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From here, Welcome to the year 2020, when women now comprise the majority of the workforce. It only took 50 years. “The [jobs] report strongly suggests that the labor market dynamics are tilting in the direction of women,” said Joe

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Social Distancing Recipe Thread

Tell us your best recipes now that we are all stuck at home and can use them

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Rose Colored Glasses

Many men really do want to view women, individually and as a whole, in terms of an ideal.  Perhaps part of this comes from the olden days when women were expected to at least strive for an ideal.  It could

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Young Men — You Are Being Gaslit

Gaslighting was covered previously here To summarize, it is when people/institutions around you tell a story, act like it is correct, and are seemingly surprised when some might not believe it.  It is rather effective when done well with respect

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Can Married Women be Happy?

If she feels that she settled, the answer is no. The end.   Actually there is a bit more to it.  But that is the gist of it.  So what does settling mean these days? It is really a question

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Koo-koo-ka-choo… Mrs. Robinson!

Why do younger men go for older broads?

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Quarantine Kitchen

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a prepper. I have a decent stock of weapons in my home, but that has more to do with the fact that there are still a number of, umm…..”clients” from my

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Men And Work

From here, America today is in the grip of a gradually building crisis that, despite its manifest importance, somehow managed to remain more or less invisible for decades — at least, until the political earthquake of 2016. That crisis is the collapse

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Last night, probable (well, maybe probable) Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden stated that he would choose a woman to be his VP running mate. I am not particularly sure that this will play out well in the long run. Presently,

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The Workplace Injury/Death Gap

Of course we all know about the incessant complaining about the so called pay gap between men and women.  They like to call it the pay gap because it implies that women are being paid at a lower rate for

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