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You’re Not Doing It Right


From here Fewer Millennials are in longterm, committed relationships than any generation past. According to Pew Research Center, 59 percent of adults ages 18-29 were married in 1960, while only 20 percent of adults that age were in 2011. And,

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What is up with Herbivores?


From time to time, the question of “herbivores” comes up in our discussion about gender issues. It can’t be avoided because it is so big in Japan. About two thirds of young men self identify as herbivore. What these men

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For What Purpose?


From this recent post, Ton:  Women are generally hostile toward men Women worry if a man can enjoy himself without her, she will lose her power ( a powerful based solely on sex, manipulation, lies and deception) Time a man

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Young Men Seeing Reality


Here is a real doozy of a column, “Oh boy,” my son said, rolling his eyes. “Not rape culture again.” We were sitting around the dinner table talking about the news. As soon as I mentioned the Stanford sexual assault

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The Modern Young Male’s Path


From here, US manufacturers have switched from labor-intensive production to capital-intensive production. Instead of hiring a worker for the assembly line, manufacturers now use machines to do the work. The new technology results in firms reducing their demand for lower-skilled

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Empowerment Through Social Media


From here, Gordon says the current crop of innovations, like smartphone apps, may be making life easier or more fun, but they’re not making workers significantly more productive. Blinder goes a step further, listing some distractions that may subtract from

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Lies and More Lies


“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When

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A Clue


Twenty years ago I asked a coworker about how he found his wife.  He said that there was one criteria that was far more important than any other, that would be that she has a clue.  What he meant was that

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Rock and Hard Place (and Turnips)


In this post, Cill says, What causes this dependency in men? It could originate in hormones, or lust, or a simple need for intimacy, or vague memories of being mothered during infancy, or the urge to sire children. Some male

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Herds and Packs


It is understood in the manosphere that men operate in packs and women travel in herds.  What does this mean?  What are its implications?  Let us consider. In a pack, a group of animals operate as a coordinated team to

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