badly for the sport.

Here he shares another pastime* that he enjoys

Anyway, Bill Burr *knuckle bump*

*it is a pastime.  Reminds me of the old joke

I’m on the Whiskey diet

Oh yeah?  how’s it working out?

GREAT!  last week I lost three days

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