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Why is it that memes seem to drive Feminists/Lefties nuts?  Memes have the capability to quickly point out the ludicrous nature of a situation; their visual nature just drives the point home more readily. When your whole being is based

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What Is Their Problem?

Stephanie said, ” One point, none of the females talks any shit about their husbands, to criticize a husband is to criticize your own family. To my knowledge, my wife has never talked badly behind my back to her family.

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Young Men — Understand Value

One thing that I have improved my skills with respect to is understanding value.  Value in what we buy, what we do, what we might bring to an employer, what others might bring to us.  Most people really don’t understand

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By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

A few years back, my sister’s step-daughter adopted three kids, supposedly all brothers and sisters, but more likely half brothers and sisters.  The oldest boy, six years old at the time had anger issues.  It was understandable, as the mother

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A Mistaken Path

I have seen this many times.  A girl / young lady who is less than a five will try to compensate with toughness/bitterness/whateverness.  This is not quite the same as developing job skills, this is just a show to the

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Not A Good Look

I have known lots of devout Christian ladies, mostly older women from my youth.  They  were/are very different from the modern secular feminist type women.  This is naturally enough true.  But what is the difference that has the largest impact,

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Shy IT Guy

At work we have an IT guy, mid thirties, tall and slim.  At a meeting recently, it was suggested that he go talk to person X about some important matter.  Well, he didn’t want to do that.  It came out

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Is Feminism Pooping Out?

Feminism has always been about the destruction of the straight white man (the Patriarchy). They have gone quite a way toward achieving their goal. It is easy to foment hate against a successful demographic, especially if it can be targeted

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Young Men — The Test Of Time

How should one judge things?  There are many approaches, but a good one, if you can finagle it, is through the test of time.  This idea applies to many things, but perhaps the most important is with respect to a

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Low Hanging Fruit

Why is there a big fuss/push with respect to LGBTQ+ issues?  There are probably many, but a big one is that it most effectively fulfills a need without many of the drawbacks of alternatives. What is the need?  It is

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