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The Herd Revisited

Liz the Cat wrote, Sarah Hoyt wrote a piece a while back that kind of sums up what I think the “incentive” for feminist group-think is: ”You see, just like testosterone boosts your self confidence and your ability to feel

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Feminist High

Do Feminists like to bitch?  Why yes, they do.  Here might some of the reason why. From here, I am reading an excellent analysis of PC behavior by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD, entitled How I Escaped Political Correctness And You

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The Complete Package

Here we have a video for your perusal, What might we be able to say about the young woman? Firstly, she has a sense of entitlement, both individually and as part of her group.   She seems to believe that

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Red Pill Movie Review — John Wick III, Parabellum

Here is an intro, Naturally enough if you are interested in this movie it is because of the action.  It does not disappoint.  It almost never stops.  It has innovations; new locales, new weapons, new scenarios. This is all good.

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Facts and Logic

RPG wrote, On mother’s day, my mom, my girls, and my aunt and uncle went to dinner. As usual, my mom started w the feminist talking points: “Don’t even think about getting married until you are at least 30,” she

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“Good Men” Again

From here, Yet one important side-effect of all this that gets little attention is how tough this new environment has become for women, especially Christian women, to find good husbands. Yet for someone like me – a 32-year-old single Catholic

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Not So Much A Strike

Over at Dalrock’s from time to time you see some stats related to what the Manosphere calls a Marriage Strike.  The thought is that men are just walking away from marriage.  They see it for what it is; they see

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The Perpetual Stick

Do feminist types really care about getting women into STEM?  Is it really something that they want more women to do?  STEM can be hard work.  And then there would be a lifetime of hard work.  There very often isn’t

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Successful Cluelessness

Previously, there was this post about perhaps the most important criteria of choosing a wife — that is, that she has a clue. I have noticed lots of clueless people out there, not just women.  I noticed this when I

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How Green Is My Valley?

From here, The College of Natural Science at Michigan State University urged students to use the singular pronoun “they” in an early April “transgender visibility” email. MSU’s NatSci Council on Diversity and Community authored the email obtained by Campus Reform

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