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A Thought Experiment

To identify is to be.  We are almost there.  Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King identify as black, white people identify as Indians, men identify as women, women identify as men; the list goes on.   WE are all one big

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Death of the Sagbot(?) Don’t make me beg, I will if required though. I mean…if that’s what it takes

Just a place to hang my ramblings and rantings as I discover whether my Prime Minster is going to succeed in making my country a permanent vassal state of the Glorious EU Reich.   Or, if she fails, she sets

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1000th Post

This is the one thousandth post here at Spawny’s Space.   This blog has many goals, to educate men (especially younger men) with respect to the true reality in the world today, to point out the ludicrous nature of political

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Rational Thought Required

How many time have you heard the lament, “good men are hard to find”.  Have you ever heard, “Good men just grow on trees”.  If you were a young woman, what might your response to this situation be?  Let me

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Difficult To Fathom

I have been reading this book, Air Power: The Men, Machine,  and Ideas That Revolutionized War,  from Kitty Hawk to Iraq authored by Steph Budiansky Here is an excerpt, The staff of the factory were no doubt touchy themselves as

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The New Normal

BV wrote, We read a lot about how men should help the young drop the scales from their eyes, but I mostly get agreeable but patronizing looks from a 20-something man. I wonder if some personal disaster is required for

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Does The Truth Matter?

From here, In the following decades, the neo-Marxist “social justice” ideology and movement flowered. Our society is condemned in universities for being racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and oppressive. To correct this, professors and administrators advocate for programs benefitting the “victims

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Fantasy Island

BV writes, A buddy is building a coffee/wine bar with four apartments for vacationers, on the beach in Belize. (“Drink!”!). I told him his market is the married female market, and I advised him that women of means are going

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The Latest Fashion

From here, During the past five years, I’ve heard more parents talk about their children coming out as gay, particularly their daughters, than I’ve heard in the past forty years. According to statistics, this is more than anecdotal. Psychologist John

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Doing It All Wrong

Girl, I can’t let you do this Let you walk away Girl, how can I live through this When you’re all I wake up for each day? Baby, you’re my soul and my heart’s inspiration You’re all I’ve got to

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