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Unfazed At NASA

From here, A woman with a Ph.D. in planetary science has called out a man she matched with on the dating app Hinge after the potential suitor joked that the woman’s real-life work experience at NASA was likely as “the receptionist.”

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Is This Luxury Worth It? Part I

From here, A former classmate from Yale recently told me “monogamy is kind of outdated” and not good for society. So I asked her what her background is and if she planned to marry. She said she comes from an

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Thin Skin

At Dalrock’s Deti says, And so when women are in control of the social discourse, as they more or less are today, the discourse becomes utterly dominated by male-generated threats and the mitigation of those threats, while any actual male

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Whither Manosphere Part IV

Deti writes, Another major reason for the pushback is that the manosphere has identified some very unseemly, unsavory truths about female nature, female sexual behavior, female attraction, and women in general. Women don’t like it when people figure them out.

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Obama Stimulus

After the economic downturn of 2008, Obama had the big idea of an economic stimulus.  Historically, these kind of stimuli have focused on building roads, bridges, parks, airports, public buildings, etc.  Perhaps you can see the problem here. There just

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What Is The Reason?

BV wrote, The intellectual foundation (if I may so call it, without someone throwing an empty Bud bottle at me and saying “You’re buying everyone in the place shooters, bozo”) of Feminism 2.0 – Present is controlled by a lesbian

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Female School Administration

A disturbing trend during my lifetime has been the change in administration of K-12 schools from men to women.  To be honest, the word disturbing seems appropriate.  It has not been a good thing. When I went to school, I

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Not Enough

From here, Not long ago I received an email from a man with a simple question: Is there a way for a guy to be “emasculation-proof”? How can men (even young men) become secure in their identity so as not

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My ex had this habit of accusing me of doing bad things that she was doing.  I was, in no way shape or form, doing what I was being accused of doing.  I was taken aback.  It was as clear

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Whither Manosphere Part III

Deti wrote, Fourth reason the sphere is stagnating, and this is important: That first reason I talked about up there? Two big reasons that men are here to bitch is (1) because there’s literally nowhere else they can do it.

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