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How Much Contamination?

Recently the Critical Drinker posted this, He is a trusted source of reviews. In this case, the Glorious Patriarch disagreed with him, mainly because of the portrayal of the potential girlfriends. Basically the issue was that the hero could choose

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Matriarchal Madhouse

My thanks to Spawny for this link James Melville 🌸 @JamesMelville We have the worst government at exactly the worst time. And to make matters worse, we also have the worst opposition at exactly the worst time. And to make

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Boy Crazy

I saw girls in my youth and today build their lives around boys. It seems to be different now, as it appears that most anything goes, with web based 24/7 drama turned up to 11. Maybe I am wrong, with

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“I Just Love People”

A ways back, I went to a college orientation. It was required. I had to pay money for it. I already knew where all of the buildings were. There were lots of fluffy stupid activities that were a waste of

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Not A Problem

From here. At the close of the 2020-21 academic year, women made up 59.5% of college students, an all-time high, and men 40.5%, according to enrollment data from the National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit research group. U.S. colleges and universities

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NT Death Star(e) In Action

I was recently a guest a lady relative’s house. One of her business associates came by and started to try to bully her with respect to their business dealings. I heard the theatrics and came out of the house. I

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Merry ol’ Toy Dog Tingles!

Here’s something lighthearted for all you spawnyspace people… Not long ago, I chanced upon a possible doozy of a PUA ploy, and here it is: I took my woman’s toy dog for a walk. The mut cost her a preposterous

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Homeless Men

First of all, we should compare homeless men to women. There are fewer homeless women for many reasons. Society is more sympathetic to women in general. Homeless women are prone to be victims in sexual crimes, so there is more

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Young Men — Appreciate Every Day

In the recent past, I had an unexpected rather long stay in the hospital. When I came out of it, I had a new perspective. That is, that one should appreciate every day, and try to enjoy most every moment

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I was thinking about what would be the biggest Karen out there in existence. I have a candidate. There is an acquaintance who rented a house with a Home Owners Association. Unfortunately she live next door to the HOA Karen.

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