Women Are Like That

…but to what degree? As I see it, there are 3 potential concepts we can go with:

1. AWALT (All Women Are Like That)
This assumes that any person who is a female is going to possess certain traits. Such traits may include being overly emotional, having irrational reasons for their actions, taking advantage of men’s willingness to protect/care for women, or giving attention to men who can directly benefit them (Briffault’s law). Note that although this stance is statistically impossible, it is still well used when speaking in generalities.

The standard go to acronym of white knights and the overwhelming majority of women. While this stance statistically holds more truth than the first point, it is rarely used in a coherent fashion. It is used most often in conversations with women who further on prove that they are, in fact, like that.

3. EWALT (Enough WALT)
What it actually seems to mean when people say “AWALT”, and what I personally use as my go to phrase. It’s not that every woman will eventually frivorce their husband or use false sexual harassment reports to get a male coworker in trouble…But the fact that some do and they don’t have glowing neon signs taped to their foreheads is sufficient reason for men to be cautious around most women. Despite the fact that this is probably the best way to describe how sex/gender relations are in most Western countries, it is still seen as being a prime example of misogyny. Go figure.

Anyone want to add their own acronym, or discuss how much of these is true based on nature vs nurture? Examples and personal anecdotes are welcome, but be prepared for someone to have one that nullifies your own. 😉

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13 comments on “Women Are Like That
  1. Spawny Get says:

    Must get to this tomorrow.

    IMHO each has its place.


  2. Sumo says:

    Personally, I prefer TMWALT – Too Many Women Are Like That.

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  3. Spawny Get says:

    Yeah, that’ll do it too. Not heard it before (did you originate it?), but I like it.

    First comments are held up. You’re free now…welcome.


  4. Tarnished says:

    That’s another good one, Sumo. Too many are! I blame a majority portion of it on nurture over nature though. How about you?


  5. theasdgamer says:

    What about the unicorns? Rare, but very valuable.


  6. Tarnished says:

    This is true. Spawny says I am one, but there’s only so many of us to go around…


  7. Spawny Get says:

    For both Gamer and Tarn

    Any chance of some insight here? It’s somewhat off topic, but I don’t blame myself for this one, I blame Bloom.

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  8. Sumo says:

    I would classify it more along the lines of peer pressure than nurture. “Since everyone else is doing it, it must be okay…….”

    Or maybe it’s more like a crime of opportunity. Most folks who shoplift do it because they think they can get away with it at the time, so perhaps the wimminz figure, why the hell not?


  9. Sumo says:

    I think maybe yes, I originated that one? I remember the first time I read something about NAWALT, I was thinking, “No, not all of them, but for sure too many of them….”


  10. Good question. Is it nature? Aka women are born lint that. Some would argue this case. Or nurture? They are taught to be like that by prevailing social norms? Probably a little of both.


  11. Tarnished says:

    Well, according to evo psych advocates, women are always on the lookout for bigger better providers so their offspring have the best chance of survival. Likewise, men typically desire more sexual partners than women, as they have to compete with other men to spread their genes. I’m still on the fence about a lot of other evo psych stuff…especially things PUAs talk about…but I think it’s foolish to assume humans somehow have no instincts.

    The flipside to this is the fact that one *can* overcome certain parts of one’s genetics. Two personal examples: I’m genetically predisposed to be an alcoholic, but I’ve never even allowed myself to be tipsy, much less drunk…I don’t know what it would be like, but I don’t want to take that chance. Also, I’ve been a strict vegetarian for 17 years…no fish, red meat, seafood, poultry, etc at all. I was able to do this pretty easily, despite the fact our species is omnivorous.

    My point?
    You can choose to limit your drinking habits if you see how it negatively affects your family members.
    You can choose to alter your diet specifications if the idea of eating something (in my case, dead animals) makes you cringe.
    I see no reason whatsoever, outside of true mental illnesses, that men and women can’t do the same in their mating strategies if they really want to.


  12. Yes good points! I am not sure of all the evo psych stuff either but then I have seen plenty of irl situations that seem to back them up. However I agree one does not have to sink to their lowest level just the same, it’s always a choice to do different.


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