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The Missing Men


There have been a spate of news articles lately about large numbers of the so-called prime working age men who are not in the work force.  I am sure that you have seen them.  Clearly the authors (and the people

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Women For Trump


    Apparently somebody at the Trump campaign has figured out that there are lots of votes to be mined with women.  They are pushing Women for Trump. Of course the MSM is pushing lots of women out there who may

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WWPD? (What Would Putin Do?)


From here, As to the first: Trump said this in direct response to a cheap-shot insult — one that Hillary laughed as she delivered, turning it from a common political attack into an attempt to humiliate through mocking laughter. Defending

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A Code To Live By


Previously, we discussed respect here and here.  Men desire it.   It is often best obtained when men operate in packs getting the job done.  Commenter BV explains, Currently I’m taking corn and beans out for a friend’s farms. We

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The Elements Of Respect


We discussed men’s desire for respect here.  From the comments, Sunshine:  Doesn’t Ton always say masculinity has to do with the ability to inflict violence? Maybe that is why video games are so appealing; it is playacting at asserting one’s

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Thirty and Looking


On a recent thread, mgtowhorseman stated, A women’s hypergamy is now mainstream. They are open about their want for multiple partners and their bravery to embrace their sexual freedom. So men seeing this can LOGICALLY ASSUME any late 20s girl has had 1 or

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It is a truism around the manosphere that men work for and desire respect.  This includes both self-respect and the respect of others.  Let us consider this, University of Notre Dame anthropologist Michael Jindra first noticed it in the late 1990s

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Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good


“Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good” — Of course most people have heard this before.  In my personal case, it should have applied to my marriage.  My ex-wife would be bothered by anything that was not perfect.  If everything was

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Mud Huts


It is often stated around the manosphere that if it wasn’t for men, women would still be living in mud huts.  I had a notion of what this was about, but it became clearer on this thread, MGTOWhorseman:  Men value

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The “Intimidated” Excuse


From here, “How many people have you slept with?” he asked. All of a sudden, six months into our relationship, my boyfriend was insatiably curious about everything that had happened before we’d met. The questions started out simple enough: How old

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