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This Could Be Good


A recent conversation at RPG’s, FuzzieWuzzieBear — She is awful. Previously, she suggested that all men be put in camps. Women who would want to to take them out on day passes. Yoda — If video games they do have, like it

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AF,BB (Alpha Fux, Beta Bux) in SNAKESKIN!

The low budget movie SNAKESKIN is pure alpha fux, beta bux. The bad boy, the good boy, the entitlement, the hypergamy, the tingles, the validation, … it’s as if the woman who made the movie has studied the Red Pill. This post is more

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There apparently are lots of articles about young men not doing what young men of the past have done; and more importantly, what is wanted of young men today — right now.  Here is the latest.  It takes a different

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What Do Powerful Women Deserve?


The answer, of course, is “it all”.   Even love.  Let us consider the situation.  From here, referring to Hillary, I thought she looked mean. I thought she didn’t smile enough. I thought she was old and a killjoy and

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Over at Dalrock’s, commenter Jim Christian states, Feminists, the public, top of the food chain types (Dworkin-types) were the chicks we all knew in high school that didn’t get asked to the prom, were rejected by the hotties in the

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My first comment in response to the Hierarchy of the herd


Another flashback, this is a comment that I made to the Hierarchy post. Can I bend your framework a little to tie it into an article elsewhere? And thereby explain why society is falling apart over the issue of feminism.

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Hierarchy of the Herd


Going a bit retro here, a return to an article from the late, lamented and missed JustFourGuys.  Sadly the links are broken, judging where I just ended up when trying justfourguys…maybe NSFW. Last week we saw how women are heavily influenced

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Protected: Writers’ corner / admin

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  Deti stated, Women really need to stop having so much premarital sex. This isn’t a Puritanical, Christian tradcon argument. They really need to stop doing it because it screws them up so much. It prevents them from being able

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To Pay, Or Not To Pay


 From here, Guys are still picking up the tab, while some women offer but don’t really mean it. Listen, we’ve all been there. It’s the end of a (somewhat?) successful date, the server brings your bill over and there’s an

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