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White Magic Evil

There is an estrangement going on, a phenomenon that a conspicuously masculine whitie (CMW) can’t help noticing when he mixes with the masses. It reveals itself in the form of a reaction. It’s the way the world reacts to the

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Resources Before Motherhood

Naturally enough, it takes many resources to raise a child.  Ideally one obtains them, or a commitment to provide them beforehand.  This all makes sense.  However, sometimes it goes oddly wrong. Sometimes, women concentrate on the resources part, but forget

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Collective Guilt

  This Gillette commercial has been a hot topic today. Will it beat the Lady Ghostbusters trailer as the most disliked YouTube ever?  We will see. It collectively blames men for bad behavior of the #MeToo variety.  First of all,

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What Is The Game Plan?

From here, Deti wrote Remember what i said a couple of posts ago about women and marriage? In the Feminine Social Matrix, women who have ever been married, even if they’re divorced, are still above never-married women. Women want commitment

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Young Men — Get Business Experience

I grew up in the countryside.  Farms abounded.  The boys that came from these farms possessed a wide range of skills, but perhaps more importantly; they possessed a sense of reality with respect to the world.  If you did not

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Internal Locus Of Control

From the Happy Wife / Happy Life post, Some months ago there was a discussion either here or at Blooms wherein the ladies emphasized that they need to know what to expect from their man, what he will accept from

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Risky Business

From here, I read a quote once that, if men don’t compute that there is at least a 50-50 chance of success, they don’t even bother to try, where a woman will keep trying past the point of harming herself.

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Generalist, Specialist

What should a young man do in terms of profession development?  Most everybody agrees that in the modern world, men should develop a specialty skill, be it vocational, such as welding, HVAC, mechanic or professional, such as engineer, medical doctor

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Social Media, Drama and Jobs

Social media is very popular, probably too popular.  One should note that what you reveal can be used against you with respect to potential employers.  I know of one person who needed strong references from me directed to a potential

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The Male Reaction will be a Yawning Chasm

Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law of physics, not of sociology or human nature. Nevertheless it’s sometimes said that for the action of Feminism, there will be an equal and

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