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Young Men – Learn What Makes You Happy

Of course, it makes sense to learn what makes you happy, but lots of people don’t.  Let me focus on just one aspect, the financial one.  I have spent much money on stuff that did not add to my happiness

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Incel As An Insult

With the recent release of the Captain Marvel movie, there was much discussion on the Web.  Rather, discussion flowed by insults.  One of the more common insults was incel.  Previous to this year, I really hadn’t noticed its use floating

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Red Pill Movie Review — Captive State

I know that this is the third movie review within a three week period.  This is just a co-incidence.  I have no desire to make this into a movie review site. Here is an introduction, This is a bit of

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Feminists/SJWs And Churches

I have notice various article in the pst few years that have a common theme: churches that go all SJW lose members.  Why do they go SJW?  Probably a big reason is that activist/engaged women are driving the car now,

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Young Men – Build A BS Detector

Unfortunately the world is full of lots of that is untrue, three-fourths true, half true, etc.  Furthermore, lots of stuff that is true isn’t mentioned, because of PC or other pressures. Making good personal decisions is incumbent on having good

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Non-Team Players

Stephanie stated, “As for the women, they really are not judged on competence, at least not any more. They used to be judged on how good a wife, and especially mother they were, but we are now in a judge

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Red Pill Movie Review — Captain Marvel

Here is an introduction,   Let me ask and and answer this question first:  Was it as bad as the poor reviews say that it was? Yes. Perhaps even more so. Let me state up front that I saw this

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The “Fourth Estate” is Pie in the Sky

Democracies seemed unable to anticipate the partisan abuse of freedom of expression by the “Fourth Estate”. Perhaps they expected the competition of private enterprise, or even lofty peer review, to keep abuses to a minimum. Well it hasn’t worked out

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Someone To Blame

Liz writes, I think I’ve mentioned before we are our habits. That includes things like considerate behavior. I can’t imagine what it would be like (to use an example FML gave) to live with a person who is constantly hostile.

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Red Pill Movie Review — Apollo 11

There is a new Apollo 11 documentary out.  Here is more about it   I saw it in IMAX.  I knew that it wasn’t filmed in IMAX, but I figured I would check it out anyway.  The only parts worthy

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